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Adel Basiony (adel_basiony) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adel Basiony


Comment from Adel Basiony:

وما بعث الا من نصف دمائى ... و كلك منى فى كل شئ ❤ rakan son of my twins .. child pure_soul love cat

10 Hours ago
Mennah Mohamed (mennah39) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mennah Mohamed


Comment from Mennah Mohamed:

This woman right here is my hero, She is that strong woman who gets up every time she falls,she pushes forward, even when all odds are against her. She doesn’t let others influence her decisions.She is filled with kindness,compassion and integrity.You know she's a strong woman because she believes in whatever she believes in, and lets that faith guide her every step.Actually,she helped me to go through many things without even realising...from few months ago I lost a precious person in my life.I was just suffering,I thought that I'm the most desperate person and I would never move on and for the first time in my whole life I felt so weak and hopeless..then, she appeared and turned my whole life upside down.I found that she was facing the most painful thing anyone could ever imagine .She lost the love of her life,her husband and the father of her beloved twins.Suddenly,that hurts when you find out that the most precious person in your life had gone forever and you can't talk to him anymore.When you ring him,he won't answer.When you need him,he won't be there, you can't hangout with him anymore.You didn't even have the chance to tell him goodbye,So in an instant she found that he is not around anymore beside her physically but sure he is up there protecting her and their beloved twins..Yeah,ofcourse she suffered and griefed but then she stood up and started taking care of  their adorable twins again and she didnt lose hope in life but that doesn't mean that she forgot him or moved on smoothly with her life.No!!! she's doing and acting in the same way that would make him proud of her all the time I'm sure he is both so delighted and proud of her.She's absolutely beautiful inside out and I dont know what I would do without her...and for me I think that she is an "Inspiration" and a perfect mother,singer,composer and writer!! strongwomen womeninternationalday beauty pure_soul womenempowerment love_her بستاهل maymatar blessed hope singer Iloveherangelicvoice live_love_life ❤❤🌏

5 Days ago
Pure Resistance (Official) (pure_resistance) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pure Resistance (Official)


Comment from Pure Resistance (Official):

14th March Martyrdom Anniversary of Martyr Muhammad Ibrahim Himmat ... Peace be upon you, The Day you were born, the day you were Martyred & The day you will return with Avenger of Karbala. Insha'Allah ✌ Fatiha for his Pure_Soul . pure_resistance 📱 📱 📸 👤

5 Days ago
Dheeraj Panjwani (dheerajpanjwani143) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dheeraj Panjwani


Comment from Dheeraj Panjwani:

Happiness is Having a Bhabhi like her.🙃 blessed pure_soul happiness caretaker beautiful_soul thankyou_huzoor

6 Days ago
Arty_meedit'$_1337 (arty_meedits_1337) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Arty_meedit'$_1337:

😘lovelove 1337 uh just_uh its_my_feelings_for_u he me us pure_soul love

6 Days ago
Chinmay here (bike.with.boy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chinmay here


Comment from Chinmay here:

old pure_soul royal_enfield bullet madeitlikegun power re 500cc beasts likeforlike followforfollow ck bike.with.boy followmeformore

8 Days ago
my_whole_universe_raghavjuyal (my_whole_universe_raghav) Instagram Photos and Videos



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8 Days ago
Tanmay singh Rathore (rathore_tanmay_10) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tanmay singh Rathore


Comment from Tanmay singh Rathore:

Your hands are special to me. The world wants you to join party and lead by his side. Hold my hand. black_and_white blues Art Artist pure_soul

10 Days ago
SahilCrazY (sahilmme) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from SahilCrazY:

The ones Who Tought me LOVE_CARE_SHARE in the Ways that Truly Matters....!! HAPPY_WOMENS_Day To All Beautiful ladies....🎗️&🌈😇 to This Maa Family....✨💞08032018💐🌸🌹🥀W »» ✌🏻 @ragini_bannore 🤗 @shlokbannore 💛😊 morethanlife missthosedays 😍💚tourism 🐒🎭love lifeisblessings 🌼amazing 🎗️climatic 🤘〽️Pure_heart & Pure_Soul memories Flashback majorthrowback 2k17 💕EAST_INDIA 🇮🇳wowsome rajgir bihar 201017 ⚛️🌠

11 Days ago
mr_arsh (arsh_preet_atwal) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from mr_arsh:

mere ustad ji hira singh ji great singer and pure_soul

11 Days ago
Pure Soul (simransiddiqui_87) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pure Soul


Comment from Pure Soul:

@simransiddiqui_87 instagood instagram followforfollow following songs pak_songs ost mahiya_we follochain pure_soul pure soul

