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Comment from Val:

Got to many eyes to not spot the lies 👁 • • • • snapchat effect aye eye selfie selfeye trol happythursday pic mood vibe art iseeyou throwbackthursday eyeliner onfleek sup girl punny london battersea because lies bournemouth

3 Minutes ago
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Comment from Memes:

😐funny meme lmao memes hilarious punny jokes textposts textpost

5 Minutes ago
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Comment from Fluent._Memes._:

meme edgy ironic edgymeme ironicmeme kek vape dead harambe Arthur wall gore hot razor drake emo cringe Hillary trump cancer cancersucks pun punny money drugs money dog cat roblox funny supreme

5 Minutes ago
Scott Herring (herring87) Instagram Photos and Videos

Scott Herring


Comment from Scott Herring:

Lovely gyros with @ashleyjakimber, The Man, The Mythos, The Legend! Instafood Kalispera Geiamas Cheers Beer WayneRooney NFL Believe Greece BoxPark CBB Bonjour PrayForUs God Pun Punny PunFun

5 Minutes ago
Foodies & Boobies (foodiesandboobiesbrunch) Instagram Photos and Videos

Foodies & Boobies


Comment from Foodies & Boobies:

Because PIZZA! Our show is a little slice of heaven. @gingerleebelle will make you never look at a pizza the same way. Call us cheesy but we like a little saucey dancing with our pie. 🍕🍕🍕 punny burlesqueshow burlesquebrunch foodburlesque brunchla burlesquebrunchla pizza

7 Minutes ago
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Heather Wilson


Comment from Heather Wilson:

Having a great Thursday? You bet giraffe we are!buschgardens safari punny thursdaythrills

9 Minutes ago
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152 Meals


Comment from 152 Meals:

@nataliechanlam made some jerk chicken today... He didn't even say thank you! 👀punny familymeal

15 Minutes ago
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Comment from paninihead:

What if Chipotle was pronounced like Aristotle comics comix comic comixs hashtag mycatatemyhomework meme memes funny haha hahaha joke jokes dog dogsatemycatandnowimcryingbeca cats cat dogs pun puns punny funnymemes twitter tumblr drawing art tweetgram twittermeme tumblrmemes tumblrtextpost

17 Minutes ago
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Paige Pauley


Comment from Paige Pauley:

spo"KAN"e you feel the love tonight?? Punny Spokane SummerToLove Friends Blessed 🌼💛

17 Minutes ago
Fluent._Memes._ (fluent._memes._v2) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Fluent._Memes._:

meme edgy ironic edgymeme ironicmeme kek vape dead harambe Arthur wall gore hot razor drake emo cringe Hillary trump cancer cancersucks pun punny money drugs money dog cat roblox funny supreme

18 Minutes ago
Vegan Witch (shereadscards) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vegan Witch


Comment from Vegan Witch:

Getting protein is easy peas-y 😉 puns punny pun veganpuns

18 Minutes ago
🎯200🎯 (spiccy.puns) Instagram Photos and Videos



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19 Minutes ago
anh | houston food blogger (hongrypham) Instagram Photos and Videos

anh | houston food blogger


Comment from anh | houston food blogger:

Your love is one in a melon🍉. It goes on and on and on. - 📍 @zerodegreesco - 📸Spicy Watermelon

19 Minutes ago
The Candle Creative (thecandlecreative) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Candle Creative


Comment from The Candle Creative:

Who's ready for the weekend? 👀🙋🏻 Tell is your plans in the comments! ⬇️ | Punny plantlady design by @sweetloudesigns ✨ thecandlecreative lightupcreativity

25 Minutes ago
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Elizabeth Scott


Comment from Elizabeth Scott:

I think it's Safe to say they had a disagreement. 😳 ------------------------------ fallout bethesda videogames ps4 skeleton punny safe killingit

26 Minutes ago
Scott Lee (dijon_tiger) Instagram Photos and Videos

Scott Lee


Comment from Scott Lee:

Eat me like one of your french fries 🍟 • • • tbt titanic french fries libertador brunch nyc sundayfunday argentinean steak ues amazed newyork punny yummy latergram foodporn 🍟

28 Minutes ago
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Comment from Lindsey:

One thing that made me chuckle this morning. puns punny badjokethursday jokes

42 Minutes ago
⚡️We Have The Memes⚡️ (camot.meister) Instagram Photos and Videos

⚡️We Have The Memes⚡️


Comment from ⚡️We Have The Memes⚡️:

I love these memes: : : : : : : 💀 lol meme cleanmeme memes cleanmemes funny jokes haha hilarious humor cleanhumor subscribetocamotmeister hehe dankmemes iwonderifanyonereadsthesehasht cleantextpost comedy followme pun toofunny laughs punny sofunny humorous cleanlaughs cleanpost 😂

50 Minutes ago
sandy, dalia & east!! (puncrastination) Instagram Photos and Videos

sandy, dalia & east!!


