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Lorella Palumbo ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Lorella Palumbo

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2013. memories tuttoiniziòcosì theatre rassegna 2013 sunsetpics beautifulmoments buenaonda sunsetlovers mountains beimomenti silence quiet bestoftheday teatro artistidistrada sunsets picoftheday

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Andrea Barberis (andrea.barberis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andrea Barberis


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A light snowfall this morning in the countryside around my house. The North-east cold wind named Burian has brought temperatures down. You can see the effects of Burian in the snow clinging to the trees, and in the sort of shadow lying on the opposite side . . . nature snow snowfall winter wanderlust naturephotography naturephoto contrast trees woods blackandwhite peaceofmind natureshots natureaddict naturelovers ig_captures_nature ig_captures naturepics naturegram beautifulnature photoofwinter countryside wild ig_countryside instapic instapics softness soft peaceful silence

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RB^^52 (sara_94k) Instagram Photos and Videos



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silence 🖤

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Thomas Karl (toms_travelworld) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thomas Karl


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View Cancer Beach, Little Exuma therealbahamas exumadream exuma exumas fun sun sand sandsunandfun therealbahamas enjoytheday enjoytheperfectday vacation2017 bahamas bluewater whitesand perfectbeach perfectbeachday bestvacations bestvacation greatexuma littleexuma santannas photooftheday clearwater silence relax saltlife

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Sandra Navascuez (sandra_navascuez) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sandra Navascuez


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Lliure! natura nature tree free lliure llibertat diumenge desconnexio silenci silence sensefiltres nofilters

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Laura Bianconi, Guarigione (laura_guarigione) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura Bianconi, Guarigione


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"Neve Insegnami tu, come cadere..." LauraBianconi Coach Cantautrice di Guarigione healer lasoluzionedelcuore magia neve meraviglia nature natura spirituality silence white zerolimits anima ispirazione goodvibes bedifferent magic peace universo lawofuniverse

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Anke Neubert (kjeschka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anke Neubert


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You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water loveit sun sea silence nature potd genießen zufrieden entspannen

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Photographer in Tomsk city (alexey_karepov) Instagram Photos and Videos

Photographer in Tomsk city


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shadows bwphoto bw monochrome light nikon d810 glass tomsk nak siberia picture art чб bnw wood l4l тень фотограф фотография арт фотостудия втомске silence

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ѕтєρнαηιє (fanieceli) Instagram Photos and Videos



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silence and toprove 🖕🙃

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Jade Kozowy (jadekozowyrmt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jade Kozowy


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Come and meditate & heal with me Wednesday's @Wilkie Wellness 7 - 8:30pm Register on the Mindbody App 🙏❤ Become passionate about your healing. Become passionate and fall in love with yourself. It's time to start that relationship, there is a huge shift coming - our bodies and minds need to be prepared to let go. We need to be prepared and in tune with ourselves to be able to LIVE fully! LOVE fully! To BE fully! Come and sit in silence and be guided into an amazing self journey. It's about you and no one else right now. It's time to fall in LOVE with yourself. Let my offering assist that shift with ease and understanding ☀️🌸❤🙏 reiki meditate yqrmeditation selflove 2018shift beyou heal silence silent you selfwork nononeelse livebig lovebig

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 (leoniediamonds) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Good Night my dear Friends goodnightfriendsdearfriendssil dssilenceriredbeautifulbeautif autifulcolorsfantasydarknightd

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Maria Edith O. Pioquinto (eddyville13) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maria Edith O. Pioquinto


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We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. (Buddha) awakening enlightenment innerpeace wisdom power happiness love nonjudgement silence mindset thoughts stillness instaquote motivation truth gratitude photography sunday

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Alessandro Scarlatella (alessandroska) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alessandro Scarlatella


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Made in Sicily _____________ sicily sunset sea silence

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satyaprem (satyaprem) Instagram Photos and Videos



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meme meditation satsang silence oceandrops quoteoftheday dailyquote diário frasedodia citaçãododia zen yoga tao tantra awareness satsangsatyaprem darshan selfrealization enlightenment satori meditação silencio gotasdeoceano consciencia atenção autorealização busca iluminação cristalização

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Hadeel (hadeel.ebraheem) Instagram Photos and Videos



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listen to your day, u may hear something special. Listening is art too.

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Meditation and Motivation (meditateandmotivate) Instagram Photos and Videos

Meditation and Motivation


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🙌🏼🦋🌻nature outdoors meditation reflection grounding theearth feelit senseit breatheitin letgo findyourself reflection thoughts silence calm peace namaste

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Alessandra Ferracuti (unfunghettotrallalla) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alessandra Ferracuti


Comment from Alessandra Ferracuti:

La vita del cristallo, l’architettura del fiocco di neve, il fuoco del gelo, l’anima del raggio di sole. La frizzante aria invernale è piena di queste cose. johnburroughs sunicesnowphotoinstapictwinte wintermothernaturenaturephotog hotographynatureshotssunlights ightsunrisewatershotsnaturesho

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Beata Krawętkowska (beatakrawetkowska) Instagram Photos and Videos

Beata Krawętkowska


Comment from Beata Krawętkowska:

