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Dr Narendra Sharma,  Jaipur (narendra100233) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dr Narendra Sharma, Jaipur


Comment from Dr Narendra Sharma, Jaipur:

Chulgiri (Jaipur, India). This entire universe is made only with love. It sings only this rhythm. I think this is the reason nature atrracts Yogis towards herself always. yoga yogi yogini hathyoga ashthang yogapants yogachallenge yogainspiration igyoga yogalove poweryoga hotyoga asanas stretch meditation namaste wellness workout patanjali inversion inversionaddict handstand headstand acroyoga pilates yogaeverywhere yogaeverydamnday yogalife vinyasayoga

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Dansgroep De Vogelzangers (dansgroep_de_vogelzangers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dansgroep De Vogelzangers


Comment from Dansgroep De Vogelzangers:

💫 Work hard in silence & let your succes be the noise 💫 Dance Split Jump Dancer Stretch Topper JumpHigher Progress Motivation Proud TheGreatest TheBest fwtbs BigLove

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Alisha Marie (sprinkles__shrinking) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alisha Marie


Comment from Alisha Marie:

How do you keep going? Me, I got a planner just for keeping track of my life. The monthly calendar section is for my workouts. Now that I looked back I skipped 3 days this week and replaced with 1 home workout. With the planner and then Instagram it motivates me to keep pushing at my weight loss journey! 💪 . . . . . . . . . . workout weightloss weightlossjourney fitfam fitmom fitness fit healthylifestyle mom momboss momlife momblogger blogger polar polarwatch fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney stretch stretching instagood naturalweightloss

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bethwilliamsaerial (bethwilliamsaerial) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from bethwilliamsaerial:

Working back strength and flexibility in one... @nationalcircus circus cirque flexibility contortion stretch bendy bendyback backbends backstretch powermoves strengthtraining fitness women workout circusarts yoga bethandmartinduo

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Andrea (thebokeeffect) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Andrea:

A lazy Friday for me because all I’m thinking of is blue skies and a holiday. I spent a good 3-4 years doing solo trips. Which is why I think solo trips are overrated. Well, it’s good to do those and spend me time alone and travel and do as you please. But perhaps it is age, I no longer crave to hop onto a plane alone - I do that monthly now. So for a holiday, I’d much rather go with a loved one. You?.. . . . . . . . stretch inflexibleyogis flexibility yogaforflexibility getbendy flexibilitytraining flexibilitygoals practicenotperfection sgfitfam sgfitness sginstagram benddontbreak meandmymat flexible yogaforbeginners totalbodyworkout yogaeveryblessedday practicemakesprogress mysport transformationjourney yogabum yogapose crazysexyyoga stopdropyoga defygravity travellingyogi yogainpublic armbalance crowpose bakasana

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Rodrigo Rurak Limido (rodrirurak) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rodrigo Rurak Limido


Comment from Rodrigo Rurak Limido:

Momentos y locuras que sólo se viven una vez en esta alocada vida!!! cruze fiesta jbl air extremo🔊 plastidip triton stretch rosa

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Stacy Smieska-Brookes (stacybrookes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stacy Smieska-Brookes


Comment from Stacy Smieska-Brookes:

Sun salutes by the fire this Friday ☀️ Peace and Calm for the end of your week ❤ . yoga yogi goals love healthy stretch intention . . gotime hustle positiveattitude positivevibes positiveattitude results workfromhome bossbabe girlboss girlgang ownit fitmom fitfam boymom noexcuses goals ambition truth runtheday

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Tara Balfour (tarabalfourdancer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tara Balfour


Comment from Tara Balfour:

ACHIEVEMENT 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 proud splitkick stretch pointthosefeet flexibility splits balletlegs legs gym dancestudio puma dreams danceforlife dance dancer dancephotography slowmotion dancersofinstagram instadance ballet ballerina balletfeet higharches balletphotography worldwideballet balletdancer latindance naturalhair nomakeup highkick

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🐀squeakslimey🐀 (squeakslimey) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🐀squeakslimey🐀:

