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Currently wishing I was this happy again and not dying of sickness🌈🌈🌈 #chats #sickandtired

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It's 12AM. We didn't sleep last night because Bodi is sick and can't rest at all. And again tonight I realize that we (Mommy) isn't getting any sleep. So now here we are, in the bathroom, with the shower going on hot in hopes that the steam will loosen up that mess and he can breathe through that little nose. It's amazing how my body can keep going when I could actually cry from being so exhausted. If you need us, we'll be alternating between the steamy bathroom and walking the halls while I sing Stevie Nicks. #momlife #sickandtired #boymom #stevienicks

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#32weeks Just faking it until I make it. Today I heard both, ”Wow, you've really popped out" and "32 weeks?? I thought you were like 22 weeks, you're tiny!" Really, I'm somewhere in the middle and just surviving. I'm here and I try to show up and that's about it. #miraclebaby #lds #sickandtired #justkeepswimming

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Hmm... I drank this little pink powder around 9am... it's about 5:40pm now and I'm not tired. Um.. excuse me self, you're supposed to be tired. Right? I mean, you used to always be tired at this time! 😯 I already exercised this morning, but in honor of my sustained energy today, I'm going to do another workout! (Short and simple and then time with my kiddos!) Woohoo! 🎉

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