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D (world_of_rosie_daisy) Instagram Photos and Videos



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dog dogsofinsta dogs dogsandpals dogstagram dogslover dogsandpals doglife puppy puppylove puppylife puppyoftheday lovedogs bestdogever sisters hug hugs doglads ilovemydog doggy puppylove instadogs puppygram bestwoof dogsofinstaworld puppiesforall puppydog puppy hq

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D (world_of_rosie_daisy) Instagram Photos and Videos



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dog dogsofinsta dogs dogsandpals dogstagram dogslover dogsandpals doglife puppy puppylove puppylife puppyoftheday lovedogs bestdogever sisters hug hugs doglads ilovemydog doggy puppylove instadogs puppygram bestwoof dogsofinstaworld puppiesforall puppydog puppy hq

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dollipichu (dollipichu1745) Instagram Photos and Videos



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☸︎˳*✦︎∗︎˚೫˳♡︎˳೫˚∗︎✦︎*˳☸︎ ・ 今まで Uー'`ー;U ムムッ ・ ・ .₊.ෆ*˚*ෆ.₊̣̇.ෆ*˚*ෆ.₊̣̇.ෆ*˚*ෆ.₊ カニンヘンダックス ダックスフンド ダックス いぬバカ部 いぬのきもち いぬすたぐらむ いぬ わんこなしでは生きて行けません会 ・ ・ dachshund dachshundlove dachshundpuppy ilovedogs dogstagram puppydog dog sausagedog puppy chien chienstagram cutepuppy cutedog cute instadog

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Rottweiler Ella (rottweiler.ella) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rottweiler Ella


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rottweiler rottweilersofinstagram rottweilerpuppy rottweilerfamily ella welpen puppy puppydog dogsofinstagram gopro tübingen schwabing stuttgart

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Moomoo (moomoocockerspaniel) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Moomoo:

Today I jumped into a giant shoe! spanielpuppy puppy bestwoof happydog dogsmile happiest dogsdaily dailybarker dogsofig dogsofinstagram cutestface cutestdog cutestpuppy happypup cutedog puppydog puppiesofinstagram puppies doggylove

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日本スピッツ りんちゃん (spitzrin) Instagram Photos and Videos

日本スピッツ りんちゃん


Comment from 日本スピッツ りんちゃん:

りんちゃんポチたまデビュー🤣 昨日放送でした(笑) ポチた 日本スピッツりんちゃん

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Luma (Labrador Retriever) (luma.martellos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luma (Labrador Retriever)


Comment from Luma (Labrador Retriever):

Oi pessoal, bom dia! (Hi guys, good morning!) 🐕😘 Luma Labrador LabradorRetriever Pet Dog Cao Cachorro InstaLab YellowLab Caramelo Cream PuppyDog Puppies CutePuppy LabsOfInstagram GoldenOfInstagram PuppyOfInstagram BomDia BuenDia BuonGiorno BuenosDias GoodMorning BonJour GutenMorgen

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Bertie the Beagle / Sofa Hound (bertiebeagle16) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bertie the Beagle / Sofa Hound


Comment from Bertie the Beagle / Sofa Hound:

I am taking a stand against copyright infringement. Using my photo without CONSENT is stealing. We share the adventures of my life as a beagle and how I tolerate my humans. Much time and effort to bribe with treats is required to get a good picture and to tell a story. We share the good, the ugly, and the very personal to a wonderful IG community and for that reason, with reservation, we keep our account public. However there are some abusing our goodwill and our posts have been illegally appropriated, credited or otherwise. We will not tolerate such activity. ASK BEFORE RE-POSTING. I ask you my friends to help us by not encouraging such behaviour by following and endorsing IG accounts that do not contain original content, often these are marketing platforms. Just one re-post could become a line of merchandise somewhere with a manipulated image of your favourite furry which someone else is profiteering off. Grus, furry friends, and humans, unite and take a stand with me. For once I ask you to re-post or share your best grumpy saynotocopyrightinfringment photo and share the message. The irony would not be lost on me if this is reposted by those in question. Copyright infringements will be reported and offenders will be blocked. @instagram, we implore you to do more to protect your users in the enforcement of infringements, and simplify the reporting process. Our images are not for stealing, our stories are not yours for retelling. ✊️ Rant out. 🎤 saynotocopyrightinfringment donotmesswithabeaglemum havesomeintegrity grumpybeaglesunited copyright

