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Felicia Jolie Jovovich (feliciajoliejovovich) Instagram Photos and Videos

Felicia Jolie Jovovich


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souvenir india collection elephant ganesha gift hindu pink stones jingle culture tradition colors

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"C'è un'Ape che se posa | su un bottone de rosa: | lo succhia e se ne va... | Tutto sommato, la felicità | è una piccola cosa.“ YF silver finestjewelry rome silver925 handcrafted withlove nickelfree likeforfollow likeforlike tagsforlike tagstagram rings stones gift tattoostyle shoppingonline handmade

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Belisa Cedillos (eclecticexchange) Instagram Photos and Videos

Belisa Cedillos


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If you don't already have Shungite, I strongly recommend you get some! Everyone should have this miracle stone. Here is a great intro cheat sheet sharing some of the amazing benefits of shungite and how you can use it to tap in to its healing & protective powers. thankyou God crystalhealing magical stones rocks crystals healing lightworker miami angel spiritcoach wakeupmiami goodvibesonly holistic wellness healthy natural health medicine minerals spiritual coach wakeupmiami love peace balance abundance grow evolve shift

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Poseidon overload! All available. DM for purchases. Serious inquiries please. It's very exhausting to do private sales, but I do them because I know most of you prefer them. It makes it hard for me to justify continuing to do them when I get ppl info and they don't reply for hours (if at all), leaving other ppl waiting. I understand you can't sit by your phone all day waiting, so let's help each other make this a smooth, easy process ☺ I will reply to each person in the order of messages received. I will give out pricing to multiple ppl and whoever replies first claiming it, gets it. I used to only work with one person at a time, but like I said it's hard to do that when ppl don't reply it holds up the entire line. Hope you all understand it's nothing personal. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you! ❤ I took pics and videos in multiple different lights to give you a better idea of how they'll appear inside vs outside, direct sun vs shade etc. ☺ poseidon stones gems delicious

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Just to focus or to blend the surroundings out I turn the world upside down sometimes. Stone balancing is a wonderful way to find your peace of mind. - Um mich zwischendurch zu fokussieren und auch mal die Umgebung einfach auszublenden, lasse ich die Welt einfach einmal kopfstehen. Steine zu balancieren ist eine wunderbarer Weg zu innerer Ruhe zu finden. ibiza steinebalancieren stonebalancing steine stones peaceofmind innereruhe

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Tobias Lundström (tobelundstrom) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tobias Lundström


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Except the dot in the waterfall it's pretty nice💧 curacao warm olympus olympusuk olympusomd olympussverige getolympus water waterfall rocks green tbt nice wonderful stones inthewoods slow stream mountain dot disturbing wellwell

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E L I N E 🌙 (elinemoon_) Instagram Photos and Videos

E L I N E 🌙


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Look at him omg so cute!! plant little cute red glass naturelover nature stones white

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David Lewis


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Cobblestones and shadows

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Forest river.. nature trees bestnatureshot happiness water river forest green mountain wood natureskingdom followme allnatureshots stone photooftheday nature_lovers natureaddict rivers stones naturephotography instafollow photoart nature_photo montagne vesubie thebeautifulplanet

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Photographer,artist,movie fan!


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stones stone stoneart pic picture picoftheday photo photos photography photooftheday foto fotos foto📷 fotografia mandala art arte artwork blackandwhite instagram instagramer instagrammer instagrammers coolstuff cool

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stones shivalingam rainbowmoonstone kambabajasper

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Element and Flow (elementandflow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Element and Flow


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Carnelian and Mother of Pearl 😍 this one won't last long! Etsy updates tonight! . . . . . elementandflow earth earthsign watersign firesign airsign moonsign alchemist earthairfirewater handmade naturalstone hippie boho onelove bohemian crystal naturalhealing peace love gypsy goodvibesonly hippiechick stones fossil yoga yogi zen flow 4elements

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Released on Spotify - link in bio 🐊🔥 . . . newrelease newmusic musican firstloverecords melbournemusic copeanddrag shitstorm truegent slacker rocknroll rnr dope rock stones cool fucks dopeandskag music2017 guitars shredders livemusic wip melbournemusic johncooperclarke poet jcc

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BLC  Jewelry & Stones (blc.jewelfantasy) Instagram Photos and Videos

BLC Jewelry & Stones


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💎New💎 ✔Available on Stock ✔ ✳Check our website !! 💎DM to request the password to access the shop💎 jewelry jewels jewel druzy necklace pendant amethyst gems jewelryaddict gemstone bohostyle stones picoftheday trendy accessories joyas crystals bohojewelry jewelrydesigns minerals photooftheday boho instajewelry joyeria wholesale bijoux handmadejewelry handmade

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Peter Kniez


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Mini World with Mercedes-Benz Actros miniworldbypk mercedes mercedesbenz mercedesbenzactros mercedesactros actros mercedesbenztrucks mercedestrucks truck truckstagram panasonic panasoniclumix lumixdmcfz300 lumix stone stones stonepit slovakia insta_svk insta_svk_2017_maj trucker macro macroworld macrophoto macroclique herpa herpamodels herpaminiaturmodelle blue trucking

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Marissa 🌝 (imyourgypsy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marissa 🌝


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All these beauties. These stones gives me all he ideas. I have so many buzzing around my head and they're all freshly drilled and ready!

