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Omar Guerra (thisisowar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Omar Guerra


Comment from Omar Guerra:

Daniel Buren (VOILE/TOILE TOILE/VOILE) 2011 art contemporaryart action sculpture time space artaslife lifeasart image from http://www.mackasanatgalerisi.

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Boni De Guzman Jr. (bonideguzman) Instagram Photos and Videos

Boni De Guzman Jr.


Comment from Boni De Guzman Jr.:

Bukas na po ito kita kits!!! salosalo2017 jstudio " dio "Eroplanongpapelninene" sc

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Giuseppe Cuccurullo (peppekuk) Instagram Photos and Videos

Giuseppe Cuccurullo


Comment from Giuseppe Cuccurullo:

biennaledivenezia biennale art contemporary contemporaryart sculpture man bw blackandwhite padiglionerussia

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rosemarie9999📚 (rosemchrist) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from rosemarie9999📚:

EngebretCafé Oslo streetsofoslo skulptur sculpture art kunst

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jampy's art (jampysart) Instagram Photos and Videos

jampy's art


Comment from jampy's art:

Donna africana - dettaglio - cottura raku (2016) Visit: jampyspottery.w African woman scultura raku terracotta clay pottery sculpture art handmade fattoamano rakuwoman rakusculpture argilla bn blackandwhite arte artigianato hobby myhobby statua cotturaraku statue creativity artist arte details head testa

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Still working ;) ghost papaemeritus papaemeritusiii metalband music sculpture Art lider

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hauserwirth (hauserwirth) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from hauserwirth:

‘Architecture arranges, introduces order, reflects political and social systems. My works are about introducing chaos and uncertainty. They make reality stop being obvious.’—Monika Sosnowska will present an entirely new body of work in her inaugural exhibition opening next week at Hauser & Wirth London entitled ‘Stuctural Exercises’. – Monika Sosnowska’s sculptural language emerges from a process of experimentation and the deft appropriation of core materials that are closely associated with construction, such as concrete, steel beams, pipes and reinforcing rods. These elements, that occur at architecture’s fringes and under the skin of a building to provide support and rigidity, are manipulated and warped by Sosnowska, taking on an independence in which their former functionality is implied yet defunct. – Sosnowska’s interest in the exposed architectural fragment as a poetic metaphor has its origins in her experience of the rapid transformation that consumed Sosnowska’s home town of Warsaw, recording the evolution of political and architectural landscape of Poland following the devastation of World War Two. MonikaSosnowska StucturalExercises Sculpture Architecture Political Social Structure Reality Appropriation Experimentation Construction Concrete Steel Warsaw Poland ContemporaryArt NewExhibition ComingSoon HWLondon HauserWirth Image: Monika Sosnowksa Photo: Tadeusz Rolke

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Valay Gada ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Valay Gada

Comment from Valay Gada:

Exhibition alert!!! artalive2017 art instart instasculpture sculpture valaygada

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Dana Fels (danafels) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dana Fels


Comment from Dana Fels:

behind hidden places: a sculpture of modern art in the garden of the royal palace in Goslar, Germany. . . . travel travelgram traveling vacation vacaciones nikon travelphotography nikonphotography nikonartists photooftheday art streetart sculpture autumn hidden hiddenplaces royal palace royalpalace goslar germany kaiserpfalz flamed sunshine instatravel wanderlust nofilterneeded igtravel nofilter modernart

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Diana Gill (dianacgill) Instagram Photos and Videos

Diana Gill


Comment from Diana Gill:

Carvings on the way to the bay. martinique bay carving sculpture art

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Martin (masljr) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Martin:

petitpalais architecture travel momentours sculpture perspective Paris

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Patricio Duva (pato5780) Instagram Photos and Videos

Patricio Duva


Comment from Patricio Duva:

Probando escudos batman sculpture dc escultura sculpt

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Kevin Harmer (kph80) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kevin Harmer


Comment from Kevin Harmer:

Standing on the shoulders of giants... liverpool sculpture anthonygormley

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Nofar Horovitz ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Nofar Horovitz

Comment from Nofar Horovitz:

What is society without art? streetart streetphotography cityphotography city citylife telaviv Instagram photographer ig_israel israel insta_telaviv artartist photoftheday photography installationart sculpture e_srael goodvibesarecoming

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Bernard Monhonvalle (bernard.monhonvalle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bernard Monhonvalle


Comment from Bernard Monhonvalle:

Jardin des Tuileries Paris art sculpture classicalart photography photooftheday dailyphoto photodujour city garden LesTuileries Paris naturallighting sunlight

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Àlex Salmerón ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Àlex Salmerón

Comment from Àlex Salmerón:

Tucán. art artist design wood woodworking handmade tucan parrot bird barcelona girona sculpture instaart

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Dogan Kokdemir (dkokdemir) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dogan Kokdemir


Comment from Dogan Kokdemir:


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Irene Giannaccini (irene.giannaccini) Instagram Photos and Videos

Irene Giannaccini


Comment from Irene Giannaccini:

A moment at the quarry. www.irenegiannaccini. irenegiannacciniarts iartstudiobaluardoquarryquarry sculpturemarbleart marmo marble carraracarraraartistica marmor marmobiancowhite contemporaryart artecontemporarysculpure mysculpturemyworkshop istartist istaart figurativeart artoftheday escultura stonegranites nature naturals