In the evening silence, thoughts are arranged in dreams ☄ me polishgirl polishwomen evening night silence pinklady dreamscometrue home sundayevening szczecin missing dreaming contemplation

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Barbara Kleberczova (bas_klebs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Barbara Kleberczova


Comment from Barbara Kleberczova:

Rúfus. poetry slovak author loveit silence overthinker

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Maxi | Munich (maximaximalmaxi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maxi | Munich


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. . • . wintertime mountainscape nature outdoormoments hiking horizon cloudscape sunlight snowwhite atmosphere silence moody scenery balance mood peaceful landscape bergwelten alpen schwangau allgäu bayern visitbavaria ournaturedays somewheremagazine naturelovers

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Ali Dogan (alidogan7580) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ali Dogan


Comment from Ali Dogan:

silence leasure balance

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Nicole Arena (_nicole_arena_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicole Arena


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sicily siciliabedda sicilia goodtime goodday moment pic pics picture photo picoftoday freedom silence relax likeforlike followme follow4like follow4follow

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escapEscape (scapeescape) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Waiting alone 🗝 //silence

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Davide Gabardi (davidegabardi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Davide Gabardi


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Silenzio... silencebiancosnowtrentinovaldi

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Aristogeiton Theodor Gavalas (theodorgavgeo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aristogeiton Theodor Gavalas


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Last night <3 , greece athens I’m coming *_* . . . . netherlands utrecht buliding house home people canal night magic lights quiet silence peaceful instagram instaphoto instapic instagood picoftheday photography

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jasmin hunziker (jasminsmoments) Instagram Photos and Videos

jasmin hunziker


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Walking gives a quite in my soul switzerland super_switzerland swisspictures evening walk outdoor injury nojogging wintersun winter nature naturegood nature_only tree forest pond lake water colorsofnature cold silence clouds fern grass sad

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$uMiT sHuKlA (sumit_shukla1011) Instagram Photos and Videos

$uMiT sHuKlA


Comment from $uMiT sHuKlA:

silence black

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Masoud Kheirkhah (masoud.kheirkhah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Masoud Kheirkhah


Comment from Masoud Kheirkhah:

سایه بلندِ سخن ---- غزلِ "راهزن" از مجموعه اشعار دوران زندانِ حضرت سایه در دهه ۶۰ و در سالروز تولدش(شش اسفند ۱۳۰۶) با عکسی که برای نخستین بار در این صفحه منتشر می‌شود. ▪ همه آفاق گرفته‌ست صدای سخنم/تو ازین طرف نبندی که ببندی دهنم راست در قصدِ سر و چشمِ کج‌اندازان است/نه عجب گر بهراسند ز تیغِ سخنم آستینی نگرفتم که ببوسم دستی/بوسه گر دست دهد بر قدمِ دوست زنم باش تا یوسفم از چاه برآید بر گاه/کآورد روشنی دیده ازآن پیرهنم نتوان عاشق فرزانه به افسانه فریفت/من به هيچ آيه و افسون دل از او بر نکنم نه چراغی است دل من که به بادی میرد/دم به دم تازه شود آتش عشقِ کهنم برس ای موکبِ نوروز خوش‌آوازه که باز/زحمتِ زاغِ زمستان ببری از چمنم سايه! شعرم به دل دوست نشسته‌ست و خوش است/کاروان برده به منزل، چه غم از راهزنم ---- Photo: @moe_zoyari ایران تهران سایه ه. ا. سای هوشنگ_ابتهاج شاعر زندگی سکوت آرامش تنهایی مسعود_خیرخواه iran tehran sayeh houshang_ebtehaj poet life silence relaxing loneliness masoud_kheirkhah

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عکاس-خبرنگار (mahdiporarab) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from عکاس-خبرنگار:

با غروب این دل گرفته مرا می‌رساند به دامن دریا می‌روم گوش می‌دهم به سکوت چه شگفت است این همیشه صدا لحظه‌هایی که در فلق گم شدم با شفق باز می‌شود پیدا چه غروری چه سرشکن سنگی موجکوب است یا خیال شما دل خورشید هم به حالم سوخت سرخ‌تر از همیشه گفت: بیا عکاس: محمد_مهدی_پورعرب It was my dusk It reaches the sea I'm going to listen to silence What astonishing this is always the sound The moments that got lost in my life Opens with aurora What rocky pride It's a whirlwind or your dream The heart of the sun burned me Father than ever said: Come on photographer: mohamad_mahdi_pour_arab

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Dash (_kingdash80s) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Dash:

Let em talk. silence is deadly 🤘🏽

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Sabiduria de Vida (sabiduria1234) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sabiduria de Vida


Comment from Sabiduria de Vida:

Silence and deep listening, gifts of nature. waterflows deeplistening silence

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T. (dr.tina.r) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from T.:

night peace silence

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Erny Matos (ernyyg) Instagram Photos and Videos

Erny Matos


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Work hard in silence & let the success make the noise ♛ ____________________________ ______________________________ silence workhard hardwork noise success succeed boxing boxeo box boxingheads boxingmotivation makesomenoise ringsideboxing ringside boxinggear boxinggloves filter tunnelvision vision envision instapost boxingpost grind hustle work king lion famous boxinggym

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