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John boy (mr.king803) Instagram Photos and Videos

John boy


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1 Days ago
Keelin McHale (kkmchale) Instagram Photos and Videos

Keelin McHale


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Congrats to these two badass women who I'm lucky enough to call my besties! Meggy and Hannah, you both inspire and motivate me with your brains and wit. I hit the jackpot when I met you ladies!! XO 👩🏽‍🔬👩🏼‍⚕️💕 sexyandsmart physicianassistant foodscientist seniorproductdeveloper ER mastersdegree masterofpeanuts PA bestfriends sisters bmorebetches midge bmorestreetslut 11yearsoffriendship beautyandbrains girlboss

1 Days ago
Nik Nikhil (niknikhil3) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nik Nikhil


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I am learning everyday to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire people! 😁💪🏻💪🏻battleropes ripped fitandhappy alwaypositivevibes vivavideo healthiswealth beunique sexyandsmart

2 Days ago
M͙O͙D͙E͙L͙ R͙A͙C͙H͙E͙L͙ 🦄 (tamparachel) Instagram Photos and Videos

M͙O͙D͙E͙L͙ R͙A͙C͙H͙E͙L͙ 🦄


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Came across this award yesterday. I graduated with honors and on scholarship. 👩🏼‍🎓🎓✌🏼funfact beautyandbrains sexyandsmart yesicanbeboth . . . . . imtheoneyouwant youwantmebyyourside intelligenceissexy smartissexy smartisbeautiful lethalcombo deadlycombo erudite sapiosexual intj multifaceted wellrounded lovemylife lovemybody lovemymind photoshoot lingeriemodel fitnessmodel hotblonde bikinigirl iworkout modeling fitgirl fitgirls blondebabe floridamodel

5 Days ago
❤️🎤Shawtie Redd🎤❤️ (shawtieredd81) Instagram Photos and Videos

❤️🎤Shawtie Redd🎤❤️


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Feeling Great Saturday! Enjoy y'all night instafriends 💋enjoyinglife instafriends doubleupzent shawtieredd love life beautiful sexyandsmart beyonce kardashians music vocals rap rapper singer model vibe redhead naturalbeauty

6 Days ago
Carrie Meehan (unstoppablecoach) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carrie Meehan


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I can see far away again! nomorefuzzypeople crystalclear verabradleyspecs sexyandsmart unstoppablecoach

9 Days ago
Teresa McKinzie Flores (teresamckinzie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Teresa McKinzie Flores


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wcw with my beautiful wife 💜 (mostly) everyday you remind me how very fortunate I am to have you as my rock! 😘😉 Thank you for keeping life interesting and fun. I love you so very much @almarian614 🏳️‍🌈 loveher wifelife wce sexyandsmart mywife

10 Days ago
BigSmurf:. (big_smurf951) Instagram Photos and Videos



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realtalktho sexyandsmart matureandclassy understandable forgiving trustworthy honesty mexicanorwhite bossassbitch 💯👌🏼

10 Days ago
SmartBuyKart (smartbuykart) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Aviators make you look extremely mysterious and sexy. Don’t trust us? Then just try out these MarcJacobs aviator sunglasses from SmartBuyKart and see for yourself. Drop the pipe, time for sunglasses now. Buy Now: shades fashionfirst trendy fashionableyou sexyandsmart

10 Days ago
Nisha Tehera (teheranisha) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nisha Tehera


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Sexy and Smart. Psychology lover. A Woman always studying and reading about different mental illnesses, Seduction (of course) Feminine and Sexual Energy. sexyandsmart. glasses. classic. classicgirl. classiclook. muse. newyorkcity. newyork. newyorksummer.

