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jinni (jigyasagulati1) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from jinni:

Forget what you hurt you But not forget what i taught You goodafternoon attitude sleepy 😴lazy good byee delhi 😘😘

9 Seconds ago
♥Charlotte Vik♥ (charlotte_horze) Instagram Photos and Videos

♥Charlotte Vik♥


Comment from ♥Charlotte Vik♥:

Ganske dårlig kvalitet på bildet, jeg veit det. (Det er trist). Nå er det ikke lenge til mandag! Og da lurer jeg på hvilken hest jeg skal ha. Jeg er ganske sikker på at vi skulle ha sprang. Og gjett, nå nærmer det seg jo faktisk sprangstevne! Det kommer til å bli mitt første sprangstevne xD Har vært litt pysete fram til nå, men sitsen har jo sugd så. Nå tror jeg den begynner å komme på plass igjen, derfor har jeg tatt sjansen. Og nå krysser jeg fingrene for at det blir skinnende, flott vær på stevnedagen. 📸: Meg 🐴: Simen hest horse pony equestrianlife hesterruler like4like l4l likethisplease sleepy ponni klosterskogen ponny rideleir cutie hester stall equestrian equestrianism jumping bareback showjumping dressage skritt walk trot trav

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Comment from Maria.:

Angelinheaven .. 🌸💓 cat catstagram instacat angel heaven baby love neverforget memories family forever sleepy loveyou iloveyou weloveyou tiger cute catlovers catsofinstagram catsofworld

1 Minutes ago
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Comment from 김진아:

17.10.21 . . . dailytodaythe석촌 the석촌lakealoneview ducksworstc

1 Minutes ago
Wheelie Good Cruises (wheeliegoodcruises) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wheelie Good Cruises


Comment from Wheelie Good Cruises:

➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ✍🏼️30% Of Australians Use Annual Leave To Catch-Up On Sleep . New research released by Princess Cruises demonstrates that Australians are utilising their annual leave to catch up on sleep, with a third (30%) surprisingly requiring significant time off work to chip away at sleep debt, rest relinquished amid the work week. . 💻 See Link In Bio To Read Full Articles . 👣If you haven’t followed us yet, kindly make sure you do so. You can find us at @wheeliegoodcruises. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖

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A Doll who's just losing it! (skinnydoll) Instagram Photos and Videos

A Doll who's just losing it!


Comment from A Doll who's just losing it!:

After a week running around Stuttgart, I'm on energy saving mode this morning ... but the planner is out and there a shopping list getting done... gonna make these weeks to Xmas really count! I will do all of this after I finish my vat of tea... I really missed my mug of Lyons.... what you up to today? saturdaymorning saturday wwfamily mywwjourney smartpoints sleepy

1 Minutes ago
Radar & Robbie! (raising_radarandrobbie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Radar & Robbie!


Comment from Radar & Robbie!:

It's siesta time hooman! Do not disturb our snoozies please! 😴 cute cairn crazydog cairnclub celebrate cairnsofinstagram donotdisturb dogs dogoftheday dogsofinstagram letsleepingdogslie sleepy sleepin instadog kiss puppydogeyes radar sigh smile sweet saturday terrier norwichterrier saturdaysiesta woohoo yawn zzzzzzz robbie

1 Minutes ago
Rhizzy Bizzy🇲🇦 (razal_kiel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rhizzy Bizzy🇲🇦


Comment from Rhizzy Bizzy🇲🇦:

goodmorning morning day daytime sunrise morn awake wakeup wake wakingup ready sleepy breakfast tired sluggish bed snooze instagood earlybird sky photooftheday gettingready goingout sunshine instamorning work early fresh refreshed

1 Minutes ago
mariarossi (mariarossi6633) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from mariarossi:

Buongiorno amici! Ecco come mi sento oggi! Vi auguro una splendida giornata piena di gioia e amore awake bed breakfast day daytime early earlybird fresh gettingready goingout goodmorning instagood instamorning light morn morning photooftheday ready refreshed sky sleepy sluggish snooze sunrise sunshine tired wake wakeup wakingup work

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❤ (happypany) Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from :

Нежности этого дня каждому раздаю по капельке... Пусть всем сегодня будет хорошо и легко!!

1 Minutes ago
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Comment from Birte:

😪🍁🍂 appenzellersennenhund hund schlaf eingeschlafen jack herbstwetter kuschelig streicheleinheiten appenzellmountaindog asleep sleepy autumn autumnweather snuggle strokes

2 Minutes ago
vincenzo raspavolo (vincenzoraspavolo) Instagram Photos and Videos

vincenzo raspavolo


Comment from vincenzo raspavolo:

Morning selfie goodtime goodmorning goodmorningselfie goodmorningworld cupofcoffee coffee cigarettes bonjour buenosdias gutenmorgen guy sleepy work gottawork menatwork igdaily instadaily igmilano igersmilano milano milqn selfienation picoftheday

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Fede_Rica (federicacusatokr) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Fede_Rica:

😍😘daytime work sleepy goingout bed earlybird instamorning tired breakfast sunshine day sunrise morn happy awake fresh morning wake refreshed goodmorning wakingup early prilaga gettingready wakeup mornings sky snooze ready sluggish

2 Minutes ago
Georgia Meighan (georgia.meighan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Georgia Meighan


Comment from Georgia Meighan:

Saturday night feelings sleepy cozy selfie mood motd saturday evenings snapchat filter upsidedownselfie 🌸☀️

2 Minutes ago
JENNIFER LUCIEN (_thesuperjen) Instagram Photos and Videos




When the soul sista decides to catch you smiling to yourself! nomakeupmakeup sleepy lazyafternoon diwaliday iphone8plus phonecamera iphonecamera iphoneclicks lunchwithbestie yellowroses yellowflowers iloveflowers🌿🌸 simplegirl browngirlsrock ilovemylife❤ homemadecafe _thesuperjen

