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Diana Castano (mountaindiana) Instagram Photos and Videos

Diana Castano


Comment from Diana Castano:

En el chequeo mensual de @powerclub_official ☇☇☇💪 compartiendo el sábado en la tarde en medio de wods y amigos ...que power de energia la de todos!!! Esto es crossfit, esto es comunidad athlete competitor fit fitness box powerclub power crossfitgirl crosfitter @crossfit @colombiacrossfit health healthy strong stronger bodybuilding amrap fortime emom @juanbamu el mejor!😙😍🤘

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(K)ris(T)eaFit (kristeafit) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from (K)ris(T)eaFit:

Day 1 Again 🤷🏽‍♀️ I can start over as many times as I need as long as I NEVER QUIT! hardcoretrainer2 KTeaFIT

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Forrest Stump (runforreststump) Instagram Photos and Videos

Forrest Stump


Comment from Forrest Stump:

All dressed up for the CAF Celebration of Abilities dinner! We clean up nice...even after 1,500 miles. 😂 . . . teamcaf awards fancy bikelife instabike biketour california amputee prosthetics women cycling stronger faster further adventure power livelife advocate pushyourself noexcuses swimbikerun triathlon

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avery owens (avalizabetho) Instagram Photos and Videos

avery owens


Comment from avery owens:

I am excited to officially be joining Team @chfpweightlifting My first team training day was awesome. I’m so excited to see what the future holds. Thank you so much to @performanceinitiatives and @caraheadsslaughter for helping me transition after moving to D.C. girlswholift olympicweightlifting instagramfitness instagram fitfam gainz teamusa stronger doyouevenlift

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Lisa (l.isaa_1996) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lisa:

Life doesn‘t get easier, YOU just get stronger 🙏🏼 stronger getstrongereveryday me selfie selfietime photography photooftheday picoftheday potd love oldbutgold sommer2017 blonde blondehair shorthairdontcare blueeyes instagood instadaily instalike austrian austriangirl austria austrianblogger cute beautiful like4like follow4follow ❤️🙏🏼

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Heather (scottishbeautie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Heather:

I BELIEVE that in the next few years, with hard work, dedication, consistency & most of all patience! I WILL be like my role model Cassandra @casssmartin - I just hope.i can be half the lady she down to earth, caring, badass and strong af!😈❤ day....cause I BELIEVE!!❤ fitnessjourneyrestdayigfitnoex tnoexcusesgrindgoalsgainzrolem rolemodelwrkethicsuppswrkethic ethicgallomgearmisclesstronger

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Noelle (noellepopster) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Noelle:

How's your life going? I'm in the process of transferring visa and hope to get it approved by this month. Excited for a new workplace and best of all, is near to the gym 🖒🖒 Have been spending time with my good friend as she's in lots of problem in her life now and I hope she feels better soon. So maybe more beer and chit chat sessions 😂 blogilates poppilates pilates poparmy poppilatesofficial blogifam fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney piitprincess lean muscle stronger piit28 challenge piitprincesses popflex workhard dongiveup confident happy satisfied challenge positivevibes weightlifting liftheavy getfitwithana getfit getfitgirlsofficial

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C A R O L I N E 👑 (iamcaroline22) Instagram Photos and Videos

C A R O L I N E 👑


Comment from C A R O L I N E 👑:

No existe descripción con la cual pueda explicar lo bien que me hace estar contigo. 🙊 Lo que si sé es que esto pasa porque simplemente la felicidad es algo que no puedo medir.😍 Te adoro con mi alma, gracias por llegar a mi vida. 💜 goals goals❤️ couplegoals boyfriend iloveyou love lovequotes girlfriend gym squad team instacouple couple metas photography like4like fitness excersice stronger

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Menjual - Jual & Beli (menjualmy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Menjual - Jual & Beli


Comment from Menjual - Jual & Beli:

words wordsofwisdom qoutes qoutesofinstagram qouetesoftheday lovequotes loveit❤️ fit4life fitness fitfam fitmama gettingfit fitgoals fitover40 stronger stayfit gymlifeenjoy training happyfriday autumn🍁 rainy_day weightlossjourney doitformyself justdoit newbalance liveitup smilemore weekend ❤️

