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Comment from Arah McManamna:

I had a blast on Whidbey Island and it was super fun walking on to the ferry.

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Comment from Fernando B.:

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Comment from Culture Trip London:

London, we could never get enough of you! 😍✨ | 📸 by @cynthiaekawati

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Comment from Олег Гант:

🐟🐟🐟Woman carrying baskets of fish. Morning in fishing village. Vietnam. / Женщина несет корзины с рыбой. Утро в рыбацкой деревне. Вьетнам. #людикаклюди

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Comment from Ultimate Expeditions:

Life is short and the world is wide. Travel.

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Comment from julia:

into the wild 🌿

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Comment from Lee Barguss:


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Comment from Kerensa & Brandon:

We may currently be diving the Florida Keys, but lounging in the warm water of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland still sounds pretty good to me!

3 Minutes ago

Comment from Ryan Cheyne:

I found the birds that I was looking for yesterday. One last song and dance before the sun goes down. To be a bird, eh?

3 Minutes ago

Comment from Jean-Claude Kresse:

Whalin' around in Greenland 🐳

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• D r i n k C o f f e e • S t a y C o z y • E n j o y W i n t e r ☺️💫☕️ • #littlestoriesofmylife

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• E A R T H Q U A K E S + I C E B E R G S • I say it a lot, but I'm in constant awe of people. What we see of people is just the tip of the iceberg of who that person is + who they want to be. . When we take an extra moment to listen a little deeper, we learn that there is a whole untold world beneath the surface. One simple gesture might rupture the earthquake that breaks the ice towards a new friendship. 💙 . One extra moment of curiousity thrown someone's way could quite literally change your life, or theirs, for the better. Isn't that alone worth the chance? . . . #beingboss #coaching #curiosity #womenempoweringwomen #liveauthentic #secretlifeofasuccesscoach #yyc #yyz

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Comment from Rebecca:

That sweet, slow life.

20 Minutes ago