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내 방 안 무지개

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Bom dia gente ♡

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Comment from Tiffany:

It's Friday YAY!!!!! I get to have breakfast with the ladies this morning ❤ It's always nice to get together with the other wives from my husband's boat. They all know how it is when the boat is gone ⚓️ But enough with that, let's do a #fridayintroductions of #meetthemaker ❤🌈 Hi I'm Tiffany 👋 the wind that blows this cloud around ☁️ I'm married to my amazing sailor who has been in the Coast Guard for 15 years now. ⚓️ Which means he always keeps me on the move and near a coast 🏖. I have 3 crazy boys 17,14,11 and let me just say life is never dull with them around 🤦‍♀️😜lol. I have been a #maker pretty much all my life, but only been on this crazy IG ride for less than a year. March will be one year that I sold my first cloud 🌤. Ok so 3 facts about me:👇 1~ I love old classic movies 🎥 I much rather watch those, than most of the modern day movies. 2~ I'm addicted to thrift store sweaters, seriously my closet is full of them. Lol 3~ lastly I love finding and listening to music that most people never heard of. Some of my favorite bands are- Angus and Julia Stone ( I have been listening to them since 2009). - Wild Child - Joanna Newsome - First aid kit - Thao - Joe Purdy - Johnny Flynn just to name a few. 🎼🎧. I would love to know a little about y'all ❤ Share 3 fun facts about what makes you amazing 🤗. I love getting to know all my beautiful friends better ❤ 😊🌈 #thisismeinmycloud ______________________________________________ #handmadewithlove #coastiewife #militarywife #momboss #mompreneur #maker #makerlife #selfies #stationerylove #girlboss #createdtocreate #planneraddict #etsyshopowner #inmystudio #glassesgirl

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Comment from Deborah Freitas:

Bom diaaaaa!!! Que a sexta seja leve!

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