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Gabriela Palioni


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sure sickandtired leer

25 Minutes ago
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alexis jacobson


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It's been a rough week. Still feeling horrible today but it's time to try & go back to work. 12hr tonight, final exam tomorrow for fish & wildlife tomorrow followed by a 24hr shift. Fingers crossed I make it through 👌 sickandtired

1 Hours ago
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j & m ✨


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Woke up so sick this morning but I know that this tea always gets me through my day ☕️ roobois and honey 🍯 advice of the day: dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today - J • • • • tea summer honey sickandtired sick sun adviceoftheday advice quotestoliveby quoteoftheday blogger blogging blogs blog bloggerlife bloggingcommunity writingcommunity writersofinstagram cupoftea

1 Hours ago
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👓 harrypotterfilter potterhead badday polishgirl glasses sickandtired nogoodbye nomakeup selfie instagirl l4l webstagram polskakobieta coldasfuck picoftheday bedtime andwatch favoritemovie sickgirl

1 Hours ago
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Purposely Awakened


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Wanda Sykes may be crazy, funny but she speaks the truth!

2 Hours ago
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Dayle L


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Sick day cuddle buddy ❤️ restandfluids itsavirus sickandtired summercold cat cats catsofinstagram tabby tabbycat tabbycats tabbylovers tabbycatsofinstagram catmom catmomma catmommy crazycatlady furbaby furrybaby furryfriend cuddles cuddlebuddy catsmakelifebetter

2 Hours ago
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kaylie jane


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When you feel shitty af 🤒 sickandtired

2 Hours ago
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Dayle L


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Thanks Dr. Google. Or it could be a cold. webmd doctorgoogle really really? sick justacold really funny summercold sickandtired itsavirus noantibiotics restandfluids

2 Hours ago
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Shannon Mitchell


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Loving the view from my office 😎 PrimeRealEstate WorkHardPlayHarder

3 Hours ago
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Kelli's Weightloss Adventure


Comment from Kelli's Weightloss Adventure:

Truth!! If you are stuck doing the same actions or habits will never get you to where you want to be. Dig a little deeper, take a deep breath and tackle the changes that are needed. Change and the unknown are scary, but you never know what wonderful things your next chapter has in store. You got this and have a wonderful Tuesday! . . sickandtired thankfultuesday worried healthy worthit healthyeating newday balance dontworry relax girlwithgoals lovethejourney loseweịght change newbeginnings emotionaleating myfavoritethings candida determined myjourney positive foodallergies challengeaccepted igotthis hashimotos bringit headspace dreams autoimmune lifestylechange

3 Hours ago
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❤Lauren P ❤


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RANT!! 😡 so my cousin said her doc thinks she may have endo and since that was said to her ive done everything i can to be supportive and such but she keeps making her potential endo into a competition- she says "oh i have to take 20 pills a day!" and other shit like this! Now as you all know ive got many chronic illnesses but this girl who is family is trying to make everything into a competition! Shes trying to tell me her health is worse (yet she is still able to work, socialise etc without payback!) and that she knows EXACTLY what i (and so many other endo sisters) go through 😡 today shit really blew up coz this cow turned around and said to me "im not having a go at you but you were able to go on a ghost hunt so you should be able to get on with it and work" and other comments like "being positive will help you" and then she goes on to say "i know people who have it so much worse than you so get over it" 😡😡 i dont have enough angry emojis to convey how fucking pissed off i am! 😡 so i stood up for myself and told her she has no idea what i live with and that its a major achievement for me to even be able to get out of bed, and told her i was disappointed for her judgmental comments of me- which were all meant with derogatory intent just coz im on disability and cant work- her exact response was "grow up" like how fucking dare she! How dare anyone judge me like that and treat me like im a bad person! 😡😡😡 to fuel this already severe borderline rage i told my mam and my own mother agreed with my cousin! My mother went on to say that all my illnesses were caused by myself! Like how the fuck did i give myself my illnesses?! I am beyond furious! Some empathy costs nothing 😡😡😡 endometriosisawareness endometriosis endostrong endowarrior fightlikeagirl adhesions migraines interstitialcystitis eupd gastritis fibromyalgia borderlinepersonalitydisorder mentallyill ibd chronicpain chronicillness chronicfatigue chronicpainwarrior pelvicpain spoonie spooniestrong sickandtired invisibleillness butyoudontlooksick sickgirl borderlinepersonality mentalillnessawareness chronicpelvicpain undiagnosed weareallison

