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Jessica (jemkeogh.x) Instagram Photos and Videos



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More rock art today ♡ rockpainting rockart gelpens zombie rock stones stoneart art diy craft pinterest

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Bespoke Home Jewels (bespokehomejewels) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bespoke Home Jewels


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Agate Tables like this will up your table game a notch ! . Email us at bespokehomejewels for orders & queries. . . . customised special colour Healing Balancing Properties Jade Amethyst Hues tones Malachite Natural Stones BespokeHomeJewels Bespoke TigerEyeStone LapisLazuliStone RoseQuartz Agate semipreciousstones Gifts homejewels lifestyle home interiors

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Lattelier Via Mercatello (lattelier_via_mercatello) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lattelier Via Mercatello


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@principessaglam 🔝🔝🎉😍fashionjewelry jewelry instajewelry blingbling jewelryaddict trendy golden accessories jewellery gemstones stones silver crystal gem gold gems love ootd design jewels jewelrygram necklace style stone bling gemstone beautiful crystals jewelery

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Zhanna Nosova (zhanna8n) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zhanna Nosova


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nature april naturephotography landscape spring stones апрель2017 природа весна2017

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Cassie (dorkytattooedgirl) Instagram Photos and Videos



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When you're so used to wearing drmartens and it's starting to get hot so you can't anymore but it just doesn't feel right. traíners notboots denimjacket jeans shoes sad notthesame stones

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Stephanie Towell (meltedglassbysteph) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stephanie Towell


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Dying some hand picked Queen Anne's lace flower this morning for my rings

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Artist (poroosha.moheb) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Where I want to be again This wonderful island Photo: Poroosha.m. islandmorningbeforeheatstairsstones

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Arte Matta (artemattadesign) Instagram Photos and Videos

Arte Matta


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Earrings ceramic yellow jewelry jewels jewel TagsForLikes fashion gems gem gemstone bling stones stone trendy accessories love crystals beautiful ootd style fashionista accessory instajewelry stylish cute jewelrygram TagsForLikesApp fashionjewelry

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Das Wetter ist ja irgendwie nicht ganz soo überzeugend 😒 trotzdem war ich mit unterwegs um in den Auen frischen Bärlauch zu pflücken 😍🌱 riecht ja super aber irgendwie hält mich meine Angst vor dem ollen Fuchsbandwurm noch von der Verarbeitung ab 😞 rhine river rhein fluss beach shells stones tree wood beautiful landscape outdoors driftwood nature nature_shooters naturephotography naturelovers naturephotoportal sky skyporn fav_skies clouds waether skylovers explore discover discoverearth

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Leano Quartarolo (quartarolonael) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leano Quartarolo


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montagnaspaccata cascate canyon waterfall waterfalls stone stones path sentiero regina silence silenzio nature lovenature lovenatura

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Roberto Mari (stoneverse_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Roberto Mari


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giottolo – 6,5 cm before sanding If you really want to enjoy  these images  visit  preferably on large screen giottoli artnature naturalart pebbles stones minerals geology pietre sassi ciottoli beachstones piedras petrology cailloux камни visions галька 石 geologia geologist dendrite puddingstone pictorialgemstone 石ころ geologypage rockcollection rocks

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Museus Universidade Lisboa 🎯 (muhnac) Instagram Photos and Videos

Museus Universidade Lisboa 🎯


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🔝🔝 BEST PICS BY VISITORS 🔝 So many stunning photos from visitors in the past days -- we can't get enough of them 😍😍 Thank you, Filipa Cabral Pestana! Repost @filipa.cabral.pestana ・・・ Where I see the beauty whereiseethebeauty mypointofview view photography artphotography photographycollector stuff things myeyes iphonephotography iphone art beauty details beautyintheugly lisboa portugal stones precious portuguese MUHNAC ulisboa PRISC @prisc_portugal

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Maddalena Vantaggi Design (maddalenavantaggi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maddalena Vantaggi Design


