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Scott Desjardins (driversprovided) Instagram Photos and Videos

Scott Desjardins


Comment from Scott Desjardins:

Maple the old girl. rescuedog hypothyroidism dogs seniordog geriatric rhodesianridgeback labradorretriever foreverhome

3 Minutes ago
Zira & Lexi (ziraandlexi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zira & Lexi


Comment from Zira & Lexi:

Dog 2 relaxing at the cottage💤

4 Minutes ago
Ranger (rangertheridgeback) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ranger:

Dad says I swim like a pro 😊🐾💦 rangertheridgeback rhodesianridgeback rhodesianridgebacksofinstagram rhodesianridgebackpuppy dogsthatswim dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram puppy puppysfirstswim

9 Minutes ago ( Instagram Photos and Videos

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Post-op, had a funny lump on my chest, but feelin good that it's all gone now!

13 Minutes ago
(LisaLyn)jstlkthemoon (jstlkthemoon) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from (LisaLyn)jstlkthemoon:

My favorite puppy is 5 today! His name is Finch but I'm pretty sure he thinks it's Hike. He can swallow pretty much anything if it means getting it in his belly before he gets caught. He doesn't realize he's 100+ pounds and thinks if he climbs in the bed one paw at a time I won't feel him or see him and he'll get away with it. He doesn't bark often but is extremely vocal in the typical hound fashion so basically everyone in my house talks back to me. He loves his humans and we love him. Happy Birthday handsome!❤️❤️❤️ •196/365 365 365photochallenge 365photoproject 365dayphotochallenge 196of365days 196of365 connecticut connecticutlife glastonburyct glastonburyconnecticut

17 Minutes ago
Empress Sabina (feline_empress_sabina) Instagram Photos and Videos

Empress Sabina


Comment from Empress Sabina:

Sabina is not amused by the antics of her newest housemate, Fiona. angrycat catsanddogs puppy rhodesianridgeback ridgebackpuppy empresssabina catstagram instacat catsofinstagram outdoorcat newfriends

17 Minutes ago
Django Ferreira (django_rr) Instagram Photos and Videos

Django Ferreira


Comment from Django Ferreira:

😂😂😂 ridgeback rhodesianridgeback rhodesianridgebacksofinstagram projectrr dogsofinstagram rr dog dogs

18 Minutes ago
Kane Cox (iridegiraffes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kane Cox


Comment from Kane Cox:

Photogenic in her old age pupper rhodesianridgeback summer bluesky

21 Minutes ago
Margrethe (maggadutti8) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Margrethe:

rhodesianridgebacksofinstagram rhodesianridgebackridgeback LørenskogNorway

23 Minutes ago
Margrethe (maggadutti8) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Margrethe:

Evening walk. rhodesianridgebacksofinstagram rhodesianridgebackridgeback NorwayLørenskog

26 Minutes ago
Nathalie Bekkers (nathaliebekkers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nathalie Bekkers


Comment from Nathalie Bekkers:

MijngrotedeugnietNalagirlRhode RhodesianRidgeback11jaarwarmwe armweer=goededagenoudedagoma't

28 Minutes ago
Shanna🍌 (shannag.17) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Shanna🍌:

Took Beau to pickup Liam. He was so excited! rhodesianridgeback rescuedog aboyandhisdog 🐶

29 Minutes ago
Ridgeback_on_the_road (ridgeback_on_the_road) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ridgeback_on_the_road:

Let's go for a walk. exploringitaly cinqueterre ridgebacklove ridgebacksofinstagram love_rhodesianridgeback ridgebacksofinstagram traveldog projectrr rhodesianridgeback vanlife vandogs

31 Minutes ago
Lori (envieboutique8) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lori:

Beautiful shot of my Lu captured by @jenlyn86 🖤 rhodesianridgebacksofinstagram rhodesianridgeback rescuedog beautufulboy

34 Minutes ago
Ridgeback_on_the_road (ridgeback_on_the_road) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ridgeback_on_the_road:

Siësta time! love_rhodesianridgeback rhodesianridgeback rhodesianridgeback travelbuddy ridgebacksofinstagram ridgebacklove ortygia exploringitaly

34 Minutes ago
Lola (rhodesianridgeback_lola) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lola:

Mammy, come!!! I want food! rhodesianridgebacksofinstagram rhodesianlove rhodesianridgeback

36 Minutes ago
Mark Dwayne (dwaynemark_d) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mark Dwayne


Comment from Mark Dwayne:

Snoozy puppers & dad mansbestfriend cuddlebuddy rhodesianridgeback labrador doggo longday riverrats

36 Minutes ago
Ranger (rangertheridgeback) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ranger:

I had my first swim today! 💦 rangertheridgeback adventuredog rhodesianridgeback rhodesianridgebacksofinstagram dogsofinstagram puppy puppiesofinstagram dogsthatswim puppysfirstswim