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Christina Marsh (sandinmysoul_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christina Marsh


Comment from Christina Marsh:

When you have nothing else going on on a Saturday night, yoga is always there * * * * * yogaeverydamnday yogachallenge instayoga yogapose yogainspiration yogajourney yogafun yogi yogini yogisofinstagram stronger strong strength core fitspo fitness fitnessmotivation fit fitgirls fitnessjourney fitlife headstand

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Activa Star (activastar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Activa Star


Comment from Activa Star:

Shop now 👉 (Link on Bio) •FREE SHIPPING!!😍 •15% OFF ANY ORDER (Code: YES15 ) 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃‍♀️ exercise stayshredded lift fitlife gymtime zyzz fitspiration getfit liftwear wbffaust muscles stronger wbff aesthetic gymnast gymmylife fitnessfood fitnesslife fitnessgear fitnesslove fit workhard shoulders gymshark gymnastics activewear fashionfitness fashionablefitness sportbras colourislife

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Sammy (sammy02031989) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sammy:

IM A SURVIVOR OF DOMESTIC ABUSE, here’s my story..It was a Friday night and I had just brought home dinner for us. He told me he was leaving to smoke weed with his friend and I felt so unappreciated for doing something nice. He brushed me off walked out and I ran after him begging him to stay. His friend Chris stood there watching us argue which had now moved into the middle of the street. In what felt like a blink of an eye his hands were wrapped around my neck. I tried reaching for his friend to help me but he just stood there and watched. I tried screaming and breaking free but his grip was too strong and all I could think about was that this was how I was going to die. A door slammed and he let go thinking someone was coming and ran into his friends car and drove away, leaving me in the street crying on the ground alone. At that moment my life changed forever. His friends called me a bitch, and judged me but had no idea what was going on behind closed doors for 6 years. Breaking my phones, verbally abusing me daily, and making me feel so ugly inside and out where I even tried changing the way I looked because I wasn’t beautiful enough for him. It wasn’t until I had Sage where I was strong enough to say fuck you and emotionally cut myself off from loving or caring about him anymore. I still deal with the verbal abuse from him in regards to my daughter over text but I stand my ground and try not to let that beat me down anymore. I’m still healing from years of abuse but I refuse to be defined by it. I’m more driven, strong and independent, and never want to settle for anything less than I deserve. If I hadn’t left the relationship I would be dead and so many women out there don’t leave because they may feel trapped, alone, or too embarrassed to get help. I urge anyone that has been abused to get help. There are many resources out there with info on what signs to look for in an abusive relationship, counselors to talk to, or shelters. Today I wear purple for domestic violence awareness month. I have no shame for sharing my story but instead hope it can help at least one person that’s suffering from domestic abuse.

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¡Oh lolita! (ohlolitam) Instagram Photos and Videos

¡Oh lolita!


Comment from ¡Oh lolita!:

Self-love is the most important 💖👏 • Ohlolitam Ohlolita Venezuela MesRosa Pink Poweful Woman Stronger Cancerdemama GirlPower Girly SemanaRosa

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Rey David (reydavid6) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rey David


Comment from Rey David:

instagood instafit pictureoftheday stronger klubien Cuando se comparte el mismo gusto por lo que se hace, se gana, lo logramos @marilumartinezestrella 💪🏼

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Lily (Sushi)the Rescued Senior (lilytherescuedsenior) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lily (Sushi)the Rescued Senior


Comment from Lily (Sushi)the Rescued Senior:

You can see in this video how much I improved at walking ❤️🐾walking stronger underdogtowonderdog shihtzu shihtzusofinstagram foreverhome survivor

8 Minutes ago
Lani💗 (lanipt) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lani💗:

Leg day, my fave ❤️ . . . squats squatsbooty squatbooty squat legday motivation booty🍑 bootyworkout gym fitness fitmum fitnessmotivation virginactive virginactiveaustralia virginactivefrenchsforest stronger stronggirls strongnotskinny strongwomen fitchick fitchicks fitspo