💕Sweetheart Putty💕 _ I know it's not slime, but at least it's a post. 💌 _ This putty is a Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty for 2018 Valentine's day. 🌸 _ 🧀Tags🧀 slime slimes slimey stretch stretchy stretching poke satisfaction satisfying satisfy asmr satisfaction satisfyingvideo asmrtingles goo ooze crunchy fluffyslime oddlysatisfying stressrelief crunch bubbles asmrsound floam squishy sleepaid calmdown

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Ana Nikodijevic (ananikodijevic) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ana Nikodijevic


Comment from Ana Nikodijevic:

I’m almost there 💪🏻😁👌🏻split stretch workout gym fitforlife

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Martina Pavan (martipavi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Martina Pavan


Comment from Martina Pavan:

Only Cheer pictures😆🎀❤cheer cheerleading cheerleader toptags cheerathletics stunt stunting tumbling jump toetouch flexible box stretch scale scorpion backtuck instacheer love cheerstagram sport fit cheerperfection cheerclassic instacheerleader cheerislife cheering cheersport cheerpassion cheerpractice

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The Capoeira Blog (thecapoeirablog) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Capoeira Blog


Comment from The Capoeira Blog:

@mussumcdo 🔥🌼capoeira capoeirablog martialarts mma tricking followback berimbau pandeiro health fitness movement movementculture f4f gymnast idoportal yoga abada capoeirista brazil flexibility art capoeiragirl womenpower atabaque bateria roda handbalancing cdo stretch tesoura

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TC Neslyhan Lüleci (neslyhann) Instagram Photos and Videos

TC Neslyhan Lüleci


Comment from TC Neslyhan Lüleci:

An open heart=is an open mind- then all is possible ✨✨ @eclipsnf 🤩🐋pilatesstretchpilateslover loverspilatesbodyhealthwomanex manexercisecheststretchthoraca oracalstretchextansionprivatet vatetrainerprivatetrainingstud gstudıoquadricepsstretchupperb pperbodycorepowerhousefitgymbo gymbodybalancestronghappyweeke contrologyjosephpilatespilates

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Yhasmin 🦋 (yhasmin_yoga) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yhasmin 🦋


Comment from Yhasmin 🦋:

I remeber my first inspiration source of yoga, it was my favorite yogi ever in an airport passing time flowing on YouTube waiting for their flight to burning man. I remembering seeing some poses I thought were incredible and I was 😳. Fast forward to 4 years later and all those poses I uncovered. It was never about the poses but I realized I can do whatever I want drawing attention to it through consistency. Consistency and desire are my keys to life and they have un locked so much for me 💗

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maayan pitsberg (maayan_100) Instagram Photos and Videos

maayan pitsberg


Comment from maayan pitsberg:

“A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” – Mary Lou Retton tkdfight tkdgirl tkd tkdwtf tkdlife tkdwt martialartist martialart martialarts taekwondowt taekwondo taekwondowtf taekwondolife taekwondolove medal sport train art lovesport lovetkd love fights fight highkick stretch lifequotes life lifestyle team sportteam

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可苗 (kanae892) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 可苗:

レッグレイズ30回 腹筋30回 ひねり腹筋30回 腕立て伏せ30回 フォーアーム&バイセップ30回 トライセップ30回 シザーキック 30回 ラテラルレイズ20回 お尻と足のエクササイズ 5分間の簡単ピラティス ストレッチ30分 午後ウォーキング13.86km 16976歩 レッグレイズ 腹筋 ひねり腹筋 腕立て伏せ フォーアームアンドバイセップトライセップ シザーキック ラテラルレイズ お尻と足のエクササイズ 5分間の簡単ピラティス ストレッチ 午後ウォーキング legraze abs twistedabdominalmuscle pushups fourarmandbisep tricep scissorkick lateralraise assandfootexercise easypilatesin5minutes stretch afternoonwalking 1枚目の画像は、昨日のウ 、昨日のウォーキング結果。昨日中に投稿するつもりでいたけど、 いたけど、忘れてて気づいた時には日付が変わってた😅辛うじて �辛うじて、1万歩以上&10km以上歩けたって感じ😅 2 😅 2枚目の画像の写真は今日のウォーキング結果。昨日より

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Tye💎 (aze.tye) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Tye💎:

Repost @ncacheer with @get_repost ・・・ You know that moment we’ve all been waiting for? It’s here!✨theworkisworthit

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Jay West PT & L2 Weightlifting (ravingoctopus87) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jay West PT & L2 Weightlifting


Comment from Jay West PT & L2 Weightlifting:

Currently praying for death rather than endure IT band foam rolling.