3 Hours ago
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It may seem a strange principle to enunciate as the very first requirement in a hospital that it should do the sick no harm. Florence Nightingale. strangerthings stranger charliegard charlie charliesangels charliesfight what is goingon noharm lifeislife prayers pray sick country babyboy prayers pray helphim 🤔 teresamay you are a disgrace shameonyou

3 Hours ago
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Erin Weber


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I just finished BrainMaker by @davidperlmutter and this quote was the first thing I could come up with when thinking how to sum it up. I have to say, as a Holistic Health Coach, I've been schooled on much of the science and lessons he covers in the book however, none took such ahold of me as my personal experience of coming through the fog to reclaim my own health again. It all makes such sense now. I'm so glad I took the time to check this goodread off my list...and if you want to safeguard your health for years to come, you should too! healthiswealth preventionoverprescription sickandtired loveyourguts goodbacteria probiotics prebiotics fermentedfoods plantpower microbiome eatrealfood antiinflammatory longevity howcanihelpyou healthcoach rippleeffect

4 Hours ago
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Dalia Aydin


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help please need change changeisgood surpriseme somethinggood soon sickandtired boredom routine work spiceitup life quotestoliveby quote quoteoftheday instaquote

4 Hours ago
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гуляемся tuesday walkingstreet vco vcocam sickandtired follow4follow like4like instagood instalikes chernihiv mychernihiv catherinschurch likeall likefortags

4 Hours ago
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Its long gone. bye sanity crazy insane mentalhealth vacation sickandtired relax

5 Hours ago
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Comment from Julia:

Reality check... sometimes I feel so crappy I can't get out of bed, because the medication I'm taking to help me can also make me sick. I'm on a new pain medication which actually seems to be helping *fingers crossed* but increasing the dose has made me feel so so yucky. Tomorrow I will be out of bed and back to work, and people will wonder why I've had another sick day. Hidden illnesses really suck, but I'm doing a Taylor Swift and shaking it off! bosslady dontworry sickandtired chronic duvetday fuckoffpain shakeitoff painpaingoaway bounceback tomorrowisanewday comeongirl beatit positivethinking powerthrough hiddenillness

6 Hours ago
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Day 5 at Statybybininkų gatvė rimont remontas renovation oldschool soviet soviethouse sovietstyle statybybininkugatve sickandtired tired dirty mess instalithuania fullcap constructionwoman girl me cute picoftheday photooftheday instagood swag cool igers instagramers tattoo sleevetattoo girlswithtattoos ink inked

6 Hours ago
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Shannon Mitchell


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2.75 miles ✔️ It's a rare summer day in Wilmington when the humidity is this low and it's below 90! I had to take advantage! There's a good chance I'll still do my Insanity workout later tho 😳💪🏻 Glistening BeatTheCrowd Serenity DayThree

6 Hours ago
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Comment from Nelma:

I am SO tired, I didn't sleep well at all last night! I wanted to pee all the time but not much came out. The vet said I most probably have an infection... 🤒 I am not sure what it means, but I know that they told me I was very brave. I think the treats I got (plenty but not enough) gave me some kind of superpowers... thank you for the compliments and especially the good care @esteriella sickpuppy omaeläinklinikka vet puppy labrador labradoroftheday yellowlab yellowlabpuppy Labrador_feature kipeenä tired sickandtired sickandtiredofbeingsickandtire bravepuppy superpuppy talesofalab treats laboftheday

6 Hours ago
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Just Thrive


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Are you feeling bloated, constipated stressedout sluggish depressed sickandtired have brainfog tummyache inflammatoryboweldisease acne or just plain sick all the time? Your gutbacteria may be out of whack! JustThriveProbiotic can help you feelyourbest and liveahealthylife. Start thriving today by clicking the link in our bio. tuesdaytip healthandwellness probiotics guthealth ThriveProbiotic JustThriveSupplements takeadailyjustthriveprobiotic naturalhealth diet vitamins bestsupplements haveanamazingday

7 Hours ago
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Trust me,I'm an unicorn. Still sickandtired 😒

8 Hours ago
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Kamilla Rønnov Kramme Høy


Comment from Kamilla Rønnov Kramme Høy:

Changing my relasingleship status from 'single' to 'still single'... 👎 singleaf sickandtired ofchasing nolove wackassmen needaman dateme 😂 wantaman wantlove

8 Hours ago
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有毒 感冒将近一个月🤷🏻‍♀️ sickandtired

8 Hours ago
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Nuviana Arrichiello


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Uno, nessuno, centomila praha impossibleisnothing sickandtired

9 Hours ago
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Saara Niemi


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selfie me today orton rehabilitation chronicillness chronicpain chronicinfections sickandtired 😴a

