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Humm...🤔 vodka imfat old sick yoga noyoga today fitness fitnessjourney mysuccess fuckit nottoday goals drinking mood

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Always take the roots 🌲

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Isabelle 🙋🇳🇱


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Ook een manier om onder de toetsweek uit te komen natuurlijk.. na 4 dagen Aoa thuis verder rusten 💉💊😪 . . . . . . sick tired notsucha fitgirl hospital infuus enschede aoa dayafter recover deadlines stress overload burnout fever infection infected staypositive stayhappy pierced piercing septum selfie noshameselfie dutchie dutch

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😁💛 Thursday night @bsmtspace Vs Friday night warehouse. sick 😄🖤 neon sticky

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Raven M Funderburg


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I truly apologize if this pic is too gruesome or too much for some, but I want to keep the education & awareness going, Even after being sick for 17yrs & being on dialysis for 11yrs, I learn something new constantly. Praise God for modernmedicine & the people He has given the ideas to. I'm happy to still be here w/ my wonderful son & other loved ones, thanks to the Creator of all of us for helping those to figure out so much so I can have longer/quality life & time w/ my son & get to be mom for as long as its in the cosmic plans, I just want my son to remember me & never forget how we laugh every single day. I go this Thurs for more medicaltesting in regards to trying to get a kidneytransplant I hope & pray that soon I will be able to get a livingdonor who matches me & is healthy enough to donate. When I first got on the transplantslist back in '06 so much has changed. The kidney medical team at UAB are truly amazing how far they've come & now just in the past decade they have made it extremely easy on the living donor. The donor barely has any scar or downtime. It's done with a laser now & my health insurance will cover them for a year & even if you have just an ingrown toenail that wonderful donorhero of mine will be able to visit the doctor & will be taken great care of. I am so impressed how far everything has come. This pic is of my wound from the latest surgery. It is healing nicely thanks to my wonderful Mother who takes care of the unpacking & packing because as strong as you all think I am, I'm not always capable of handling the stresses that come with all the things that can happen. All my stitches have come undone, but home health assures me that's fine because it's healing so well. Thank you all for your prayers & goodvibes. Our Creator hears & feels them & blesses me. I feel so honored to have such a strong support group. Even if you are just checking in on me, or maybe just a quick "like" or smiley face, that's what make me stronger. Thank you all for having my back for so long. Many blessings to everyone of you. I know I am never alone on this journey.

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Gee Sousa


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Quando sinusite bate 😴😳😰 acabalogodia sick sinu

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Kerry D'Arrigo


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Not feeling well. Summer colds call for home made chicken noodle soup. boyandbones besties skeletonfriends skeletons lol followme toddlerlife momlife friendshipgoals parenting littleboys summerfun summertime funny skeletonsofinstagram skulls happy picoftheday kids tuesday undertheweather summercolds chickennoodlesoup sick

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سلامت، زیبایی و زندگی سالم (persian_care) Instagram Photos and Videos

سلامت، زیبایی و زندگی سالم


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. ورزش در هنگام بیماری کارهایی که باید انجام بدیم: اگر که حس و حال ورزش تو این شرایط رو دارین و دوست دارین که یه فعالیتی انجام بدین بهتر هست که مثلا به جای دویدن پیاده روی کنین و یا به جای حرکات کششی، حرکات یوگا رو انجام بدین. کاهش سطح فعالیتتون نسبت به روزای قبل باعث میشه که به نفس نفس نیفتین و سیستم ایمنیتون ضعیف نشه. با این وجود اگر که دیدین داره در حین فعالیت حالتون به جای خوب شدن بدتر میشه، حتما ورزش رو کنار بذارین و استراحت کنین. . persiancare fitness health healthy exercise workout healthcare health benefit my_body body illness ill sick helpful ورزش مناسب توصیه تجویز سلامت سلامتی بیماری بیمار نرمش تمرین مفید بدن تحرک استراحت تناسب_اندام

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Renan Rodrigues


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Ficando doentinho logo no fim do semestre pra ferrar a vida! Flu ruining my finals! beard beardedman hairstyles mustache sick

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Remember I love you❤️ Resulta que no subo fotos porque me olvidó, y ahora que estoy malira me he acordado 😂 Por cierto, en unos minutos tendréis nuevo vídeo (dónde os digo un secreto)

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Kat harina


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A little sick but happy that I could still get through my workout 😊😊 cannot wait for the weekend 😍 🇨🇦

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Sick Martha


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When you're feeling blousy & full & blown out sickmartha sick plantlife tending summer

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Maybe.....😪 ----------------- ------------------------------ Not Trying To Trigger Anyone ❤ ---------------------------- ------------------------------ Follow Like And Comment ❤ ---------------------------- ------------------------------ depression depressed whynotkillmyself quotes sad true death broken killmyself kms selfharm selfhurt hate hatemyself imnotokay sick depressionquotes scars cuts wanttodie depressedboy imnotnormal selfhate suicidal

