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Sarah McKinney (heavenlyhaven) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah McKinney


Comment from Sarah McKinney:

Love my new ring 😍 bigandbold aquablue ring lovemyjewelry

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อู่ทอง (AUTHONG) (authong1996) Instagram Photos and Videos

อู่ทอง (AUTHONG)


Comment from อู่ทอง (AUTHONG):

ตลับพระamuletframeThailandamuletเครื่องประดับไทย Thaijewelryแหวนพญานาคnagaringนาคี กำไลพญานาคnagabracelets ทองคำทองชมพูตลับพระเครื่องเพชรสร้อยกำไรของเก่าพระใหม่ถนนข้าวสารเข็มกลัดไว้ทุกข์รับสร้างวัตถุมงคลทุกชนิดพญานาคราช authongคำชะโนด นาคี แฟนละครนาคีbrooch

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อู่ทอง (AUTHONG) (authong1996) Instagram Photos and Videos

อู่ทอง (AUTHONG)


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ตลับพระamuletframeThailandamuletเครื่องประดับไทย Thaijewelryแหวนพญานาคnagaringนาคี กำไลพญานาคnagabracelets ทองคำทองชมพูตลับพระเครื่องเพชรสร้อยกำไรของเก่าพระใหม่ถนนข้าวสารเข็มกลัดไว้ทุกข์รับสร้างวัตถุมงคลทุกชนิดพญานาคราช authongคำชะโนด นาคี แฟนละครนาคีbrooch

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อู่ทอง (AUTHONG) (authong1996) Instagram Photos and Videos

อู่ทอง (AUTHONG)


Comment from อู่ทอง (AUTHONG):

ตลับพระamuletframeThailandamuletเครื่องประดับไทย Thaijewelryแหวนพญานาคnagaringนาคี กำไลพญานาคnagabracelets ทองคำทองชมพูตลับพระเครื่องเพชรสร้อยกำไรของเก่าพระใหม่ถนนข้าวสารเข็มกลัดไว้ทุกข์รับสร้างวัตถุมงคลทุกชนิดพญานาคราช authongคำชะโนด นาคี แฟนละครนาคีbrooch

18 Seconds ago (instastylehub) Instagram Photos and Videos


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Pink Round Sunglasses with Metal Frame. Get this for Rs 699 only. DM or whatsapp at 9163765528 for more information or order. visit instastylehub instastyle girls women fashion fashionblogger jewelery indian ring likeforlike like4like followforfollow mumbai delhi kolkata shopping womenbags luxury sunglasses celebritystyle indian shades eyewear rosegold eyewearfashion onlineshoppingindia onlineshopping indialove calcutta

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Natalia Cardona ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Natalia Cardona

Comment from Natalia Cardona:

Shadows tonigth shape siluetas shadow elephant mobil cascabel sky ring remember india hindu mistic five

1 Minutes ago
Rosario Belmonte 🔥 (rosbelmonte) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rosario Belmonte 🔥


Comment from Rosario Belmonte 🔥:

...A picture is a poem without words... Lensed by @kimmik_photo the beauty of @komorebi.o wearing herkimer diamond ring by @anna_michielan hair and makeup by Me. bali indonesia model olga portrait ring healingcrystals healingjewelry annamichielan blackandwhite blackandwhitephotography makeup mua love herkimerdiamond

1 Minutes ago
Secrets Shhh (secretsshhh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Secrets Shhh


Comment from Secrets Shhh:

E T E R N A L | F L A M E Did you know three-stone rings represent different phases of a couple's life? Learn from the past, live in the present and hope for a brilliant future. A beautiful way to express this is with an @secretsshhhtrilogy ring - surprise her today! secretsshhh everydayluxury discoverthesecret . . . ring ringbox ringenvy ringday ring💍 rings silver gold fashion jewelry sets wedding diamonds engaged luxury fashion love photoshoot ringbling ringstack ringsoftheday

1 Minutes ago
asuka-rei1208 (asuka_rei1208) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from asuka-rei1208:

結婚指輪が入っていた箱💍 結婚指輪 箱 cartier カルティエ リング ring 捨てられない 記念品 スマホ スマホビジネス スマホで簡単ビジネス iphone 収入 収入アップ 給料日 お小遣い お小遣い稼ぎ 学生 保育士 栄養士 看護師 ビジネスパートナー募集