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Déborah Hueber (deborah_hbr) Instagram Photos and Videos

Déborah Hueber


Comment from Déborah Hueber:

L’ami le plus sûr 🖤 Je sais pas vous, mais moi aujourd’hui, je ne vois plus ma vie sans animaux, plus particulièrement sans chien et encore plus particulièrement sans bouledogue français 🐶 | Ceux qui en ont un me comprendront 🙈 | Ils ont une pureté que l’homme a définitivement perdue, améliore notre qualité de vie et notre bonheur, j’en suis convaincue ! 😍 | Pas vous ? picoftheday photooftheday animals dog love frenchbulldog frenchie bully bouledoguefrancais pets puppydog complicite frenchielovers lifestyle happiness instagood instalife instadaily igptg followers street influencers likeforfollow likeforlike FrenchWithInfluence

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Kata Varga (katavarga33) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kata Varga


Comment from Kata Varga:

My little puppydog is alwaysmovingforward 😂 So hard to takeapicture 😆😃😄

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Frida Del Damalis (fridadeldamalis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Frida Del Damalis


Comment from Frida Del Damalis:

My bff Baron the Dogo Argentino 🖤 barondog dogoargentino dogoftheday instadog dogstagram instagramdogs dogsofinstagram dogsofinsta doglife dogs_of_instagram puppy instapuppy puppiesofinstagram puppydog pet instapet petstagram petlove pets_of_instagram male whitedog instaphoto photooftheday mastiff dogosofinstagram cutedog doglover throwback blackandwhitechallenge

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Saki Go Inoue 🐕1 month old🍼♏️ (akita_saki_go) Instagram Photos and Videos

Saki Go Inoue 🐕1 month old🍼♏️


Comment from Saki Go Inoue 🐕1 month old🍼♏️:

First BirthdayMonth! Born 13.11.2017 🎂🍼🍭 Puppy I'm waiting for you👩🏼🐕 puppy puppydog littlegirl littledog dog dogsofinstagram akita akitainu onemonth birthday birthdaymonth fulvo friends girl love beautiful beauty

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Beatrice Luciano (bebbaaa_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Beatrice Luciano


Comment from Beatrice Luciano:

Chloè 🐶💕 frenchbulldogfrenchbulldo ulldogblacklovepiccolapestedog

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Newton (newtonlebeagle) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Newton:

Today, at home with mom and daddy ♡ ________________ beagleslove puppy puppydog beagle dog baby babydog pup cute dogs_of_instagram pet petstagram dogsitting dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs dogstagram dogoftheday lovedogs lovepuppies hound adorable doglover instapuppy instadog love campagne pleasure detente lovely

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Neo🐾🍀 (border_collie_neo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Neo🐾🍀:

Koupání 😍 mylove love lovemydog mydog my dog puppy puppydog redmerle red merle redmerlepuppy happy nice bordercollies bordercolliesworld border collie like4like like4follow likeforlike followme

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ROYAL_APEX🐶KENNELZ (royal_apex_kennelz) Instagram Photos and Videos




Ch lucifer x Era 💥FORSALE💥 Starting prices 2k /mating.html?sire_name=Ch.+Dyn .+Dynamights+Lucifer&dam_name= name=Muscletone%27s+Era&submit bully bullybreed dogoftheday picoftheday photography dontbullymybreed americanbully americanbullypuppy americanbullypocket puppy puppydog puppylove puppyforsale puppy abkc ebkc showdog muscle black @beastblooduk @landmark_bullies @bossy_magazine @bullysofinsta @bullie.king.ldn

