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Comment from shish.kabob:

lmao same

4 Minutes ago
Ruby Chews Burgers & Shakes (rubychewsburgers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ruby Chews Burgers & Shakes


Comment from Ruby Chews Burgers & Shakes:

Happy Chewsday! (see what we did there) rubychewsburgers ipswichfood punny

14 Minutes ago
Ꭺvɑℓℓỉɑ🕊Ɲℴ ỉrℯ (avallianoire) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ꭺvɑℓℓỉɑ🕊Ɲℴ ỉrℯ


Comment from Ꭺvɑℓℓỉɑ🕊Ɲℴ ỉrℯ:

Gonna change Ava a bit. 🙄😒 ffxiv ffxivmateus mateusserver miqote toomanycopycats literally punny

19 Minutes ago
Dishing Out The Memes (giant_mega_sponge) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dishing Out The Memes


Comment from Dishing Out The Memes:


27 Minutes ago
Rachael Arner (rachael.arner) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rachael Arner


Comment from Rachael Arner:

Lucy questioning her mom’s taste in punny candles. punny itslit candle chaptersindigo dogsofinstagram dogs chihuahua terrier mixedbreed ilovelucy

29 Minutes ago
fresh, spicy memes (white.brown.n.blackish) Instagram Photos and Videos

fresh, spicy memes


Comment from fresh, spicy memes:

I feel like I did decent at auditions today-Chancho - -memes cleanmemes haha lol cleanfunnymemes funnymemes lolmemes like followus follow instagram vids memer quality jokes puns punny relatable trending hilarious dank dankmemes addicting teenage teenager -

38 Minutes ago
Benny Fitz (top_raw_man) Instagram Photos and Videos

Benny Fitz


Comment from Benny Fitz:

If anyone is looking, Old Navy is selling Elf on a shelf. 😂 • • elfonashelf oldnavy dadjokes haha lol elf pun punny punnycuzitstrue elfmakeup cosmetics • • @oldnavy @elf

41 Minutes ago
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Comment from Ayla:

Sleighing 2️⃣7️⃣ already. • • • happybirthday happybirthdaytome christmas christmaslights december girl happy laugh fun slay punny vsco vscocam instagood instagirl instagirl

58 Minutes ago
Natalie Large (natalielarge) Instagram Photos and Videos

Natalie Large


Comment from Natalie Large:

chillin with my snowmies punny

1 Hours ago
CTCMath (ctcmath) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from CTCMath: – Call us on 310-281-2217 or Email at info - - - - - MemeMonday MathsMeme classroom studentlife punny educationiskey teacherlife teachersbelike teacherproblems mathsisfun studentathlete studenthumor america americana americano usa usamade unitedstates unitedstatesofamerica

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Israel:

comics comic webcomic pun punny christmas xmas funny comedy lol jokes anime wshh worldstar naruto dbz fight lmao love joke fighting haha laugh goku laughim toofunny hilarious hahafor kwejk humor

1 Hours ago
•Live•Love•Letter•Lisa• (liveloveletterlisa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from •Live•Love•Letter•Lisa•:

Always in the mood for a good pun 😝 also, first attempt at blending with Crayola... day 11 @chrystalizabeth @tiffyinspirations penteltouch tombow crayola HappyLetteringChallenge HollyEverAfter CreateInspirePositivity handletter handlettering happyletter ihandletter calligraphy moderncalligraphy crayolligraphy brushpens brushlettering pun punny sleigh sleightheday appreciateyourambition firewood blend calligraphyblend crayolablend

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Belleoftheridge:

Santa Paws is coming to town . . . dogsofinstagram belleoftheridge dogs puns punny badpuns rescuedogsofinstagram rescuedog dogslife xmas christmas uglychristmassweater doglovers dogmom happyxmas festive dogfashion styleinspo ootd cutepetclub cutenessoverload petco petstagram seattle dogsofseattle

1 Hours ago
Alice & Doris of Ilootpaperie® (ilootpaperie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alice & Doris of Ilootpaperie®


Comment from Alice & Doris of Ilootpaperie®:

It never gets old to see all you peeps chuckle, giggle or guffaw over our punny goods. 🙌🏻 Thank you for making our holiday season so merry and festive. You all (our awesome stockists too) make the late nights, early mornings, packing and schlepping our cards, pins, keychains! food pun calendars worth it. @makersarcade is always good time! - see you SD peeps in 2018. San Jose peeps, we are coming for you this weekend for our last show of the year @sjmade Come through! We’d love to see you for our first show in SJ. 🌱 ilootpaperiegoods makersarcade holidays holidaymarket pingamestrong ilootflair stationery snailmail punny papergoods

1 Hours ago
Danielle Kelly ✌🏻️ (mermaidlyfe_4) Instagram Photos and Videos

Danielle Kelly ✌🏻️


Comment from Danielle Kelly ✌🏻️:

I’m beary nerdy 🤓 losersclub selfie snapchat lunchtime hondalife glasses punny nerd piercings bored curls

