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Maria Castro (hellokittynda831) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maria Castro


Comment from Maria Castro:

Yeah so woke up this morning on the floor. 😂😂😂 There's a first time for everything, including sleeping on an air mattress with satin sheets! 😜 satinsheets airmattress wokeuponthefloor hadagoodlaugh imokay makingmemories thisjusthappened vacation birthdaygetaway cambridge maryland

5 Hours ago
Monica_Lizarraga (green_tea_luvaa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Monica_Lizarraga:

Loving it!🌴🌸🌴 . . . . cleanfreako spotless imaculate snowwhiteclean dustfree smellingclean whitesheets satinsheets ____❤

15 Hours ago
Kristen Bennett (kbscentsokc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kristen Bennett


Comment from Kristen Bennett:

It's a sad 😔sad 😭month for me!! Several of my favorites are retiring. 😰Are yours? Don't forget to stock up this month! scentsy scentsyconsultant thunderstorm weatheredleather simplyvanilla satinsheets newbornnursery pleasedontgo scentsylife

19 Hours ago
A M B E R (myblackbarbies) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from A M B E R:

Morgan: Morning. How did you sleep? Ava: Okay I guess. What time is it? Morgan: 9 o'clock. You okay? Ava: Yeah I'm fine. I think I'm gonna go. I need to get some things done today. dolllife sothishappened stripes blanket satinsheets lighthouse

1 Days ago
Daphne Sadiki (daphnesstudio) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daphne Sadiki


Comment from Daphne Sadiki:

Flashback Friday Morning! Any day is a good day to change your sheets. So why not today? There's nothing like trying to figure out what it that stuck to my arm? Oooh. So our Friday words of wisdom. ....Change yo Sheets! Lol. dollopera barbie flashbackfriday morning inspiration wisdom love wordsofwisdom laugh change smile possibilities happy play dream create opportunity building brand hustle work grind sheets satinsheets etsy etsyshop daphnesstudio handmade barbiefurniture GOODMORNING

1 Days ago
Karen Vandenberg (scentsy_karen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Karen Vandenberg


Comment from Karen Vandenberg:

Warming this scent today, enjoying every minute of it before it retires at the end of the month. One of my favorites, I'll miss it!! scentsysnapshot scentsylife romance satinsheets fragrance

1 Days ago
#roxannethengs_teamfuzion (roxannethengs) Instagram Photos and Videos



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fuzionchameleon gel gelart gelnails glitter fuziongel brownsugar satinsheets instanails nail nails nailart nailswag nailsofinstagram nailsgalore roxannethengs_teamfuzion teamfuzion fuzioneducator sedgewick alberta wherebeautymeetstechnology

1 Days ago
Lizzie Bowersox (simplyboldmetalsmith) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lizzie Bowersox


Comment from Lizzie Bowersox:

Cute stacking set that shipped out today!! Nails courtesy of @peppigel! Check them out guys! Super easy at home gel manis that leave your nails strong and looking salon worthy. This color is 'Satin Sheets' and is the perfect neutral! This picture was taken 7 days after completing the manicure with no chips! It's amazing!! . . Pictured is the Ruby stacker which is sold out but many other gem stackers available in the shop, along with a classic twisted band ❤️

1 Days ago
Cathy Wilson (weecathy1995) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cathy Wilson


Comment from Cathy Wilson:

Tonight's whatchawarming is SatinSheets .. lovely and fresh scentsyuk inlove summer red white clean

1 Days ago
🥀a n g e l i c a © (jellymua92) Instagram Photos and Videos

🥀a n g e l i c a ©


Comment from 🥀a n g e l i c a ©:

I don't bother with these hoes. Don't let these hoes bother me 💅🏽 yousangitdontlie theyseepicturestheysaygoals • D E E T S • Face: tarteamazonianclayfoundation Brows: lorealbrowstylist / hardcandyglamoflauge Liner: nyxliquidliner Lips: katvondeverlastingliquidlipsti Eyes: morphe35o Highlight: toofacedchocolatebonbons / satinsheets Lashes: @yalordelashes undiscovered_muas udmua lineart liner makeup classic monroe redlipstick red youtube tarte nyx kvd sambammua settingpowder settingspray blend makeupbyalo morphebrushes

1 Days ago
SeduisMoiBoudoir (seduismoiboudoir) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from SeduisMoiBoudoir:

Love yourself, as only you can!

