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Wee Yeak


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太多情绪,压抑的喘不过气。也许生病才知道自己很脆弱,没有想象中坚强...🤧😷🤒 bestrong needtoseedoctorsoon sleeplessnights sickandtired herbaltea idontwantworking

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Sick and tired 😪🤧😷🤒🤕 zakazmówienia nakazleżenia zwariuje chcenadwór trzykoncertywtymtygodniu chcestrunyzestali baddays sick tired sickandtired inhalacje ratunek zapaleniekrtani boli gardło jakzyc alergia tragedia jutromuszebyczdrowa antybiotyk niepomaga załamka

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Sam Shelley


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Long night a head poor girl has a temp of 39.5 😫🤒 daughter poorthing sickandtired bigbaby

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Where is my head🤔 sunset sickandtired

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es ist mir egal, welchen hintergrund dieser anschlag in manchester tatsächlich hatte. egal ob aus "religiösen" hintergründen oder einfach nur aus purer lust, unschuldige menschenleben auszulöschen. denn eins hat JEDER ANSCHLAG und JEDE ATTACKE: FEIGHEIT! aber dass eine veranstaltung als ziel ausgesucht wurde, an der überwiegend KINDER UND JUGENDLICHE dran teilgenommen haben, die einfach nur ein konzert genießen und eine unbeschwerte zeit haben wollten, werden dieses ereignis nun leider für immer in negativer erinnerung behalten. kinder und jugendliche können am wenigsten dafür, dass sich überall auf der welt erwachsene menschen sich wie monster verhalten müssen... prayfortheworld maketheworldtoabetterplace sickandtired stoptheworldandletmeout stopterror stopattacks savetheworld childrenareinnocent wearealllivingonthesameplanet

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Travel makes life better and healthier.. Get well soon dear me-self.. wheretonext breakaway iamsick sickandtired postmarathon ineedtosleepmore tootiredtodoanything travelquote quoteoftheday

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Ashleigh Butler


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Check out this weeks blog post! "The Darkness That Came Before The Light" link in my bio or copy and paste below chronicillness chronicfatigue chronicpain chronicillnessblog chronicillnesswarrior illnessblog invisibleillness undiagnosedillness undiagnosed sickandtired butyoudontlooksick warrior strength fighter blog blogger positivity positivevibes

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Jasně, proč si nezpříjemnit hezké počasí třeba takovým zánětem močáku, že jo 🙄🤒 au chudinkajsem litujteme totonenireklama infekcemocovychcest sickandtired ill yankeecandle

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And then Satan said, "put alphabet in Math.." it is when Math screws us all. sickandtired screwyouschool

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Marion Devísì


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Alerte panda malade😷 Après 3 jours de pics de fièvre le soir aujourd'hui c est un pic de fièvre dès le matin 😐 repos forcé 😖 sosenfantgrognon bebemaladou malade athome dayoff sick sickandtired fiver instapic instamood instamoment instalove instababy unemereengalere umeg

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Cing Education


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I love this Repost from @makiathey ( @get_repost). We spoonies have faced more fear than most people. We fear not knowing where to turn or how to cope, and slowly losing our way of life. But we rise up and conquer! ・・・ You have the choice on what fear means for you. choice fear motivation motivationalquotes inspiration mindset mindovermatter healthymindandbody

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My good companion these days! 🐝🌼🌸🌺sorethroat sorethroatremedy manukahoney honeydew lozenges 70+ manukapollen sickandtired tiredofsickness healthwish honeybee newzealandspecial besthoneyintheworld soothe

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Preston Chan


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Day 114 - Thank goodness after 5 days at the hospital this little Pbear can go home. It was quite an experience. 終於可以沖涼啦 . . . . . . . . . . poorbaby poorboy littleangel littleandbrave firsttimemom hkmama hkmama hkbaby hongkongbaby letthekids letthembelittle pixel_kids homesweethome mybaby coolkids sickandtired sickbaby takecare getwellsoon igbabies momblogger momlife mom_hub proudmommy momswithcameras

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Please pray for England....Manchester is in my thoughts furriends! Momma is mad and that makes me sad. She says there's too much hate in the world. People hurting other people, animals or kids just shouldn't exist. But it does and I agree with her......we must pass on a smile, a hug, a tail wag, lick or a kind word/bark whenever possible. The more the bad guys hate....the more we will love💕🐶💕RIP Manchester victims! 🙏🏼 The world cares, starting w/ my little corner of the world 🇺🇸sendinglove sendinglovetomanchester sickofthehate sickofterrorism sickandtired gracie prayers dogsofinstagram bostondogs dogsofboston havaneseoftheworld hatehasnohomehere

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Morgan Nelson


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thrive dft capsulas shakes level lifestyle sickandtired sickandtiredofbeingsickandtired

