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Megan Moore (meganellenmoorex) Instagram Photos and Videos

Megan Moore


Comment from Megan Moore:

Throwback to when I went to school with my gorgeous Lauren. Nobody understands how much I'd love to have a long deep conversation with you right now😓 schoolgraduationfriendlo endlovebabemissprincesslflfffg lfffgirlsbestiesfriendshippupi

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Kimberly Bateman (kim3486) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kimberly Bateman


Comment from Kimberly Bateman:

School/nursery bows now available on the website! 📚📑📕 Various colours available. Use the drop down menu to select the colour you'd like! 😁 Www.zurisbowboutique.ticta school nursery bows pretty

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isabel • xx • usa • ravenclaw (izzybooks) Instagram Photos and Videos

isabel • xx • usa • ravenclaw


Comment from isabel • xx • usa • ravenclaw:

10:46 1417 // probably one of the coolest dorm rooms I've ever seen — I wouldn't mind living here!! — I spent this weekend exploring downtown because there was an art festival and I stumbled across this building – it's the dorm of an art school (of course). My dorm was really nice but not that cool architecturally. Fun fact: I used to want to go into architecture! — I'm cooking for my boy and his friends tonight and I'm really excited ☺️ I'm going to make some Chinese dishes! — QOTD: what's your favorite type of food? AOTD: I love French and Italian food, plus Chinese food of course! I'm good with most Asian foods (Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc)!

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The Mercury Mall (themercurymall) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Mercury Mall


Comment from The Mercury Mall:

Don't leave those back to school essentials until the last minute, our @asda store has everything you need to get this kids looking smart from top to toe for the new school term from as little as £3! backtoschool friends learn term trends school children fun instafun instalike instalove instahappy cute newterm childrenofinstagram

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Елизавета Андреянова (liza_lucick) Instagram Photos and Videos

Елизавета Андреянова


Comment from Елизавета Андреянова:

I love programming 💙💻 Программирование двумерного массива на уроке информатики превратилось в программирование 6-тимерного массива😆 школа school икт информатика программирование паскаль pascal programming computer_science

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S.M Stonevalley (s.m.stonevalley) Instagram Photos and Videos

S.M Stonevalley


Comment from S.M Stonevalley:

I'm going back to school this autum, and 5minutes after I got my letter, I started stressing about having time to write... I only for 26 498 words,and need atleast 45 000 before starting in late August..STRESSED!!!!

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coffeeholic coffeelife cafelife caffeine mug coffeeaddict coffeegram coffeeoftheday coffeelover coffeelovers coffeeholic coffeecup coffeelove coffeemug coffeelife teachersfollowteachers teachersofinstagram teachers school iloveteaching iteachtoo elementaryteachers teacherideas teacherfriends iteachfourth fourthgradeteacher

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aduh lh my friend inspektor daniel sakit belake bakpo lh . sedih weh ..mjur adoe tuke ngurut😅😅instathingpositivepi

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Bee Jay Shr Estha (bijaysftwn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bee Jay Shr Estha


Comment from Bee Jay Shr Estha:

Caution, don't try😬 at home cause you can't ride one🚐, at your home🏡 enjoyingnepalstranspor w/razan school wefie inthestreets funashell😁😁😁

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Engineer driver studygram study students engineer engineering conditioning college school boss baby boy delhi indians memes funforall funny joke india comedy comedian drinks driver chudiyapa girls boyfriend funforall fun official_bakchodi_best

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Florian Braunmüller (florian.braunmueller) Instagram Photos and Videos

Florian Braunmüller


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MeisterschulefürModeundDesign. - Defilee der Meisterklassen >Hortus conclusus< - florianbraunmüller fashion mode model designschulemünchen school flowers hortus conclusus hortusconclusus face campaign instagood black white art photography artist mystery garden female feminine face feelings feelgood sence beautiful eyes pure defilee

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Salon CG (salonchampionsgate) Instagram Photos and Videos