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vandalows (vandalows) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from vandalows:

Square VOLVO 😎 ! volvo hellaflush bbs bbswheels bagged lowliving dumped dropped lowered camber negativecamber lords stretch offensivefitment | cleanculture staytilted dvpper lowerstandards lifeonair slammed bagged low

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Sheela (chinchowdoll) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sheela:

. One more hip mobility video, this one from @alexhernandez155 who is practising with a straight right leg. Second part shows him working with shoulder mobility. . 🌟 These are not big flashy movements or poses. For yogis used to "jumping & pumping" (hello jump-backs / jump-throughs) and / or achieving poses that are aesthetically pleasing, how do we feel about small movements & looking "ugly"? (No offence @alexhernandez155, you look v handsome here 😹) 🌟 These are the things I'm considering as I pull back a little from "traditional" asana and re-define what my yoga practice can look like . 🌟 . . . . yoga yogateacher yogapractice movedifferent movementculture practicedaily asana practiceandalliscoming yogapose yogachallenge yogaeveryday yogaeverydamnday yogajourney yogisofinstagram yogainspiration movement mobility functionaltraining functionalmovement training stretch strength @trident

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Mary Hale (maryelainehale) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mary Hale


Comment from Mary Hale:

Beyond belief and disbelief lies the vast expanse of ecstasy; where the mystic lays his head on the cushion of truth 🙏🏽✨ rumi littlebookoflove truth always happyfriday goodmorning riseandgrind yoga yogaeverydamnday yogi hipflexors sink surrender soul split stretch fitness friday

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Angel Doganov (angeldoganoff) Instagram Photos and Videos

Angel Doganov


Comment from Angel Doganov:

chill flying unknown destination planche power bodyweight masters calisthenics_best beast_of_static beast workout_professionals workout fit gymnastics gains gymnasticbodies acrobatics acrobaticgymnastics circusaroudtheworld cirquegram flexibility yoga stretch back strength king handstand handstandnation

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Davide Cavalieri (davide.cavalieri) Instagram Photos and Videos

Davide Cavalieri


Comment from Davide Cavalieri:

Esibizione con i mie ragazzi su un palco meraviglioso... Grazie ai maestri che mi danno l'opportunità di poterli allenare... 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 Serata fantastastica danceparty dancemoms dancefloor dancerecital dancer dancemoms1 dancehall song stretch dancingqueen instadance music studio cheer flexible dancing practice danceshoes choreography ballet fun dancelife prilaga dancers flexibility instaballet dance workout songs dancingmachine

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Be your potential (mai_thibarmy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Be your potential


Comment from Be your potential:

18.1 is out... The demands for spine flexion and extension, as well as for overhead movement, are high.  In your warm-up, try mobilizing the spine into flexion and extension (rolling patterns, roll ups, hollowing to superman...), and specifically the t-spine to facilitate full shoulder elevation (example below). . 👍 it? Tag a friend who's participating in the Open, Rx'd or scaled 💪 . Thibarmy zsfamily xpnworld

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💖 Lilah (lilah.lopbun) Instagram Photos and Videos

💖 Lilah


Comment from 💖 Lilah:

Look mum! See I told you I could reach the table! I'm a big girl now! 🙋💕✨ success beeneatingmygreens reachforthrstars biggirl reach stretch fluffy • • • • • bunny hollandlop bunnyrabbit cutebunny binkybunny instabunny fluffybunny bunniesofinstagram bunniesofig rabbitsofinstagram bunniesunite cutiepie brokentort bunnylove hollandlopsofinstagram bunniesarethebest lovemypet instapet dailypet socute cutenessoverload love