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Delila Hix Windsor


Comment from Delila Hix Windsor:

laylajademonroe👑 sickandtired

5 Hours ago
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Ninve M


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Praying for Manchester .. Something's seriously wrong with this world when you plan to have a good time but it ends up like a nightmare.. no words sickandtired fighthatewithlove prayers prayformanchester

6 Hours ago
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I'm tired. Tired of being taken advantage of. Tired of being depressed. Tired of being sick. Just tired tired sad sick takenadvantageof sickandtired sickandtiredofbeingsickandtired depression depressed crying

6 Hours ago
M E G ☨ I S A B E L L E (megberkin) Instagram Photos and Videos

M E G ☨ I S A B E L L E


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7 Hours ago
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Alexandra Martinez Ortega


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I'm just tired... Red Black JustTired SickAndTired

8 Hours ago
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Mummy always cuddles with me whenever I don't feel well, so now I'm returning the favor. 🐶💖 pomskypuppy pomskies fluffy fluffydog pomskylife pomskiesofinstagram pomskynation sick sick😷 sickday sickandtired

8 Hours ago
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Queen Incronic


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Gods, I am horribly sick, but at least the rain is beautiful :) 🤒sick😷 sick sickandtired sickandtiredofbeingsickandtired rain rainday

9 Hours ago
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Cheryl Nugent


Comment from Cheryl Nugent:

TomPerez the new dnc chairman got boed everywhere he still didn't get it the folks are sickandtired of the vulgarity hooliganism coming from the scumbags in the demonRATS party. 💩💩💩

9 Hours ago
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Comment from tonya_musgrove:

These past 2 years I've come to the realization that blood sugar stabilization is so important to helping my body be in balance. If you're always craving junk food, tired, get frequent headaches, & moody, your blood sugar is unbalanced. I used to struggle with all of these. I took naps all the time. 😴I was addicted to fast food🍟, and my headaches were horrible which resulted in me being in a bad mood. Not only that but I loved candy 🍬and always had a stash of it. However, my lifesaver aka my pink drink has helped me so much. 💕It's helped balance my lipid glucose levels😌 If you can relate to those symptoms comment "ME."⬇️⬇️

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Loving a $5 boost! Been sick for the past 5 days and had to take time off work 😫 lovinglife

10 Hours ago
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Nicole Ockmond


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Sorry it's been a bit since I posted a tune. I've got an acoustic snippet of something off of my sophomore summer album release somethingoutofnothing this one is called sickandtired stayed tuned for release date instamusic acoustic singersongwriter itsanockmondthing singing instagood

10 Hours ago
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Keren Slutzkin


Comment from Keren Slutzkin:

So many people ask me why do I start my day like this? Since adding these babies to my daily routine I’ve noticed ... ⬆️ Increased energy 🍭 Reduced sugar cravings 😖 Reduced anxiety & stress 💤 Better sleeping patterns 🌯 Craving healthier meals 💅🏼 Stronger hair & nails 👧🏼 Clear glowing skin 🌻Boosted immune system 💪🏼 Faster muscle recovery My question to them is when these are some of the benefits......WHY WOULDN’T I?

11 Hours ago
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💋Sunshine Hollywood 💋


Comment from 💋Sunshine Hollywood 💋:

Melanie: I AM SICK OF YOUR SHIT DONALD!!!THE SHADE!!! Lol 😆 I wonder what he did this time! Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️🙅🏽👀🤔 shade ridiculousness doghouse wtf donaldtrump badgirlsclub sickandtired reallife realshit realtalk hotmess viral fight relationshipgoals trump potus 45 joke

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Shannon D Hicks


Comment from Shannon D Hicks:

When all you want to do is sleep to get better, but you are a mom. momlife momofthree sickandtired mondayblues isitbedtime

12 Hours ago
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Billie Webb


Comment from Billie Webb:

Fuck it🙄🙃 sickandtired boredofthisnow fedup likeforlike like4like followforfollow follow4follow

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Mehmet Güli Aytar


Comment from Mehmet Güli Aytar:

Yahu şu fotoğraflar ne tuhaf şeyler.Arkadaki uydu anteni kablosu, burnumun uzerindeki uçuk ve sivilcelerimden dolayı bu fotoğrafi instagrama koymamalıymışım falan 🤔 homemade sickandtired tootired

13 Hours ago
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So when you have a MRSA infection taking over your eye, you wear an eye patch. Greg saw an opportunity he couldn't pass up and fashioned me a prosthetic eye. mrsa chronicallyill theillest madeyes crazyeyes browsonfleek onfleek nomakeup bandaged mrsasurvivor @his_electric_magic_carpet always makes me smile, even through the rough stuff. truelove iloveyou lifewithgregburner

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