13 Days ago
_/££\//\|\|S|-|  (MAANU) (_jeevansh._.jb_) Instagram Photos and Videos

_/££\//\|\|S|-| (MAANU)


Comment from _/££\//\|\|S|-| (MAANU):

The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell. . . . . like4like followforfollow morningshoot morningvibes photography instalove edited peace dreamer day_dreamer hope flare freedom Thinking ThinkingOutLoud pure_soul Wild nature beautiful_scenery photoshoot memory_made believe

14 Days ago
Shibun singh deo (m_a_wayfarer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shibun singh deo


Comment from Shibun singh deo:

Pure_soul Can't take off mah eyes frm uh dear.. Dream_grl_for_love

15 Days ago
Tanmoy dutta (tanmoy_dutta05) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tanmoy dutta


Comment from Tanmoy dutta:

best_memory pure_soul

16 Days ago
Stolen Moments Photographs (stolenmomentsphotographs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stolen Moments Photographs


Comment from Stolen Moments Photographs:

Happy holi guys ❤🙈✨ pure_soul colours love holi wind blow photographypassion 🔥

17 Days ago
Abhishek Jishtu (abhi03jishtu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Abhishek Jishtu


Comment from Abhishek Jishtu:

Eppy bday bhaiii ... Keep shining stay blessed.. Lv u bhaii 🎂🎂 bstfrnd pure_soul bhai_ka_bday

19 Days ago
Destiny Kaycee (dreamstar_puza_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Destiny Kaycee


Comment from Destiny Kaycee:

her_day bestie_foheva dil_dost _dosti_cake blessed pure_soul

19 Days ago
Rahul Dadwal (_rahul_dadwal) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rahul Dadwal


Comment from Rahul Dadwal:

Not_only_bhai my_second_half 👬 caring_for_me 😍 Pure_soul 😇 Delhi_Ghummi_Ghummi 😂😂 Make_us_feel_Proud🤗 Mamaji_ka_beta 😊 NRI @vinay.thakur yeah miss him and love him alot 😍😍😘😘

20 Days ago
Anchaahi Mohbbat💔 (its_wrong_turn_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anchaahi Mohbbat💔


Comment from Anchaahi Mohbbat💔:

23 Days ago
🌍👑 विरट ❤ kohli 👑🌍 (rajpurohit._.bhavani18) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌍👑 विरट ❤ kohli 👑🌍


Comment from 🌍👑 विरट ❤ kohli 👑🌍:

pure_soul viratkohli bleed_kohlism😎 virats_era 🙌

23 Days ago
तजुर्बेकार_मुसाफ़िर_की_कलम (alpdev_2516) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from तजुर्बेकार_मुसाफ़िर_की_कलम:

वो गरीब दुआओं का अमीर है, तुम्हाफे हरे पत्ते से मेहेंगी उनके इंसानियत की ज़मीर है।। 😊✍😊 humanitykindnessalm heart kind_heart lifephotography photographer instagram instagood writersofinstagram poetsofinstagram writersnetworkpoetrycommunityp lovequotesmemories shayaris poemsofinstagram poemstoystorystorieslifestyleb lifequotes word_porn writerscommunity writers writers_of_indiah

26 Days ago
motivator (motivator_4017) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from motivator:

Tag someone❤ Follow us - @motivator_4017 instagram_post👑 late_night_post post_of_the_day positivity positivevibes pure_soul inner_voice business_minded hopes happiness_can_be_found_even_in motivationalquotes inspirational_minds work_when_others_sleep hard_work_pays_off work_now✌ work_for_it inspired_by😘 motivated_by😍

26 Days ago
X-11 (x._reallove_.x) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from X-11:

How do people usually chose a religion ? 1.follow your family religion without knowing if you were on the right side or no.. 2. People who followed there families with there religion but then they want to find if it was the right way or not so they used there minds ..think, serch, discuss.. until they find the right way 3.people who follow a specific religion and believes in it to the extent that they touched the effects of there own prayers on there morals and souls 4. The final stage is for peoples who have completed all the stages above with a pure soul and have found the inner peace and those kind of people are really few ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ كيف الناس عادة يختارون دينهم ؟ 1. ناس قد تبعوا دين عائلتهم بدون معرفة ما اذا كانوا في الجانب الصحيح او لا .... 2. ناس قد تبعوا دين عائلتهم لكن بعدها وجدوا ان دينهم صحيح ام لا فبذلك هم استخدموا عقولهم في .... التفكير ... البحث ...النقاشات ... حتى وصلوا للطريق الصحيح 3. الناس اللذين اتبعوا الدين الصحيح و امنوا به الى المدى الذي لمسوا فيه تاثيرات صلواتهم على اخلاقهم و ارواحهم 4. المرحلة الاخيرة هي للناس اللذين اكملوا جميع المراحل مع روح صافية و وصلوا الى مرحلة السلام الداخلي و هذا النوع من الناس قليلون جدا pure_soul God reallove