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真鍋 麻樹 (maki.m.coffret) Instagram Photos and Videos

真鍋 麻樹


Comment from 真鍋 麻樹:

newtype @takem0621 Coffret心斎橋店 店長 真鍋麻樹 @maki.m.coffret Coffret心斎橋 関西 大阪 難波 心斎橋osakajapan nailsnailartsscu tssculpturegelnailsgelarts指甲美甲 s指甲美甲光疗甲네일아트젤네일ジェルネイルスカルプネイルアー ネイルアートデザインコフレ心斎橋真鍋麻樹instalikes

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Three Toads Antiques & Salvage (threetoadsantiques) Instagram Photos and Videos

Three Toads Antiques & Salvage


Comment from Three Toads Antiques & Salvage:

The Broadgate Venus, wintermarket broadgatevenus broadgate london sculpture

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Chicago, Il (chrisbarboi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chicago, Il


Comment from Chicago, Il:

Bowl: 26 inches in diameter . . . artistsoninstagram contemporaryart drawing painting artcollector watercolor color contemporary art contemporaryceramics clay porcelain chicagoart design chicago contemporarycraft sculpture fineart artforsale

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Robert Bothma (robertbothma) Instagram Photos and Videos

Robert Bothma


Comment from Robert Bothma:

Elbphilharmonie abstractions. elbphilharmonie hamburg hafencity tourist travel architecture herzogdemeuron architecturedetails light sky sunset glass sculpture sculptural

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Eirik S (stulanza) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eirik S


Comment from Eirik S:

Nice shapes 90deg tilted 😝 for a light -geek 🤓 sketch sculpture contemporaryart sumofshadows 1340art weekend

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Javier Parada (javierjlparada) Instagram Photos and Videos

Javier Parada


Comment from Javier Parada:

sculpture escultura sculpting cazador

3 Minutes ago
우리 도자기를 널리널리 (roko_ceramic) Instagram Photos and Videos

우리 도자기를 널리널리


Comment from 우리 도자기를 널리널리:

[ ROKO CERAMIC . 로코 ] 로코세라믹의 작품 구경오세요^^ 천안유량동향교1길파랑갤러리 ceramicceramic makehandmadedaily조형수공예도자기도예인테리

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Blake Jones (blake_jones) Instagram Photos and Videos

Blake Jones


Comment from Blake Jones:

Use Code "SALE" in my webshop (link in bio) to get 40% off everything this weekend including my new Eggo toy!

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真鍋 麻樹 (maki.m.coffret) Instagram Photos and Videos

真鍋 麻樹


Comment from 真鍋 麻樹:

フレンチ 黒ブラック ショート 久しぶりのご来店ありがとう 店長 真鍋麻樹 @maki.m.coffret Coffret心斎橋 関西 大阪 難波 心斎橋osakajapan nailsnailartsscu tssculpturegelnailsgelarts指甲美甲 s指甲美甲네일아트젤네일ジェルネイルスカルプネイルアートデザ アートデザインコフレ心斎橋真鍋麻樹instalikesins

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Ners Neonlumberjack (neonlumberjack) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ners Neonlumberjack


Comment from Ners Neonlumberjack:

Concentric Ring feathers available this weekend at! Scroll —> to see Doggo portrait Whistler’s Mother style with works in progress backdrop!

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真鍋 麻樹 (maki.m.coffret) Instagram Photos and Videos

真鍋 麻樹


Comment from 真鍋 麻樹:

ホワイト ワンカラー シンプルフットネイル Coffret 店長 真鍋麻樹 @maki.m.coffret Coffret心斎橋 関西 大阪 難波 心斎橋osakajapan nailsnailartsscu tssculpturegelnailsgelarts指甲美甲 s指甲美甲光疗甲네일아트젤네일ジェルネイルネイルアートデザイ ートデザインコフレ心斎橋真鍋麻樹instalikesinst

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Tom Parkes (parkescarving) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tom Parkes


Comment from Tom Parkes:

Two Moose • • • artwork artist art creative silverwork portfolio artist originalartwork handmade handcarved handcrafted carving waxcarving silver canada150 vancouverart canadianart canadianartist pacificnorthwest carve carver sculpture mastercarver parkescarving tomparkes two moose antlers

4 Minutes ago
David Harber (davidharbersculptures) Instagram Photos and Videos

David Harber


Comment from David Harber:

Throw back Friday.. to a sunny day in summer and the stunning bronze Armillary Sphere. This sculpture is perfect for celebrating an event and/ or milestone as there is so much room for engraving. To find out more visit luxury gardens sculpture time sphericalastronomy bronze verdigris britishcraftmanship queensawardforexport

4 Minutes ago
Kiefer Elliott Dunkeld (kiefer_dunkeld) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kiefer Elliott Dunkeld


Comment from Kiefer Elliott Dunkeld:

It's an amazing feeling, following your dream. hunting manly art🎨 art damascus handmade photography fire fireworks perfect bliss relax workinghard cool coolsculpting blacksmithing blacksmith steel sculpture reginaviews knife knifemaking

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Danilo Borrelli (dani_brrll) Instagram Photos and Videos

Danilo Borrelli


Comment from Danilo Borrelli:

È sempre piacevole tornare nel più grande museo a cielo aperto! rome pantheon architecture building square city citylife history monument citylights thecity capital italy view picoftheday photooftheday instagood instadaily instalike igersroma statue sculpture imperial

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