2 Minutes ago
David Salvador Durán (ese_duran) Instagram Photos and Videos

David Salvador Durán


Comment from David Salvador Durán:

Loving mycoolnewringnewringringskeletonskeletonringevilringmagicringmajikringmajikwitchy

2 Minutes ago
本藏翡翠 天然緬甸A貨翡翠 蛋面 批發及代鑲 (bencollectiblejade) Instagram Photos and Videos

本藏翡翠 天然緬甸A貨翡翠 蛋面 批發及代鑲


Comment from 本藏翡翠 天然緬甸A貨翡翠 蛋面 批發及代鑲:

A貨翡翠 18K 翡翠耳釘 特價1500HKD每對 廠家直送 先付先得 接受Paypal/香港銀行/微信支付 一手貨源 廠家直送 Ship worldwide (REF:5.1.IHX) 翡翠 Natural Type A Jadeite, interest please let me know, we supply Type A jadeite product with natural Corundum. ship by registered mail/DHL/SPEEDPOST, worldwide shipping, PayPal accept Tel/wts: +852 6707 7375 微信:bencollectible 查詢:benabby0124 Jade Jadering jadebracelet jadelover typeajade natural Jewellery Gems Gift ring wedding engagement HK 852 香港 hkig 寶石 珠寶 首飾 訂制 禮物 生日 硬玉

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🇨🇪. 🇸🇦🇷🇮🇮🇳 👣🍍🌴🍟 ( Instagram Photos and Videos

🇨🇪. 🇸🇦🇷🇮🇮🇳 👣🍍🌴🍟

Comment from 🇨🇪. 🇸🇦🇷🇮🇮🇳 👣🍍🌴🍟:

😜 ring instame deli

2 Minutes ago
TM's 보형^^ (bohyoung_tms1004) Instagram Photos and Videos

TM's 보형^^


Comment from TM's 보형^^:

14k 18k 티엠스 티엠스맘 티엠스쥬얼리 티엠스주얼리 TMS TMSJEWELRY JEWELRY 인천 최저값 금은방 보석 액세서리 JEWELRY accessory 반지 귀걸이 목걸이 팔찌 발찌 ring earring necklace bracelet anklebracelet 14k 18k 전문쥬얼리샵💍💎 두가지 목걸이를 같이껴도 이뿨💖 1. 네이버에 티엠스쥬얼리 검색!! 2. 카카오톡 친추 ockzzang 3. 카카오스토리 , 카카오채널 검색창에 : 티엠스맘

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Miriam González (miriamland) Instagram Photos and Videos

Miriam González


Comment from Miriam González:

32. 💁🙌 April 32 funny LongHair sunday jewellery Ring Happy Me Sunset Selfie Black goprohero5 Hero5 Drone

3 Minutes ago
S🍉r🍉h Christine 🍍 (brunette_mermaid_) Instagram Photos and Videos

S🍉r🍉h Christine 🍍


Comment from S🍉r🍉h Christine 🍍:

Sometimes I look at you and wonder how I got so lucky. Other times you get on my nerves. 😂 just kidding, I love you baby 😘 4leafclover boyfriend nature cute pretty rings couple couples sweet adorable ring photography clover fourleafclover lucky luck love truelove inlove

3 Minutes ago
Discordance (discordancejewellery) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Discordance:

Absolute fave stones, Aqua Aura Quartz set into our Stella Ring ✨ on sale 🤘🏻 sale sterlingsilver ring aqua aura quartz jewellery jewellerylover finejewelry jewellerydesign sydney studio australianmade handmade accessories love work designs designer creative jewelry local smallbusiness silversmith jeweller blue

3 Minutes ago
Alive Watches & Accessories (alive_jp) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alive Watches & Accessories


Comment from Alive Watches & Accessories:

GWセール part1✔️✔️ OSUSUME by ALIVE/SENSU ”扇子” RING: Silver gw goldenweek sale part1 osusume osusumebyalive sensu sensuring 扇子 silver ring jewelry alive_jp

