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Comment from Maria:

First Night in Reykjavík and we get lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights auroraborealis northernlights reykjavik 🇮🇸✨❄️

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Black Sand Beach reykjavik iceland travelnoire blackpassportstamps blacksandbeach travel

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Delinah Lopez


Comment from Delinah Lopez:

Had a date with these Icelandic beauties tonight! Can’t believe it’s been over 3 years! 🍕 iceland reykjavik vikings icelandic icelandicbeauties adventure articadventures ice frozen snow beautiful holiday pizza neverstopexploring travel traveltheworld wanderlust

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Pete O'Keefe


Comment from Pete O'Keefe:

Course 3 - Lamb Tartar (rye crisp, vinegar snow) It appears the kitchen has run out plates and is now serving off Icelandic Gourmet sticks. Also, who serves lamb raw? Common now. Taste wise (which I guess is important in a food review) it tastes like bomb sushi, not the kind of sushi you’d find in a town like Hopkinsville Kentucky more like that good good you find on the coasts. The vinegar snow is a uhhhhh well I don’t even know what is or how or why in fact before today I never knew vinegar came in snow form. Anyways, it tastes better through the nostril than the mouth. apotek foodie foodporn reykjavik iceland 7coursetastingmenu tartare

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Kerry Dames


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When you don’t like the fancy Icelandic hotel restaurant food so you order room service - don’t anyone say I’m not a classy lady 😜 dominos myfavorites hawaianpizza jalapeno champagne birthdaycelebrations 40thbirthday iceland reykjavik exploring travel lovetravel birthdaydinner thank you @tomdames for making my day so amazing feelingsuperspoilt 😘

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Ice - teardrops from the sky iceland ice snowstorm2018 cold travelblogger travel artsy landscape lookingthroughtheeyesoflove💕 reykjavik weather snow windowview

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Jordi Asensio


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Toma Bacalao de 20kg!! reykjavik fiskkaup islandiaalplat quillobar chicobar bacalao

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Goodbye Iceland aurora auroraborealis iceland reykjavik travel love amazing lastnighthere

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Comment from b5:

Why not try one of our tangos tonight. We will also have live music 🍹🎵🍹🎵 . . . . . reykjavik livemusic partytime cocktails MangoTango alltáfloti

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Vanessa 💕


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Reykjavik has some beautiful art on the buildings buildingart colorful iceland reykjavik wallart

9 Minutes ago
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Iceland - county of vikings 🇮🇸🙏🏻 Trip to Iceland 🤙🏽 Teaser го смотреть . . . icelandiloverey vereykjavikvikingsvisitreykjav ykjavikreykjavikragnarodinflok nflokimountainsnofiltertravell avellingtravellingramnesididom didomazarabativaybabloiputeshe

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Hannah Morris


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😻loving Reykjavík • • • reykjavik reykjavikloves iceland icelandicart catlovers kitcat laughylaughy haha freezingmytitsoff oneill oakley traveltheworld traveltheplanet gonorth mynorthadventure 💙 wanderlust wanderlost coffee momentscaptured travels2018 streetart hashtags

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Nina Kristjans


Comment from Nina Kristjans:

2017 was wedding busy and 2018 starts with a bang.... mywork brides bridesmaids wedding destinationwedding iceland reykjavik hair weddinghair masterhairstylist

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A Great Big Hunk Of World


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Iceland was so many places in one. • • • • • ig_travel tltransportme traveldeeper tasteintravel discoverglobe earthfocus fantastic_earth bbctravel aplacetoremember awesome_photographers teamtravelers beautifuldestinations wonderful_places forbestravelguide awesomeearth bestplacestogo travelhunting globe_travel iamatraveler amazingpictures liveauthentic yestc ig_iceland thingvellir reykjavik

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Gerry Gunawan Saputra


Comment from Gerry Gunawan Saputra:

Pufa Þúfa in Icelandic actually means a very tiny knoll, but here it is a hill.  It is an 8 meter high hill and 26 meters in diameter.  From the ground, there is a spiral path around the hill to walk up to the top. I couldnt get until the top because icy path. Its dangerous to walk at icy path. Pufa its an artwork made in 2013 and its in old harbour! pufa icelandic reykjavik solotrip tivoli nyhavn travels travelgram instatravel

14 Minutes ago
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Pete O'Keefe


Comment from Pete O'Keefe:

