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Kristin K.


Comment from Kristin K.:

THIS!!! We define "big things" or success, by looking around at others. But if you simply take a moment to look back on where God has brought you from, and where you are now, no matter how long it took, and no matter how hard it may have been, that's a "big thing!" Keep making moves and allow God to order your steps!! Now that's BIG THINGS! . . . . . . motivation encouragement bigthings bigsteps blessed God faith godsgirl purpose livelife singlewife singlelife quotable Jesus womanoffaith trustgod

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Val Lima


Comment from Val Lima:

Learning Days Costa Rica! I love this team❤️ coaching coach mission purpose icandoit passion

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Shaun Grant


Comment from Shaun Grant:

One thing I think they never tell you in life is knowing when to change directions. Often times making a cut in life is as hard as cutting on grass without cleats. But even if you slip or fall, as long as you're heading in the "heart guided" direction you will always find your way to fulfillment! spiritual fitness life faith goals choice change fitspiration actorslife fitspo agility purpose fearless innerpeace actorslife sharemypassion IAMSRG ❤️️

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Cassie Jeans


Comment from Cassie Jeans:

Sometimes you just need someone to say it. To say the words that are swirling in your mind and when you finally speak them out loud it's like light piercing through the darkness. Hearing them spoken back to you brings a rush of peace knowing you are never alone. . Xoxo 🌬❤️🙏🏼🎵✨

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Damnn • • • • • • • • justin bieber drew justinbieber justindrewbieber jb belieber beliebers lovebeliebers lovejustinbieber @justinBieber Kidrauhl purpose istandwithjustin justinbieberf belieberfamily @memep

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Becoming Church


Comment from Becoming Church:

By your words I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path. I’ve committed myself and I’ll never turn back from living by your righteous order. Everything’s falling apart on me, GOD; put me together again with your Word. Festoon me with your finest sayings, GOD; teach me your holy rules. My life is as close as my own hands, but I don’t forget what you have revealed. The wicked do their best to throw me off track, but I don’t swerve an inch from your course. I inherited your book on living; it’s mine forever— what a gift! And how happy it makes me! I concentrate on doing exactly what you say— I always have and always will. ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭119:105-112‬ ‭ . . . . belong believe become becomingchurch southorangecountychurch becomingchurch2018 arcchurches pcjc churchflow scripture gospel holyspirit churchoc orangecounty jesus churchplant faith alisoviejo ministry worship prayer god community southocchurches purpose wordofgod light tuesday

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Travis Nichols


Comment from Travis Nichols:

Just working on being a better me work❗️ building faith purpose proud achievement myjourney motivation begreat love fit stayfit grind nogive work TNT godisgood tuffjuice

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Alexis Harris


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Passion & purpose. . . . . passion purpose writing ilovewriting selfexpression thoughts inspo selfcare metime growing literature writer writeforacause girlswhowrite thoughtcatalog writersofig like follow

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Life Purpose ☝️💪 @millionaire_mentor wednesday wednesdaywisdom motivation motivationalquotes inspirationalquotes inspiration inspire inspired inspirational inspiring wealth entrepreneur entrepreneurlifestyle life quotes luxurylifestyle purpose livetoinspire winning attitude unique business businessman success successquotes businessowners hustle hardwork hustlehard grind

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Alexis Harris


Comment from Alexis Harris:

Passion & purpose. . . . . passion purpose writing ilovewriting selfexpression thoughts inspo selfcare metime growing literature writer writeforacause girlswhowrite thoughtcatalog writersofig like follow

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Alexis Harris (lifewithlex_blog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexis Harris


Comment from Alexis Harris:

Passion & purpose. . . . . passion purpose writing ilovewriting selfexpression thoughts inspo selfcare metime growing literature writer writeforacause girlswhowrite thoughtcatalog writersofig like follow

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Life of Purpose


Comment from Life of Purpose:

New York Times photographer, @jtergo, stopped by our Florida facility today to photograph our CEO, Andrew Burki, for an upcoming article. LoPBehindtheScenes purpose recovery

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Kokua Jewelry


Comment from Kokua Jewelry:

We had the absolute pleasure of traveling to Nicaragua 🇳🇮 to work with @amigosforchrist at La Chuscada, Chinandega's School this past week. We arrived to Nicaragua as visitors and left as family. The Nicaraguan people amaze us. We have so much to learn from our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters. The only thing you could try and find as a "fault" for lack of a better word would be that they were born poor. But do not for a minute think of the Nicaraguan people as poor they are indeed very rich!! Rich in love, compassion, strength, dignity, hospitality, family, knowledge, resilience, determination, joy..... They are only in need of a bit of kokua. Aren't we all at times. Kokua: to come alongside to give aid. Amigos work shoulder-to-shoulder with Nicaraguan neighbors to bring clean water, healthcare, education, and economic opportunity to rural communities in need. The community owns and operates every project! Developing community leaders to change their own community is at the very core of how Amigos For Christ Operates. Amigos brings leaders together to share ideas, learn strategies, and to inspire hope in the future of their community. Infrastructure requires technical knowledge. Amigos teaches leaders how to own and manage their water systems and other infrastructure so that they are equipped and prepared for regular maintenance and repairs. They don’t want them to need them but they are always there for advice. In rural Nicaragua, 67% of primary school-aged kids do not complete the 6th grade. Children are often too busy working to provide for their families or gathering water to attend school. Health issues, long commutes or unattractive schools all contribute to low attendance. Amigos is committed to making it possible for 100% of school-age children in Nicaragua to attend class. BUILDING SCHOOLS Amigos For Christ is committed to ensuring all children have access to an education. After evaluating communities, building a school may be the best option to ensure children are receiving an education. Amigos builds schools where attendance and knowledge are top priorities. 📸: @philip.bryan kokua kokuajewelry purpose amigas amigos amigosforchrist

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Be-L'evated, llc®


Comment from Be-L'evated, llc®:

A positive mind will always go far. Credit to @successmentor4all . . . Life is beautiful. Life is amazing. Life is a blessing. Life is abundant! . . Be happy, be joyful, be blessed, be healthy, be free, be limitless, be grateful, be magnificent, be positive & be thankful! . . Be-L'evated™®! Live your greatest life possible. LiveLifeLimitless . . Comment, Like & Share...Follow Check out my website in my bio to learn how Be-L'evated, llc can inspire you to launch into your greatness. 👆👆👆 . . In Love, Light and Gratitude. Have a beautifully abundant day. Namaste❤ . . Abundance Manifestation LawOfAttraction Love Happy BeTrueToYourself Life Mindset DreamBig Purpose Instagood Inspiration GrowInYourGreatness PositiveVibesOnly SelfLove InspirationalSpeaker Lifestyle motivation instacool instadaily belevatedllc entrepreneur entrepreneurlife InspirationalQuote quoteoftheday motivation vibratehigher

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Justin & Hajar Bieber


Comment from Justin & Hajar Bieber:

I feel empty @justinbieber @lekmanehajar @doughboy @estherthecutie @cutedog  @memep LOVEYOURSELF Friends JustinBieber LekmaneHajar LetMeLoveYou Love LoveYa Beliebers Believe NeverSayNever MaBabe Mine Lekmane Hajar Justin Bieber Jujar Biemane JujarBieber Purpose HoldTight Music JujarBiemane AllForLove Best Memep JB HL Legend Friends JustinWeWantYouBack

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Lisandra Sanchez Pagan


Comment from Lisandra Sanchez Pagan:

The Purpose Driven life . . Day 3 . What drives your life? . . Hm. This chapter was a really insightful one. It goes into why do you do what you do (so to speak) how some people live their life out of pleasing others or trying to win approval, out of fear, or out of resentment/anger. In the past, im sure i did things for the approval of others. Even a bit now as i see while i konmarie my place lol.But the driving force of my life? No. At the end of the chapter, it asks a question, (every chapter does) this one said "what would my family and friends say is the driving force of my life? What do i want it to be?" And i think most people would say Isaac,my son is the driving force. But, i think, even before he was ever thought of, the driving force has always been to find meaning to my life. Why am i here? To the extent that, even as i overdosed, i hoped to find the answer to that straight from the source. I never wanted to die- i wanted a reason to live. I searched through so many means..astrology, mediums, spiritualists,hoodoo rootworkers, santeras, through kabbalah (jewish mysticism) you name it. Its something that pains me,in a way. Throughout my life it's been a constant searching for my meaning. My purpose. Coincidentally, i always return to Christ, as i well know through personal experience hes the only one that is the constant,never changing. Whereas all the other religions and modalities were variables. There was always something proving them inneficient, and arbitrary. Testing them,something always came up. For example, mediums will never be able to tell you something about the dead you have not spoken aloud. This was proven when they "treelogged" (i believe this is the term a high status reverend of lilydale taught me,when mediums read someone back to back,piggy backing on the previous mediums "insight") on the death of my childhood friend alex. Unable to designate what spirit in fact was trying to come through until i clarified to another outside of lilydale and unknown to them, keeping appropriate records to my suspicions.The bible never said mediumship was false, just not of God. . . In any case,this post is not about my research. So,what drives YOU?

