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Diego Armando Maradona celebrate his 30 years anniversary for bringing the city of Naples it's first championship by taking a shot at his great rival Pele ... Even sports rivalry use to be fun back in the old good days unlike these days with (beIN Sport) mafia and other cheap media outlet fueling the rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo and real Madrid and Barcelona for their own benefit putting millions in their pockets and in the packets of the players and their club management while somewhere in middle East, Mohamed haven't spoken to Zavi for 5 years now not because they didn't like idea of sharing the same girl but because one of them thinks one of the players better than the other, or else how do you explain the Israeli Palestinian conflict for over 60 years now, Mohamed's grandfather and Zavi's grandfather were arguing on which world war was better off course we all know Mohammed's father liked the WW1 because Hitler didn't like Jews and Zavi's grandfather liked WW2 because Hitler got his ass kicked ... Anyway that's another subject for another day. #jews #arabs #spanish #argentinan #italy #messi #ronaldo #zavi #mohamed #barcelona #realMadrid #pele #maradona #cl #calcio #Iraq #canada #middleast #hitler #ww #beinsports

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