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Here is @the_big_lebansky with over 4 years clean and sober! Absolutely amazing! ( ) soberMOVEMENT sober soberlife sobriety soberliving recovery rehab drugfree aa na ODAAT soberissexy partysober motivation inspiration inspire transformation hope fit fitness me happy apparel addiction quotes fashion namaste celebraterecovery wanderlust life

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photofy @app success mantra life divine light guide shri_rushivarji dailyquotes qotd loa spiritual quotes quotestoliveby

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I fucking love this animeee😭🍃. .--Anime-KEKKAI SENSEN🌸. . onepiece lovestage magithelabyrinthofmagic kuroshitsuji naruto narutoshippuden . Please like my previous posts and follow. . 😊. amv souleater sasuke yurionice yaoi funnyshit funnymemes kawaii anime akamegakill sao swordartonline haikyuu followforfollow manga otaku fairytail deathnote bleach attackontitan noragami tokyoghoul quotes follow ♔

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night day stars sleep summer quotes sayings sky nightsky quotestoliveby quoteoftheday poem poetry live life lifequotes moon

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🌹 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lovequotes lovehim asthetic quotes babypink pink

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• "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." Wishing this weekend would have lasted a bit longer! Hope you've had a beautiful weekend! • pinkflowers flowers flowerstagram flowerphotography flowersmakemehappy gerberadaisy daisy instagood instaflower positive kindness rhonnadesigns quotes waterdrops positivevibes weekendvibes

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We're all just trying our best to change something For somebody For overselves 🍪 quote quotes lovepoem poems poetry poem poetrycommunity photographyislife photograph photography nature words writing writingcommunity live love life mountain woods sunrise wanderlust intothewild getaway

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💜💖"I am not crazy, my reality is just different than yours" - 💖💜Cheshire Cat💜💖 girlswhoplayvideogames girlswhoplaydressup petticoat socal caligirl caliliving sandiego sandiego_ca eravalosphotography photoshoot pinkhair photography masks unicornpasties photooftheday picoftheday glittermakeup glitterlife quotes

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the sky is the limit🌄sunrise sunset goodvibes quotes happy girl repost dc like pic instagood pretty sky latepost follow nature tree igdaily beautiful day late good night love life quote

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Happy holiday, selamat berkumpul bersama keluarga, kerabat dan saudara. creative creativemalang malangcreative quotes wekend webdesign graphicdesign agency

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Girls ❤

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I'm in an American Psycho mood americanpsycho christianbale patrickbateman quotes horror horrorlover

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"Our DREAMS are projections of the possibilities we were designed to demonstrate" - Treveal C.W. Lynch Follow Everywhere @trevealcwlynch | Author 📚 books quotes read artist bestsellers millionaire inspirationalquotes inspire mindset quoteoftheday |Trainer 🏋🏿‍♀️ gym fit healthy training lifestyle determination grind grow run strength | Speaker 🎤 iamthepossible inspiration motivation success self eyes life photooftheday dream bible

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islam islamic islami islamicquotes islamdaily islamicbook islamlove islamquote islamicposts islamicpost islamquotes quran quranquotes quranic allah allahuakbar prophetmuhammad muslim muslimah muslims muslima daily ramadan quotes quote quoteoftheday god religion islamicremindersRepost @ukht_in_islam with @repostapp ・・・ Sabr is key! Allah has heard your prayers, Allah will answer your prayers when the time is right, we may want our prayers to be answered now, but only Allah knows when the time is right for us , Allah is testing us, He wants to see how patient we are, remember it's all a test , it's a test, your prayers will undoubtedly be answered, just trust Allah have sabr and tawakkul ❤️❤️

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The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. Selamat memperingati Isra' Mi'raj Nabi Muhammad SAW kepada semua orang yang merayakan. Ingatlah perjuangan-Nya, bukan hasil yang didapatkan-Nya. Banyak produk baru nih, cek yuk di @afwindocatalogue . . Triella Pants (JP231) Normal price: Rp.102.000 PROMO 2pcs @Rp65.000 . . O-Neck Slim Shirt (BL898) Normal price: Rp.78.000 PROMO 2pcs @Rp44.900 . . Order via chat LINE/WA/BBM : LINE @AFWINDO (pakai @) WA : +628572012719

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dhat_quotes quotes

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• "I'm enough." . . . . aesthetic aesthicallypleasing ghettoaesthetic roses rorangeblack grunge tumblr weed stoner drugs hickeys quotes