9 Hours ago
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Alina Boey


Comment from Alina Boey:

It's a cruller world out the, people. Dough say I didn't warn you...only the fritters survive. lol lameassjoke twistedtuesday crullers youtiao comfortfood deepfrieddoughstick porridge sickfood sickandtired mywholebodyhurts feverfood nowineforme

10 Hours ago
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• Márcia Trindade •


Comment from • Márcia Trindade •:

BOM DIA❗ Vamos lá, mais um dia, força, motivação!!! É o 134° dia ... de baixa 😐 hernialombar L5S1 nervociatico dores muitasdores doresatodaahora MAAAAS nem tudo é mau, faltam 18 dias para a 1AMTCO 💪 Resumindo listadeespera cirurgias dolorosamentelento 😒 ⏩⏩ ⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵ GOOD MORNING❗ C'mon, one more day, strength, motivation !!! It is the 134th day ... at home 😐 sickandtired lumbarhernia L5S1 sciaticnerve pain lotsofpain painsallthetime BUUUUT isn't everything bad, there are 18 days left for the 1AMTCO 💪 Summing up : waitinglist surgeries painfullyslow 😒 ⏩⏩

11 Hours ago
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Comment from Magda:

one week left 😔

11 Hours ago
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Marta Popielarz


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Taki zestaw na dziś.. chcę w końcu wyzdrowieć :( 😪🤧🤒 takie wolne herbata cytryna miód lekarstwo chora atrzeba było iść do lekarza sickandtired sickgirl poorgirl tea lemon honey lemsip cold flu morningtea medicines hatetobesick

11 Hours ago
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Clare Louise


Comment from Clare Louise:

Some days are worse than others...💔

13 Hours ago
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Elijay Marie


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Thought I'd be better by now but this virus won't leave 😭 lianemoriarty trulymadlyguilty girlswholovebooks readingalldayeveryday hibernationmode sick😷 sickandtired sleptfor4hours

13 Hours ago
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IMPORTANTE PARÁ QUEM ME SEGUE. OU NÃO. VC DECIDE. IMPORTANT FOR THOSE WHO FOLLOWS ME. OR NOT. YOU DECIDE IT. Eu lutei, eu clamei, eu pedi ajuda, eu fiz de tudo. O preconceito vai me levar a isso. Não existe raça, cor, tamanho, idade, classe social, nada, pra sentir a dor e sentir que tu tem que tirar tua vida Pq Vc é invisível e sofre com julgamentos diários , preconceitos diários, não sei nem qts tipos de preconceitos existem, mas são muitos, muitos muitos. Sei que estou cansada do preconceito que EU sofro. E rótulos, rótulos, rótulos. Ninguém aguenta. Como eu sou rotulada...Se engana Vc que pensa que apenas gays, negros, gordos e etc.. sofrem preconceito. Eu sou uma branca num país miscigenado que é rotulada de Td Qt é adjetivo e sofre preconceito de todas as formas, e engraçado é fui muito melhor tratada, fiz mais amigos e eles não me rotulam e respeitam a merda da doença física que eu tenho lá fora. Engraçado isso. Aqui o que mais vi na minha vida foi sempre um querendo passar pelo outro. Pessoas ignorantes, ou pensam que são MT inteligentes e mal te conhece e fala merda, Pq nesse país o legal é maltratar e não calar a merda da boca e parar com ESTA MERDA de julgar, condenar, rotular mesmo antes de te conhecer. Tu sofre abuso sexual aqui e a culpa ainda é tua. Médicos que são monstros, destratam, gritam, mentem, matam, tem Síndrome de Deus. Ou do diabo. Quem comete suicídio não é egoísta. Não é fraco. Tenha certeza que essa pessoa tentou de tudo, talvez clamou por ajuda e Vc nem percebeu e Vc não FEZ NADA! Só digo mais: o seu dedo apontado para os outros vai ajudar a matar alguém. Minha morte vai fazer diferença na sua vida? Não. Vai mudar o comportamento imundo dessa sociedade detestável? Não. Vou ser mais uma na lista enorme que é ignorada por todos. *Ultima vez que atualizo essa porra. Da próxima vez alguém da minha família vai apagar a porra dessa conta que nunca serviu pra nada, não vou estar mais aqui e sim, eles estão cientes de tudo. Muitos dedos ajudaram a me matar. Se Vc leu isso amanhã, eu já estou morta. 👍 Se leu e não tentou fazer nada, Vc não é um ser humano. suicidio terpazdormirenaoacordarmaissui

21 Hours ago