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magic stones modelling experience playing with mydaughter ideas babyart babydesign designandcraft designforkids 💡💡

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Midori Imamura (midorin55) Instagram Photos and Videos

Midori Imamura


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テラテラヘルツでブレスレット製作中〜〜💕 お友達から届いた〜✨ 家族分作ります〜〜❣️ Terahertz comes at last! 海外生活 adelaide Terahertzstones ブレスレット テラヘルツ

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Chamy Amita // RN // ELYU (honeychaine) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chamy Amita // RN // ELYU


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He's doing better..👏 i loveyou!😘🍃 proudgf swimminglesson101 . . . . . . bucketlist anggandangpinas travel travelph traveler wander wanderlust tanned travelgram gopro goprophotography instapic lostinphislandlife vpinoy windowseatph bndonlinetraveldiary backpacker itsmorefuninthephilippines the_philippines comeseeph phfirst pinasmuna wtnadventure wheretonext gopro goprophotography the_ph stones collections

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vingtetungrammesjewels vingtetungrammes 21grammesjewelry 21grammes finejewelry fashion precious perlesdor picoftheday photooftheday 28ruedesartstoulouse toulouse necklaces new goldgift shopping stones style charms chic jewelry jewels lovestones bohochic colliermala preciousstones

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Bracelets & Earrings (wolf_room) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bracelets & Earrings


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Dámský/dívčí náramek se jménem💕Jméno, případně datum dle přání 🙂 165 Kč 📬 handmade bracelet name date birth year pink white beads shamballa stones silver cut pearls elastic universal chooseone photooftheday braceletoftheday madewithlove vyrobenoslaskou vyrobenosrdcem custom custommade koralky brno forher czechrepublic

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radà since 1982 (rada_accessori) Instagram Photos and Videos

radà since 1982


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Gümüş & Sanat (gumussanatcom) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gümüş & Sanat


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jewelry jewels jewel TagsForLikes fashion gems gem gemstone bling stones stone trendy accessories love crystals beautiful ootd style fashionista accessory instajewelry stylish cute jewelrygram TagsForLikesApp fashionjewelry

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Aussie Travel Couple 🗺✈ (kirstyandmeagan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aussie Travel Couple 🗺✈


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The river winding its way through the forest 🌲🌊 . . . taranakifallstrack hiking exploring alpine forest newzealand river water stones bridge travel northisland neverstopexploring nature wild wilderness travelphotography beauty travelcouple earthpix adventure tongariro scenic outdoors

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Leanna TenEycke (by.the.oak) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leanna TenEycke


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Some of the beautiful crystal towers I have for sale currently on Etsy, Labradorite Fluorite and RoseQuartz . The little fluorite on the left is one of my favourites, it looks like the ocean inside.  crystals singleterminated gemstone stones decor minerals feldspar

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Deepak Saini (deepaksaini00) Instagram Photos and Videos

Deepak Saini


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The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.....☺oldpic stones peace memories photooftheday delhi qutabminar

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Stephanie Towell (meltedglassbysteph) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stephanie Towell


Comment from Stephanie Towell:

‪Loads of new pieces on my work bench today lots of sanding and polishing to do check out my Etsy shop for real flower jewelry ‬

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Мини-гостиница СМС-Юг (Крым) (feodosia_hotel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Мини-гостиница СМС-Юг (Крым)


Comment from Мини-гостиница СМС-Юг (Крым):

Один из Центральных пляжей в Феодосии - галечный! Сколько камешек увозится каждый год туристами - не счесть! Сколько "Феодосия 2017" и "я тебя люблю" написано галькой на полотенцах! Ходить по гальке босиком очень полезно, а еще она не липнет к ногам, и вы, и ваши детки остаются чистенькими! ☺️ . . . море моречко Феодосия феодосияотдых крымотдых феодосийскийзалив феодосия2017 отдыхвфеодосии крым галька пляж гостиницавкрыму крым❤️ крым2017 путешествиенамашине путешествиевкрым феодосия☀️ смсюг миниотелькрым sea🌊 черноеморе минигостиницакрым майские отдыхнамайские хочунаморе горящиетуры майские2017 ятебялюблю❤️ stones