1 Hours ago
Kate (procrastikater) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kate:

Maybe he’d be nicer if they hadn’t laughed and called him names... 🦌 learnedbehavior rudolph rudolphtherednosedreindeer christmas rednose antlers rude howrude doeshelooklikeabitch reindeergames reindeer insult ouch wayharshtai santa santahat mondaypunday punny puns

1 Hours ago
eweniverse (eweniverse) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from eweniverse:


1 Hours ago
Kyle Gunderson (kylegunderson_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kyle Gunderson


Comment from Kyle Gunderson:

Our WinterPunderland decorations-can you guess all 10 puns? . . . . . . . . . . chri christmasdecor puns pun punny christmaslights fun funny winter winterwonderland punderland christmaslights dad dadjokes perfectwife love holidays christmastime christmasspirit

1 Hours ago
Kyle Rao (highmaharajah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kyle Rao


Comment from Kyle Rao:

When you want to train to be a Jedi but it’s cold as Hoth... . . . rey reycosplay starwars starwarscosplay theforce theforceawakens thelastjedi lightsaber cosplay crossplay cosplayer cosplayerofinstagram jedi jediknight fulfillyourdestiny coldashoth punny

1 Hours ago
Stephen (stephengallardo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Stephen:

I’m slabsolutely terrible at climbing when the wall isn’t overhanging . . . Though doing what makes you uncomfortable is the best way to improve quickly from what I’ve seen. Unfortunately. PC: @imaginationhaven punny slab awfulclimber

1 Hours ago
Bre Daniels (bre_daniels) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bre Daniels


Comment from Bre Daniels:

happy paw-lidays from my perfect pup. 🐶🎄🐾 punny

1 Hours ago
Emily Lowther (emjolo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emily Lowther


Comment from Emily Lowther:

Just waiting to make sure my deer friend makes it across the road safely 🦌 michiganwildlife punny perthgirlindetroit

1 Hours ago
Piers Danger Chidley (part_by_piers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Piers Danger Chidley


Comment from Piers Danger Chidley:

🖼🖼 ‘Absolute ToolBag’ 🖼🖼 partbypiers part parts puns pun punart punny puntouchable puntastic funny silly idiot lol joke tool toolbag tools stanley makita hazzar

1 Hours ago
Helen & Char (thestrangersisters) Instagram Photos and Videos

Helen & Char


Comment from Helen & Char:

Happy national 11 day!! 😂 (pun) pun eleven 11 punny fun funny joke sorryforthepun

1 Hours ago
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Comment from thephandom1:

Lol Follow @thephandom1 for more post like this❤️ tumblr tumblrtextpost memes puns funny punny dailymemes dankmemes anime otaku fangirl

1 Hours ago
Coco Brown Events (cocobrownevents) Instagram Photos and Videos

Coco Brown Events


Comment from Coco Brown Events:

loveyolife familygoals christmas christmastime navidad comics comic webcomic pun punny xmas funny izzythefrenchie oliverthefrenchie frenchbulldogsofinstagram frenchie frenchbulldog frenchies frenchielove frenchbulldogs frenchiesofinstagram puppy puppylove puppiesofinstagram dogs dogsofinstagram dogstagram dog frenchieoftheday puppyoftheday

1 Hours ago
Dawne Ramshaw (dawnedionna) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dawne Ramshaw


Comment from Dawne Ramshaw:

Sweet Door. punny christmascookieseason vitaly

2 Hours ago
Chris Garvey (sticky_moments) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris Garvey


Comment from Chris Garvey:

pun puns punny wordplay stickymoments comicstrip doodle postit webcomic christmas holiday citizencane citizenkane cinema movies film hollywood orsonwelles candycane candy

2 Hours ago
Lila Loo (littlelilaloo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lila Loo


Comment from Lila Loo:

Only cool dogs *smoke* salmon! 🐟 punny

2 Hours ago
Laura Hartshorne (silkfred_laura) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura Hartshorne


Comment from Laura Hartshorne:

Avo Merry Christmas 🥑🎅🏻 .... christmas avocado merry

2 Hours ago
LGBTQUEERS (lgbtqueers) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from LGBTQUEERS:

All Bi-Yourself 😂😂 • • • queer equality equalrights rainbow transgender transpride instagay iggay pride lgbt lgbtq lesbian loveislove gay gaypride samelove noh8 bisexual punny

2 Hours ago
Raina (redhedpoet) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Raina:

I made 3 different puns on Snapchat about bears with this selfie. Y'all are missing some quality shiz 🐻

2 Hours ago
Stewie Chen (⁎˃ᆺ˂) 🐾 (stewiefold) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stewie Chen (⁎˃ᆺ˂) 🐾


Comment from Stewie Chen (⁎˃ᆺ˂) 🐾:

Stewie's afraid of my Freudian SLIPpers 😂😂😂 . . . . scottishfoldcat ldcatsofinstagramcatstagramcat bestmeow スコティッシュフォールドinstavide avideoねこkittycatWeeklyFluffbes ffbestcats_oftheworldfluffypac fypackpawprojectclub_of_catsfl atsfluffypackfeature_do2みんねこ펫스

23 Hours ago