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justin bieber (bieberincalvins) Instagram Photos and Videos

justin bieber


Comment from justin bieber:

that slap 😂

11 Seconds ago
Camry Collier (camrycollier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Camry Collier


Comment from Camry Collier:

Never thought I’d have one of these before the age of 70 but here we are... 🅿️♿️😝💔🤐👵🏼🙈🚘 HandicapParking NoYouCantBorrowIt ItsAgainstTheLaw Sorry SoOld

54 Seconds ago
Alessio Poletti🇮🇹🔐 (alessio_poletti20) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alessio Poletti🇮🇹🔐


Comment from Alessio Poletti🇮🇹🔐:

She say, "Do you love me?" I tell her, "Only partly" I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry she sorry god plan drake @zorzee ph

1 Minutes ago
Avery W (miniman_fanpage) Instagram Photos and Videos

Avery W


Comment from Avery W:

Sorry for not posting in a while sorry loganpaul fortnite fortnitekills jakepaul

1 Minutes ago
Hannah Ireson (hannahlaurenireson) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hannah Ireson


Comment from Hannah Ireson:

She's a good 🍳even if she can't take a photo @abiloolars123 cropherout halfaface sorry bestie

1 Minutes ago
Justin BieberⓂ️ (justinbiveber) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justin BieberⓂ️


Comment from Justin BieberⓂ️:

JUSTIN & ARIANA 😍 They are so cute 😇

1 Minutes ago
Акульи Кишки (akulikishki) Instagram Photos and Videos

Акульи Кишки


Comment from Акульи Кишки:

Прошу меня извинить за такое количество постов, это последний. Я нашла свой инструмент живописи. Я счастлива. sorry imhappy hapiness butterfly pastel pasteldrawing pastelart art arttherapy painting

2 Minutes ago
Natálie. (natalie_susilova) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Natálie.:

Pořád čekáš odpoveď, na svojí otázku.. Připravená na zábavu, nikoli na lásku.🌹 czechgirl brunettegirl instagirl instasize badtimes sorry love fun pain l4l

2 Minutes ago
Витюня🍌 (muza_pahana) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Витюня🍌:

твой труп найдёт в подъезде дворник. мы все умрем. сегодня вторник nightsadnessdietuesday

2 Minutes ago
JUSTIN BIEBER EDITS (moonlightbizzle_) Instagram Photos and Videos




Do u like Jailey (as friends)?💕 • justinbieber belieber bizzle rickthesizzler kidrauhl sorry despacito arianagrande likeforlike dangerouswoman gaintrick gainpost recentforrecent like4like purpose believe haileybaldwin r4r l4l jailey

2 Minutes ago
Dennis Alonso (dennis.alonso.111) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dennis Alonso


Comment from Dennis Alonso:

🌳☻🌳☻🌳☻🌳☻🌳☻🌳☻ . . . Tree Black sorry Power Activo

3 Minutes ago
Isaac (eyezackuniverse) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Isaac:

video sorry

4 Minutes ago
[bya]art] (itsbyaa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from [bya]art]:


4 Minutes ago
shalini sharma (shalini.sharma128) Instagram Photos and Videos

shalini sharma


Comment from shalini sharma:

SORRY no_more_space..😀😀😜

5 Minutes ago
Justin Bieber 👑 (drewfetus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justin Bieber 👑


Comment from Justin Bieber 👑:

I love this year style

5 Minutes ago
Chris Doelman (cdoelman) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris Doelman


Comment from Chris Doelman:

Mama - working hard. Dad - going solo. Doesn't seem fair. sorry supermom notsosuperdad hidemyface

5 Minutes ago
Justin Bieber (boyjdb) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justin Bieber


Comment from Justin Bieber:

Love this 😍

5 Minutes ago
Olivia Robinson (olivia1robinson) Instagram Photos and Videos

Olivia Robinson


Comment from Olivia Robinson:

Y'all know I could let national pet love day go by without a post... sorry not sorry

6 Minutes ago
Chor Chor (chorchorandfriends) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chor Chor


Comment from Chor Chor:

I'm sorry I chewed the chair! I have no impulse control. 😓 baddog cuteanyway love sorry chihuahua

6 Minutes ago
Nathan (gaf_world8) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Nathan:

Sorry that I had to take it down sorry youtubechannel youtuber youtubers youtube postingitsoon mistake mistakes video videos editing edit

6 Minutes ago
Korean fp💕 (korean_rebell) Instagram Photos and Videos

Korean fp💕


Comment from Korean fp💕:

OKEII GUIIS!! I HAVEN’T BEEN UPDATING SINCE LAST YEAR GEEZ I’M BEHIND IN LOTS OF SHIZZ!! Hehhe this time I don’t have an excuse..woops o3o Either way, my goal this year is to spread allooot of positivity bcuz there is sooo much that already have happened in 2018. Uhmm, so yeah hihihi AND I know that I don’t have many people that follows the stuff I post BUT I believe that I’ll get sum support soon Yeah that’s all for today, thanks for reading ............. btsjhooe jhooeupdatesorrythisyearisgonn

7 Minutes ago
... (idfk_anymore_maybe) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ...:

selfhatred selfham selfharn suicide sorry quotes depression depressing depressionquotes cuttingmyself cutsandbruises Yay. . . Fuck

7 Minutes ago
justin bieber (bieberswise) Instagram Photos and Videos

justin bieber


Comment from justin bieber:

“Freedom begins in the mind. Release the chains of past conditioning, one belief at a time. Let go of every thought that makes you feel small.”