36 Minutes ago
Zoey (muttzoey) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Zoey:

Grandpa taught me a new trick while mom and dad were on vacation!! • • • muttzoey mutt muttsofinstagram dogs dog dogsofinstagram dogsofinstgram dogsofinstaworld woof dailybarker ridgebackmix ridgeback rhodesianridgeback pitmix tricks

39 Minutes ago
PippaRidge (pipparidge) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from PippaRidge:

Just playing with my best friend Opie and his little sister Peanut. ♡ ♡ rr rhodesianridgebacksofinstagram rhodesianridgeback playtime instadog dogs dogsofinstgram pets petsofinstagram

40 Minutes ago
Bow Wow Avenue Dogwalking Inc. (bowwowavenue) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bow Wow Avenue Dogwalking Inc.


Comment from Bow Wow Avenue Dogwalking Inc.:

Kobe and his gf, Cali. wolfhound wolf borzoi russian white dog bigdog doberman ridgeback rhodesianridgeback girlfriend boyfriend bff dogsofinsta mypack dogsitter dogwalker dogstagram

42 Minutes ago
Tenma De Pegaso (24hourdogenetwork) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tenma De Pegaso


Comment from Tenma De Pegaso:

New harness and a morning run. ridgeback ridgebacklove ridgebacksofinstagram rhodesianridgeback rhodesianridgebacksofinstagram dogsofinstagram running oregon salem moss nature runningbuddy

43 Minutes ago
Laikyn (lifeoflaikyn) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Laikyn:

Mum told me she bought my cool new Christmas bandana from @dizzydogcollars so I put on my best dizzy dog face for the photo shoot! 🐶 Can Christmas hurry up so that I can wear it every day?? 🎄 . . . dogsofinstagram dogsofinsta petsofinstagram townsvilledogs townsville dog dogs doggo dogsofqueensland rhodesianridgeback mixedbreed igwoofs woof rescuedog shelterdog rspcadog rpscaqld rescueisthebestbreed adoptdontshop

46 Minutes ago
Nessi (deus_ex_caffemachina) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Nessi:

Aaaand 5 seconds of cuteness to your instagram 😂 Terry the Dog is travelling with us as well despite his unfortunate health condition and doing great! voinsfamilytrip travel mountains alps nature austrianalps austria österreich fuschamgrossglockner highalpineroad grossglocknerstrasse grossglockner pasterze glacier gletscher ice snow instadogs dogstagram dogsofinstagram ridgebacksofinstagram rhodesian ridgeback rhodesianridgeback mydog

46 Minutes ago
Meg Johnson, CTC (megjohnson4dogs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Meg Johnson, CTC


Comment from Meg Johnson, CTC:

Jax and Rusty with interventions from Percy. It takes a pretty strong stomach to let grown dogs rip like this, but we're all just out here doing what we're made to do together. dogsofinstgram sfdogs bordercolliemix mcnab rhodesianridgeback ridgeback sheperdmix beaglemix parklife playtime

48 Minutes ago
Ellie May (elliemays_growing_up_ridgeback) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ellie May


Comment from Ellie May:

(Photo taken by Cassi)🐶🐾❤️~Cassi's boy Roman with his favorite FoReVeR family as he's growing these photos~❤️🐾🐶 Love Ellie May elliemaysgrowingupridgeback elliemaysgrowingupridgiepuppyj loveelliemay elliemaysworld lovinwhatido_blessedtodoitever africa rhodesianridgeback rhodesians rhodesianridgebackinstagram rhodesianlove rhodesianridgebacksofinstagram rhodesian_ridgeback rhodesianpuppy rhodesiansofinstagram africanlionhound africanqueencholeslitter_roman canine dogsofinstagram dogstagram doglife doglover dogsofinstaworld ridgebacklove ridgebacksofinstagram ridgeback ridgebackpuppy dogsbestpix

51 Minutes ago
Indulge Pet Resort (indulgepetresort) Instagram Photos and Videos

Indulge Pet Resort


Comment from Indulge Pet Resort:

Watch out, Yoda! Tommy's coming to steal your ball!

52 Minutes ago
Susan Dotzauer (lots_with_dotz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Susan Dotzauer


Comment from Susan Dotzauer:

One of my last days of summer backtoschool bts btsreadywithtpt teachersummer tpt lakelife teachersofinstagram lionsden hike dogs dogsofinstgram bosco rhodesianridgeback

56 Minutes ago ( Instagram Photos and Videos

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Whatchu say, mom? 🤔

3 Hours ago ( Instagram Photos and Videos

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Peek a boo 👀

19 Hours ago ( Instagram Photos and Videos

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Chillin' at the purkk

1 Days ago ( Instagram Photos and Videos

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1 Days ago ( Instagram Photos and Videos

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Miss my brother all the time! But doing just fine on my own 🚶🏼

1 Days ago