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Caterina Claps (clapscate) Instagram Photos and Videos

Caterina Claps


Comment from Caterina Claps:

nofilters mydog puppydog meticcio bestfriend girettoalparco parcodelleuropaunita igerspotenza volgopotenza

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Benson Boud (benson_boud) Instagram Photos and Videos

Benson Boud


Comment from Benson Boud:

Bark Bag NZ is pawfect! I convinced the pawrents to give it to me early 😋🐕🐾❤️ barkbag barkbagnz christmaspuppy presents spoiltpuppylabrador_class labsdaily labsofinstagram careforlabs labrador_feature labrador_lovers labrador_central labrador_cute doglovers dogsofinstagram dogsofinsta puppydog puppiesofinstagram labstagram pupstagram puppydog puppy labradorite

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Never Too Salty (nevertoosalty) Instagram Photos and Videos

Never Too Salty


Comment from Never Too Salty:

Where is all the snow? 😱🙏🏽

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💝 Dea 🇮🇹 (dea_alaskan_malamute) Instagram Photos and Videos

💝 Dea 🇮🇹


Comment from 💝 Dea 🇮🇹:

Come dice la canzone di jovanotti "Un raggio di sole per te" In questo caso per voi 😉 Buongiorno amici🤗 . . alaskanmalamutelov alaskanmalamute malamute vitadacani raggiodisole coccole giocando relax puppy puppydog cutedog cute sicily dogs_of_instagram dogmodel doginfluencer dog mydog doglovers animallovers nature

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Tittart 🎨 🇮🇹 (tittariella) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tittart 🎨 🇮🇹


Comment from Tittart 🎨 🇮🇹:

Blues! love puppydog puppytee mynewlove sweetyeyes bimbo makelovenotwar natura naturaleza

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Puppy Tales ❤️Dogs ⭐️ by Kerry (puppy_tales) Instagram Photos and Videos

Puppy Tales ❤️Dogs ⭐️ by Kerry


Comment from Puppy Tales ❤️Dogs ⭐️ by Kerry:

We can't help but want to boop that nose! Talk about cuteness overload! 😙😙😙 🤗 Thanks @teddington12 for joining in this week's photo challenge 🤗 Wanna play along? Join the fun by using pt_cute on your fav photos for our theme for this week.

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Hachi (itshachithepug) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Hachi:

Christmas almost here!! - Hachi 🐶 pugsofinstagram pugs pug puglife dog puppylove puppy puppydog dogs doggie dogslife doglife doglover dogslove pretty cute aww yas sweet lovely goals adorable pugstagram christmasalmosthere christmaspirit christmas santa candycane

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 (pet.obsession) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from pet.obsession:

Top model..🤔🐾❤️ puppylove puppy puppygram puppyoftheday puppylife puppydog mommyloveu puppyeyes puppys puppyface puppies puppiesofinstagram puppiesforall puppiesofig puppie puppiesxdogs puppiesforsale chihuahualife chihuahuadog dog lunalunera dogs dogstagram dogoftheday doggy doglife doglove dogofinstagram dogsofinstaworld trip

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Abhineet Anand (abhineetanand) Instagram Photos and Videos

Abhineet Anand


Comment from Abhineet Anand:

🐕🐕.. puppy puupylove puppydog puppies sleeping

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Carmen Hedge (carmenove) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carmen Hedge


Comment from Carmen Hedge:

sweetdream christmasdog dallapartedeglianimali irishwolfhoundsofinstagram irishwolfhound cecoslovaccowolf puppyirishwolfhound puppydog dogsofinstagram doglove animalover

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さくっきぃ (sakucky5127123) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from さくっきぃ:

姉のおやつすら奪う弟! まったく怒らないおねぇちゃんで良かっ んで良かったね😊 でも目のおやつサプリだからさくらにはこっ たお712さくら123犬 子犬 5ヶ月 puppydogpuppy dogskanin east_dog_japan

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ちわわ&プードルpretty monroe (prettymonroe) Instagram Photos and Videos

ちわわ&プードルpretty monroe


Comment from ちわわ&プードルpretty monroe:

昨日✈️お迎え頂いたミミイちゃんことミミちゃんママちゃまから ちゃまから早速の画像れたぁ💌届きました❤️ご飯もがっつり食 がっつり食べて元気だそぅで安心しました(o⌒∇⌒o)🎶 素 )🎶 素敵なご縁をありがとうございますm(__)m❤️ 画 m❤️ 画像レター我が家出身ご縁ありがとうございます チワワ す チワワちわわチワワブリーダープリティーモンロー犬舎子犬販 犬舎子犬販売ロングコートチワワスムースコートチワワチワワ部い チワワ部いぬら部チワワバカショードックチワワラブchihua hihuahuachihuahuassmalldogcute

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❤Labbiliebe❤ (vanessa_and_labbi_emma) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ❤Labbiliebe❤:

Meine süße Kleine Emma😍🐾💞 babyfoto baby puppydog puppylove puppy puppiesofig puppies puppy dogtheday doglife worldoflabs labradorpuppy yellowlabsquad talesofalab labradoodle labrador_class labbi labbi cute zumknuddeln zuckerschnute schnute labradorlover lovers love lovepuppiesluckyangelsinstalab

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Oscar 🐾 (oscar.thestaffy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Oscar 🐾


Comment from Oscar 🐾:

J'aimerais tellement savoir à quoi il pense 😍 naptime love rainnyday inhishead pensif ------------------------------ Follow my pawtners in crime 🐶 @malijoliestaffie 🐶 @staffy_m 🐶 @staff.igor.geous 🐶 @jonny_le_staffy 🐶 @buddyandabysse 🐶 @max.the.staffie 🐶 @laulau.11 🐶 @spartialadac_andco 🐶 @kovu_americanstaff 🐶 @lilinaya_staffy -------------------------------------------- staffordshirebullterrier staffordshiresofinstagram staffy staffyboy staffygram staffie puppy puppydog puppylife staff puppystaffy ilovemydog ilovemystaffy blackpuppy blackstaffy instadog instapuppy dogstagram StaffordshireBullTerrier_featu pit bully staffy_daily pitbull lovernotafighter

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Dog Lives Matter (doglivesmatter_freecollars) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dog Lives Matter


Comment from Dog Lives Matter:

Thress stripes..err..dogs for life! Get this special edition Adidogs shirt t-shirt today! Available worldwide with free shipping! dog dogstyle doglivesmatter germanshepherd germanshepard germanshepherdpuppy germansheperd germanshepherds germanshepherddog germanshepherdmix germanshepherdsofinstagram pup puppie puppiesforall puppydog puppyeyes puppiesofinstagram puppys puppypalace puppylove puppiesxdogs doggy frenchie dogsofinstaworld doglove dogstagram dogofinstagram loucosporarmas dogoftheday doglife

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Samoyed Bruno (brunosamoyed) Instagram Photos and Videos

Samoyed Bruno


Comment from Samoyed Bruno:

samoyed petlove puppyeyes dogtraining dogwalking dogwalker dogmodel whitedog dogsrule doggylove petphotography dogloversofinstagram pettypost dogselfie dogslover dogdays puppystagram whiteboy pomeranians petsgram petfancy puppyofinstagram dogshow doggielove petoftoday petgram doggram puppylover walkingthedog dogportrait

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Alex the Golden Dog (alexthegoldendog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alex the Golden Dog


Comment from Alex the Golden Dog:

Don’t I look good? I’m so happy I got new bandanas today! 😆 This customized bandana is from and it’s absolutely pawsome! ✨🐶🐾 iwearph

27 Minutes ago