2 Days ago
🥀a n g e l i c a © (jellymua92) Instagram Photos and Videos

🥀a n g e l i c a ©


Comment from 🥀a n g e l i c a ©:

Beneath the make up & behind the smile. I'm just a girl who wishes for the world💋 • D E E T S • Face: tarteamazonianclayfoundation Brows: lorealbrowstylist / hardcandyglamoflauge Liner: nyxliquidliner Lips: katvondeverlastingliquidlipsti Eyes: morphe35o Highlight: toofacedchocolatebonbons / satinsheets Lashes: @yalordelashes undiscovered_muas udmua lineart liner makeup classic monroe redlipstick red youtube tarte nyx kvd sambammua settingpowder settingspray blend makeupbyalo morphebrushes

2 Days ago
Alyshea Dickerson (dickersonfamily16) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alyshea Dickerson


Comment from Alyshea Dickerson:

Out with the old!! In with the NEW! Don't miss out on some of the great Spring/Summer Scents that may not come back!! Satin Sheets, Thunderstorm, Coconut Cotton, Apple S'mores, Crisp Orchard Air, Southern Evening!! (Just to name a few!!!) 48 Scents Retiring! 😭😭😭 Scentsy retiring byebye dontmissout onsalethismonthonly satinsheets wax scentsylove

3 Days ago
Chloe Gale (ms.cloella) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chloe Gale


Comment from Chloe Gale:

When my alarm went off this morning. wednesday nope imdone iwanttostayinbed whyme midweek satinsheets boudoir workinggirl

3 Days ago
Creative Inspiration (culture_visionaries) Instagram Photos and Videos

Creative Inspiration


Comment from Creative Inspiration:

@axdmagazine stylist dopestyle vintage vintageclothing fblog fblogger vintagefashion fashionicon vouge vintagejewelry vintagejewls stones fishnetfashion fishnets alady lady pearls 90s prettywoman 90sfashion elle satingloves silk satinsheets

3 Days ago
Tracy Parker Todaro (tracytodaro) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tracy Parker Todaro


Comment from Tracy Parker Todaro:

Scentsy order going in tonight! Lots of good bargains this month courtesy of the 10% off sale (and before the $1 price increase on bars). Stock up on your favorites which are being discontinued. Satin Sheets is going away (maybe forever) and Newborn Nursery and Weathered Leather will no longer be available in bars. Hurry hurry hurry--I wanna keep you covered. Get your orders in by 8 tonight! satinsheets sayitisnt newbornnursery nomorebarsforthem scentsysale ysale thebesttimetobuybars bef s beforethepriceincrease happe

3 Days ago
CKD Beauty Bar (ckdbeautybar) Instagram Photos and Videos

CKD Beauty Bar


Comment from CKD Beauty Bar:

Hello Beautys! These amazing liquid lipsticks are from in the shades satinsheets pillowtalk cosmo teddybear from July's collection This is a monthly subscription including 3 liquid lipstick and new shades every month! kissmeclub 👄👄👄👄

4 Days ago
Ann Freeman (mafswife) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ann Freeman


Comment from Ann Freeman:

Gorgeous smell in my room this evening with Satin Sheets Scentsy melt in my Cream Diamond warmer chilled fragrance satinsheets

4 Days ago
False Friends (falsefriendsforever) Instagram Photos and Videos

False Friends


Comment from False Friends:

Happy Mon-die peeps! Hope you've got at least one fun thing planned! For me the fun thing is leaving Facebook! After many years of enjoying posting dumb stuff on there I feel like it's time to part ways - and I'm actually really excited about it. It's been doing my head in for a while but this new thing of being able to choose coloured boxes to put your ramblings against when you post a status is a bridge too far as it elevates everything - even the really really fucking dull things - to meme status. Don't get me wrong, IG is getting a bit too wanky quote heavy for my liking too. When did become cool to post words that mean Literally ( that one's for you @the_parlour_hackney ) nothing? Yesterday I saw something on one of my feeds and it said 'friendship is a knot that can't be untied'. Er say what now? Have they never had a friendship before, as I'm *fairly* sure they can be untied. Chan and I are excellent mates, but if one of us fucked the other's husband, or stole all our designs, cleared our account and set up a new business called Fake Mates or punched the other's respective cat or dog repeatedly I think all of these would possibly lead to the knot being untied. What has this got to do with a house plants charm I hear you cry? Well absolutely nothing. None of the feels 🖤 . . . inspirationalquotes inspiration dailyquotes dailyinspiration jungalowstyle jungalow monstera cheeseplant plantkiller houseplants friendshipgoals friendshipquotes girlboss glitter shiny nihilism nihilistmemes nevergrowup bloggerlife bloggercliche beyounotthem zerofucksgiven satinsheets bagporn lasercutting madeinlondon makersofinstagram makersgonnamake