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Joshua K Lanier


Comment from Joshua K Lanier:

I hear it all the time. The price of success. I used to just think it was just a cool thing to say. Now I know what it means for me... Everyone will have their own interpretation but for me it's all about accountability and taking control over the things you can control and losing the victim card. 💯💯💯🚀✌ beawesomehealthymind healthybody healthylife mindset dowork driven faith goals growth blessings grind pray purpose workhard noexcuses grateful gratitude letsgo love happy truth realtalk accountability theprice success

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Dare: Discover: Dream: Divine


Comment from Dare: Discover: Dream: Divine:

So go on ... do it!!! selfconfidence selfworth passion purpose lifegoals follow heart dreams dreamsdocometrue skintosoulbeauty

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Justin & Hajar Bieber


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Awww babe😍 @justinbieber @lekmanehajar @doughboy @estherthecutie @cutedog  @memep LOVEYOURSELF Friends JustinBieber LekmaneHajar LetMeLoveYou Love LoveYa Beliebers Believe NeverSayNever MaBabe Mine Lekmane Hajar Justin Bieber Jujar Biemane JujarBieber Purpose HoldTight Music JujarBiemane AllForLove Best Memep JB HL Legend Friends JustinWeWantYouBack

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Justin & Hajar Bieber


Comment from Justin & Hajar Bieber:

You are my shadow @justinbieber @lekmanehajar @doughboy @estherthecutie @cutedog  @memep LOVEYOURSELF Friends JustinBieber LekmaneHajar LetMeLoveYou Love LoveYa Beliebers Believe NeverSayNever MaBabe Mine Lekmane Hajar Justin Bieber Jujar Biemane JujarBieber Purpose HoldTight Music JujarBiemane AllForLove Best Memep JB HL Legend Friends JustinWeWantYouBack

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WorldWideTef "theBRANDman"


Comment from WorldWideTef "theBRANDman":

"This must be the feeling when you know that you close" @bigsean .... when you doing everything in your powers abilities and heart to do right yet everything seems to go wrong. But that's ya rest of faith ... as I'm sitting here think of what I could of done different, all my mistakes I made in the past, chances I didn't take, opportunities didnt make jus everything in life that has held you down then I realize all these losses where to prepare me for my victory I look at it like this, I've learned every way not to do so know I now know which way to go lol those trials have brought me to this moment of finding my purpose in life... encouraging others, helping build businesses, turning fear into faith, making believers out of doubters, uplifting the next generation to avoid things that held me back.... this place of peace under this sun, on top of this mountain I REALIZE THIS IS BIGGER THAN ME!!!

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You Can Achieve


Comment from You Can Achieve:

Shine within the present. . . . . . YouCanAchie success successful goals dream dreamcatcher quotes motivation inspiration succeed business achieve entrepreneur entrepreneurship entrepreneurlife entrepreneurs entrepreneurlifestyle makeitcount makeithappen purpose determination focus knowledge knowledgeispower knowyourworth experience exploretocreate quotestoliveby quoteoftheday authentic

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H A N K + doodle


Comment from H A N K + doodle:

God created y o u for a purpose. You are beautiful, loved, unique, and called. 💙💛❤️💚 • • • • beyourself beyou beyoutiful beautiful purpose Jesus faith believe love

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Gerard Mutabazi Amani


Comment from Gerard Mutabazi Amani:

HumanitySeed is all about traveling with a greater purpose and connecting with locals as much as possible by learning people's history, culture, language and way of life for a better and prosperous world. Don't travel for the buildings, beaches, hotels or attractions. Humanity Seed is all about inspiring, encouraging and empowering others to live their life to the fullest through traveling and falling in love with humanity. If you had an opportunity to backpack across Asia, would you do it? On August 23rd at 10pm EST I'll be doing a facebook live chat through the link in bio. I'll speak about why I travel, what I've learned through traveling, budgeting, and the planning trip to backpack in few Asia countries. Backpacking Mexico Love Life Grateful Blessings Peace Unity Travel Explore Inspired Motivation Inspirations Ubuntu Encourage Empower

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Ryan Glass


Comment from Ryan Glass:

The woman next to me is racing legend Lyn St. James. I met Lyn, while in Monterey last week. Lyn is one of the first female America race car drivers. She's one of nine women who have ever qualified for the Indianapolis 500, and became the first woman to win the Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year award. She helped to pave the way for so many other women in her field. I admire her persistence to push forward no matter the obstacle in such a male-dominated field. She's now the ambassador for the RPM Foundation and dedicates her time mentoring automotive craftsmen. She also deserves a HUGE "Thanks!" for getting us tickets to the Mazda Laguna Seca Speedway 😀. You’re the best, Lyn!

