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Keith Mukai (kdmukai) Instagram Photos and Videos

Keith Mukai


Comment from Keith Mukai:

This pun takes a bit of dyslexia to work, but I still like it! alternativefacts I marchforscience MFSChi science sciencemarch

43 Seconds ago
パパ・ワンディ[WANDI] (papa_wandy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from パパ・ワンディ[WANDI]:

Yep 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 Follow @papa_wandy for more memes { memevideos textposts tumblr text tumblrpost bepis same dankmemes relatable jetfuelcantmentsteelbeams notmyrodrick cringe cancer meme memes pun puns popular triggered edgymeme funny ifunny dankmeme 4chan vaporwave anime lol papafranku dank}

51 Seconds ago
🌙 Moon Cat 🐱 (workhard_playdirty) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌙 Moon Cat 🐱


Comment from 🌙 Moon Cat 🐱:

🍑🌴"I'm somewhere on a beach sippin' somethin strong"🌴🍑 country beach beachbum pun sandy messy dirty blonde wethair islandvibes booty tan sundaze lyrics single nyc follow nofilter lb waves perfect sunny water bikini springbreak hot

1 Minutes ago
Abbey Nelson (shabby_abbey) Instagram Photos and Videos

Abbey Nelson


Comment from Abbey Nelson:

Bethany and I were super jumped when our 4 hour semifinal game finally came to an end. I guess you could say we are also kind of hoppy to be going to the championship. 💯🏅 This is our turf now! boutakicksomeass softball pun

3 Minutes ago
Perla Marina (pearled_mermaid) Instagram Photos and Videos

Perla Marina


Comment from Perla Marina:

How about a Shellfie🐚............... *insert comical drum here* I'll be here all week! ٩( ᐛ )و mermaid mermaidlife lolita jfashion fashion cute pastel magical kawaii fairykei kawaiifashion mermaidstyle pun selfie selfiesunday bonnechance

5 Minutes ago
julia™ (fqking) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from julia™:

meme memes dankmemes dank dankmemes textpost lol jokes lmao memesdaily omg 420 nochill zerochill pun punny litasf relatable hilarious accurate comedy funnymemes funnymemes funny papafranku bushdid911 idubbbz pepe tumblr triggered lmao cringe cringeworthy

17 Minutes ago
cj, em, & kayla 💕 (hhoebama.v2) Instagram Photos and Videos

cj, em, & kayla 💕


Comment from cj, em, & kayla 💕:

IM. WHEEZINF. -em 😈 🤙🏻 😈 🤙🏻 😈 🤙🏻 😈 { memevideos textposts tumblr text tumblrpost bepis same dankmemes relatable jetfuelcantmentsteelbeams notmyrodrick cringe cancer meme memes pun puns popular triggered edgymeme funny ifunny dankmeme 4chan vaporwave anime lol papafranku dank

19 Minutes ago
sandywich w/ side of dalifries (puncrastination) Instagram Photos and Videos

sandywich w/ side of dalifries


Comment from sandywich w/ side of dalifries:

i chuckled -dalia

24 Minutes ago
Kendall McConnohie (mcconken) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kendall McConnohie


Comment from Kendall McConnohie:

Brad to the Bone pun doyougetit becausetherearebonesincemetaries

25 Minutes ago
Spoons for everyone! (cleann_spooon) Instagram Photos and Videos

Spoons for everyone!


Comment from Spoons for everyone!:

Goodnight! - - - Cleannspooon cleanspoon haha funny clean cleanfunny joke meme memes lol iamababytortoise cleanhilarious hilarious cleanpost cleantext cleanmemes dishwasher jokes lel lil lul hashtags laughter textposts textpost puns punmaster pun cleanaccount tumblr

31 Minutes ago
👑 DadJokes 👑 (dadjokeshq) Instagram Photos and Videos

👑 DadJokes 👑


Comment from 👑 DadJokes 👑:

HAHA! 😂👌 Don't forget to check out my other page @punsjunkie Send in your dadjokes or tag me! . . . . dadjoke pun meme photooftheday like bingo love cute haha puns dadjokes jokeoftheday

35 Minutes ago
Eli VandenBerg (basementpress) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eli VandenBerg


Comment from Eli VandenBerg:

Hair we R, located next to Tequila Mockingbird. Ocean City's dedication to the pun is inspiring.

36 Minutes ago
The Meme Chef 🐸 (memegourmet) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Meme Chef 🐸


Comment from The Meme Chef 🐸:

This goat smells better than 99% of the people at Coachella right now 🌝 👉 follow @memegourmet if you aren't already

36 Minutes ago
Hannah Neman (hnperc0623) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hannah Neman


Comment from Hannah Neman:

I got caught-up tambourine with the beat...perhaps a bit too much! 😂💥(📸: Rachel Thomas) pun punningaround percussion percussionist tambourine oops musician musicianproblems percussionistproblems brassband

41 Minutes ago
Kaos Creations (kaos0328) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kaos Creations


Comment from Kaos Creations:

Dailies Day 104 - Leopard Shark Because puns dailydrawing drawing art lineart pen ink indiaink animal underwater shark fusion pun concept