5 Days ago
Sunshine Soliloquy (sunshinesoliloquy22) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sunshine Soliloquy


Comment from Sunshine Soliloquy:

So much to organise when you're trying to downsize your life to travel in a bus. buslife adventure excited winnebago walterbago satinsheets @wanderlust_drones

5 Days ago
 (korneluusia) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from korneluusia:

glitter 💙 EYES: toofaced used satinsheets pecanpraline almondtruffle • sleek highlighting palette • maybelline eyeliner masterprecise BROWS: inglot brow gel 12 + duraline LASHES: ardell demi wispies black polishgirl blonde makeup makeupjunkie makeupslaves makeupaddict mua wakeupandmakeup instamakeup cosmetics makeuplovers makeuppl

6 Days ago
Brittany Reedy (foxsinsox) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brittany Reedy


Comment from Brittany Reedy:

Bedtime is our favorite time . . . . . . bed bedtime dogbed sleep sleepytime goodnight goodboys cute cuteboys scentsy satinsheets dog dogs dogstagram dogsbeforedudes dogsareagirlsbestfriend dogsofinstagram dogsofinsta instadog instadogs instacute instagood alaskanmalamutes malamutes malamutesofinstagram snowdog snowdogs woofpack furmily woof

6 Days ago
ENID•ANERG (mobilesuitgrena) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ENID•ANERG:

• Late night beatbox, because, who even sleeps? SatinSheets - HypnoticBrassEnsemble

6 Days ago
Louisa-grace Sumner (louisasumner1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Louisa-grace Sumner


Comment from Louisa-grace Sumner:

inlove cantsleep gymlife❤️ satinsheets

6 Days ago
Joelle Drake (joelle_drake) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joelle Drake


Comment from Joelle Drake:

These 2 scents are retiring this month 📆Which one will you miss the most ??? newbornnursery or satinsheets

6 Days ago
Yvonne Sanya (yvonnesanya) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yvonne Sanya


Comment from Yvonne Sanya:

I can't believe that all these great scentsy scents are being discontinued. I'm definitely going to be stocking up on Newborn Nursery, Coconut Cotton, Simply Vanilla, and Satin Sheets. You better get yours too before they go into retirement. byebye ordergoingin discontinued newbornnursery simplyvanilla satinsheets coconutcotton getyours

6 Days ago
Lori Harmon (harmony2all) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lori Harmon


Comment from Lori Harmon:

Say it isn't so..Ben is so sad thunderstorm is going to the vault 😞 on sale 10%off! 6packfor$22.50 makingroomforfall satinsheets scentsymakesmehapp

6 Days ago
Alexis Chomich (flameless.elegance) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexis Chomich


Comment from Alexis Chomich:

It's time to say goodbye to some of our favorite scents! Stock up NOW before they're GONE!! Only available until August 31st! Scentsy BlueberryRush SatinSheets NewbornNursery SimplyVanilla Thunderstorm

6 Days ago
Josie Fox (josie_fox) Instagram Photos and Videos

Josie Fox


Comment from Josie Fox:

Just counting my blessing and wishing some luv on the rest. 😉😙 Robert and I got some truly beautiful images from this set. @rew_at_riverwalkstudios brightlikeadiamond diamond girlsbestfriend forever model pink lingerie nightie pajamas bedroomeyes bedroom whitelingerie satinsheets whitepanties lace lacelingerie satin

8 Days ago
Whitney's Scentsy Page (smells_like_home) Instagram Photos and Videos

Whitney's Scentsy Page


Comment from Whitney's Scentsy Page:

Love this warmer. So simple, a great addition to my new bedroom. warmer bedroom home homedecor scentsy igers country modern bedroomdecor wax scentsyaddict grey homedesign newbedroom satinsheets warmer candle wickless smellslikehome countrycharm potd likes waxmelts tarts wicklesscandles

8 Days ago
MONO/POLY ( Instagram Photos and Videos


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8 Days ago
ScentsyViv_11 (scentsyviv_11) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ScentsyViv_11:

discontinued scents get them before they go byebye coconutcotton ☁️ weatheredleather 💼 thunderstorm 🌩🌫 satinsheets 💋 simplyvanilla 🍧 newborn nursery 🍼

8 Days ago
➖ ANDI ELLOWAY ➖ (andi.elloway) Instagram Photos and Videos



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8 Days ago