27 Days ago
kanwar di gadeeli (KAMMO) (kanwar_di_queen_page) Instagram Photos and Videos

kanwar di gadeeli (KAMMO)


Comment from kanwar di gadeeli (KAMMO):

Lovecarerespectpeace ਤੇਰੀ Look ਤੇ ਜੋ ਮਰਦੀਅਾਂ ਨੇ ੳੁਹ ਮੈਥੋਂ ਮਰਨਗੀਅਾਂ~•~ killerlookkillerst lerstyleloverdeepmeaningbrandl randloversimplicityraybangucci gucciarmaanitimberlandwoodland dlandenglandcitizenship17febin febincredible16aprilheaven25ju n25julyeverythingcreativechann channsimplelookchandproduction @convoluted_kanwar @CHANN BHINDER 🎶CHAND PRODUCTION COMPANY🎶

30 Days ago
A J I T H K U M A R_M A N I®️ (aji____th) Instagram Photos and Videos

A J I T H K U M A R_M A N I®️


Comment from A J I T H K U M A R_M A N I®️:

Follw_Ur_Heart_Dnt_Be_Stupid pure_SoulOld_Yamaha_Never_Die_ _Die_It_Always_Get_FasterShe_T She_True_Fr_Me👑ValentineMinep RxYamahaRx135RxlubtwoStroke_Na ke_NationyamahaLubRideHardBraa dBraaapRacersinnSpeedFullThrot ThrottleBHPpoweredRedNationwor

30 Days ago
Cathrine Kattit (cathrinekattit) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cathrine Kattit


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30 Days ago
Rishabh Dev (rishabh_dev_rj) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rishabh Dev


Comment from Rishabh Dev:


31 Days ago
kanwar di gadeeli (KAMMO) (kanwar_di_queen_page) Instagram Photos and Videos

kanwar di gadeeli (KAMMO)


Comment from kanwar di gadeeli (KAMMO):

lovecarerespectpeace I M NOTHING WITHOUT YOU MY SOUL everythingkanwarreligionc gionchallangeloverprosperityjo ityjoylovelyincrediblecreative ativechannlovekanwarcouplegoal egoalsseriousmaturehappinesslo essloveablepuritycreationpassi passionphotographypropertymyka @convoluted_kanwar @CHANN BHINDER

34 Days ago
Chirág Páríhár (chirag_parihar97) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chirág Páríhár


Comment from Chirág Páríhár:

Dekhahazarodaffa.. aapko. 💕 Dream come true when i meet @kankadas Di in real life.♥ Duet with @kankadas@kankadas The way she dance n do masti is fab pure_soul 💕 n her smile has no words @kankadas 😍😘😍 Dont hav many word's to describe her juat love her @kankadas . . Mumbai4tMnG mumbai4thmng Best n most memorable day of my entire life. . . ( made bye chiragparihar with .ly ) Orignal sound :- dekha gazaro daffa , Arijit singh @musical.lyindiaofficial @musical.y Musically kanka_di varietyqueen Actingwar officialkdmancias mumbai4thmng imkfam vitastar heerarmy dwsk bollywood bollywoodtransition @kankadas @kankadas Tqsm. @musical.lyindiaofficial for such n osm event that day made my life.

35 Days ago
Whooping words (whooping_words) Instagram Photos and Videos

Whooping words


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whooping_words post20 writings nepal warm_hug pure_soul wounded_heart💔 . . . . follow_the_page 📷: respective owners . . . _cmmnt_below_to_s

37 Days ago
Raghav Sharma (sharma.raghav26) Instagram Photos and Videos

Raghav Sharma


Comment from Raghav Sharma:

Tera mjhse hai pehle ka nata koi. Yuhi nahi dil lubhata koi. instafriends in_a_frame together absolute❤️ pure_soul friends_forever

38 Days ago
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@life_quotetions . Beauty attracts heart but character attracts soul. . . beauty beautiful beauty_of_life meanworld attract attraction heart beautiful_heart evil_heart blind_heart character beautiful_character good_character evil_character meaningfull_life soul beautiful_soul evil_soul pure_soul nature_of_soul innocence innocent_soul bad_smelling_soul . . love_to_live devil_is_back

39 Days ago
Whooping words (whooping_words) Instagram Photos and Videos

Whooping words


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whooping_words team post14 nepal writings power_of_love💝 pure_soul . . . . follow_the_p respective owners . . . _comment below to share your views

40 Days ago