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snapchat: loviexdd 🌸 (classicbbyg) Instagram Photos and Videos

snapchat: loviexdd 🌸


Comment from snapchat: loviexdd 🌸:

Do you have any tattoos?

2 Minutes ago
Ciro Rea (ciruzz_09) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ciro Rea


Comment from Ciro Rea:

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CLICK LINK IN BIO (goldenskinned_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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2 Minutes ago
Cara ✖ Kendall ✖ Gigi (cakengiworld) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cara ✖ Kendall ✖ Gigi


Comment from Cara ✖ Kendall ✖ Gigi:

NEW: Kendall Leaving Craig's Restaurent in West Hollywood⚡💝(June 25) @kendalljenner . . KendallJenner GigiHadid CaraDelevingne CaKe CaGi KenGi CaKenGi

2 Minutes ago
Good Vibes 🌴 (vip.feeds) Instagram Photos and Videos

Good Vibes 🌴


Comment from Good Vibes 🌴:

Nike or Adidas?

3 Minutes ago
kayane is mine (asianagwande) Instagram Photos and Videos

kayane is mine


Comment from kayane is mine:

• {06.26.17} fc;; 1,3k it's ariana's birthday. here comes my long ass paragraph. happy birthday queen. i love you so much. everytime i cried, you made me smile. everytime i was devestated, you made me smile. everytime i was happy, you made me smile even more. she makes me happy in so many different and positive ways. i love her so much and she always makes me so so so so so so happy while she doesn't even know me. her music makes me smile and laugh. i don't know if my parents will ever let me meet her, but if that day comes, i would cry, laugh and smile all at once. ariana grande butera is my happiness. she is my baby. everytime i cry she makes me smile. her music gives me motivation to do anything. she's my fucking everything, my world, my all, i can't describe my love for her. happy birthday babyqueen. - - qotd: where do you live? aotd: the netherlands leave your opinion

4 Minutes ago
Oi, vamo? (tumblrladiess) Instagram Photos and Videos

Oi, vamo?


Comment from Oi, vamo?:

Comentem emojis rosas 💞 (Já viram que ta rolando sorteio aqui na pagina? Bora lá?)

4 Minutes ago
1912 14-15 (francesbriar) Instagram Photos and Videos

1912 14-15


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4 Minutes ago
segue você (sobrepaixao) Instagram Photos and Videos

segue você


Comment from segue você:

5 Minutes ago
Simone Gallitelli (galliteex) Instagram Photos and Videos

Simone Gallitelli


Comment from Simone Gallitelli:

nothing can be more captivating than waves hitting the shore 🌊

5 Minutes ago
🌸JELENA MILADINOVIC🌸 (jelena__0404) Instagram Photos and Videos




Brother ❤💚

5 Minutes ago
im affu (abelsdemon) Instagram Photos and Videos

im affu


Comment from im affu:

Babygirl he didn't played you... He played himself. (theweeknd)

5 Minutes ago
1912 14-15 (francesbriar) Instagram Photos and Videos

1912 14-15


Comment from 1912 14-15:

5 Minutes ago
evélina💦🐬🌈 (baddify) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from evélina💦🐬🌈:


6 Minutes ago
•I Love 🍕 not You (g1rotas) Instagram Photos and Videos

•I Love 🍕 not You


Comment from •I Love 🍕 not You:

Linda!! ❤️

6 Minutes ago
K E V B O I I (kevboii2.0) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from K E V B O I I:

7 Minutes ago
tumblr ♡ (voguemany) Instagram Photos and Videos

tumblr ♡


Comment from tumblr ♡:

young leo

7 Minutes ago
 (voghuen) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from voghuen:

this is your reminder that you are still growing and you have so much to learn and it’s alright to make mistakes and fail. one mistake does not define your entire being and the mere fact that you pushed yourself to do something is outstanding. small steps are still steps and the fact that you are trying is more than enough.

7 Minutes ago
 (makeupposts2) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from makeupposts2:

march or june?🤔🤔

7 Minutes ago
♡ (naghamgani) Instagram Photos and Videos


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7 Minutes ago
kritika (kritika_mylyf) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from kritika:

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8 Minutes ago
Salátek 🙋🏻 (veronicasalada) Instagram Photos and Videos

Salátek 🙋🏻


Comment from Salátek 🙋🏻:

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8 Minutes ago
Elbet Birgün... (selcuk_evcimann) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elbet Birgün...


Comment from Elbet Birgün...:

Bal Bunlar 🌸😇

9 Minutes ago
Daniele Pacorig (danielepacorig) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daniele Pacorig


Comment from Daniele Pacorig:

Pieno di miele come Winnie Pooh, f****** chi ci odia. 777 @darkpologang

9 Minutes ago
Madison Beer (guccicrie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Madison Beer


Comment from Madison Beer:


9 Minutes ago
dm for cheap features (putawifey) Instagram Photos and Videos

dm for cheap features


Comment from dm for cheap features:

comment orange emojis 🍊

10 Minutes ago
Entrepreneur, Producer, DJ (andrew_manken) Instagram Photos and Videos

Entrepreneur, Producer, DJ


Comment from Entrepreneur, Producer, DJ:

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10 Minutes ago
Camila Cabello. (Read Link) (camilacabelloerolep) Instagram Photos and Videos

Camila Cabello. (Read Link)


Comment from Camila Cabello. (Read Link):

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE WORLD'S MOST MAGICAL PRINCESS !!!!!!! 🎂 24 looks great on you 👀 i love you w all my heart and i hope your day was as special as can be 💕💕💕💕

10 Minutes ago
👻 Snapchat: teu.40       🇧‌🇷‌⭕ (matheusfariaoficial) Instagram Photos and Videos

👻 Snapchat: teu.40 🇧‌🇷‌⭕


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11 Minutes ago
Rodrigo Morais 🔵 (rodrigomoraiis_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rodrigo Morais 🔵


Comment from Rodrigo Morais 🔵:

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12 Minutes ago
dm me for paid features (kylielipclit) Instagram Photos and Videos

dm me for paid features


Comment from dm me for paid features:

beds are so warm and soft when the rest of the world is not

13 Minutes ago
TUMBLR 🌸 (tumblr_thh) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from TUMBLR 🌸:

Qual seu signo? ♋❤✨

14 Minutes ago
MariaConcetta• (mariaconcettac_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MariaConcetta•:

"Restami comunque accanto, ad ogni passo, ad ogni gradino troppo alto, ad ogni responsabilità e le mie paure di sbagliare. Stammi a mille passi dalla mente e uno dal cuore sempre. Perché lì ci saranno eternamente impronte di te. Sappi che è casa tua." 🔗✨

16 Minutes ago