2 Minutes ago
Sailing with FraZaz (sailingwithfrazaz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sailing with FraZaz


Comment from Sailing with FraZaz:

Looks like the cat has figured it out....may need a smaller size tho cat sailing sunodyssey45ds deckshoe newboat sea sleepy sailingwithfrazaz

2 Minutes ago
 (tinakasca) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from tinakasca:

Saturday casual 💤

2 Minutes ago
Thor ⚡️🐶 (odininogluthor) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thor ⚡️🐶


Comment from Thor ⚡️🐶:

Pamuk olmasa da battaniyelere sarıp sarmalar annem beni 👩🏽❤️🐶 saturday saturdaymorning sleepy instamood instagood mybaby babyboy nofilter

2 Minutes ago
🌸յɑíղ🌸 (jainwa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🌸յɑíղ🌸:

Good morning beautiful world 😊💖 goodmorningworld goodmorning weekend weekendvibes leopardprint legs hellokitty cosy comfy inbed sleepy getup wakeup goodlife happy strongwoman happiness lifeisbeautiful dowhatyoulove confidence selflove selfcare vanity savage staywild

3 Minutes ago
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Comment from eunicestyles:

Sleepy Saturday 😴😴😴 gudetama gudetamahongkong sleepy saturday

3 Minutes ago
Annelies Noordeloos (annermort) Instagram Photos and Videos

Annelies Noordeloos


Comment from Annelies Noordeloos:

weekend pigtail mainecoon mainecooncat mainecoons lazy sleepy cute catsofinstagram cats 🐱

4 Minutes ago
Emmi❤️ (puppy_emmi) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Emmi❤️:

One step closer and the monkey gets it!! 🙈 - - - puppy cute adorable beautiful cockerspaniel cockerspanielstage ilovemypuppy cockerspanielsofinstagram puppydaily cockerlife puppies puppiesofinstagram puppylove puppytoys puppysleep sleepy love puppykisses puppydog puppydogeyes puppyfun puppywalks animals smallanimals tiny cuteanimals postsdaily followforfollow cutestpuppy

4 Minutes ago
Clemente Donadio (clemeikon) Instagram Photos and Videos

Clemente Donadio


Comment from Clemente Donadio:

Good morning // Sunglasses 🔜 @wilmont_eyewear 🔝 goodmorning morning day daytime sunrise morn awake wakeup wake wakingup ready sleepy breakfast tired sluggish bed snooze instagood earlybird sky photooftheday gettingready goingout sunshine instamorning work early fresh selfie

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Comment from CumberlandWendellODYP:

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Εvaki.Mpeka (evaki_mpeka) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Εvaki.Mpeka:

A morning coffee is my favorite way of starting the day, settling the nerves so that they don't later fray. ☕🌞😘✌🍂 goodmorning morning day daytime sunrise morn awake wakeup wake wakingup ready sleepy breakfast tired sluggish bed snooze instagood earlybird sky photooftheday gettingready goingout sunshine instamorning work early fresh refreshed

4 Minutes ago
Lippy (lippy_loo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lippy:

Mum was a bit tired this evening 😪 so I kept her company while dad played with his favorite toy. I do love cuddles with my humans ❤ Lippy puppy puppylove puppiesofinstagram staffy cuddles sleepy staffygram 13weeks adoptdontshop foreverhome

4 Minutes ago
Anthony Basco (basco.anthony) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anthony Basco


Comment from Anthony Basco:

Sleepy morning cuddles with the baby ❤️🐈 gay instagay kitten cat love life sleepy morning purr beard cuddle

4 Minutes ago
Lisett Baiza 🐧 (fitnessfreakliz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lisett Baiza 🐧


Comment from Lisett Baiza 🐧:

Nighty night from us, nighty my fitness freaks ! 🌃😴 . . nightnighttimenightou ghtoutcutiesexyfitnessfreakfit akfitnessgirlfitnesslifefitnes itnessislifebodybuildinggirlsw irlswhotrainfitnesscouplefitne fitnessgoalsgoalsgainsgoalsfit lsfitchickfitgirlfitlifefitnes itnesshoustongirlnightynightli

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Sheziii.the.writer. (sheziii.the.writer) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sheziii.the.writer.:

weekdays weekends saturdays sundays job bed bedroom goals karachi pakistan lollywood sleepy mornings memesdaily ℳℰℳℰs desi ig in weekend weekendfun weekendvibes

5 Minutes ago
O N I K A (oopp7) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from O N I K A:

Why is so hard to ask a quite day off even only half day off? jesus sleepy cloudy lifeissohard

5 Minutes ago
Bennusch (onkel_ben_insta) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Bennusch:

Manchmal ist die heimische Koje einfach zu gemütlich 😜🤣🤗 zu lange geschlafen.... gerade vor der Arbeit noch den Vlog für morgen fertig bekommen und ins rendern gepackt! Euch allen erst einmal einen guten Morgen, einen schönen Samstag und ein schönes Wochenende!❤️ instafamilyinstafaminstainstag nstagoinstagoodinstadailyinsta instaselfieselfieselfietimegoo megoodmorningweekendsaturdaysl daysleepycozybedvlogyoutubecom becommunityyoutuberscoffeesexy

5 Minutes ago
Annarosa (algarosa_mir) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Annarosa:

Ad occhi chiusi

5 Minutes ago
Daniel Smith (misadventuresofcosmo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daniel Smith


Comment from Daniel Smith:

Cosmo sulking last night because he wasnt allowed on the bed. However it didnt stop him trying all night! 😁 tired restless sleepy liein persistent sixtimes goldenretriever cheeky

6 Minutes ago