42 Minutes ago
redнead meg (redhead_meg_) Instagram Photos and Videos

redнead meg


Comment from redнead meg:

melodramatic avocado created by @sodano_m who is seriously bitchin' at stitchin'

42 Minutes ago
Casey Sunshine (thatonegirlcasey) Instagram Photos and Videos

Casey Sunshine


Comment from Casey Sunshine:

I got this cool ass sticker yesterday while at Purringtons Cat Lounge... also, I'M ADOPTING A CAT! I'm so excited, I got just about everything, and should be able to officially bring her home next weekend!! 🐱 💖 Believe me there will be soooo many pictures of her (withholding name until she's here for reasons!) ... Also if anyone knows the name of the artist that drew the sticker, please let me know! ... cat kitty purringtonscatlounge catcafe sticker cathulhu pun punny adoptdontshop lifechanges happy

42 Minutes ago
Wayne T (studiorat) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wayne T


Comment from Wayne T:

pun adayinthelife pullmyfinger

46 Minutes ago
Fluent._Memes._ (fluent._memes._v2) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Fluent._Memes._:

meme edgy ironic edgymeme ironicmeme kek vape vapenation harambe Arthur wall gore hot razor cutting emo cringe Hillary trump cancer cancersucks pun punny money drugs money dog cat thicc funny supreme

48 Minutes ago
Pun Notes on post it notes (_punnotes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pun Notes on post it notes


Comment from Pun Notes on post it notes:

oldbag pun punny punnotes puns lol funny

49 Minutes ago
🔥 Puns Junkie 🔥 (punsjunkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

🔥 Puns Junkie 🔥


Comment from 🔥 Puns Junkie 🔥:

Made by me so give credit if use 😂👌 Great joke!!! 👌👌 Send in your puns or punsjunkie or even just tag me! . . . . puns donaldtrump haha funny dadjoke pun meme photooftheday meme memes l4l lol joke

52 Minutes ago
Meme Buffet (kentuckyfrieddoggo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Meme Buffet


Comment from Meme Buffet:

I know a good deal when i see it ~KFD · >>Backup: @kentuckyfriednuggers<< zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz doggo memememe love photooftheday me summer tbt food jj sky picstitch follow sun nofilter happy memes like4like ig dank comedy hilarious fresh avacado pun punny minecraft hilarious wow follow picoftheday love lol zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Me Hoy Minoy Minoy

57 Minutes ago
Some🐂ish (some_bull_ish) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Some🐂ish:

Swipe ➡️ to the end to see more kitty memes by @bogus.memes

58 Minutes ago
Jason weber (jay_smirks) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jason weber


Comment from Jason weber:

Oh thats your bitch? I just bought her... future imsogroovy bitchesloveme dontgetbutthurt punny pun mg5k houseoftones vsco artofvisuals moodygrams fatalframes meistershots theimaged createexploretakeover illgrammers nike levis michaelkors agameoftones gang igmasters dog doggo dogstagram likes art hendrix nosering mg200k

1 Hours ago
MrBacon (__mrbacon__) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MrBacon:

Good ol Peter😂! - - - - - overwatch overwatchmemes memes meme blizzardentertainment blizzard blizzard2017 familyguy mei meg petter puns pun best game ever

1 Hours ago
Jennifer Leigh (jparsons43) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer Leigh


Comment from Jennifer Leigh:

I always love a good pun let the pickuplines commence !!

1 Hours ago
Ozzie Gundy (o22ie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ozzie Gundy


Comment from Ozzie Gundy:

Dramatic post lighting... you know, lighting in real time on a post mexico vacation pun hashtag

1 Hours ago
Chris Lam, Punderer 😉 (chrislamic) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris Lam, Punderer 😉


Comment from Chris Lam, Punderer 😉:

Affogato bout this one. When you're feeling scooped a nice dessert will help you espresso yourself in the heat. spring local travel slowmo tomntoms android latergram korea seoul affogato coffee desseet lameats noms pun google pixel teampixel

1 Hours ago
found (foundleathergoods) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from found:

Things were quiet around the studio today, so I had a little time to freestyle. You could say I was feeling a little edgy. It was rough. Tune in tomorrow for news of a GIVEAWAY! Happy Sunday everybody.

1 Hours ago
Chris Kaylor (chris_the_car_guy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris Kaylor


Comment from Chris Kaylor:

Who doesn't love a good pun? Well too bad this isn't a good one... 😬 pun punday joke funny corny why terriblepun plentywherethatcamefrom

1 Hours ago
🔥FOLLOW FOR PUNS🔥 (pun_in_a_million) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🔥FOLLOW FOR PUNS🔥:

Having a light snack💡 ~ Like and comment☇ . . . . . . . pun funny like comment punny light meme lightbulb hashtag

6 Hours ago
Isaiah meme account (pretty.good.memez) Instagram Photos and Videos

Isaiah meme account


Comment from Isaiah meme account:

8 Hours ago
Shmil (sansxfrisksupporter) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Shmil:

This pun tho xD pokemon pun ashketchum charizard brock ashes

232 Days ago