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WYN x WELL / CULTURE. MATTERS. movewell, workwell, livewell, wynwell, wellbeing, wellness, lifestyle, lifestylehub, wynwood, miami, inspiration, motivation, health, focus, goodlife, achieve, work, fitspo, fitness, instaquotes, quotes, motivation, culture

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The train at the park. flowers soccer football church christ jesus love quotes memes meme running jogging hiking correr party fun exercise weightloss fiesta sanantonio texas taiwanese taiwan sunset school collegelife asian asia japan

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dreamer dreamers quotes frases escritos poesia sadtime tumblr grunge pale galaxy sky youth god dios calm

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The brown bunny (2003) thebrownbunny vincentgallo chloesevigny cheryltiegs movielover moviebuff ilovemovies moviestar cinephile cine film cinema quote quotes cita citas cinephilecommunity cinematography cinematic tvseries movienerd goodmovies greatmovies goodmovie greatmovie

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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime" - Mark Twain. . travel history quotes quote viralnetics crewlife history marktwain

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you honestly are here for a reason. you may never know the reason anytime soon, there's something about you that this world needs, not me or anyone else , you, amazing/beautiful/ wonderful you! __________________________________________________ [ ignore the hashtags ] secretsociety1234 selfhatred quotes rant vent anxiety depression mentalillness recovery selfharmmm bodypositive sad crying selfconcious bipolar ptsd pain broken insecure depressed panicattack help brokenheart staystrong needsomeonetotalkto bdd selfharmrecovery socialanxiety depressionrecovery letsopenupnotgiveup

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Double-tap if you agree. . . . . . @richardbranson @tailopez @eckharttolle @garyvee @zuck @thenotoriousmma @raylewis @tonyrobbins @elonmusk @secrets2success @motivationmafia @therock @foundr @neymarjr @thinkgrowprosper @kingjames @leomessi @agentsteven @kimkardashian @natgeo @taylorswift @kevinhart4real @selenagomez @pillarsofprogress , successful motivation motivationquotes hustlehard grind luxury hardwork selfmade happiness quoteoftheday dream quotes entrepreneurquotes inspiration entrepreneurship business passion committed lifestyle successmindset mindset goals personalgrowth fitness health businessman ambition personaldevelopment millionaire progress

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Excited for a new week, new projects and Sharing this quote was the perfect connection to my Monday. 🌹🖤☕️ Image courtesy of @urbanroad_au Quote: Source unknown..

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Buke Bali Flowers & Pies


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@bukebali selling flower bouquet / flower box, balloons & pies by order!. contact : Text/WA: 082144859291 LINE: 📷 Pinterest. floristbali piebali floristdenpasar quotes buketdenpasar balifood quoteoftheday bali qoutes baliwedding explorebali baliflorist deliciousbali good saturday bouquetbali baliindah best liburanbali yummbali saturyay balilocal balieats yummydps qoutesoftheday liburanbali blessed happysaturday

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Good luck to everyone starting exams tomorrow... we got this 👊

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Do you only talk to God for a blessing? 🤔

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There's no hiding from this one Charlie Brown. Too joyous not to share with the community ❤️❤️❤️Repost @charlie.brown.writes with @repostapp ・・・ Happiest of Sundays People ❤️🌼 1000 FOLLOWERS 🙏🏾 . To my Friends; those who were there at beginning, but most importantly the ones who will be there at the end; I thank you 🙏🏾 . To anyone who has taken a time out to leave me a comment... an emoji... a like... a follow, an unfollow; I thank you 🙏🏾 To those that write to inspire or to effect change; I thank you for always trying; I thank you for your truths 🙏🏾 . So when not writing or stressing about writing, one of my favourite things ta do is shake some moves 💃🏽🕺🏾. It gives me unbridled joy 🙌🏾 I did try to add a little Carlton at the end for those that remember the 500 Followers promise 🙈😔😂😬 . . bymepoetry poetrycommunitypainting poems poetrypoemoftheday drawing poetsofigwritersofinstagram wordsagram quotelovetowrite quotestoliveby quotespoetsofinstagram writersofinstagramspilledink wordporn love lovequotesinstagram byme wellness mindfulnesshealth writersblock lovepoemsbymepoetryfeaturedpoet poetryisnotdeadpoetryiscool

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