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Yes!!!!!! . . MyNewE-book ReinventYourself is out. Get yourself a copy. .Download link .... m/book/about/reinvent_yourself mondaymotivation thisisoppieslounge ladies newweek motivationalmonday menimpact men man shine shining purpose vision inspire inspired motivation quotestoliveby lifequotes opeyemiadeneyeaboderin womenimpact women woman lifecoach blogger newness mind strength dignity

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YL SoSocial


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AboutSunday Sunday EarlyOneSundayMorning Cancer Awareness WalkForTheCure MakingStrideSac BreastCancerAwarenessWalk Purpose Cause PurposeDriven Pink PinkHair YarnBraids Sacramento SacramentoHairStylist SacWalk JCPTeam ArdenFairMall TeamWalk JCP JcpArdenSalon Beautiful Day JcpArdenSalon Hair Model Fashion Film Humble YawnaLee

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Jaunai Nicole


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I will follow through with this plan. God has something major on its way! 🙏🏾🙌🏾 gomode

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. Right at this moment this page in front of me has no great significance. Its a blank page. Boring. I take another look. I look closer...think it has meaning. Its the start of a new day. A clean slate. A new chapter. A chapter that has already been writen just not by me or for me to know yet. God has it written and has it all figured out. I have tried writing my own story because I know what I want but it turns into a page full of jumbled up meaningless words. Im going to step back and let Jesus take the wheel. Let Him take control of my life and see what has been written for me. thoughtoftheday meaning purpose newday life blankpage newstart love journey cafe faith coffee create love

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GoalWatch .A new week....hope alive...possibilities out for and that better days are here.....don't give up..... impact your time-conscious.....always believe tomorrow will be better than up your heart to fun faith and life....when you see it, you will get it . Cheers!!! MyNewE-book ReinventYourself is out. Get yourself a copy. .Download link .... m/book/about/reinvent_yourself mondaymotivation thisisoppieslounge ladies newweek motivationalmonday menimpact men man shine shining purpose vision inspire inspired motivation quotestoliveby lifequotes opeyemiadeneyeaboderin womenimpact women woman lifecoach blogger newness mind strength dignity

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Mia Ridley

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Community service with the mini-me is always a great idea! Gianni and I at Piedmont Park today for AIDS WALK ATLANTA! @aidswalkatlanta5k Community service is a big part of who I am and I’m glad to instill / share my love of community engagement with my daughter ☺️ startthemyoung childrenarethefuture communityservice fashion fashiondesigner stylist personalshopper designerwithpurpose @BELK belkstyle businesswoman smallbusinessowner femaleentrepreneur trustingalltheway 2017ismine passion vision purpose servingHIM grateful faith onamission purposewithapassion DREAMHUGE ENJOYTHEPROCESS

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Meghna Junare Thapa


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Good morning beautiful people!!!! 😍😍😍😍 goals personaldevelopment attitude mindset fitkids activekids dinokids healthykids herbakids coachmeghna herbalifenutrition mompreneur purpose vision mission instagram insta instalike instagood shinebrightlikeadiamond

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My life always has a purpose. Some days I know what that purpose is. Some days I just end up winging it. Some days I just simply throw my hands up and love on the people in my life. Because every person on the earth has a purpose, and everyone needs to know their purpose, even if that purpose is just to be loved. theworldneedslove love Godislove purpose loveyourself iloveyou wingit momlife momwithapurpose

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just in bieber


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CREDITS: @just_in_the_bieber_ justinbieber textimagines purpose tattoos justin bieber belieber believeinyourself believe myworld justinbieber purpose belieber justin bieber just_in_the_bieber purposetour jb 2u despacito imtheone usa germany worldwide justindrewbieber dream scooterbraun sb_projects @justinbieber @scooterbraun @nickdemoura @estherthecutie @jeremybieber @pattiemallette @jbcrewdotcom @jbmuffin94 @_bizzleupdates_ @iamhalsey @johnny @joshgudwin @alfredoflores @allisonjamiekaye @elysandraq @ryangood24 @richwilkersonjr

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Baby Teething Tubes


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Be UNSTOPPABLE this week! ✨newweek momblogger momboss momlife mom

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Connie McDonald


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Meditation benefits the entire body! meditation focus purpose memory depression pain immunehealth happiness sleep stress relationships improvedlife healthylifestyle happysunday happygirl happyweekend vitalkey balance iin thankful liveauthentic bschool iinhealthcoach allinmoderation belief faith

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NJ Fitness


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Practice what you preach. Do the mahi son!! powerclean training strength coach athlete leagueoflegends leadership rogue prowess poutama asics njfit purpose challengeready tiwwtf

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The Skies Are Not The Limit


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“What” and “if” are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life. What if? What if? What if?🤔 Follow : @theskiesarenotthelimit 👈🏼👈🏼 . . . inspiration thoughts focus concentration productivity creativity goals willpower energy getinspired dailyinspiration courage persistence perseverance persevere purpose entrepreneur entrepreneurship entrepreneurlife entrepreneurmindset whatif words failure success millionairementor

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GSAA quotesquotestolivebywordstoliv tolivebywordsluckfaithbelieved thankfullifeopportunity - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ga - gaystampedandapprovedgsaaso saasogsaagsaastylefashionfashi fashionistastyleamazingbeautif -

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Summer Forever! likelike4like lastlifelookfollow4follow summersunskysideloveyoutouchme uchmegreensometimesslowlysnows purposeskyscrapershineskinIfor

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Lou Lou


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"Ahhh that's not how it works homie.. I show up when YOU do.." hustle entrepreneur staruplife positivethoughts passion purpose sundaynight sundayvibes

