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Comment from Alex:

Made the switch to razer after struggling with other brands. Time to get some developing done and play some Overwatch and SWTOR. sick sickleave gamernow overwatch gottaloveit

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Bhanu Teja


Comment from Bhanu Teja:

Pre-weekend 😫 sick 🤕🤧 best way to finish today thenotebook icecream movienight sick sucks nashville tennessee 🙃

54 Seconds ago

Kurtis 😊


Comment from Kurtis 😊:

- thedirtynil - Props gentlemen on playing a show not held at the thatgoodwill or pyramidcabaret. So proud of you guys! Keep grinding! Sound more amazing each and every time I see y'all. 😍 thedirtynil sick winnipeg bestband afraidofheightstour swag happy goodtimes concert music like rock ontario badass fun rawk canada manitoba billytalent lel

1 Minutes ago

Jiang Yueyang 🐶


Comment from Jiang Yueyang 🐶:

Exam + sick = "elephant 🐘”✌️ 保护动物,人人有责。 finalexams erasmuslife erasmusuniversity appliedmicroeconomics sick fever cough sad gotohell goodbye

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Comment from Cinthya:

I've been sick for over a week and I hate it so much... I have pictures from my makeup which was way better than todays, but todays for now.😷 lorealmakeup Lumi Foundation covergirl All Day Primer urbandecaycosmetics Naked Smoky Palette loraccosmetics Pro Fiber Mascara nyxcosmetics Soft Matte Lipstick milanicosmetics Contour and Highlight stick itcosmetics Build-A-Brow wakeupandmakeup makeupartistworldwide dressyourface slave2beauty motd sick undiscovered_muas instabeauty lorac loreal covergirl milani nyx urbandecay naked

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Leader - Aleah


Comment from Leader - Aleah:

Wtf lmao

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Comment from Clementine:

Roll up your stress and burn the rest. tired sick nomakeup mentallydrained hotrooms

3 Minutes ago

Kylie Bolen


Comment from Kylie Bolen:

You guys, moms shouldn't get sick it seriously sucks! I guess I shouldn't be surprised though. We took a trip over the longweekend to see family. I always get sick after our trips. 😝 ********** But I did get to snuggle with this cute littleman a lot today and my husband takes fantastic care of me so I can't complain too much! It just gives me a chance to plan some of my projects that need done. momsshouldntgetsick momlife momofboys terribleimmunesystem lovemyboys

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Dannii B


Comment from Dannii B:

takemeback holiday summer 2016 corfu 2 weeks heat cocktails sunbathing private villa upgrade besttime cheeky datass bikini blonde lovedit sick scottishweather snow cold getmeoutofhere ibiza 2017 ☀️ 🍸🌴 👙

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The Hillbilly Cosmonaut


Comment from The Hillbilly Cosmonaut:

"Hey boss, yeah, I don't feel so good. I think I better go home" boogers snot snotface sick sickday

4 Minutes ago

Janelle bond EEN CI


Comment from Janelle bond EEN CI:

It's funny how one always becomes ill at exactly the time they can't afford to. Uni starting, hockey season starting plus work still and organising life. sick sickie viral infection blood tests couldntsweatitout tried rest results tissues bed soup thanks mum advice best eventhoughimanurse

4 Minutes ago

Viral Posts & Vines 😂😱


Comment from Viral Posts & Vines 😂😱:

Biggest Drone Ever 😱😱 • Follow viralscrazy

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Mind One Productions


Comment from Mind One Productions:

"Your mind is everything. What you think you become." -Buddha buddha quotes / Image: "Mind Molecular Congruence" by dope trippy awesome art whoa motivation inspiration dailyquotes sick amazing think become human mind mindseye cool digital openyourmind free freedom live love life onemind oneworld

5 Minutes ago

Josie Voorhees


Comment from Josie Voorhees:

A bit of sad news everyone. This morning I noticed a lot of dark bloody discharge from Sonia's privates (uterine bleeding). I have taken her to the vet immediately. They took a swab but couldn't find any inflammation causing agents, so they gave me some antibiotics and booked my baby for a spey next week. The vet has experience speying rats, but I am still worried about it. I hope Bonbon will pull through this with flying colours. I love her so much 🙁❤❤❤ rat rats ratstagram instarats ratsaspets iloverats ratsareawesome pets instapets ratsofinstagram petsofinstagram cute fancyrats ratlovers ratsarecool sonia&shwifty ratsofig ratlove ratcommunity sick

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No Fox 🦊


Comment from No Fox 🦊:

Mint tea! Perfect for helping me recover. 😋 I'll be streaming in about an hour or so at But for now, gotta do more work.✌️

5 Minutes ago

Jose Canizales R


Comment from Jose Canizales R:

sick afterwork sleepy

5 Minutes ago

Nikki Reiss


Comment from Nikki Reiss:

I couldn't even eat half, but it was nice to eat real food. Blackened salmon and roasted veggies.. . . . . vsgeats vsglife healthy healthfood salmon veggies delish sick foodfinally sofull bariatricsurgery bariatriccommunity bariatricbabe bariatricbadass mealplan cleaneating lifestyle

5 Minutes ago

🐶Jean-Luc Picard (Luca)


Comment from 🐶Jean-Luc Picard (Luca):

This little one hasn't been feeling well today. I pray it's not something bad. This could be a series of people getting sick if it is. I don't want to be sick 😷 love beautiful water nature life landscape naturelovers fun photography lake adventure view outdoors nature explore naturephotography pond nature_up_close naturegram naturelover natureporn canon canonphotography littleone kid nephew sick ohno

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Comment from Oftalmoinnovaciones:

🇺🇸Your cornea is important for sight. It bends and focuses light into the eye. Light is then focused further by the eye's lens onto the retina, at the back of the eye. Your retina converts light into electrical signals. These are then sent to the brain where they are interpreted as the images we understand as sight. 🇻🇪Su córnea es importante para la vista. Dobla y enfoca la luz en el ojo. La luz es entonces enfocada más lejos por la lente del ojo en la retina. Esta convierte la luz en señales eléctricas que son envíadas al cerebro donde se interpretan como las imágenes que entendemos como vista. keratoconus sick healthy health salud bienestar video oftalmologia worldwide venezuela caracas unitedstates doctor medicine medicina estudio oftalmologo surgery

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Comment from bslickbenz:

Kids are weird. 👽🐶❤️ . . . . . iLoveMyLittleHuman MommysLittleMonster sick SickHuman StanleyTheDog DogsOfInstagram catahoula catahoulaleoparddog

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