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Kacze Bagno


Comment from Kacze Bagno:

Klasa 1e zawitała u nas, właśnie trwają zajęcia integracyjne soul norwid nml licealisci kaczebagno

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Comment from AZIAM Yoga:

Last night I was chatting with the fabulous thefeistyyogi at our studio aziamyoga and I shared that I don’t read others work, rarely take others classes (unless as a studio manager), or even practice drills or exercises. I find that homogenizes and dilutes my authenticity and it just doesn’t feel right to me. I never copy others, compete with anyone, or seek to be anything other than who I AM. I completely understand that it means I am left to my own devices to figure things out, dive into uncertainty, and be a tool of Spirit to work through me in each moment – which is UNCOMFORTABLE, oftentimes SCARY, SPONTANEOUS but always ORGANIC and SYNCHRONISTICALLY DIVINE, which is why I have so many fabulous stories in this vein (book meaningfulcoincidence releasing this JUNE!). When I shared this with her, she replied, “I can totally see that about you, and you know who else lived this way?” … To which I responded, “No, who?” …. She said, “Prince.” Ohhhhh kkkkkkkkk now, it is making more sense. What a fabulous Soul Lover I have prince . Gratitude Synchronicity Book AZIAM AsIAm Soul Prince Yoga LiveTrue

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Slow Riches


Comment from Slow Riches:

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Akshay vasu


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Home. home return soul poetry courage love world beautiful

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mohamed ashraf


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The power of love and smile 💗 love weddingdress engagementphotos nonty smile happiness soul

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Ellen Gentier 🌎


Comment from Ellen Gentier 🌎:

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Dmitriy Muntyan


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tanya_kiydan давай поговорим о нашем✨ . . . kyivgram kyivblog kyiv men menstyle guy foto jungle soul

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Kitty Chan


Comment from Kitty Chan:

數唔到幾耐冇見,只係知每次一餐譚仔+行街既時間都唔夠我地傾👭 呢十幾年互相睇住對方既起起跌跌⋯唔洗多講已經知對方經歷緊咩階段,好清楚講啲咩會開解到對方。希望我地都有真真正正共同成長,而唔係停留當日上堂發白日夢既階段💭 . . . bff chill chillin girls friends girlstalk bestfriend friendship understanding soul soulmate cheerup encouragement staypositive growth memories nostalgia photooftheday

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Pristine Polish + Detail


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Cinzia Garbin


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Erika Ruth Alvarez ॐ


Comment from Erika Ruth Alvarez ॐ:

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy" ~ Rumi 🌿💟🌿 beautifuldays gratitude asanas yogaeveryday soul namaste meditation wanderlust travel rumi joyride

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🖤Roxsalina Torres Soler🖤


Comment from 🖤Roxsalina Torres Soler🖤:

Yes! Love and give with everything you've got 🖤 fire passion soul grace heart love live life logophile wordstoliveby do be go quote beautiful beautystartswithin

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My Lovely Golden Canelo 🐶💞🐾


Comment from My Lovely Golden Canelo 🐶💞🐾:

🐕🤙🏼🌅here 💕canelo instagood goldenretriever goldendog waiting dreams love life colorsuniverse soulsweet 🐶💞💕🌅😘🤘🏼

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Comment from yoga_and_ocean:

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Eshan Kapoor


Comment from Eshan Kapoor:

Why do it? Why create something which is largely going to be ignored by the masses? Why would one painstakingly delve deep in to the crevices of his soul to create something which won’t even last a day; an ephemeral glint of beauty that shall most certainly fade into oblivion? Is it for that puny tip? No, the answer that strongly resonates within my mind is that art is not merely about the riches. It goes much deeper than that for sure. An artist creates something because that’s the only way he knows to bring order to chaos, a humble attempt of an ordinary soul to come closer to being the Creator, enabling othes to see such a profound beauty that they can’t even imagine in their wildest dreams. . . . goa art artistry artist sandart sand beach beautiful writer quoteoftheday quote life seek universe lovelife adventure travelling travel photography picoftheday pictures creative creativity nature artofig beautiful soul meaning chaos innerpeace

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sc: jxnuary


Comment from sc: jxnuary:

Ripped like my soul 👖

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Comment from Michelle:

It's that time of the week! . Share one belief or energy you're done with and letting go this week!

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Comment from DroppingJuels:

🗓: 04.01.17 The Love Prophet moruf88 JuiceGS LOE 📜⚡ 🌊: Juice Hip-Hop Exhibition: Garden State Edition 🕍: Juice Cathedral 🎟: (On Sale Now) 🔗: moxie1973_

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Elyse Hatch


Comment from Elyse Hatch:

Happy Wednesday and 2-22! I've always enjoyed numbers. I was a math nerd at one point, so much that I decided to become an accountant. I started with doing the books for my boss at the time and then went on to college to take on business accounting. I loved working with numbers, but soon realized it meant I wasn't working with PEOPLE. And at the time, I was totally ok with that too! 😂 That was the old me. The new me wants more than that. The new me wants to make a bigger difference. So today, if you look at the sequence of numbers, like I said, I still love numbers, the sequence of twos can mean a lot of things. But for me, today, they relate to my faith and trust in my divine life purpose and soul mission. Manifesting miracles and new opportunities. My mission? To live the happiest, healthiest life I can! To offer hope and belief that anything is possible. To show others that your body is your business and you can choose to let health be thy vehicle to amazing things! To the life you dream of. To prove that you don't have to settle, but that instead you can choose to live your life by design. To give my children an amazing childhood and show them that it's not just ok to believe in yourself and your dreams, but in order to make them a reality it's necessary. If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough. Some will be inspired by this. Some will read and gafaw. That's ok. I've learned to let go of my EGO in order to move forward in life. I let go of my ego, my self doubts, and welcome only productive thinking. So far, it's been pretty amazing and I've become a better person because of it. What's one negative thought that's standing in the way of your success? Try letting it go and give yourself some credit. You are capable of more than you might think.

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Shrey Asthana


Comment from Shrey Asthana:

Here's my new Composition! Full upload on SoundCloud..(PREFER EARPHONES) Link mentioned in the profile instrumental love longing soul oc composition compose music firstsong instrumentals instrumentalmusic

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