Salon CG


Comment from Salon CG:

It's that time of the year again!! School is right around the corner and to celebrate we will be having a STUFF THE BUS back to school special! All donations and proceeds will be given to participating schools, Westside K-8 and Four Corners Upper and Charter Schools. Come in and raise money for your school by giving back! salonCG salonlife backtoschool school davenportfl reunionfl championsgate floridahair instablogger stuffthebus specials blogger

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SISWA DAN SISWI MAGETAN (pelajarmagetan_) Instagram Photos and Videos




pelajarmagetan_ photo today by @mareta8979 . . For repost follow tag dan hastag ____________________ ________ _________________ pelajar pela pelajarsmk pelajarsma sma smk pelajarindonesia masasma anakips anakipa multimedia siswa siswi siswadansiswi anakpelajar pelajarhits pelaj pelajarkekinian masasmk mts ma pelajarcantik pelajaranhariini shcool school2015 siswa school schoolday schoolmagazine

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Sheri Hirschorn (schildkrautfurcompany) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sheri Hirschorn


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Put denim fur jackets at the head of the class! Get started on your back to school shopping with some adorable fall coats for your little ones! . . . . . backtoschool shopping love fur jeanjacket denim denimjacket followme like4like followforfollow kids school girl instadaily follow picoftheday happy beautiful pink blue white purple colors bffs

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🎤☁️Kristina                15🍼 (kri.min) Instagram Photos and Videos

🎤☁️Kristina 15🍼


Comment from 🎤☁️Kristina 15🍼:

나 오늘 배가 고프다 👶🏻😆 . . . . . . . . . . . g tumblr cute nice school me russia selpi selka selstagram selpic selpik selca photo photographer photography 🌸 한국 여자 사랑해 기요미 기여운 사랑 친구 고마워 러시아 나는 내가 daily dailylook

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מורן שדה אוסמן 0522074444 (moransade5) Instagram Photos and Videos

מורן שדה אוסמן 0522074444


Comment from מורן שדה אוסמן 0522074444:

באמת קשה לפלג מההתרגשות לבחור צבעים וחולצות בית ספר במגוון גזרות מושלמות והכי חשוב שהמשלוח עד הבית וההדפסה בחינם! חולצותביתספר חולצות ילדהשלי school school_collection castro הילדיםשלקסטרו

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Send in confessions please :) Snowfessions confessions thisisyourtape followforfollow school Savage NoRegrets blue pastel asthetic

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HAKUNAMATATA Zuckerschnuten wir hatten gute, lustige, aufregende, stressige, nervenzerreißende, und spannende Tage. Es wurde wirklich nie langweilig. 🙃 Ich war froh eure Klassenlehrerin zu sein. Ich habe euch ins Herz ❤️ geschlossen. Ich wünsche euch, ❣️dass ihr euch und euren Weg findet, ❣️stets auf eure Stärken baut, ❣️Freunde, die hinter euch stehen, ❣️Familie, die euch unterstützt und hält, ❣️viel Liebe und Geborgenheit. zeitabschiedzun klasse schule schulleben lehrerleben lehrerdasein lehrerin lehrergram grundschule grundschulwahnsinn förderschule schuljahresende jedesendeisteinneueranfang ti teacher teachersofinstagram school schoolsout schoolsoutforsummer schoollife vacationtime sommerferien

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MathnasiumBabylon (mathnasiumbabylon) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MathnasiumBabylon:

It's WordProblemWednesday! Here is a math problem that is pretty yummy! If you love food, then you are to love solving this. If you bake 2 layers of cake in circular cake tins that are 10 inches across and 2 inches deep, what volume of cake will you have? (Hint: the volume of a cylinder is π × r2 × h; r is the radius and h is the height.) Let us know what you think the solution is! If you're still having trouble with this one, click the link to find out the solution. (631) 620-3800 mathnasium math learning education school elementaryschool teacher teachersofinstagram teacher equations pi geometry algebra triginometry longdivision multiplication mathnerd mathnasiumsummer longisland babylon