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Lularoe Fancy Unicorn LuLaBro


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"No one understands and appreciates the American Dream of hard work leading to material rewards better than a non-American." I moved here from Haiti to live the American dream! I’ve gone from not having the basics to owning my own business! Because of LuLaRoe I feel I am so close to it! Nothing will stand in my way! Do you dream big? @lularoe @deannelularoe • • becauseoflularoe americandream success lularoe fashion hardwork boss haitian trendsetter workfromhome modestootd igfashion instafashion fashionblogger instagramfashion modest joinus lularoe fashion dreambig lularoelife goalcrusher skysthelimit onlineboutique lularoelove allstartswithadream dream inspire purpose

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Follow back or I Unfollow 👑


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I miss this little hair 👾

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life live purpose meaning positivevibes mindset love passion motivationalquotes

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Justin Drew Bieber Mallette


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JB❤ justinbieber bizzle bieberfever beliebers kidrauhl likeforlike follow4follow l4l jelena purpose selenagomez king swag boy bieberfamily

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Dr. S


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Avoid being lost in the crowd...-Dr. S mentalhealth hiphop mentalhop grow believe shine peace excellence greatness purpose strength entrepreneur blessed emotions healthy workout fit eatclean

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Tracie L. James


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Join Tracie each Monday at 6:45am CT/7:45AM ET for MissionMonday. She’s on a mission to get you to ZERO... Zero Excuses, More Results in every area of your life!! SolutionsNotExcuses ZeroExcuses TeamZero AgentZero motivation leadership purpose vision TakeAction

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♱✖️Justin Bieber✖️


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. ...♱✖️Justin Bieber✖️... justinbieber justinbieberfanpage purposetour purpose lovemybeliebers bieber justin concert bestphoto jb loveyourself letmeloveyou car window black fearofgod tattoos whereareyounow hat sweater cool dope swag purple style dope swag tocool4school angel beliber ♱✖️JustinBieber✖️ @justinbieber

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Mr & Mrs Roach


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ARE YOU NEXT? 2017 VIP AWARDS featuring VISION . INSPIRATION . PURPOSE HONOREES In 2013, we developed a name that resonated with principles that we held. At the time, we didn't know what direction it would grow in. We soon understood that it would represent and recognize people who were living and serving in a way that expressed the pursuit of VISION, the ambition to INSPIRE others, and the obedience to their PURPOSE. We have the honor of recognizing 3 individuals that have certainly made an impact on us and others. Congratulations to our very first HONOREES. @visionavant Taurea Avant for VISION @sashaespada Sasha Espada for INSPIRATION @allthingssavvy Shameka L. Reed for Stay tuned! Our 2nd group of honorees are coming soon. WHO WILL THEY BE? Is it YOU? VIPAwards VISION INSPIRATION PURPOSE POSITIVEpeople GLOBALRecognition MRandMRSRoach

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🇨🇦 Justin Drew Bieber 🇨🇦


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Just tell me it's not. Just. Tell. Me. - - - - - - - - - belieber justinbieber purposemovement purpose purposetour beiber bieberfever bizzle bizzlebieber rickbieber kidrauhl jdb jb sorry whatdoyoumean lifeisworthliving markmywords purposealbum boys hot hotty baby aj animaljamedit edits edit

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Ellie Sandiego


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You are WORTHY! elliepower theworthybrand purpose faith love passion

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Your week is fruitful . . MyNewE-book ReinventYourself is out. Get yourself a copy. .Download link .... m/book/about/reinvent_yourself mondaymotivation thisisoppieslounge ladies newweek motivationalmonday menimpact men man shine shining purpose vision inspire inspired motivation quotestoliveby lifequotes opeyemiadeneyeaboderin womenimpact women woman lifecoach blogger newness mind strength dignity

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Dr. Christi, Certified Coach


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This lovely lady attended Spark for the first time last year and not only shared her great sense of humor (as is evident in this photo!) but also inspired us with her beautiful vulnerability and fearless approach to life. She recently sent me an email sharing how Spark impacted her and how she has grown since, and I am just blown away! If you could use a healthy dose of purposeful inspiration, Earlybird Rates for the 5th - and final! - Spark expire tomorrow (Monday, 10/23) at 11:59pm! Link in bio! 🤗 . . . . . SparkDM2017 testimonial purpose statement values work leadership life share laugh love dreambig goals boldgoals coach coaching personalgrowth professionaldevelopment funny fearless inspiring purpose awardwinning leader facilitator guide retreat event eventplanning final

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J e r e m y P e r r y


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So proud of this guy. @thedeontae_henderson wrote the vision and saw it through. Such a great feeling to watch his vision unfold through his first book "To The Top" ------------------------- believe YPIYP comingsoon @believersbreed

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Logan & Mojave


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Cathedral valley will blow your mind. Between needing ford a river, countless desert spires, low crowds, and remote backcountry, this place is one of the ultimate Utah experiences.

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•F L O R • A L I N È•


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Feliz cumpleaños al lugar que este año se convirtió en mi casa! . - (Si 😒 ya sé 😒 el 4 está al revés, y?) . - . - . - . - . saddleback saddlebackchurch saddlebackchurchbsas bsas church family ministry purpose friends friendshipgoals birthday aniversario loveit artofvisuals featurepalette expofilm createcommune top_portraits folkportraits sonyalpha vsco designer pic vscocam weekend

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Leading With Lee Magazine


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Selah... positivethoughtsonly waitaminute positivity positivesteps healing growth growing loveyourself brave courage forgiveness trust thoughtsfordays damage responsibility maturity guidance direction found destiny purpose

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