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Buffy The Heart Slayer (buffycup) Instagram Photos and Videos

Buffy The Heart Slayer


Comment from Buffy The Heart Slayer:

Nap time 💕 dog dogs puppy puppylove dogphotography buffytheheartslayer buffythevampireslayer puppyplay instapup puppygram sleepypuppy

14 Seconds ago
Bailey Grace (tales_of_gracie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bailey Grace


Comment from Bailey Grace:

Tuesday after a long weekend got me feelin' like... cavaliersofinstagram dogsofinstgram puppylove puppiesofinstagram sleepypuppy

1 Minutes ago
Kirsti Field (kirstifield) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kirsti Field


Comment from Kirsti Field:

Sleeping under the table schnoodle schnoodlesofinstagram sleeping sleepypuppy puppylove puppy happiness love mybaby schnoodlelove

2 Minutes ago
Frankie 🌭 (lowriderfrankie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Frankie 🌭


Comment from Frankie 🌭:

Couldn't be happier to have my treat!

4 Minutes ago
Christina (christidutchy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Christina:

😊🐶❤ ° ° ° ° ° selfie selfish girl me puppy pupper dog sleepy jackrussel jackrussell sleepydog sleepypuppy l4l f4f tallgirl cosplayer brunette

5 Minutes ago
cutestpupsinsta (cutestpupsinsta) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cutestpupsinsta:

* * * * * NationalPuppyDay frenchiepuppy puppylife cutepuppy dailypuppy happypuppy puppydog sleepypuppy mypuppy puppyface puppysketch gsdpuppy goldenretrieverpuppy puppygram puppystagram dogstagram pitbullpuppy dogsitting mydogiscutest frenchbulldog doglove puppypalace doggie bulldog huskypuppy puppyoftheday doglife ilovemydog pugpuppy doggy

7 Minutes ago
Fred Lola & Rocco (fred.lola.rocco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fred Lola & Rocco


Comment from Fred Lola & Rocco:

Sleeping Beauty! This little Princess is too comfy to wake up. lola adoptdontshop chihuahuasofinstagram chihuahua puppybath puppiesofinstagram sleepypuppy

7 Minutes ago
Maximus (maximus_the_labrador) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Maximus:

Standard morning of napping 😴😴 sleepypuppy snuggles sleep tired tiredpup puppy pupper labrador labsofinstagram dogsofinsta love photooftheday photooftheweek pet family happy smile dogstagram labs instagood dog instalabs labradorsofinstagram doglover dogsarethebest bestfriends

7 Minutes ago
Rachel Knowlson (_blue_gypsy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rachel Knowlson


Comment from Rachel Knowlson:

Puppy heaven ❤️🐶🐶🐶🐶 puppy puppyplaydate springerpuppy sleepypuppy friendswithpuppies puppiesarelife

9 Minutes ago
Joli (jolifrenchie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Joli:

"Do not wake me up!" * * * frenchie frenchgirl frenchielove frenchbulldog frenchieoftheday frenchbulldogsofinstagram dog carride dogsofinstaworld dogsofinsta bed sleepy sleepypuppy

9 Minutes ago
cutestpupsinsta (cutestpupsinsta) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cutestpupsinsta:

* * * * * dailypuppy puppyface frenchiepuppy happypuppy huskypuppy puppyoftheday puppydog goldenretrieverpuppy puppylove puppylover puppyofinstagram puppy puppystagram puppylife mypuppy bulldog pugpuppy corgipuppy cutedog englishbulldog pitbullpuppy instapuppy doglove mydog sleepypuppy dogs rescuedog instadog doglover dogsitting

12 Minutes ago
Jackson (jacksonthebostonterrierva) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jackson:

When you fall asleep on the food you're begging for. hungry gooddog bostonsofinstagram bostonterriers bostonterrier rescuedog rescuedogs rescuedogsofinstagram sleepypuppy thestruggleisreal thestatelyhound thestruggle bostterrier_feature

12 Minutes ago
❤️💞💕Maya💕💞❤️ (maya_the_french_bulldog) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ❤️💞💕Maya💕💞❤️:

Hello! 🤗 Mamy says I'm her strawberry 🍓 because of my pink little face 😍😘

12 Minutes ago
Mini Scarlett (miniaussiescarlett) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mini Scarlett


Comment from Mini Scarlett:

Zzzzzzzzzzz.....😴😴 miniaussiescarlett sleepypuppy missedmama catchingsomezs miniaussie australianshepherd dogsofinstagram toughlife

13 Minutes ago
Paws In Life (pawsinlifecoaching) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paws In Life


Comment from Paws In Life:

Luna and I are both tired after a very fun day of dognerding at our NDTF course. Luna is a social butterfly and making a lot new friends, especially with the amazing staff from @canineevolution, PRA and fellow NDTF students. Thank you guys! Birdy & Luna somuchfun dogtraining pawsinlife pawsinlifecoaching sleepypuppy bliss grateful mentalhealth endthesitigma depressed anxiety wearehereforyou youarenotalone dogs ceasetheday readyforanananap

14 Minutes ago
bashful_brinkley (bashful_brinkley) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from bashful_brinkley:

Resting on my hooman sister...just incase she decides to share her muffin.... . . goldenretriever puppy sleepypuppy instadog instadogs café cafelife instagolden instagold puppylove puppiesofinstagram puppycuteness instapuppy sharing givemefood labrador blacklab bestpal @pbteehee

15 Minutes ago
Harvey the Havanese (harveythehavanese) Instagram Photos and Videos

Harvey the Havanese


Comment from Harvey the Havanese:

Cosy on my pillows 🐶🐾 cosypuppy dogsofinstagram havaneseofinstagram havanese sleepypuppy havaneseaustralia pillowpuppy

20 Minutes ago
Louie Spencer (louietheratterrierminpin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Louie Spencer


Comment from Louie Spencer:

My favoritespot when I'm sleepy at home 🐶🏡🛌🐕😬 - right on top of a stackofpillows 🤗 sleepypuppy sleepingdogs letsleepingdogslie allcurledup louie louiedog louietheratterrierminpin louietheratterrierminpinmix dogstagram dogsofinstagram snuggles ratterriermix ratterrierworld minpinmix minpinstagram athome latergram

24 Minutes ago
BRUNO 🐾 (bruno_americanstaffy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from BRUNO 🐾:

SiestaTime 😴bruno🐶 amorecanino cucciolo o amorperruno cachorro americanblue americanstaffy americanstanford silverfawn blue puppies l4l loveanimals bro littlemonster cuteboy sleepypuppy sleeptime spain murcia picture

25 Minutes ago
こはる (koharu_0118) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from こはる:

ある日の寝姿🐕 私のリュックの上で寝てるのは良いんだけど....かなりヤバイ顔😂😂 黒目見えておっさん顔になってる🤣この寝顔でお嫁にいけるかな?笑 puppy puppystagram dachshundsofinstagram dachshund dogstagram minituredachshund sleepypuppy sleepyface チョコタン 犬 犬派 犬バカ部 犬のいる生活 チョコタンダックス ミニチュアダックス カニヘンダックス 仔犬 寝顔変顔 おっさん 短足部

33 Minutes ago
Abbey Rose (abbeyrosewestie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Abbey Rose


Comment from Abbey Rose:

Good night all time for sleep! So so tired 😴 westie westiegram westiesofinstagram westiegirl westiepuppy westiemoment westieworld westiemybestie westieslife westieplanet sleepypuppy westielover

36 Minutes ago
 (stanley_the_doggo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from stanley_the_doggo:

Is it bed time yet? yorkie pomeranian pomchi puppy pet maltese cute chihuahua adorable sleepy sleepypup sleepypuppy dog derp doge

36 Minutes ago
Mike The Golden (goldenretrievermike) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mike The Golden


Comment from Mike The Golden:

I like snoozing with my tongue out. 😛 sleepypuppy goldensofinstagram goldenretriever 11weeksold goldenbunch tongueouttuesday 😛

38 Minutes ago
cutestpupsinsta (cutestpupsinsta) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cutestpupsinsta:

* * * * * instapuppy puppylife puppypalace pitbullpuppy frenchiepuppy gsdpuppy dailypuppy sleepypuppy puppyoftheday puppyeyes puppylover puppyofinstagram pugpuppy huskypuppy mypuppy doglife instadogs happydog instagramdogs doglover lovedogs ilovemydog germanshepherdpuppy mydog puppylove happypuppy englishbulldog dogsitting dogstagram puppysofinstagram

38 Minutes ago
cas (cassandra_jayne) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cas:

Clearly I'm not the favourite 🐾🙄pittylife pittbullsofinstagram sleepypuppy

38 Minutes ago
 (avancenz) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from avancenz:

Velvety face. smooshy sharpei sleepypuppy puppy cosy sharpeiofinstagram dogsofig dogsofinsta dogsofinstagram wellingtondogs wellington newzealand🇳🇿 newzealand

45 Minutes ago
Shelby Fe (shelby_chessie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shelby Fe


Comment from Shelby Fe:

Just doing a little yoga... • •🐶🐶🐶 • chessiepuppy shelbyfe chessie chesapeake chessiepuppy chesapeakebayretriever chesapeakebay puppy puppylove puppies labradoodle lol sleep chesapeakebayretrieverpuppy sleepypuppy sleepypup @dogsandpals_ puppyday puppy🐶 puppydog chesapeakestylist

46 Minutes ago
Levin Black (lvnwnkf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Levin Black


Comment from Levin Black:

1 Monat noch 😍 dog love puppy puppyofinstagram husky sleepypuppy ❤

46 Minutes ago
Ruby (mylittlerubyxx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ruby:

morningsnuggles sleepypuppy beautifulpup babyruby teddybeardog loveher

48 Minutes ago
Eva, Tama, Otis, and Rosa (frenchysforlife) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eva, Tama, Otis, and Rosa


Comment from Eva, Tama, Otis, and Rosa:

Cheeky puppy frenchysofnewzealand frenchyofinstagram frenchbulldog frenchbulldoglife cheekypuppy puppylife firstdayoutinthecar sleepypuppy Dot

48 Minutes ago
Shane Carriage (champers75) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shane Carriage


Comment from Shane Carriage:

She just couldn't keep her eyes open. lightsout toypoodle bigday sleepypuppy whitewine taylorswine eva

50 Minutes ago
Milhouse The Labradoodle (milhousethedood) Instagram Photos and Videos

Milhouse The Labradoodle


Comment from Milhouse The Labradoodle:

Tucked in for the night 🛌🛌🛌 This is how wet dogs at meant to sleep on the couch! tuckedin nighttime sleepypuppy

52 Minutes ago
JACK RUSSELLS (cherryandfig) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from JACK RUSSELLS:

One can never have too many naps....nappingdog sleepypuppy sleepydog tireddogs inseparable cherryandfig earsup jackrussell jackrussellmix jrt jrtmix blackjack rescuedog mixbreed doglover dogworld dogslife dogsdaily instadog instapuppy puppiesofinsta puppiesforall puppygram littledog momentofsilence rechargebatteries headtotoe lovemydogs mansbestfriend dogsofseattle

55 Minutes ago