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🥟 Momo 🥟 (momotheminiartcritic) Instagram Photos and Videos

🥟 Momo 🥟


Comment from 🥟 Momo 🥟:

Sometimes I channel canonical western art history when I wake up from a nap. johannesvermeer girlwithapearlearring westernart westernartsurvey arthistorypup momothegallerypup chihuahuasofinstagram dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram instapuppy

6 Seconds ago
Sockie the Dachshund (sockie_thedachshund) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sockie the Dachshund


Comment from Sockie the Dachshund:

It’s a fullmoon tonight 👍🏻🍑 goodnight world pawsup 🐾 dachshundsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram mansbestfriend 🐶

11 Seconds ago
Kazumi Wakayama (uripon3) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kazumi Wakayama


Comment from Kazumi Wakayama:

@ties_dog さんの かっこい可愛いバッグ👜が 届いたので とりあえずu りあえずuniと mog入れてみました😂 uniは、 ミ 丈夫で、使いやすそう❗️大切に使いたいと思います😊 do bull miniaturebullterrier uni bullterrier tiesdog puppiesofinstagram いぬブルテリアブルテリアが入るブルバッグミニチュアブルテリア minibullterrier 多頭飼い mog

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Butters (golden_butters) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Butters:

🎬 1 . . . . . . goldenretriever goldenretrieverpuppy goldenretrieversofinstagram goldenretrieverlovers goldenretrieverx goldenretrieverworld goldenpuppy puppylove puppyeyes Butters SanDiego dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram Lakeside

23 Seconds ago
Akita in Austin! (korra_the_explorerr) Instagram Photos and Videos

Akita in Austin!


Comment from Akita in Austin!:

Happy spring break cutiessss, I went home to my grandma and grandpas and they had a doggo friend too. He is still getting used to me but I’m convinced he will learn to love me. I celebrate my four month birthday too. I sure am glad to be is PAwstin 💕💕💕 dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram akitapuppy

26 Seconds ago
woody (cuddly_woody) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from woody:

🤪😜 . . . . . . puppiesofinstagram puppy dogsofinstagram dog pugs puglove cute cutepuppy cutepuppies pugsofinstagram puglife pug puglife cutedog

32 Seconds ago
Moose & Juni/Great Pyrenees (juniandmoose) Instagram Photos and Videos

Moose & Juni/Great Pyrenees


Comment from Moose & Juni/Great Pyrenees:

35 Seconds ago
Daily Cavapoo Tales (daily.cavapoo.tales) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daily Cavapoo Tales


Comment from Daily Cavapoo Tales:

📸: @meelo_thecavoodle + + +
✨Spotlighting Cavapoos/Cavoodles and Cavapoo/Cavoodle mixes. dailycavapootales + + + cavapo cavoodle cavapoochon cavapoopuppy cavoodlepuppy cavapoochonpuppy cavapoosofinstagram cavapoogram cavoodlesofinstagram cavapoochonsofinstagram poodlemixofinstagram puppiesofinstagram dogs_of_instagram puppystagram dogstagram oodlesoftheworld oodle poodle poodlemix mixbreed puppy dog dailydog dogoftheday dogdays cute cutedogs feature march2018

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Mia (therealmiapomsky) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mia:

When mom plays around too much...Tummy Rubs aren’t meant to end. therealmiapomsky pomsky pomskysofinstagram dogsta dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram puppies dogs pupsofinstagram dogsofthegram pomskyoftheday pomskypuppies

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 (miss.chubby.cupid) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from miss.chubby.cupid:

instapuppy puppiesofinstagram instadog pup puppy dogs dogsofinsta instagramdogs maltese igpets pets petsofinstagram petsagram instapet ilovemydog cutiepie doglover puppylove maltese sweet cutedogs