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aurora facets (aurorafacets) Instagram Photos and Videos

aurora facets


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Chakra Activation Workshop Series – Day 15 – Heart Chakra, Anahata⠀ .⠀ The Colours Of The Heart Chakra⠀ .⠀ Rose is a gentle rose pink; rose quartz crystals give the right depth and qulity for this heart colour. Rose amethyst is a deeper rose colour, with a touch of mauve or amethyst in it, making it a bluer pink. Spring green is the colour of young beech leaves in early spring. Spring green heals pain which comes from being over vulnerable in life and helps to open the heart when it has 'hardened' as a result of opposition or devastating emotional experiences.⠀ .⠀ Rose brings warmth and softness. It is comforting to the bereaves. Rose amethys tis strengthening to the heart after debilitating illnesses or in stress conditions, it also helps to balance blood pressure.⠀ .⠀ The Element Of The Heart Chakra⠀ .⠀ Air is the element for the heart chakra. Air is a masculine/active/yang element. These air borne qualities give the heart its key word of detachment and demand a differentiation between romantic feeling, emotional feeling and the clear evaluatory feeling which is an ingredient of wisdom.⠀ .⠀ Our body needs all the elements, however we die most quickly when deprived of air, we contain air, we exist in air, we are touched by it. It gives us the important spaces between things which enable them to be defined. The ultimate closeness to a person is when we share the breath they breathe.⠀ .⠀ The Sense Of The Heart Chakra⠀ .⠀ Being touched and allowing ourselves to be touched by others is important and as such if you are deprived of this when young you will suffer in your development most likely. cont/....⠀ .⠀ Due to the wordcount restriction on Instagram, I am unable to post the entire publication here, however you can pop to my website to continue xxx⠀ .⠀ chakras chakra chakraworkshopseries healing sanskrit yoga spiritualawareness personaldevelopmentjourney ⠀ helplove lifeinstyle chakrastones stones instagood love breath nature nefes bracelet bestoftheday goodmorning qi aura orgone relax wellness heartchakra mantra meditation anahata universe

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Peaceful. ocean sea water stones mountain hiking trail nature naturelovers explore discover adventure australia tasmania wanderlust outdoor fernweh peace gratitude blessed holiday vacancy roadtrip ontour forest lake beautiful stunning photography

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Suzie Cumming (suzieloudesignstudio) Instagram Photos and Videos

Suzie Cumming


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So inspired by the colours and patterns in my Cornish pebble collection colours pattern cornish cornwall pebbles

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 (katt_butterfly) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Yes or No? 💎❤️ Tag your friends in comment 💅🏽 • • jewelry jewels jewel socialenvy wearabletherapy fashion gems gem gemstone bling stones stone trendy accessories love crystals beautiful ootd style fashionista accessory instajewelry stylish cute jewelrygram fashionjewelry hashtaggedapp

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Canyon park canyonpark adventure canyon climb love instalove friends instafun instapicture selfie water beautiful amazing igers igerstoscana blackandwhite colors trees nature dusk stones river Tuscany gallery photography pic picoftheday shot 25aprile april

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Love 2016 montenegro budva becici family love life sea beautiful shadow stones europe story boy child beach mytrip travel чорногорія будва море сімя діти монтенегро семья камни пляж тень

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Let me grow. green plant nature naturephotography naturelovers wall paris hope freedom grow stones panasonic gx8 lumix architecture igersparis igaddict igersfrance

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Johanna Sandberg (designsandberg) Instagram Photos and Videos

Johanna Sandberg


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In my garden this morning. seenonmywalk pattern nature stones garden wednesday goodmorning snow mytinyatlas lonelyplanet outdoors thisisfinland österbotten onsdag godmorgon gardendecor nordicliving minimalism inspiration instagood instadaily april pohjanmaa hyväähuomenta puutarha

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