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ginevra ♡


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hello all, exams today went pretty well, i wasn't very anxious which is a plus. i'm at a taster day at a college tomorrow with 40 other people from my year, so i'm pretty nervous over that :/ i ate so much dominos for dinner so ended up working out to try and help gift some of the guilt. on the bright side, one of my cats, who's not cuddly at all, is lying next to me letting me stroke his head and is purring away, so so cute 🐱 - - - - - cat kitty kitten purrfect purr love flowers mentalillness mentalhealth mental selfhelp selfcare selflove eatingdisorder recovery recover prorecovery anxiety depressed depression sick daisy dominos dominospizza fitness workout diary

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Amg gt-r. Which one? cars lamborghini laferrari p1 ferrari bugatti chiron veyron awesome sick millionaire rollsroyce maserati Bentley porsche cadillac luxury vintage car speed voiture carswithoutlimits carsofinstagram motor automotive mclaren carshow2017 millionairelifestyle mercedesamg

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Brandon Brenton


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@tybrenton part of the video sick stupid sick canon awesome possum fun

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LatinoAthlete It's A Movement


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Catch of the Year? javierbaez sick catch beisbol latinoathlete teampuertorico mlb shortstop defense chicago cubs

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Gregor Dudko


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🤒🤒😷 a little sick! sickbaby sick ohno boy

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Steve Rizun (Rizun Drummer) (bigrizz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steve Rizun (Rizun Drummer)


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Holy sht!! This LM402 has Canada wrien all over i, I really need one of hese!! 🇨🇦🥁

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Keeping The Heaters Off IG (gringogump) Instagram Photos and Videos

Keeping The Heaters Off IG


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Jot Maxi - HACKTIVIST (jotmaxi) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Glastonbury was insane!! So many mad things, too much to take pictures of. I was busy playing 2 sets on 2 different stages!! Big up to everyone who rolled through...

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Today's offering. Available as a tatto.flashwork tattooflash tattoo wolftattoo sick @siqwolftatzonly cyborg robot scifi traditional sickwolftattoo paint painteveryday art artist dmvtattooartist dmv gaithersburg maryland tatwizardry

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💥follow me i guess💥


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Starting to cause a Ruckus in here... @nolan_kasten look at these lines canon fast lowered tuned edited white wheels whitewalls thatangletho photography honda horsepower fitment doitforthecars sick stance slammed cartography cartogrophy vicegrips ballingonbudget @clean_culture @teamhondaruckus @honda

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~ Matteo Ricci ~ (ricci_met) Instagram Photos and Videos

~ Matteo Ricci ~


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Boy me photography blackandwhite sick

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Zooooo verliefd op deze hele set van @dr_peacock 😍😱 defqon1 jewastegek frenchcore drpeacock thislifeislost potjandorie nietnormaal hardcore saturday verliefd inconcert hardcore sowiesowel leven wijzijnhardcore offrenchcore wilterug samenmetallehelden sick

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“I feel like I’ve swallowed a cloudy sky.” 🌨🌪☁️⛈ • • • drunk different quote style punk style underground crybaby alchocol lovely punkrock 90s metal crying room friends grewup sick darkness mad heart emotions shout me blind beautiful flowers forgive kill differentxparadise

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Wilfried Meunier


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💉C I C A T R I C E💉 Ce matin changement de pansement comme tout les jours depuis 1 semaine et voilà ou en est la reconstruction de la plaie💉 Je me serrais passe largement de ce troue de merde dans ce bras !😡 sick scars hop colere fit fitness fitnessaddict fitnessalways fitnessboy fitnesschallenge fitnessday fitnessmen fitnessboy nopainnogain nervergiveup fitnessmotivation fitnessdetermination fitnesstime fitnessworld fitnessfrance fitnessfrenchies roadtosuccess

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🍒Charity🍒 💋@zealousmommy💋


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🎈♥🎈 aww ILOVEHIM creepy cute lil fucker clowning clown artwork paint handmade doll odd creative creepydoll savage spookydoll clowns dark af art ill cheese babydoll happy off different zealousmommydollz sick z 💋

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Determined fit chick


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transformationtuesday peeps! I am feeling gross after a bad weekend of eating and now a cold from working out did not and will not be happening until possibly Thursday. I have a busy work week too so that is why I have to miss today's and tomorrow's workouts. Does anybody else feel extremely bad if they miss too many days in a row? weightloss weightgain muscle gains ihatewhenihavetomissworkouts sick coldfromhell busy fitness fit girlygains

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Brandon Brenton


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Custom tee we did for @s3_dubs sliver foil with the gold peak 🔥sosick sosickclothing clothing fashion tshirt glow custom music uk gold skull design sick london birmingham urban streetfashion streetwear urbanfashion exclusive clothingline summer street model dancehall uk mensfashion sliver kids artist style

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Modest Pride 🌴


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🎧 Made this beat under two hours, check it out on my SoundCloud👌🏽👌🏽💯💯

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