4 Minutes ago
masami_sw4686 (masami_sw4686) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from masami_sw4686:

仕事 me life 夢 ママ バリ 台北 素敵 美容 筋トレ fit ハシュレコ シングルマザー ノープラン ワーママ サンフランシスコ 楽しい ふじさん冷蔵 movie ring 映画 いい天気 珈琲 オシャレ 自然素材 無垢ストーリー グランドオープン スイーツ コーヒー ナチュラル

4 Minutes ago
Ashley Marcelle (ashleyberkobien) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashley Marcelle


Comment from Ashley Marcelle:

💍💍💍 still feels surreal... longbeach engagementring beach ocean ring

4 Minutes ago
ハンドメイドアクセサリー、プレゼントにも【 j'aime】 (j.aime_handmade) Instagram Photos and Videos

ハンドメイドアクセサリー、プレゼントにも【 j'aime】


Comment from ハンドメイドアクセサリー、プレゼントにも【 j'aime】:

【price】¥1,300 2種類のチェーンをシンプルに組み合わせたロングピアスです。服装を選ばす使いやすいです♪ handmadeハンドメイドハンドメイドアクセサリーykhandmadeハンドメイドピアスdiyminneミンネヴィンテージコーディネートファッションコーデママファッションネックレスママコーデ今日のコーデプチプラパールピアスaccessoriespierceringfashionhandmadejewelryhandmadejewelてづくり誕生日プレゼントハンドメイドイヤリング樹脂ピアス金属アレルギー対応

5 Minutes ago
A.A Rachminov Diamonds Asia (vechler) Instagram Photos and Videos

A.A Rachminov Diamonds Asia


Comment from A.A Rachminov Diamonds Asia:

Beautiful 20ct+ Oval Brilliant😍 20ct Seems Just Right🙈🤷🏻‍♂️💍💎

5 Minutes ago
3d jewelry design (good_luck7400) Instagram Photos and Videos

3d jewelry design


Comment from 3d jewelry design:

ring jewelry

5 Minutes ago
Adora Gold (adoragold_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adora Gold


Comment from Adora Gold:

Rante👍 jualperhiasanperhiasansurabayatokoemasgoldjewelljewelleryperhiasangirlemaskuningjualemaskuningjualantingjualgelangjualkalungjualcincinjualliontinearingringnecklaceprettybeautyoutfitgirlkalungcincinantingliontingelangemasasliperhiasanaslibabylux

5 Minutes ago
GS DIAMONDS (gsdiamonds) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from GS DIAMONDS:

No filter needed 😱😍😱 One of our special custom made engagement rings with a beautiful sparking Pear shape in the centre ✨✨✨ Come and visit our QVB store today and talk to our expert consultants to bring the ring of your dreams to life! gsdiamonds theqvb sydney diamond diamonds jewellery engagementring ring jewelry engagement jewels gold jewelrygram weddinginspo weddingphotography engaged picoftheday luxury accessories style ontrend trend love wedding weddings smile beautiful happy instagood luxe

5 Minutes ago
Tim Gochenour (tgprophet_designs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tim Gochenour


Comment from Tim Gochenour:

thelord hears the prayers of the righteous. ring true bell sound 💯 🙏 🔔 honest pray authenticity tgprophetdesigns soundwave christianlogo prayerlife christianlife 🔊 digitalartist designlife workfromhome

6 Minutes ago
장인소인 (janginsoin) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 장인소인:

E-19부스입니다! 페어오픈🔥🔥 🌸장인소인 마지막페어 합니다🌸 *국제핸드메이드페어* 장소 : 동대문DDP 날짜 : 5.1(월)~5.5(금) 시간 : 11AM~7PM . 영국 가기전 마지막으로 페어 해요! 여러 이벤트와 세일을 하니 많이 놀러오세요😙😙 . 👇주문문의👇 카카오톡:janginsoin . 이번주부터 3주간은 여의도 밤도깨비나가요! . *마켓공지* 장소 : 여의도 날짜 : 5/5(금), 5/6(토), 5/7(일) (금) 6pm~11pm (토,일)1pm~11pm 이번주 밤도깨비 야시장! 소인이 있어요!😃 . 장인소인 핸드메이드 단하나뿐 실버실버쥬얼리 마켓 은반지목걸이 귀걸이밤도깨비야시장청계천 국제핸드메이드페어 ddp팔찌handmadejewelry earrings ringnecklace baksjanginsoinhandmade handcraft silverjewelry handmademarket uniqueetsyetsyshop

