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Naufal Dary Abimanyu


Comment from Naufal Dary Abimanyu:

Good night everyone 🍼😴💤💤🌛🌟❄️✨ • • • • goodnight justnow face sleepybaby hello babyface nofilter helloworld toptags cute babies babiesofinstagram instababies sweet instagood instalike instagram instadaily haveagoodday haveagreatday photogrid photo hellobaby 2months15days naufaldaryabimanyu

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Raleigh Newborn Photographer


Comment from Raleigh Newborn Photographer:

All snuggled for a good nap! . . . raleighnewbornphotographer raleighbabyphotographer bestnewbornphotographer newbornphotography raleighnewbornphotography northcarolinanewbornphotography raleighnewborn newbornphotographer studiophotography photography newbornphoto raleighbaby ncnewbornphotographer melissabergphotography baby sleepybaby newmom

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Comment from snowday1224:

寝顔 近くまで行かないと、表情が見えない黒猫 くろねこ ねこ ねこ部 くろねこ部 しろくろねこ 寝顔 cat blackcat sleepycat sleepybaby

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Kevin Nelson


Comment from Kevin Nelson:

Hazel; day4 --------------------------------- pocket_sweetness pocket_family_member pocket_people babygirl baby newborn birthday prolife daddysgirl children pocket_family babylove babies hospital maternityphotography special pocket_bnw 4daysold sleepybaby sleepy

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Comment from Yまゆみ:

寝てて、ちょっとぐずついたから、手持ってったら これやで 困る、離してくれない うつ伏せから寝返れない 首痛くなってきた japan babyboy sleepybaby goodnight nicedream

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Comment from Giu:

E’ così bella, così divertente, così vivace, così decisa. baby babygirl istagirl isabel sweet sweetness sweetdreams sleepybaby sleepy blackandwhite black white little littlegirl littlebaby littlebabygirl love loveyou

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11.12.16 💙


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Comment from Dinniaprilia:

Selamat malam~ selamatmalamindonesiasleepybabyniceguyimagirlseeyouagainhaha😂😂

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Tanya Burt | Sleep Consultant


Comment from Tanya Burt | Sleep Consultant:

Many times as adults, when we wake in the middle of the night, we turn on the TV or pull out or phone or iPad, thinking that will help lull us back to sleep; however, that is not generally the case. The light and movement on these screens tend to stimulate our brains rather than help us relax. • I've worked with parents who say that playing a game on the iPad is part of their child's bedtime routine. Unfortunately, this is actually having the opposite effect the parents intended. • So my tip for this Tuesday is to not only limit the amount of screen time your child has throughout their day, but also ensure they stop watching TV or playing games on other electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. • What is an alternative you could add to their bedtime routine instead of having screen time?

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Magnificent Stanley - Becky


Comment from Magnificent Stanley - Becky:

Can we just take a moment to observe this beautiful sleeping moment. Herb has given him a nice comfy train 🚂 to sleep with and his BEAUTIFUL pram chain is swinging in the breeze. It's from the magical bearsandbloomsboutique . Head over there to see the splendour on offer 💫 . . . letthembelittle lettheloveflow happybaby sleepybaby sleepy magical childhood pramchains blissfulslumber slumber baby babygift pramchain mumsthatmake

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Angelika Kozlowska


Comment from Angelika Kozlowska:

Najważniejsze to spać w wygodnej pozycji 😍 sleepybaby mylittleboy onelove photooftheday haveaniceday

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Comment from DoratheSnorer1:

Mommy is growing me grass! Yummy! 🐱🙀🐱🙀 atlanta georgia woodstock cats catsofinstagram kitty kitten kitten🐱 kitty😻 kittens SleepyKitty sleepingbeauty sleepybaby kittylove kittensofinstagram meow meow🐱 letmesleep cats_of_instagram catstagram catsofinstagram cats🐱 babykitten petlover selfie cats_daily_meow catselfie petsportraits portraitsofpets 🐱

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Comment from 五反田:

母ちゃんは、カルテットを見て… 苦しくなっとります。 髪の毛ほわほわ ig_baby bébé 👶 💤 😴 sleep sleepybaby daughter エルモ エルモと一緒 添い寝 zzz 主に寝ています 寝る子は育つ

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Hagit Solomon


Comment from Hagit Solomon:

mylittlestar sleepybaby stars ⭐️💙

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Mabyen Babyspa/Babycare


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Schlafmodus an 😴 inaaogo mabyen babyspa floating sleepybaby

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Comment from caspar_pop:

About last night.... boy baby babyboy dad daddy father child children beard bearded beardedman beardedvillain sexyboys son inbed latenight love sleepyheads sleepybaby sleepytime

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🌿Carolina Schultz🌿


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Ohhh how I love this new chapter 💕 tyjesus myfamily sleepybaby

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Nikki Wiewel


Comment from Nikki Wiewel:

Aaaaaaaaaand she's gone... Nappytime😍 evi nappytime sleepybaby babygirl proudmom loveher joolz walkoutside

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Antje Egbert


Comment from Antje Egbert:

Vorlieben die Kleinsten schon vom ersten Augenblick. So wie diese Minidame, die es offensichtlich liebte, ihren Arm auszustrecken oder lässig hängen zu lassen - das zeigte sie uns nicht nur bei diesem Set, sondern auch ganz klar an anderen Stellen 💕Wo auch immer diese Individualität sichtbar wird: ich halte sie gerne fest! 📷 antjeegbert fotografininstemwede mitliebeundlicht newborn newbornphotography newbornphotographer baby babyphotography neugeboren neugeborenes instababy sosweet mindenlübbecke diepholz sleepingybaby sleepybaby momtobe portrait childhoodmemories newbaby babyfotografie schwanger2017 welcomebaby

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Emily Harrold


Comment from Emily Harrold:

Cannot believe this sleeping beauty is 6 months old today!! 😮 what happened to the tiny dot that fit in the palm of my hand? 🙈 . . And yes I am rocking the minion pyjamas 👌🏻👍🏼😂 cockerspaniel cockerspanielpuppy cockerspanielsofinstagram cockerspaniels chocolateandtan sleepybaby puppy puppylove puppiesofinstagram myboy

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