46 Seconds ago
Wilbur (wilburto_the_frenchie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Wilbur:

Classic hunk pose. 💪 . . . . . wilbur 🐶 instapuppy frenchie frenchbulldog flatnose ilovemyfrenchie dogsofinstagram frenchiesofinstagram instadog animal animals pet cute cutie cuteness pnw doggo instafrenchie puppy puppies puppiesofinstagram

49 Seconds ago
Odin & Pipe (odin.and.pipe_the.dobes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Odin & Pipe


Comment from Odin & Pipe:

Frog/dobe legs 🤷🏻‍♀️ • petsofinstagram DOBERMAN aludradobermans velcrodoberma dobermanpinscher dobermanpuppy dobermanpride dobermansofig reddoberman dobermansofinstagram dobepuppy dobie reddobe dobiesofig dobiesofinstagram reddobermanpinscher doberman_pinscher puppiesofinstagram dogsofinsta lovemydog dogoftheday puppylove doglove doberman_pinscher doberman_instagram doberman_pinschers

53 Seconds ago
Love At First Sight (lafspetadoption) Instagram Photos and Videos

Love At First Sight


Comment from Love At First Sight:

Buddha is adopted!! adoptdontshop adoptme puppiesofinstagram vcapets loveatfirstsight murphyroadvet careclub

54 Seconds ago
Marvel (marvelouspuppy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Marvel:

Naps. . . . . dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram cutepuppies cutepetclub puppy cute cutepuppy sleeping naps marvel

55 Seconds ago
Salwa ali (salwaxo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Salwa ali


Comment from Salwa ali:

My prince papillon puppy jackrussel puppiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram chihuahua thecutest muttsofinstagram mutt

1 Minutes ago
Cindy (cindytheretriever) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cindy:

Stretching 🙆‍♀️

1 Minutes ago
Luna Rei (lunarei_theaussie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luna Rei


Comment from Luna Rei:

Am I in trouble??. . . . aussie aussiesofinstagram aussiepuppy aussies aussiesofinstagram aussieshepherd aussiesdoingthings puppy puppylove puppiesofinstagram followme trouble dog dogsofinstagram momsaidonetoy cute sowwy sorrynotsorry toysfordays

1 Minutes ago
Louie The Tank 🐾 (louiethetank_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Louie The Tank 🐾


Comment from Louie The Tank 🐾:

When all you’ve wanted in life was a big stick. Another park day! 😋 SuperPup BulliesOfInstagram BulldogsOfInstagram TheWorldOfBullies BulldogLife LouieTheTank TheLifeOfLouie EnglishBulldog BulldogLovers PuppiesOfInstagram Bulldog Louisiana SouthernCali SoCalBulldog BulldogBff California SoCal Adventure Candid ActionShot Happy BullDogLovers BulliesOfIG AdventurePup

1 Minutes ago
adventures of pippa the vizsla (pippathev) Instagram Photos and Videos

adventures of pippa the vizsla


Comment from adventures of pippa the vizsla:

Life is ruff, so you gotta be tuff. 😂😂 🐾🐾 lookintomyeyes toyslayer rufflife justkidding pamperedpup johnnycash . . . . . .  vizsla birddog vizslasofinstagram puppy vizslaproblems puppiesofinstagram instapup atlantapup vizslaoftheday pointer pointersofinstagram dogsofinstagram vizsla_feature dog vizslagram petsofinstagram pets dogsdaily vizslalove vizslalife dailyfluff vizslasofinstagram101

1 Minutes ago
Reesie (reesie_theshihtzu) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Reesie:

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Thanks DAD for getting a lil grass off my face 🐾. ..... shihtzu shihtzupuppy shihtzulove shihtzus shihtzsofinstagram shihtzugram shihtzuloversofinstagram dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram puppies puppiesofig puppy puppylove dogs dogsofinsta instagramdogs instadogs dogstagram dogsofig

1 Minutes ago
Belle Cochelli the MaltiPoo (bellecochelli) Instagram Photos and Videos

Belle Cochelli the MaltiPoo


Comment from Belle Cochelli the MaltiPoo:

Trying my bestest to sit still 😇😍 . . . puppy bandana flamingo toy rope carpit sit puppylove gooddog fluffy maltipoo maltipoosofinstagram puppiesofinstagram goodgirl cute dogsofinstagram love

1 Minutes ago
Chunk! (chunkthemutt) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Chunk!:

Our new dog tags have us feelin' like we're always outdoors! Thanks so much @lovelypuptags for getting these to us so quickly! . . . . . . shepherdt chunk chompers dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram rescuedog adoptdontshop

1 Minutes ago
ZooeyMae (zooeymae_labradoodle) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ZooeyMae:

Oh zooey. You really are the cutest.

1 Minutes ago
Stαrℓα Hoℓden (star__luh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stαrℓα Hoℓden


Comment from Stαrℓα Hoℓden:

I love our kai sooo much ☺️ 💙germanshepherdpuppy huskymix dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram

1 Minutes ago
Raymond St. Martin (raystmartin1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Raymond St. Martin


Comment from Raymond St. Martin:

It’s a fullmoon tonight 👍🏻🍑 goodnight world pawsup 🐾 dachshundsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram mansbestfriend 🐶

1 Minutes ago
𝕐𝕠𝕣𝕜𝕚𝕖𝕤’ 𝕃𝕚𝕗𝕖🐾 ( Instagram Photos and Videos

𝕐𝕠𝕣𝕜𝕚𝕖𝕤’ 𝕃𝕚𝕗𝕖🐾

Comment from 𝕐𝕠𝕣𝕜𝕚𝕖𝕤’ 𝕃𝕚𝕗𝕖🐾:

tongueouttuesday 😜 . . . . . yorkie yorkshireterrier yorkiesofinstagram dogsofinstagram dog puppy dogs yorkshire yorkielove doglover yorkies instadog cute love pet puppiesofinstagram yorkielife puppylove dogstagram yorkiegram ilovemydog yorkiepuppy puppies 犬 개 йоркширскийтерьер йорк йорки собака

1 Minutes ago
Simply The Best Kennels (stb_kennels) Instagram Photos and Videos

Simply The Best Kennels


Comment from Simply The Best Kennels:

🚨Steal of the day🚨 For sale Chocolate female Merle off of @motown_bullyz Mummy... she has amazing structure and confirmation... 12k and she’s your!!!! Please DM frenchies frenchielife frenchielove frenchie puppy puppies puppylove forsale puppyforsale puppiesofinstagram puppyoftheday sale amazing merle china world dog dogsofinstagram

1 Minutes ago
tippy (tipsy_little_tippy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from tippy:

i am a dumpling dog . . . gottagetmydumplings playallday barkbox dogsofinstagram muttsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram mixedbreed adoptdontshop followmydog

1 Minutes ago
Fred The Golden (fredthe_golden) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fred The Golden


Comment from Fred The Golden:

Throwback to when I first learned to sit😌

1 Minutes ago
Adventures Of Arlo & Max (arlo.and.max) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adventures Of Arlo & Max


Comment from Adventures Of Arlo & Max:

“Yum yum!” rockhound

2 Minutes ago
Hank the English Black Lab (hank_the_hunk_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hank the English Black Lab


Comment from Hank the English Black Lab:

throwback to the day my mom and dad picked me up to go to our fureverhome 🏡💙

3 Minutes ago
K I T (americancockerkit) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from K I T:

I just wanna be...I just wanna be, successful! 📜🦉🐾 petcograd puppyclass ovo cockerspanielsofinstagram cockerspanielpuppy sodacity colatownpets smartpuppy puppiesofinstagram americancockerspaniel

3 Minutes ago
Ruckus the Berner (ruckustheberner) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ruckus the Berner


Comment from Ruckus the Berner:

As an expert chewer, I can attest that sticks are best chewed while upside down. It enhances flavor, and my humans seem impressed impressed by minor acrobatics.

9 Minutes ago