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Mila (milasweetpom) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mila:

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Belle (bellethefluffy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Belle:

So what if I'm watching you use the restroom...

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Rachel (rachelmbannister) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rachel:

Man, that was hard work. New summer route at parkrun. One shorter loop than usual then two longer loops taking in a bit more off the beaten track. What idiot decided to put the shorter loop first? Soul destroying. Went on forever. 😠 Cheered up afterwards when I got my face licked my Toby. (Obviously the dog in the picture) 🙄parkrun parkrunuk parkrunday hardwork sweatfest 5k run runner runnersofinstagram running grumpyarse runnersproblems souldestroying puppy puppylove tobyjug pug jackrussell mixture dogkisses dogsofinstgram banbury

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Good Puppy Dog School (good_puppy_sydney) Instagram Photos and Videos

Good Puppy Dog School


Comment from Good Puppy Dog School:

This is handsome Levi. He has been having some issues with recall in the last few months. His owner has decided to ask for some help as she was understandably getting frustrated and demotivated when taking him at the park. Today we had a fantastic session focused on positive reinforcement and confidence. We started practicing in an environment with only few distractions and by the end of the session Levi was happily running back to his owner when called. We will gradually increase distractions over the next few weeks and make it a bit more challenging. Levi is a smart and fast learner pup so we are very confident to see great improvements in a short time 😊 Good job big boy! goodpuppysydney sydneydogtraining dogtraining recall behaviour comeback positivetraining positivereinforcement reward dog staffie puppy distractions happydog happyowner nofrustration confidence playtime happyness dogsofinstgram instadogs fastlearner staffy practice smartdog improvement results proudofyou bigboy easternsuburbs

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Iris & Q比 🐶 Diary📝 (cactus0125) Instagram Photos and Videos

Iris & Q比 🐶 Diary📝


Comment from Iris & Q比 🐶 Diary📝:

Q比哥的日常之麻咪大腿當枕頭剛剛好❤️ Q比 西高地白梗 westie westiedog westielove westiepuppy westhighland whiteterrier westhighlandwhiteterrier westieboy lovewestie puppy puppylove

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Harvey (harvey.moonjoon) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Harvey:

Mummy, why did grandpa put me on this slide? moonjoonbeagles moonjoon harvey harveymoon puppy puppies beaglepuppies beaglepuppy beagle beagles beaglesofinstagram puppiesofinstagram

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Sonia Bolin @soniab_showroom (myfriends_dogsfriends) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sonia Bolin @soniab_showroom


Comment from Sonia Bolin @soniab_showroom:

RepostBy @herrtuerkis: "Endlich klappt das Ablegen des Kopfes auch draußen 😊" puppy pup cute eyes instagood dogs_of_instagram pet pets animal animals dogsitting photooftheday dogsofinstagram ilovemydog nature lifeisbetterwithadog instagramdogs nature noalabandono

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ANDREA.F.1896 👊⚪⚫👊 (andrea.f.1896) Instagram Photos and Videos

ANDREA.F.1896 👊⚪⚫👊


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하양이셋🐾실버둘🐾 (kkumttackcci0315) Instagram Photos and Videos



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자몽이 굴욕샷! ㅋ ㅋ pet puppy pom pomeranian maltese 반려견 말티즈 포메라니안 펫스타그램

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Minidog (minidog7484) Instagram Photos and Videos



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И пусть весь мир подождёт 🙌🏻 . . . минитойчик минитой мойтой собакабарабака собачьяжизнь минитойтерьер минитой щеноктоя маленькаясобака загар нараслабоне dog minidog miniterrier minipuppy puppy dogslife

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J A S M I N E (jass.hann) Instagram Photos and Videos



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👾repost cute puppy vet sad dog aussie love dying photo pic lol camera

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Natalie Kaschuge (nataliekaschuge) Instagram Photos and Videos

Natalie Kaschuge


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playtime dogstagram puppy

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Ümmühan Çifçi (tanura_arsima) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ümmühan Çifçi