Course 2 - Puffin (goat cheese, dill oil, berry gel, rye bread crumble) Yup, that’s what Puffin looks like. What does it taste like? Smoked salmon without the salmonyness. It’s a dark meat, a really dark meat. This Puffin was definitely goth back in its high school days. apotek foodie foodporn reykjavik iceland 7coursetastingmenu puffin

15 Minutes ago
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ॐ Luke Yogi • Vegan 🌏


Comment from ॐ Luke Yogi • Vegan 🌏:

Icelandic horses are so amazing!!! iceland icelandichorse travel yogalife exploring vegan travelgoals reykjavik traveltheworld travelphotography visiticeland icelandtrip

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Stefán Ingvar


Comment from Stefán Ingvar:

Snow storm in Reykjavík iceland icelandweddingphotographer icelandwinter reykjavík reykjavik reykjavíkurborg hallgrimskirkja hallgrimskirkjachurch skólavörðustígur winter snow snowflakes

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Mark Wardale


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filmmusic composer soundtrack reykjavik iceland musicboxlicensing pebbles instamusic ambient classicalcrossover island

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Stephen Finch


Comment from Stephen Finch:

The National Theatre of Iceland, designed by Guðjón Samúelsson and opened in 1950

17 Minutes ago
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jessica ♥


Comment from jessica ♥:

I'm in love with this beautiful city ❤️🇮🇸❄️ reykjavik iceland icelandicadventure travel travelmore holiday wanderlust explore exploremore goexplore adventure city citystreets citylights streetlife building architecture snow nightime ig_streetphotography streetphotography urbanstreet road streetcorner picoftheday photooftheday ig_photo instagood

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Bran Chapman


Comment from Bran Chapman:

Walking in the park opposite where we’re staying and see some different kind of lights northernlights reykjavik iceland

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Jovany Angel


Comment from Jovany Angel:

📍I C E L A N D 🇮🇸🌎✈️ . . . Bluelagoon Reykjavik Iceland Grindavik Hallgrimskirkja Europe MudMask Spa MassageWaterfall Geothermal LavaField Travel InsiderTravel MustDoTravels Bucketlist Explore BlueLagoonIceland Top25 WondersOfTheWolrd Tb @criisalba

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James Stickels


Comment from James Stickels:

The Yule Lads! iceland reykjavik yule lads

19 Minutes ago
Pete O'Keefe (peteokeefe) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pete O'Keefe


Comment from Pete O'Keefe:

You know you’re in a fancy restaurant when the coriander they use is grown by actor Stefán. I however opted for the Snozeberry Martini featuring handpicked from from the bush of Iceland’s very own Björk. apotek foodie foodporn reykjavik iceland 7coursetastingmenu bjork cocktails

22 Minutes ago
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Anne-Marget Hellen


Comment from Anne-Marget Hellen:

Visiting The Glaciers and Ice Cave exhibition at Perlan Museum in Reykjavik perlanmuseum perlan visitreykjavik reykjavik traveltheworld traveller winterinthecity reykjavikloves @lottaback

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Sudeep Sasikumar


Comment from Sudeep Sasikumar:

iceland icecavereykjavik manmade perlan travel family wanderlustaroundtheworld

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BIZ ╳ my travel diary ✈︎


Comment from BIZ ╳ my travel diary ✈︎:

Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls... unless you’re in Iceland 🇮🇸 🙌🏼

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Comment from Colleen:

Reykjavik iceland hallgrimskirkjachurch hallgrimskirkja

26 Minutes ago
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Jack Caley


Comment from Jack Caley:

Beautiful view of the mountains from Reykjavik- so surreal that there is that view just minutes from the city ! . . . . travel instamood tripstagram travelgram travelblogger travelphotography mountain mountains water scenery nature natural landscapephotography landscape reykjavik iceland icelandic trip roam explore wanderlust instagood leica sony roadtrip rocks snow winter

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Adventure Vikings


Comment from Adventure Vikings:

Wow Wow Wow, such a cool snorkeling video from Ryan Shannon who came with us on Silfra tour few days ago. . We know that sometimes companies only show you the best of what they offer as part of their marketing. . That's why we love to post videos and photos from our customers because that shows you the real deal. . Thank you so much again for sending us this clip @rymusishan and we hope that you're enjoying Iceland. . . . . . . . . . rey iceland travel explore adventure activity visiticeland silfra silfrafissure þingvellir thingvellir snorkeling dive freedive scuba scubadive icelandtrip icelandtravel iceland wetsuit drysuit tours tour glacier glacierwater

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Comment from Thao:

That walking path on the bottom left corner is closed for the winter, but even from a distance this place is still magical

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