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Marijke Pauly (marijkepauly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marijke Pauly


Comment from Marijke Pauly:

Got that friday feeling! 😍 • • • friday feeling running runningmom runningtime jogging run4fun laufen correr stretch strong focus instarunners runningterritory inspiration womenrunning gorun adventure instapic runningwithram sport instarunnersbelgium

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Emma (emmarmt_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Emma:

feelgoodfriday ☀️ . This is my go-to mobility when I wake up with a sore neck. There is no specific sequence or time frame, I just listen to my body and move where I need it. . Arm movements help move the therapy ball deeper into the tissues, instead of just sitting on the surface. It also helps me reach all the hidden little areas that might otherwise be missed. . I typically use lacrosse balls but if this mobility causes discomfort, use a more flexible ball. You DO NOT want to force your tender tissue through the movement and fire up your nervous system. A nice, relaxed release will not only feel better but last longer. . Listen to your body! . fst mobility fst dynamicstretching rmt massagetherapy levatorscapula traps rhomboids rehab stretch fascialstretchtherapy

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Ryotsun (ryotsun) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ryotsun:

MOXY hotel was built near my shop. . It is really stylish! . . @ryotsun . stretch stretching massage wormup cooldown sports sportstrainer training diet exercise running fitness strength softness recovery conditioning japan hawaii pnf school seminar triathlon ironman ストレッチ マッサージ スポーツトレーナー 筋膜リリース

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The TRUE You, ROCKS! (passionpaysplenty) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from The TRUE You, ROCKS!:

goodmorning getup getactive letsgo riseandshine sexy strong smart stars body bodypsoitive mindbodysoul unity purity passion pleasure selfie selflove senseofself me yoga yogi gay bi workout stretch

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Kamila Najdzion (p_ol_ka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kamila Najdzion


Comment from Kamila Najdzion:

piątek i nie zwalniamy tempa tylko podwajamy obroty. witamy piątek, piąteczek, piątunio. weekend czas start! 🔥🙈💪🏻😜 polishgirl friday mood weekend power strong strenght hard work always black tattoo poledance poledancer polelove poletrick flexible stretching stretch loveit perfect @poledancestudiowroclaw

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potato pew pew 🥔❤️ (slimeypotatos._) Instagram Photos and Videos

potato pew pew 🥔❤️


Comment from potato pew pew 🥔❤️:

milk teaa😋❤️ ~ so sizzly haha - wanna buy my slimes ? 。゚( ゚^∀^゚)゚。 i do sum sales once in a while on @p0tat0sells so when i do them grab urs quick !! o(>ω<)o ~ tags cus this is the way to go lame (´。• ᵕ •。`) rpslimevid fluffyslime crunchyslime anxietyrelief slimer stressrelief slimerepost repost glossy christmas cloud stretch poking glue asmrtrigger slimeasmr slimeaccount follow slimetutorial slimers viral video youtube epic oddlysatisfying awesome aesthetic pretty calming anxiety

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😏 Tear a Knee (alana_not_graceful) Instagram Photos and Videos

😏 Tear a Knee


Comment from 😏 Tear a Knee:

Ok fell asleep before I could post my catch up for fuckthatpose duckthatpose with @caseyyoga. The twist I am most irritated by is revolvedtriangle. It’s not that I am unable to do It’s that it just isn’t a pose that feels good to me. I had a hamstring injury a couple of yrs ago on my left leg so triangles of any sort just sucked. Especially since my hamstrings are just crazy tight anyway. However, i love the rocket yoga system and both trikonasana poses are in that sequence so i practice and teach it all the time. I have to apologize to the students in my head every time I cue it 😂😂😂 waitforit watch to the end. felixfelicis was losing his damn mind last night and makes a brief cameo. crazydog

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korebase (lauretothebase) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from korebase:

Friday feels 🙈 putyourlegsintheair

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