Comment from sandy, dalia & east!!:


53 Minutes ago
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Comment from samfasmith:

Cards have arrived! 🐝 They will be available soon!☺🙃 ° ° ♡ gin ginandbearit ginandtonic prosecco beer drinks alcohol whisky puns punny birthday greetingcards birthdayillustration bee colour pastel cards love friends family illustration graphics art design selling thursdayfun

1 Hours ago
Laura Blackhurst (blondehurst) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura Blackhurst


Comment from Laura Blackhurst:

I'm so endeering. punlife soextra stagnight palacelife scotland sconepalace punny gardenporn greenery lonelyplanet igtravel

1 Hours ago
Warren Friesen Music (warren_friesen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Warren Friesen Music


Comment from Warren Friesen Music:

You know you're on holidays when you shut down the mower to video tape ants 🐜! ihavenolife justkidding itsthelittlethings punny natureisfascinating

1 Hours ago
fresh, spicy memes (white.brown.n.blackish) Instagram Photos and Videos

fresh, spicy memes


Comment from fresh, spicy memes:

-chancho memes cleanmemes haha lol cleanfunnymemes funnymemes lolmemes like followus follow instagram vids memer quality jokes puns punny relatable trending hilarious dank dankmemes addicting teenage teenager

1 Hours ago
Maxi Witrak (maddmaxi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maxi Witrak


Comment from Maxi Witrak:

Can't take anything too seriously lightenup happyplace work writing actor learning goals joedispenza wordplay punny meditation readingrocks bookworm

1 Hours ago
Mima ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from Mima:

Toto pizza delivery...three best things in life...who could ask for anything more!! 🍕😂🌴Thank you @roldanbsaa for sharing this pic. 😂😂😂Follow lostintranslation Tag/Comment/Like - - - - - - - spanglish toto miami inhialeah funny punny hispanic lifegoals 🍕 delivery dadecounty

1 Hours ago
The Shoe Box Boca (theshoeboxboca) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Shoe Box Boca


Comment from The Shoe Box Boca:

Staring our new booties 🌟punny || Also available in Navy!

1 Hours ago
Chrissy Tatum (tricky_elf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chrissy Tatum


Comment from Chrissy Tatum:

precleansebalm stepzero dermalogica punny traveleasy

1 Hours ago
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1 Hours ago
Singledom (singledomcomics) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Singledom:

I forgot my drawing pad today! Enjoy 😃 standup jokes punny singledomcomics

1 Hours ago
LoCoMotion Fitness (locomotionfitness) Instagram Photos and Videos

LoCoMotion Fitness


Comment from LoCoMotion Fitness:

Have you ever received an oversized cardboard check? Have you ever overhead squated it? Coach Jay checking boxes. Get it - CHECKing BOXes.... groan punny Thank you to SCORE Charleston for selecting us to receive a grant! locomotionfitness crossfitaffiliate crossfit community parkcircle parkcirclecrossfit grant check monies chs SCORECharleston veteranownedbusiness ohs @coachjaycohen

1 Hours ago
Gigi's Cafe (gigiscafempls) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gigi's Cafe


Comment from Gigi's Cafe:

Repost @junipersandjam ・・・ Hubby brought @gigiscafempls home for supper the other day!!! We used to go there all the time when we lived in the uptown area. The Ruben and Cuban are my go-to's!! You can kraut on them 😂 . . . foodie mpls mplsfoodie uptown minnestagrammers yum sandwich ruben sauerkraut yelpmsp eatlocal eatdrinkdishmpls gigiscafe takeout takeaway hubbydelivery junipersandjam punny

1 Hours ago
Jafro THE HAIR APPARENT (itsjafro) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jafro THE HAIR APPARENT:

I think sometimes we all need a friend like lethal b

1 Hours ago
madi myers 🌞 (madiimyerss) Instagram Photos and Videos

madi myers 🌞


Comment from madi myers 🌞:

wo(men) in black punny

70 Days ago