11 Days ago
Nia Jones (_niajones_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nia Jones


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Get you a nerd, we flourish the best🌷🌸🌸RN2017nerdQueen real sexyandsmart 👸🏽💅🏽👩🏽‍🎓🏥👩🏽‍⚕️📶 deg

12 Days ago
Lynn Turner (lynn_writes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lynn Turner


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Sometimes I ramble and rant, and blogging is the BEST for rambling and ranting. 😊 My thoughts on romance's place in literature. Spoiler alert: it deserves to be there, and it deserves respect! Check it out in the link below. HappyMonday! writingromance readingromance writerlythings smartandpretty sexyandsmart http://lynnturne

12 Days ago
NEW DEVIL PROMOTIONS (newdevilpromo) Instagram Photos and Videos




12 Days ago
Nia Jones (_niajones_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nia Jones


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Girl you know you got a body-ody-ody...sexyandsmart nomakeup beauty nerdgoodvibes sundayfunday 👸🏽💅🏽

12 Days ago
KID✖️OF✖️THE✖️YEAR | SENSEI (kimbotran_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from KID✖️OF✖️THE✖️YEAR | SENSEI:

Over one year ago i had the pleasure to perfom with these two beautiful woman! Thank you for sharing that amazing moment with me @alisatsitseronova & @baibaklints And thnx to @internationalimpact_ch for having us❤️ beyonce inconcert concert danceforyou live impact alisatsitseronova baibaklints performance stage sexyandsmart kimbotran riddimdanceschool

13 Days ago
Chi-Chi (msbeantown617) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Tanning & Reading ❤️❤️❤️msbeantown617swimwearbea arbeachweekbeachbodybeachready readyhalfassnakedtanlinespools poolsidepooltimepooldayfuninth ninthesunbikinibodybikiniready readytanningtanningseason3kids 3kidsmamaflawlesstummypierceda rcedandproudpinkbikinilatinahi inahispanicwomenclassyandsassy sassystephenkingmrmercedesbook

14 Days ago
StonedBarbie ™ (tha_barbz) Instagram Photos and Videos

StonedBarbie ™


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Off to work like 💹💼✏... corporatechallenge workflow marketingexpert smartgirls sexyandsmart like followforfollow lesbianswag gayasfuck lesbo workinggirl

14 Days ago
Shimmy LaRoux (shimmylaroux) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shimmy LaRoux


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I'm slowing down a little this July in order to bring y'all some new things in the fall! You have fewer chances to see me, so get in while you can! Chicago shimmylaroux shimmyathome burlesque blackburlesque nightlife chicagonightlife naturalhair shimmyallover blackisbeautiful patriotic bootymeat sassyclassybutneverashy dancer 312 bigthingstocome sexyandsmart shimmysays businessofburlesque burlesqueisaproducttoo

15 Days ago
Jennifer (imjenny_z_h) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Need a lawyer be always serious??!!! Guess so📑✒📇 Original Photo: Eagleeyes_photos MUAH: Amelia Mills corporatelook seriouslawyer sexyandsmart dontmesswithme suits businesslook

15 Days ago
Gil Cerna (thee_fit_coconut) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gil Cerna


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Not enough words in this world can explain how I feel about you. wcw blessed myqueen myfuture oneandonly relationshipgoals shesakeeper alphawoman sexyandsmart

17 Days ago
Adge (adgextreme) Instagram Photos and Videos



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goddesses ☕️ when you're getting ready feelgood feelpositive perfectlyimperfect lovethyself happinessisachoice enjoy being sexyandsmart bepresent embracelife sefcare confidenceiskey saynotonegativity goodvibes letgooftoxicpeople ✌💋

17 Days ago
Tyler Newman (t_newman01) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tyler Newman


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talknerdytome brainiac sexyandsmart brainpower

17 Days ago
Chavala Walker (valalegz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chavala Walker


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When ppl google you only to find out you were a model and the conversation becomes about how longs your legs are 🙄 sexyandsmart womencanbeboth dontlimityourselfinlife throwbackmonday mondaymorningconversations

19 Days ago
London, UK Dancehall Queen (dhqdinah) Instagram Photos and Videos

London, UK Dancehall Queen


Comment from London, UK Dancehall Queen:

I find it interesting when people bash some of us yogis and yoginis for practicing nude or with minimal clothing. So I decided to educate some of you on what traditional yoga attire looks like. When yoga originated in India 🇮🇳, most people wore close to nothing. Men in particular. No shirt, no shorts, no socks and certainly not "yoga pants"...which were a American creation that were invented to *drum roll* make someone/companies rich. Life long yogis wear basically nothing. What we here would consider close to "thongs or g-strings"... with this little bit of knowledge please think twice before you go to belittle or judge someone practicing yoga for "being naked" or not wearing enough clothes...stop fucking judging period! Every woman who practices Yoga in underwear is not fishing for attention. Every woman who chooses to practice naked isn't doing it for "likes"... did you ever consider the fact that we were simply diving into traditional yoga roots. Most people who judge others are typically lacking knowledge in the field they're talking down to someone else about. How can you speak on a topic you know very little to absolutely no information about??? Society tells us anything a woman does that's remotely liberating or freeing is sexual, wrong, attention-seeking, Hoeish. Plus I would like to add in saying there is nothing wrong with a female being sexually confident because there is s difference between a freak and a Hoe. Shallow and small minded people learn to ride the higher waves of frequency. Spreading ignorance, envy and hate won't get you far. And it sure doesn't make your opinion relevant, important or correct for that manner. Namaste 🙏🏽 yoga yogagirl yogagram yogawear yogattire yogaclothing traditionalyoga freakygyal flexiblegirl sexyandsmart lightworker spirituallyawake yogafacts yogavibes goodenergy goodvibesonly confidence women upliftwomen freedom womenareart womenarestrong womenareperfect womenarehuman

20 Days ago
Nicole Mignot (stylingfaces) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicole Mignot


Comment from Nicole Mignot:

💌Note to Self....."As long as you see it, know it, and BELIEVE it that's all that matters. But still Move with HUMILITY."-Nicole~Stylingfaces ❤️ motivation motivationalquotes inspiration inspirationalquotes think knowledgeispower knowyourworth knowyourvalue socialmedia realtalk nicolemignot positivequotes positivity encouragement encourage blackart artlover art meaningfulquotes sexyandsmart beyou beunique bebold confidence stylingfaces

20 Days ago
NightMara (nightmara13) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Is it weird that my fav place to relax by myself and smoke is technically an alleyway? beautyinthemostweirdplaces behindthefrontcover alleysmoker relaxing girlswhosmokeweed sexyandsmart 710 weedstagram cannabismodel vancouverBC CANADIAN proud happycanadaday canada150 cannabiscommunity cannabislife cannabislover cannabiscures mocbudbabes mocbudbabe

21 Days ago
Jemma Lascelles (jemma_crane_lascelles) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jemma Lascelles


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Have an amazing night beautiful ladies 💃prom beautifulgirls sexyandsmart

24 Days ago
the Cotton Mill Boutique (thecottonmillboutiquemeridian) Instagram Photos and Videos

the Cotton Mill Boutique


Comment from the Cotton Mill Boutique:

Darling options in our CLEARANCE section this week only!! This mustard embroidered top is only $30 and the layering tank is marked down to $27. New shipment of long blue jean KanCan shorts also just arrived. yesyoukancan brandedbycottonmill sexyandsmart shopeagleidaho

26 Days ago
Haley🐝 (haleybee77) Instagram Photos and Videos



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It's mcm and mine has always been Gingy, but good lord Don Benjamin mygod whatabeautifulman sexyandsmart 😏😍

26 Days ago
Emily Estabrooks (estabrookse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emily Estabrooks


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Blessed to have such a great man who is capable of doing things that need done on his own instead of just paying someone to do it 😍 handyman thethingsthatmakeamanattractiv lol now the horsetrailer is ready to go across Canada. sexyandsmart canada150 ❤

27 Days ago
Gaspar (brickcityraised) Instagram Photos and Videos



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erotic sexyandsmart romantic inked

28 Days ago
 (chalay90) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Who??? sexyandsmart musicvideo comingsoon exciting latest new instaphoto instamusic

29 Days ago
Htx 🤘🏾 20  👑 Free Him 💍 (reese.ree) Instagram Photos and Videos

Htx 🤘🏾 20 👑 Free Him 💍


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I swear 😂💀😂💀 sexyandsmart

30 Days ago