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Awwww. ;( puns science sciencejokes geekjokes punny funny sciencehumor physicsjokes

6 Minutes ago
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Mmmm memes cleanmemes haha lol cleanfunnymemes funnymemes lolmemes like followus follow instagram vids memer quality jokes puns punny relatable trending hilarious dank dankmemes addicting shade shadow sun instagram

10 Minutes ago
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Catfink Creative


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Bananarama pundaymonday punny puns music 80smusic popmusic bananas funwithfood fruitfulday catfinkcreative

11 Minutes ago
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Comment from DJtakachanbo:

German sausages are the wurst. punny pun sausage german wurst

17 Minutes ago
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EPIC | Specialty Benefits


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Mondays are ruff... brighten your day with this meme• • • EPIC epiclife WPS specialty benefits ancillary dental vision life disability voluntary insurance employer insuranceagent insurancebusiness memes funny dog punny pugsofinstagram pugs caseofthemondays mondaymorning mondayblues mondaysbelike mondayvibes

19 Minutes ago
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Ready Set Kate


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Lunch date at the river. 😂 🤣 😂 icrackmyselfup

22 Minutes ago
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Good Eats Kitchen


Comment from Good Eats Kitchen:

When the ☀️says "You betta hydrate!" 😓 We get the @hint. 🤓myGEK

27 Minutes ago
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Savanna Webber🎶


Comment from Savanna Webber🎶:

"Ich bin ein Berliner" berlin jellydonut punny berliner

35 Minutes ago
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Jennifer Utegg


Comment from Jennifer Utegg:

Baby this ain't no puppy love ❤️ punnyMyMansBestFriendstayhumbl

39 Minutes ago
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Mike Oncley


Comment from Mike Oncley:

What DO pipes dream about? 🚰💭 . I just drew live on Instagram for the first time! Thanks to everyone who peeked in! Watch the full hour in your stories section, it's only up for a day! . pipedream pun puns pipes pipedreams playonwords punny punderful punly pipe plumberjokes waterjokes dreaming sleepingbeauty

43 Minutes ago
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The wholly pun bible


Comment from The wholly pun bible:

The Wright brothers were never involved in a fight because they were the fathers of flight 😁😁

54 Minutes ago
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Annie Bloomer


Comment from Annie Bloomer:

Had a wheely good time in Pisa today 🇮🇹🚴🏼‍♀️🇮🇹

1 Hours ago
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Mark Fluffy


Comment from Mark Fluffy:

Got the moves like Kitty 😺🎵🎵 lucipurr the cat.

1 Hours ago
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Yasmin RB


Comment from Yasmin RB:

Tim Hortons can't do Coffee Time right so they can suck my Balzac's doublepun punmaster punny snackporn foodporn macademianutcookies coffee drinkporn foodie balzacs

1 Hours ago
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Comment from theyarealljustjealous: I right?! mood mondaze punny tired

1 Hours ago
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Suze Blood


Comment from Suze Blood:

Are you talkin' to me?! bunny rabbit robertdeniro punny punnyjokes

1 Hours ago
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Blessing Mpofu


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1 Hours ago
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😏 thelionking punday mondaypunday caseofthemondays topanga lionking peaches millionsofpeaches peachesforme peachesforfree mama punny funny funnylikeaclown doiamuseyou

1 Hours ago
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Check out this funny 😁 artwork here: yourself an extra ₹150. Click on the link in our bio to get the discount.

1 Hours ago
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Courtney Louisy


Comment from Courtney Louisy:

Lately my tummy has not been feeling settled but eating lots of fruits and oatmeal has been helping. Hoping to get back on the right digestive track soon! Get it? Digestive track? 😂. I stand by my pun! . . . monday puns punny jokes sorrynotsorry breakfast acaibowl healthyfood health wellness intuitiveeating healthiswealth fruit veganfood cayenne superfoods healthygut eatrealfood cleaneating carbs carbsarefriends naturalfood wholefoods fitfuel fitness followtrain fitgirl fitnerd nerdygirl

1 Hours ago
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sandy & dalia!!


Comment from sandy & dalia!!:

Somebody she knows though? - Sandy

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Colin:

Anyone of my Proserve certified commrades want to volunteer for our dragon boat team to sell beers at the Eskies game this Friday night? You open the beer, you pour the beer, you give the beer... pretty straightforward. You also get to keep the tips. Feel free to think up some punny tip jar sayings.

1 Hours ago
Abhilasha 👩🏻‍🎨 (giftingsolutions) Instagram Photos and Videos

Abhilasha 👩🏻‍🎨


Comment from Abhilasha 👩🏻‍🎨:

Yes, it's pronounced like "Versace". 😽 puns mylife

1 Hours ago
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Comment from punstagram:

pun puns punny verypunny

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Amber:

It's a BREWtiful day to enjoy an iced coffee from my favorite java joint! Coconut cream roasted coffee is today's flavor ☕️👌🏼

1 Hours ago
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Comment from void:

I'm learning to let go a bit, guess I'm at that -bridge- in life. 😂 (here all day) VOID punny trees 🌳 goodvibes musicmaker bridge thatlight slight comedy

1 Hours ago
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When you're best friends, "bitch" is a term of endearment. 👯 . . . . . bitch bestfriend thankyou thankyoucards signlanguage sign cheesygoudacards greetingcards handmade etsy etsyseller etsyshop etsysellersofinstagram handmade digitalart lasvegas lasvegastrip chicago downtownlasvegas funny punny

1 Hours ago
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Jeff Chan


Comment from Jeff Chan:

Can't wait to sea what else Croatia has to offer 😁 punny

1 Hours ago
Wild Earth Farm And Sanctuary (wildearthfarm) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wild Earth Farm And Sanctuary


Comment from Wild Earth Farm And Sanctuary:

What time does a duck wake up? . . At the quack of dawn! Pic taken after I told Johnny this joke. He was not amused. duck ducks ducksofinstagram duckjokesquackmeup pun puns punsfordays punny farm farmlife farmsanctuary farmanimals farmanimalrescue animals animalsanctuary animalrescue cute pekingduck friendsnotfood someonenotsomething adorable rescue sanctuary vegan

1 Hours ago
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Dianna Tran


Comment from Dianna Tran:

🐋hello there 🦉adventure with you forever 🍩know what I would do without you You have a 🍕 my ❤️ lovepuns punny punintended cheesycouple didyoubarf adventurecouple

1 Hours ago
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Comment from Sam:

@pixar get on this pun puns punny

1 Hours ago
Lathe & Quill (latheandquill) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lathe & Quill


Comment from Lathe & Quill:

More succulent puns, but a little less nice 🌵😜 . illustrationaday houseplant linear sketch sketchbook sketchaday sketchdaily cacti cactus succulent succulents pun punny dadjokes humor funny plants plant houseplants youreaprick yousuc pothead mysketchbook latheandquill laugh lineart illustration micron micronpen

1 Hours ago
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Madyson Sheddy


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5 Hours ago