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zanex (zanex) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from zanex:

こういうのは素直に嬉しいよね⛓⛓⛓ fromACE amazonfashion amazon ring handmade jewelry omotesando

6 Minutes ago
GARNI_nagoya (garni_nagoya) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from GARNI_nagoya:

[LOVE RINGS] NEW RELEASE . Quon Ring Longtemps Ring W/half dia Longtemps Ring セミオーダーにてプラチナ、ゴールド素材に変更が可能です。 ゴールドはイエロー、ピンク、ホワイトをご用意しています。 詳細についてはお問合せ下さい。 お問い合わせ GARNI nagoya:052-959-4554 LOVERINGSofGARNI GARNI nagoya GARNInagoya sv925 pt950 platinum k18 gold accessory accessories ring lovering engagementring marriagering diamond DiverseConception MadeInJapan since1997

6 Minutes ago
Paid Promote Hanya 10.000 an (jasapaidpromo.murah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paid Promote Hanya 10.000 an


Comment from Paid Promote Hanya 10.000 an:

Menerima pesanan perhiasan sesuka hati dear & cocok buat kasih kado to "someone special" atau mau couple juga bisa bangettttZzz genks Ada silver (monel) & lapis emas juga say 😊 . Go Follow IG: . Langsung chat aja yuk say Line ke eryana888 Feel free to ask dear . . jewelry kalung gelang cincin acc custom customjewelry perhiasan necklace bracelet earings anting ring ladies woman accesories . promote paidpromote jasaiklanmurah jasaiklan jasapromotemurah promotemurah iklanmurah iklan promo jasapromote olshopmurah promoteolshop promoteig

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Atelierfuu (atelier_fuu) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Atelierfuu:

petit🕊 atelierfuufashionjewelry silver950 silver silverjewelry silverringring シルバー彫金指輪愛知豊橋

6 Minutes ago
Ba Bou (babou883) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ba Bou


Comment from Ba Bou:

Say "yes" to the ring 💎💕 diamond forever ring jewelry picofthenight instapic glamglow glamvibes girly shinebrightlikeadiamond fashion fashion addict enjoy lovemylife

6 Minutes ago
🌺 Four AZ Sports Fans 🌺 ( Instagram Photos and Videos

🌺 Four AZ Sports Fans 🌺

Comment from 🌺 Four AZ Sports Fans 🌺:

Greatest handle of all time. GHOAT⛹🏾 •kvngdrip suns wearephx fire 🔥 future book espn sportscenter sportsposters bball basketball sports nba phoenix arizona az phx azsports funny L W mvp booker 🌵dumb legacy ring championship playoffs2017 nbaplayoffs

6 Minutes ago
🆔 ติดต่อ Line ID: Ying46123754 (beads_lucky) Instagram Photos and Videos

🆔 ติดต่อ Line ID: Ying46123754


Comment from 🆔 ติดต่อ Line ID: Ying46123754:

ลูกปัดโบราณหายาก มอน็อคโก ดวงดีที่เจอ ราคาตามอายุเลยทีเดี่ยว ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 💬 สนใจสอบถามทาง Direct Message (DM) 🆔 ติดต่อสอบถามที่ Line ID : Ying46123754 ------------------------------------------ ⚠️ มีหน้าร้าน : 2 สาขา ▪️ ตึกสหกรณ์พระนคร 2 ซอยอารีย์ 1 (ใกล้ BTS อารีย์) เปิดบริการวันจันทร์-วันศุกร์ ▪️ ตลาดนัดจตุจักร โครงการ 27 ซอย 66/2 เปิดบริการวันเสาร์-อาทิตย์ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ gems gemstone gemstonejewelry jewellery jewelry finejewelry jewelrydesign jewelryaddict fashionjewelry handmade handmadejewelry naturalstone minerals quartz crystal accessories bracelet necklace bangle earrings ring beads diamond sapphire silver antique antiquejewelry ancient ancientjewelry vintage

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