7 Minutes ago
Fuck Life (fatgirlbad) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fuck Life


Comment from Fuck Life:

J’aide de plusieurs pubs toute pro ana ou personne qui pourra m’aider à maigrir vraiment proana mutilation cut automutilation depressed need love fucklife dead fuckinglife paranoia stressed sorry needhelp

7 Minutes ago
Nina Doug🌸 (nina.doug) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nina Doug🌸


Comment from Nina Doug🌸:

🇬🇧He say Do u love? I tell him only partly, I only love my Bed, and my mama, I’m sorry. love life drake sorry beauty fashion newyork london marbella milano followme follow4follow influencer nude color

7 Minutes ago
Bieber™ (justinalegend) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Bieber™:

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ in 3 days I'm going to a concert I'm so FUCKING excited ans idk what to say anymore so bye lmao

7 Minutes ago
Diva de Aguiar (divaguiar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Diva de Aguiar


Comment from Diva de Aguiar:

🍃 Há algo em VOCÊ que ninguém tem. E isso é bom. Isso é ótimo. Isso é excelente. É exatamente isso, esse 'algo' que te faz ESPECIAL. 🍃 .. (Eu fiz uma postagem anterior com esse mesmo texto. Poréeeeém eu não havia percebido a foto da 'arma' na mão do personagem -na foto- 😏 Por isso excluí. Sorry ☺). .. Amadas Amados MG Carangola RJ Brasil Fé Força Coragem Atitudes Missão FazendoADiferença JesusCristo Céu Eterno Eternidade Salvação Vitória Alegria Paz Vida Cura Alma LowCarb EspíritoSanto Vencedor TksLord

9 Minutes ago
🥀💙🌞 (_q.o.u.t.es_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🥀💙🌞:

♡♡♡ ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° tags baby but u shouldn't be here ° ° ° ° ° ° sad sadagainfornoreason fuckavalentine sadgirlclub sadagain liketoburnthings tumblrshit tumblr sorry dancingwiththedevil followme tumblr like booboo loveyourself lovelife livelaughlove sadgirlclub betterthanyou needmirror boredaf boredashell boredom needsomelove missyou donttrustanyone trustnoonebutgod

9 Minutes ago
Merlin Fu (jroc_030_seal) Instagram Photos and Videos

Merlin Fu


Comment from Merlin Fu:

ups sorry hochgedrückt ichwolltenureindöner

10 Minutes ago
~J U S T I N ~ (justndrewbieber_1) Instagram Photos and Videos

~J U S T I N ~


Comment from ~J U S T I N ~:

💎2016 💎 💦 Follow me please 💦 justinbieber bieber biebs justinjdb justindrewbieber justindrew purpose purposetour gaintrick gainpost jelenajeliebers beliebers believetour believe ollgwdym whatdoyoumean whereareyounow bizzlesorry kidrauhl arianagrande like selenagomezdemilovato instagood followtrain justinbiveber @justinbieber

12 Minutes ago
Momo Schmitt (momo_luvs_cupnoodle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Momo Schmitt


Comment from Momo Schmitt:

I forgot how nice the sun feels, i work from 9-8 so when i get home its already dark. sun work life random sweet warm sorry why uhhgg anime manga drawing sky world yes fanart kpop kstyle

13 Minutes ago
Classy with a twist of hood 🥀 (a.senaz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Classy with a twist of hood 🥀


Comment from Classy with a twist of hood 🥀:

Still fall for you everyday 🖤 mylove datenight berlin happyme goodtime spam sorry notsorry canthaveenoughofhim memories potd instagood instadaily instaturkey turkish

19 Minutes ago
Baby•Kids•Deco•Toys•Clothes (littlethingsarnhem) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Baby•Kids•Deco•Toys•Clothes:

STORING 😩 Onze webshop geeft een foutmelding. Heb je vandaag een bestelling geplaatst/mail verstuurd, zou je dan een screenshot kunnen sturen naar 0611104480? Dan pakken wij de bestelling morgen op/mailen wij zsm een reactie. We zijn natuurlijk bezig met het oplossen van het probleem en hopen dat het zsm opgelost is! Sorry voor het ongemak ❤️ littlethings webshop littlethingsonline storing sorry

21 Minutes ago