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Pamukçuğum 😍😍😍 Daha iui kuzucuğum pamukpamukcuk dog dogsofinstagram dogstagram animal animals puppy puppylove puppies lovedogs cutedog kopek dog_features dogs_of_instagram dogsitting dogfood instagood instadaily instamood instagram igers igdaily igersoftheday picstitch turkishfollowers instagramhub instagramers instagram lovedogs cutedog kopek instadaily

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 (wasakuro) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from wasakuro:

今日は 姪が5ヶ月のアメリカンコッカーのエマちゃんと遊びに来ました。初対面ですが、くろずはエマちゃんが可愛くて仕方ないようでした😘 curlycoatedretriever blackdog dog retriever igdog igdogs americancockerspaniel puppy カーリーコーテッドレトリーバー 黒犬 犬 レトリーバー アメリカンコッカースパニエル パピー

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 (goldenretrieverslove_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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❤️ goldenretriever goldenretrievers goldenretrieverpuppy goldenretrieversofinstagram shirt tshirt dogshirt fashion instafashion retrievershirt goldenretrievershirt furryfriends animals puppy dogs pets Golden Retriever welovegoldens goldens goldenretrieverlove goldenretrieversworld goldenretrievers_

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Cutest Animals (puppiespix) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cutest Animals


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두부 DooBoo🐶 / BoMi👩🏼 (park_doo_boo) Instagram Photos and Videos

두부 DooBoo🐶 / BoMi👩🏼


Comment from 두부 DooBoo🐶 / BoMi👩🏼:

작은누나랑 집에서 놀다가 작은누나 다리사이로 들어가면서 앞다리가 접질렀는지 비명을 막지른 두부..ㅜ 그냥 낑정도말고 그렇게 길게 비명지른게 첨이라 놀라서 세수도안하고 두부 들쳐업고 병원으로! 엑스레이찍고 검사받았는데 다행이 아무이상없고 근육이 놀란거라고..ㅠㅠㅠ 작누나 긴장이풀려 엉엉울고 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 두부는 주사맞고 약받아오고 당분간 산책금지...😢 두봉이도 아픈지 원래밖에서 안으면 내리라고 하울링하는데 그러지도않고 안겨서 집으로와서 쉬는중..😭😭😭 절뚝거리는거 볼때마다 눈물바람이라 큰일이다..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ . 절뚝이 산책금지 병자 . . park_doo_boo dooboo maltese dogstagram petstagram instadog instapuppy dog puppy cute lovely daily 박두부 말티즈 두부스타그램 개스타그램 멍스타그램 독스타그램 펫스타그램 럽스타그램 일상스타그램 반려견 일상 데일리 ペット 子犬 マルチーズ

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Denzil (denzil_thespringer) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Marjan (marjanhv) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Star wars legging, boek en puppy. Er is niet heel veel meer nodig vandaag! Misschien meer koffie en chocolade. . . . . sagadog doglife dogstagram puppy boekenworm boeken boek annerice thevampirelestat book reading starwars

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Bambi The Chihuahua (bambi_peanut_head) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bambi The Chihuahua


Comment from Bambi The Chihuahua:

Safety is very important to us little Chihuahuas so my mummy had stairs customed made for me so I can easily get up and down the bed without the risk of hurting myself 🐾🐶💖 Stairs from Dog House Shop at chihuahua chihuahuaworld chihuahuasofinstagram petstairs chihuahualife chihuahualove chihuahuafanatics chihuahualover puppygram puppy chihuahuasofig

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Myla Francesca Balantini 🎀🐾 (frenchie__myla) Instagram Photos and Videos

Myla Francesca Balantini 🎀🐾


Comment from Myla Francesca Balantini 🎀🐾:

Ready for the long weekend! 👅😜🐶🐾 instadog dogs dog puppy frenchieoftheday frenchie frenchiesofinstagram frenchbulldog frenchbulldogsofinstagram bulldogfrances bulldogsofinstagram pawsomefrenchies fawnfrenchie flatnosesociety batears londondogs frenchielife

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EVK007 (evk007) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Nishi (nishi_akitainu) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Épuisant! 😜🌸😅🐶❤😘 akitaclub babydogs akitapassion akitafamilyclub akitaclub babydogs akitapassion akitafamilyclub akitainu akitabebe akita akitafamily akitajapan akitasofinstagram akitapuppy akitalove japanesedog puppy puppylove puppydog puppyworld cutedog cute cutepuppy petstagram animals happydog dogstagram teddybear dogandbeach