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Comment from Julie:

Did I ever mention that creating nourishing food makes me happy? Like the rat Remy on Ratatouille, I get ecstatic when I can talk about and create meals. Did I tell you that coaching makes me giddy and that my heart SINGS when I hear someone say that a certain goal they'd set out to achieve was met? • My purpose in life is to guide people into abundant life- where they flourish, thrive and live their very best lives... no health issues (stubborn weight, cravings, stress, etc.), lack of confidence, lack of joy, lack of purpose- none of that getting in the way. Loving them and giving them an experience where they feel valued, loved, taken care of and free to come as they are- to be themselves- is my deepest desire. • I was stuck, depressed and dying and had to CHOOSE to trust the process of getting free. It was hard but so worth it. We get to create ourselves- we are equipped and guided and have everything available right now to thrive- we have to choose to pick up the brush and paint. The canvas, paint and brushes are already in our possession! Paint it as beautifully and as freely as you want. • Pursuing your dreams is so beyond rewarding and satisfying... I can't even tell you! • What dreams are you pursuing? What are your passions? Are you being held back? How are you moving forward? You are SO loved- you... yes, YOU! • YOU are needed on this earth. You were created with a purpose that only you can fulfill. The question is, will you fulfill it? If you feel stuck, overwhelmed or need support on moving forward and creating your best life, message me here 👉🏽 I'll do a free session to get you clarity on where you need to go. No more being held back. Health issues? I can help you. Overwhelmed? I can help you. Frustrated and confused? I can help you. Need the right system, support and accountability? I got your back. There's never a "good time" to get started, so why not start now? Your future, dreams and purpose awaits. Love y'all! Xoxoxo • www.f selfie loveyourbody loveyourself freedom selflove selfcare results goals

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🇭🇹 Patricia St. Pierre 🇭🇹

Comment from 🇭🇹 Patricia St. Pierre 🇭🇹:

This is my favorite movie quote! Never be afraid of failing, you just may succeed 😉 InspirationalQuotes BreakfastAtTiffanys NoFear YouOnlyLiveOnce Purpose Repost @vashtiwhitfield

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민 리야


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This is my aesthetic tho 🤩 - - - - - - justinbieber bieber biebes drew justindrewbieber cutie purpose journals myworld myworld2.0 journals2.0 glice jasonmccann

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Coconut Bowls | Eco-friendly Ⓥ


Comment from Coconut Bowls | Eco-friendly Ⓥ:

The message of self-love has been widely propagated, but what does it exactly mean to us? It means taking care of your physical body, treating your body like a temple. It means nourishing your body with wholesome foods, and keeping your physical and spiritual body fed. That as a steward of your body, it is imperative to keep in mind your purpose in life, why you are here and where are you heading to. To be thankful for this opportunity to grow and learn with this body because it makes one’s life more purposeful. . This is why self-love is so important because this body is where our spirit dwells in. Furthermore, our relationship with others and our abilities to make wise choices are established through our physical bodies. It is through this body that we experience kindness, joy, tenderness, sorrows and disappointments. When we respect our bodies by giving them proper nourishment, it makes our spirit feel loved and respected. It is also essential to cultivate that same feelings when we go about our daily activities. . Do not confuse self-love with narcissism because they are two absolutely different things. To have self-love is more than just thinking about me. Love is all about giving and receiving – both being of service to others, and taking time out to care of yourself. If you can give enough affection, attention and sympathy to yourself, you'll be able give it to others as well. It is hard to love others if we fail to love ourselves. . If you've read till this point, thank you so much. Share with us your thoughts on what self-love means to YOU in the comments section below :) 📷: @brahmino -

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Joyce Young


Comment from Joyce Young:

Have you ever felt that the thing you want to do or the field you want to go in to is over saturated? It's not! Believe me there is a special space in that industry that only you can fill! . . trustgod goafteryourdreams purpose dream pursueyourdream destiny entrepreneur youtuber blogger chasegod doityourself dowoodworking homedecor inspiration creative

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Farida Majeed


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Life will have obstacles to climb and challenge the depth of your determination. Let your passion drive you to give your mind peace & focus. 😎🎬💕 . . . . . . selfie selfiestagram lovemusic fashionlover fashionblogger makeup personality ootd celfie instaselfie healthylifestyle fashionaddict fashionsense positivity picoftheday fashion fashionista fashionstyle instastyle instafashionista purpose passion styledbyme style lookbook attitude swag selfconfidence instafashion styleoftheday

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The Sage School - Looking for an afterschool program for your child? The Sage School's enrichment classes are open to the public! Visit the links below to check out our fall schedule and please share with anyone who might be interested! PK - Grade 3: Grade 4-8: backtosc ktoschoolpromotesportssoccerba cerbaseballswimmingbasketballf ballfamilieschildrenfuntennisa nnisartsmusicachievsementopenh openhousestudentsmotivationlea onlearningacademicsstempurpose rposeprivateschoolsSouthFlorid loridapurposeeducationMiamiBro

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marty meyer


Comment from marty meyer:

One of my greatest joys is when I'm entrusted with someone's heart....I don't take this be vulnerable is never easy, but when truth is received the wounded heart begins to heal. Thankful for these courageous women and to God for His outrageous love. ❤️

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