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jesus nd irir luv rice


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fuj ~ir • • • • • {meme memes textpost textposts funny savage savageaf hilarious dank dankmemes triggered edgy memegod memelord pepe 420meme memesdaily lol cringe text tumblr funnytumblr relatable funnytextpost funnytextposts tumblrquote pun puns humor laugh looking through the hashtags, aren't we?}

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John Tushar


Comment from John Tushar:

Repost morphstudiosindia with repostapp ・・・ Day 46 - Logo 46 60days60logos Shocket! Ever been in a mundane situation where just one sentence changes just about everything. A common term we phrased for that was “Shocket” owing to one of our guys getting a good jolt putting his hands in the wrong places. No details please! What do you think about the logo? Minimal is king! What do you guys think about it? Let us know Write, comment, Share and critique We love communicating :) logo design challenge work style pun intended studio life minimal wordplay instagram style l4l

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Heady Couple


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Just monkeying around making banana pipes and stuff 🤗 bananapipe smokeweed StayLifted weed 420 maryjane marijuana weedporn weedpun pun

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🔵K i n g(Of)PunJab🔵


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only_sardarni_official 💞💝CUTE 💝💝JODI canda pun on onlineshoppingmalaysia onceuponatime b lovequotes loveu lover loves ₹ cutecouple couplegoals new newyork neworleans newborn harrypotter harleyquinn harleyquinn harleydavidson photoshoot photographer photo

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viva la memes - Meme Queens 👸🏾


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Y.A.S - koko

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Daniel Robison


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I am not sure if my cat was trying to get warm or PaulRBear was trying to eat her. I'll just say that he was giving her a bearhug. HappyFeburary February272017 HappyInternationalPolarBearDay InternationalPolarBearDay PolarBear PolarBears Kitten Kittens Kitty Kitties Cats Catstagram CatsofInstagramPun Puns Punny IAmPunny TheseBearPunsAreUnbearable

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Sudhir Shrestha


Comment from Sudhir Shrestha:

Thank you for respect ,love , support and invitation punyouthclub and my friends stargroup .Hope to see you forward and best wishes for the restday of programme.Now returning to kathmandu where karma drags me. I miss my Soulmates family

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Kids next door! 🤘 Follow sleeping.at3am for more! 💜 meme kidsnextdoor pun

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Telling time 🕕 with more lovely Patons EXFM Merino from auspinners ··· Hi IG friends! I hope you all are having a great start to the week. I know I said I was going to open my shop at the end of the month, but due to "unforeseen" circumstances (i.e. me underestimating the amount of things to do and the amount of time I actually have) I have to postpone the opening! Please don't be sad, it will be up really soon. Hope all of my time puns made up for my sad inefficiency with time ⏳

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Gifts | Cards | Calligraphy


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Happy Pancake Day! 🥞 I knew my pun cards would come in handy one day 😉

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All The Best


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Merry pancake day! allthebest pancakeday pancake crepe crepes crepelover illustration illustratorsofinstagram greetingcards cards instagood instapic pun puns funnyshit funny cartoon drawing tuesday tuesdaypic tuesdayfun

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Comment from Cheesus:

pun puns punoftheday potd meme memes dankmemes joke jokes funny humor spicymemes spicy

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Caroline Fox


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My dog has resting bitch face...haha. pun doggo chiweenie

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آكل كاتب نايم


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Benetton UnitedColorsOfBenetton SayNoToRacism ethnic meme comedy memes lebanesememes pun puns funny lmao relate punny humor joke jokes haha lol satire parody EatPunRepeat آكل_كاتب_نايم Lebanon

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Puffinfish 🐦🐋 -G funny pun punny animal animals cryptidcreations credit lol cute kawaii puffin fish pufferfish

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Holly Coral


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Happy pancake day! I'll be making some for brunch with my 3 year old later on! Yum! I like mine with banana and chocolate ❤ how do you like yours? Enjoy them whatever you choose and have a flipping good one! 😄 (Pins available from my etsy shop 😻) pin pins pingame enamelpin lapelpin cat cats kitty catsofinstagram catlover catlady feline feelingthelove feelingloved pancakeday flair cute pun wordplay pincommunity art artist etsy smallbusiness etsyuk

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Matt Stewart


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Pre-dinner snacks pun nut healthyfood

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P A U L ○ N G U Y E N


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R E F U S E ○ A L L ○ I N • • • • • Sad attempt at making a pun Just as sad as I lost all rounds and had to take a shot for each loss 😅 photography melbourne explore adventure travel foosball green yellow travel melb challenge bets

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Rubes Cartoons


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I have a feeling she's not gonna let that guy stick it to her! transmission transmissions automotivetransmission drivetrain manualtransmission stickshift shifty shiftyeyes automobiles automobilemechanic automechanic mechanic autorepair dishonestmechanics autoshop tranny cars automobile enginerepair autodealer mechanical carmechanic wrenches AutomotiveTools puns pun

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