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말티푸 겨울이❤ (winter0318) Instagram Photos and Videos

말티푸 겨울이❤


Comment from 말티푸 겨울이❤:

난 혀가 길다 그치만 얼굴털은 짧다 집에서 엄마가 잘라주었기때문이다...😥 애견미용 말티즈미용 말티즈알머리 pet puppymaltese grooming groomer 강아지미용 강아지 dog 견스타그램 개스타그램 멍스타그램 dogstagram분당애견미용

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Daisy and Friends (daisyandfriends17) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daisy and Friends


Comment from Daisy and Friends:

Daisy and Lola have some visitors for the weekend ! Mummy brought them home from school ❤ BANKHOLIDAY SALE is still live! when it's gone, it's gone! 🐕🎉🐕 dm for orders/questions or just a chat! Accepting PayPal or banktranfer 😘 dogs chicks babychicks jackrussellofinstagram jackrussellmoments chihuahuas chihuahualife jackchisofinstagram jackchihuahua puppy puppymodel love

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Animal Geography (animalgeography) Instagram Photos and Videos

Animal Geography


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😊 😇 - - - - - - - minipig animalsofinstagram petsofinstagram instapet babyanimals video piggy pet pig animalsco funny 9gag instagram vsco bestoftheday bestvideo lol puppies animals fluffypack instadaily cute pets animal dog zoo adorable puppy birds

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FANG~ (vvvivian_997) Instagram Photos and Videos



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2个毛孩子在打架🤣🤣🤣 kittenamericashorthaircorgisingaporecorgicorgipuppycatdogpuppycatanddog catsingaporeinstapetpetlover

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Simba 🐶 Pomdog (justcallme_simba) Instagram Photos and Videos

Simba 🐶 Pomdog


Comment from Simba 🐶 Pomdog:

Nap time for me 😴 simba pomeranian dog puppy pomeraniansofinstagram dogsofinsta sleep naptime cute love

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Jacob Sartorius, he'll follow (patricia_sartoriusss) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jacob Sartorius, he'll follow


Comment from Jacob Sartorius, he'll follow:

Enjoy day... 😊😊😊 Tag @jacobsartorius young star i love u my idol song my husband my boyfriend my puppy dog bby my love lasttextwourldtour hiplikejacob LastTextEP sweatshirt hitormiss allmyfriends lasttext byyourside bingo jordans lovemeback sweatshirt

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Julia . . . (cosmic8girl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julia . . .


Comment from Julia . . .:

Na6a sobaka Norbert 🐾 puppy goldenretriever

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Marmite (marmiteschnauzer) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Look into my eyes, not around my eyes, in my eyes 👀 👀👀👀 YOU WILL PLAY WITH ME ALLLLL DAY AND GIVE ME TREATS!!! . . Didn't work she still went out!! . . . 🐶🇬🇧 minischnauzer dogstagram dogs puppy dogsofinsta schnauzer instadog dogsofig schnauzersofinstagram park parklife schnauzersrule schnauzerworld marmitedog puppy puppiesofinstagram puppylove puppylife pup pet petsagram dailybarker puppyoftheday tagsforlikes schnauzer_feature schnauzerappreciation schnauzerlove petsofinstagram

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Nadya and spitz Teddy (nadya_teddy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nadya and spitz Teddy


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Teddy is a forest resident 🌲🌱🐦🐞 germanspitz spitz dogs dog pets dogsofinstagram dogstagram petstagram ysc_insta pomeranian pome pompom pomeranianworld pomstagram instapom 犬 포메라니안 강아지 шпиц собака померанскийшпиц щенок немецкийшпиц pomsofinstagram instadog cutedog pomeraniandogs fluffy puppy

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Yoo Jy ◡̈ (love_yoo111) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yoo Jy ◡̈


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- 볼터치를 해달랬는데 애를 .... 두부야 화낫닝👉🏻👈🏻.......

4 Minutes ago