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Eugénie 🇫🇷 (eugeniehuguesdc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eugénie 🇫🇷


Comment from Eugénie 🇫🇷:

I find this motivation in my mind and this progress remember me to keep going 🔥💪🏼💦 gymday sunday fitness muscle progress goals fitspo motivation lifestyle girlwholift stronger

9 Minutes ago
Rodrigo (rodrigospb) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rodrigo:

Quando vc chega aos 30 anos com esse grupo de amigos, vc sabe que mandou bem! Vcs são meu maior presente! trintei 30anos bigger faster stronger

9 Minutes ago
Guille (guilleizquierdo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Guille:

×Por que lo hago? Porque me apetece. Soy partidario de comer carne ya que son los que cumplen las cadenas de aminoácidos, no como las proteinas vegetales que son incompletas. Pero no soy partidario de los químicos que lleva la carne hoy en dia ni de los precios que algunas asumen en comparación a nuestro sueldo, y tampoco la forma de acabar con algunos animales. Así que el 1 de noviembre voy a probar, voy a aprender y voy a tener mis propias conclusiones y sensaciones. Gracias a los que os leeis el parrafote🤗stronger picoftheday instafit powerful photooftheday fitness crossfit trainer heavy fitnessaddict ripped aesthetics girlswithmuscles training shredded bodybuildinglifestyle gym active prilaga fitfam eatclean powerlifting fitspiration cardio train girlswholift dreambody beastmode gym bikinicompetitor

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Michele Carrasco (gettinfitnotskinny) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michele Carrasco


Comment from Michele Carrasco:

I had to transformationtuesday way early because my new mrs drivers license came in the mail today. A true weightlosstransformation - and proof to myself I am not that girl anymore. Crazy ?!!?!!!!! 💪😍 weightloss fitlife new journey dowork mentalgame 4years operationloveyourself fitness eatclean balance love sweat cry smile stronger justmarried

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Melukis Langit (melukislangit) Instagram Photos and Videos

Melukis Langit


Comment from Melukis Langit:

Begitulah caraku membuang kesedihan Menangis hingga puas lalu membiarkan diriku terpuruk untuk sesaat Bukan lemah Aku hanya coba pasrah Tak mau memaksa hati yang terluka untuk pura-pura bahagia Aku yakin setelah luka yang ini, aku akan bertemu seseorang yang mau menyembuhkan luka ini Walau mungkin saja akan ada luka yang baru lagi setelahnya Tapi setidaknya aku sudah paham, Bahwa setelah kesedihan maka akan ada bahagia Maka aku tak perlu lama-lama untuk larut dalam kesedihan Seperlunya saja Ya, seperlunya saja . . . Follow -------》 @melukislangit Design by @gufogallery melukislangit pecikartun aksarapelangi bejadhinaja mas a masbisik poem poetry instagr stagram Indonesia followme Jak jabodetabek instapoem love story stronger heart design value honor

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🇨🇴David Corrales🇵🇦 (dacofit) Instagram Photos and Videos

🇨🇴David Corrales🇵🇦


Comment from 🇨🇴David Corrales🇵🇦:

EL AGOTAMIENTO ES SEÑAL DE GRANDEZ COSAS, SIGE GERRIANDO 😤.papitapalloro motivation mensfisic phisyque fitness fitnessaddict eatclean stronger quemoralmedas cleaneating bombeito addictfitness acensor aprete mensphysique bodybuilding aprete vascularization quemoralmedas fit prossupps workuot gymlife muscle porquesernormalapesta becausenormalsucks nikepanama niketraining vascular ripped flexibledieting biceps

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Lauren Clark (lozzaclark_93) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lauren Clark


Comment from Lauren Clark:

So exciting when u start to see all your hard work paying off. Its taken a while but focus is the key! Getting stronger everyday!! 💪💪 fitness stronger goals focus hardworkpaysoff smashingit instafit strongnotskinny gymlife healthylifestyle

13 Minutes ago
Forrest Stump (runforreststump) Instagram Photos and Videos

Forrest Stump


Comment from Forrest Stump:

The CAF Open Water Swim Clinic was cancelled yesterday due to abnormally large waves in the morning (a storm of sorts for San Diego standards). So the clinic was called off for safety. Didn't stop us from at least putting our feet in the water and getting some professional tips from Coach Alan for the Best Day in Tri tomorrow! . . . coast swim beach sand waves teamcaf bestdayintri water feetwet athlete forreststump bikelife instabike biketour california amputee prosthetics women cycling stronger faster further adventure power livelife advocate pushyourself noexcuses swimbikerun triathlon

13 Minutes ago
Amanda Konstantine (official_mandyk) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amanda Konstantine


Comment from Amanda Konstantine:

'Cause it makes me that much stronger Makes me work a little bit harder It makes me that much wiser So thanks for making me a fighter💪🏼 PC: @aronwashere . . . . . . . . . stronger fighter christinaaguilera dancer aspiringmodel model dopeports pursuitofportraits photoshoot fishnets velvet overalls sephora kiko curlyhair blondebombshell vintage glam pinupgirl pumps inkedmodel girlswithtattoos

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Rick Bar Beast (rickbarstar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rick Bar Beast


Comment from Rick Bar Beast:

bodybuildingmotivation hardwork park bodyweight calisthenics abs muscleup abs fitness extreme barstarzz barbrothers streetworkout worldwide calisthenics streetworkout stronger strong motivation body gym bodybuilding fitness baristiworkout followers picoftheday motivation streetworkout bodybuilding bodyweight fitness parkour crossfitbarbrothersbarstarzz outdoorworkout sexyboy sexybeast gymfreakbootyfordaysneverstope

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Mairo (mairo_05) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mairo:

workout_professionals 360camp 24workout hardwork lifestyle park ink bodyweight calisthenics transfer goodvibes motivacion muscleup fitness extreme barstarzz barbrothers worldwide me calisthenics streetworkout stronger strong followme followers followgram TeamOrtizSW workoutcol inspiration motivation

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BBWKING (marvilis) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from BBWKING:

FROM YOURS TRULY - BBWKING 😘😍 bbwking marvilis keto ebook lifechanging livinghealth weightloss bodybuilding fitlife entrepreneur fitsporation training successful follow gains stronger selfie workout blackowned picoftheday beautiful instafit photoofday comments lifestyle fitspiration fitfam physique beard supportblackbusiness

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GDA FIT (gdafit2020) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from GDA FIT:

Be happy❤️ GDAFIT Workout squat workhard fitness live passion together stronger lighter faster smarter beautifuldestinations travel bodybuildingmotivation bodytransformation care

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Sarah De Leon (runningirl276) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah De Leon


Comment from Sarah De Leon:

Flat Sarah is ready to Run With the Marines! On March 29th I went out for one of my last long runs before the London Marathon. I didn't finish that run. By the time I hobbled home I knew it was a stress fracture. On March 30th I received the email from the Marine Corps Marathon saying I had a spot in this year's marathon. This is not only marathon 10, this is my comeback marathon! canadianrunner canadianrunnerinboston motherrunner girlswhorun runwiththemarines MCM2017 stronger determined comebackkid beatyesterday zensah findyourSPARK mizunorunning marathon10 oisellevolée oiselleMARI

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Daniel Roberts (danroberts____) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daniel Roberts


Comment from Daniel Roberts:

Sunday morning get up Partner workout Goal: accumulate 8km while other holds watts on assault 👹 sundayfunday

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Elisha (elishasophie_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Elisha:

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Forrest Stump (runforreststump) Instagram Photos and Videos

Forrest Stump


Comment from Forrest Stump:

The Kids Surf Clinic with CAF was SO COOL! 🤙🏽 Seeing these kids get up on a board for the first time and their smiles afterwards was priceless. Not only did each kid have the help of 6 volunteers, but also advice from other amputee surfers who have paved the way. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. There are no limits to our human potential! . . . surf kids forreststump teamcaf ocean surfing nolimits humanpotential water power bikelife instabike biketour california amputee prosthetics women cycling stronger faster further adventure power livelife advocate pushyourself noexcuses swimbikerun triathlon

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