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Sam (gingerinlove) Instagram Photos and Videos



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stones yellowjasper carnelian redtigerseye sheenobsidian

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Dream Maker Crystals (dreammakercrystals) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dream Maker Crystals


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I had a great show this weekend selling crystals and illustrations! There are still some lovely pieces in the shop like this Natural Rose Quartz generator point. Lovely deep pink with bands of wispy white with some inclusions. The tower is polished and this piece stands on its own. A great stone for the home and for any collector. Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Works best with the heart chakra. Attracts love and romance. Restores trust and harmony in existing relationships. Encourages self forgiveness and trust. Opens and heals the heart. Place by your nightstand to attract love or in the relationship corner of rooms to strengthen relationships. This stone plus another rose quartz point is in the shop if it calls out to you! {Shop link in my profile} rosequartz

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Tracey Vance (mobile_treasures) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tracey Vance


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men's bracelets! fathers day is coming! vonsay1 mensfashion jewelry stones bracelets mensbracelet fathersday

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Denise Abi (deniseabisaber_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Denise Abi


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Close up! 💛 details jewelry silver stones style luxury fancy girl fashion tumblr outfit clothes wear fashion blog blogueira yellow otk denim hairstyle photo love cool cute sp beauty makeup brasil paris japan

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 (upcykling_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Upcykling upcycling ziemianka Ziemianka piwnica stones building budowla handwork budowla kamienie handmade rękodzieło handicraft handcraft art basement cellar

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Element and Flow (elementandflow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Element and Flow


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. . . . . elementandflow earth earthsign watersign firesign airsign moonsign alchemist earthairfirewater handmade naturalstone hippie boho onelove bohemian crystal naturalhealing peace love gypsy goodvibesonly hippiechick stones fossil yoga yogi zen flow 4elements

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Sam (gingerinlove) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sam:

stones angelite pinkaventurine mossagate

9 Minutes ago
кяιѕтιиα // ѕιℓνєяѕмιтн (alishanjewelrydesign) Instagram Photos and Videos

кяιѕтιиα // ѕιℓνєяѕмιтн


Comment from кяιѕтιиα // ѕιℓνєяѕмιтн:

New Lander Variscite beauty 🌱 so minty fresh

10 Minutes ago
Rolling Stones obsessed! (rollingstones.obsessed) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rolling Stones obsessed!


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Get this awesome Stones shirt before we run out! 👉 Link in bio. micktaylor ronwood rollingstones mickjagger ronniewood charliewatts therollingstones keithrichards guitarlegend rocklegend exileonmainstreet classicrock 80s awesometees coolshirt cooltshirt tee

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XxNathans CustomsxX 🏁


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michaelbaythatshit epictoypics epictoyart toyphoto toyphotography toysgram toys4life hasbro @pulse starwarshasbro toyart stormtrooper deathtrooper bespinluke kyloren storm trooper theforceawakens stormtroopers lukeskywalker hansolo chewbacca toyphotography actionfigures actionfigurephotography stones

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Kinga Nowakowska (kin.nowa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kinga Nowakowska


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quick study art digitalart stones painting digital

10 Minutes ago
Karolina Ogonowska (karolinaogonowska) Instagram Photos and Videos

Karolina Ogonowska


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thepower stones happybirthdaymaminka workinprogress

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Boho|Rock|Vintage|Glam|yoga (after31store_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Acessórios que você só encontra aqui !!!! 🌵🌵jewelry jewels fashion gems gem gemstone bling stones stone trendy accessories love crystals beautiful ootd style fashionista accessory instajewelry stylish cute jewelrygram TagsForLikesApp fashionjewelry

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vitalia😺 (vitalia_telepneva) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Вот в один момент поняла, что хочу себе швейную машину. Доросла что ли... но это так, просто мысль) Тут же такие камниииииии!!... vscorussia vscofeature belinsta belarus belarusnow belarusblog vscobelarus nature stones

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Sam (gingerinlove) Instagram Photos and Videos



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stones quartz snowquartz milkyquartz amethyst lapislazuli

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Boa tarde pessoas... feed novo 😜 . . . . . instajewelry gemstone jewelryaddict jewelry accessories crystals design golden jewels jewelery beautiful gem gems gold love ootd silver stones trendy jewellery jewelrygram prilaga bling stone style fashionjewelry gemstones crystal necklace

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Und noch ein altes Schätzchen schatz schmuck schmuckstück instajewels jewelry bijoux rotgold gold älter loveit likeit jewels jewel fashion bling stones stone trendy accessories love beautiful style fashionista accessory instajewelry stylish cute jewelrygram fashionjewelry

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