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Comment from georgsenders:

Thanks @_jornbu_ for this picture, showing not only me, but also my fantastic drawing skills. What do you think, how much money would I get for this illustration? janne me school class Kunst art arts drawing draw selfie germany berlin boy smile surprise facialexpression sitting picoftheday picture shamelessselfie selfmade selfie selfies classmate mate friend pro happy

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Bon Marche (bonmarche32) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bon Marche


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НЕВЕРОЯТНО 🙈👀😀Нас на днях навестила маленькая, но очень яркая звёздочка 🌟✨Татарникова Евгения- Мини Мисс Днепропетровск 2014 , Мини Мисс Украина 2014, Королева красоты Украины 2015, Little Miss Fashion 2015, Best of the best 2017, Little Miss World 2017, а так же масса других титулов за плечами у этой юной красотки.Хотим отметить, что Женечка покорила нас своим обаянием и красотой. На фото представлен новый бренд- Naya, дизайнерская ШКОЛЬНАЯ ФОРМА от Нади Дзяк. Уже сейчас вы можете выбрать лучшее для вашего ребёнка. Ведь в школьной форме Naya ваш ребёнок не только будет чувствовать себя комфортно и легко, он будет стильным и уникальным!bonmarchenewschoolф hoolформашколадетидизайнерская рскаяодеждаnayaнадядзякстилькр

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勉強には不可欠なもの✏️📖 今日も一つちしきが増えたね〜� えたね〜👍 . . ✳︎無料体験レッスン受付中✳︎. 学童 外国語学習 englishschoollessonchildrenho renhokkaidootaruoucstudentteac cardspencil activelearning

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🍒 schooluniform ljkl4lf4finst

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❤ shine khosla💝 (shine3128) Instagram Photos and Videos

❤ shine khosla💝


Comment from ❤ shine khosla💝:

Celebrations of teej festival in school 😊😊😊😊💖

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Bon appétit ! whitebread oliveoil food delicious love provence . . . actilangue frenchlanguagecourse languagecourseabroad languageschool education languagestudy learnfrench french student school teaching teacher languages france cotedazur southoffrance provence niceFR nicefrance nicefranceriviera

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Marc Alfred Ford


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💕 blur test notebook indoors technology school math commerce stilllife number computer text access conceptual finance science focus one concept

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Sober College Students (sobercollegestudents) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sober College Students


Comment from Sober College Students:

In a study done with 4,431 students, 84.9% of those said to have abuse alcohol were white. -L criminaljustice cjmajor students greeklife sober staysafe alcohol shots drinks californiastateuniversity abuse alcoholabuse madd dare dontdrinkanddrive school college collegelife crim3010summer teamrocket facts beerpong findings apa methods help support discuss scholar

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Comment from Lionandowlbrunch:

Up on our blog: July is for the Kids! Our monthly donation is going to Summer Meals to support food access during summer breaks for youth ages 1-18. 🥗

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Verdens Børn (verdensboern) Instagram Photos and Videos

Verdens Børn


Comment from Verdens Børn:

Hop ind på vores Facebookside "Verdens Børn - International Børnehjælp" og læs om Mie, som er frivillig i Verdens Børn. På vores Facebookside kan du også få historien bag dette lidt specielle billede 😄

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Aleksandra Krstic (saschareh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aleksandra Krstic


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Tonight @chinagrilldubai CandiceAndTheRevelers . . . . band getsby style old school music 1920s

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Aquarella Kids (aquarellakids) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aquarella Kids


Comment from Aquarella Kids:

Just because you didn’t get what you wanted doesn’t mean that you failed.😉 Remember, you can always change things!👏🏻🌈🙌🏼

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Mercedes 450SL parked in front of an "old school" villa in Laren with yogastudio!mercedes cabrio r107 laren thenetherlands yoga school vintage vintagecar 450sl 1973

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