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Cleaning out of my freezer seafood galore homecooking delicious dinner shrimp calamari seasnail stuffedpeppers lovetoeat lovetocook foodies foodporn foodgasm food flavorful madewithlove yummy yummyfood

22 Minutes ago
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[Read all for an unexpected curveball] As mentioned before, I eat the same exact meals and snacks for all weekdays for an entire week - A. it makes it a heck of a lot easier to prep B. in the fitness world “consistency is key” 💪🏼 stuffed peppers are one of the many great meals to prep in one day and be done with it! Now here comes the curveball.. even though these peppers were yummy, for some reason I got tired of them mid-week. I. Got. Tired. Of. Food. 😳 Because I never get tired of eating the same thing for a week, this surprised me - but it happens! So I had to be creative to not waste what I prepared and look forward to it again 🙇🏼‍♀️ not pictured here, but what I did is toast a leftover tortilla for crunchiness, cut up the stuffed pepper, and make a stuffed pepper burrito drizzled with dijon mustard! 🌯 It was, again, SURPRISingly delicious, I didn’t waste my time to prep and ingredients, and I only had to adjust my macros a little by adding in the extra carbs of the tortilla.

23 Minutes ago
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"A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe." I tried Mexican stuffed peppers tonight delicious cleaneating stuffedpeppers mexicanfood lowcarb

25 Minutes ago
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Stuffed Rasta Veggies stuffedpeppers stuffedzuccini homecooking rasta 🔥❤️💚💛🔥

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Taco stuffed bell peppers, yellow rice and fresh grilled corn on the cob. Yes indeed!!! delicious roastedcorn stuffedpeppers itswhatsfordinner goodeats

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Tyler working hard. tyler ghosthouse recording mixingboard stuff stuffedpeppers jamspot

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Perfectly Stuffed Peppers! Voila 👌🏆 greekfood dinnerisserved homemade stuffedpeppers humpday

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Being adventurous in the cooking department. A+ and husband approved! dinner stuffedpeppers healthyeating yummy

54 Minutes ago
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stuffedpeppers withrice whateattoday favoritedishes greekcooking eateatgood homecooking delicious vegetarian foodfoodies foodstagram foodstyle cookcooking instapic instalike cookinglove γεμιστές_πιπεριές σπιτικοφαγητο ελληνικηκουζινα

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This tastes so good omg 😋 icancooksometimes rice beef cheeeeeese tomatoes stuffedpeppers illstuffyouallinthecrust dinner muchnom hellofresh itadakimasu

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Working on some healthy recipes that compliment summer veggies & summer diets 🍅🍀 YouTube video coming soon, so stay tuned 🎥 . . . . foodie vegan vegetarian dinner garden buzzfeast foodpics radplantlife poweredbyplants fitgirlsworldwide fitness eatforabs hellofresh stylerunner nongmo vegetarianrecipes cooking letscook foodiefeatures carbup eatclean summer stuffedpeppers vegetarian

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Stuffed peppers for dinner! wednesdaynightcooking stuffedpeppers peppers omnomnom

1 Hours ago
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🍴dinner stuffedpeppers

1 Hours ago
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wife mom dinnerisserved stuffedpeppers

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Tonight's offthemenuwednesdays special is called "Mama Manzana"! Come check her out. @big_baby_jesus_ cider newjersey jcrocks downtownjc meatballs eatthisnow stuffedpeppers porkbelly macandcheese hotcheesesand cheese wine cocktails winebars cocktailbars

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James, caught trying to steal my lunch! Stuffed Capsicum with tomato sauce and @casseras_pastry_bakehouse fresh made baguette. Available in vegetarian or beef. stuffedpeppers lunch homemade eatlocal busted mylunchisbetterthanyours deli donttouch food ilovefood @portmacquarie @portmacquarielife

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dinner dinnertime poptart shesthebest sogood stuffedpeppers rice groundturkey cheese loveyoupoptart @natyscarv

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Whats for dinner? shredded Buffalochicken stuffedpeppers

1 Hours ago
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Mixed up some stuffedpeppers for supper/meals this week! beef corn rice tomatoes cilantro eathealthy simple mealprep stringcheesedoesnotmelt

2 Hours ago
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I am such a foodie. I LOVE FOOD! GOOD REAL food. Most times I can't resist what's in front of me. It takes some serious willpower. Luckily, My meal plan has delicious healthy meals like this!! Stuffed pepper with brown rice, corn, salsa, low fat cheese, black beans, and chia seeds. They are so tasty it makes me love food even more, which is okay because I can eat more of it. foodie ilovefood stuffedpeppers

2 Hours ago
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THIS happened the other day 😊 newyorkliving newyouklife newyorkstyle newyorker newyork nyc astoria restaurant homecooking homemade homemadedish homerestaurant bellpepper meet beef groundbeef stuffedpeppers panfried meetdish meetlover vegetables healthycooking food foodshot foodphotography foodie dinner homedinner

2 Hours ago
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Yup! 👍😆 newyorkliving newyouklife newyorkstyle newyorker newyork nyc astoria restaurant homecooking homemade homemadedish homerestaurant bellpepper meet beef groundbeef stuffedpeppers panfried meetdish meetlover vegetables healthycooking food foodshot foodphotography foodie dinner homedinner

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My first attempt at stuffedpeppers mitchdoesitalian

2 Hours ago
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Tex-Mex Stuffed Peppers tonight. I don't really follow a recipe, just stir up some yummy stuff (swipe to see pic), stuff it in, and bake for 30-40 min at 350°👍🏼 Inexpensive and easy and tasty! Topped it with salsa, sour cream, avocado, and cilantro. 🍅🥑🌽🌱🌶🌮 mealplanning stuffedpeppers wholefood realfood texmex glutenfree vegetarian

2 Hours ago
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stuffedpeppers inaskillet newway easypeasy outwiththeold gobbleitup withaspoon

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3pm lunch today at work!!! SUPER delicious and worth the wait!!! 😜 fitfam inspiration healthylifestyle lifestyle healthyeating fitnessaddict motivation girlswholift strongnotskinny noexcuses may balance accountability purpose success commitment consistency journey hotmess parenting opportunity homeworkout happywednesday spring 2017 noexcuses feelslikesummer priorities lunch stuffedpeppers

3 Hours ago
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Ridiculously simple to make but healthy and satisfying. On the plate in 10 mins. Nutritionally balanced. Protein packed and low fat. stuffedpeppers couscous chickpeas salad pesto humus balancedmeal proteinpacked vegan strong hulksmash armworkout gymrat personaltrainer veganbodybuilder love beautiful liftheavyshit follow like4like lovetocook beastmodeon bigguns

3 Hours ago
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Lunch pleins de couleurs pour se mettre dans la bonne humeur ! yellow stuffedpeppers quinoa miam bonappetit

3 Hours ago
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⭐️ Tomato Quinoa Stuffed Pepper with Meatballs and Tzatziki + delicious garlic bread ⭐️ tomatoquinoa stuffedpeppers meatballs tzatziki garlicbread homemade aredheadscuisine

3 Hours ago
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Stuffed peppers, salmon, spinach and strawberries 😍 nom nom 😋stuffedpeppers dinner healthy lovefood goodfood salmon

3 Hours ago
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foodie dinnertime vegetarian midweek chilled stuffedpeppers risotto tomatosauce redwine frenchwine beaujolais mushrooms peas veggies bakedpotato yummyfood malta stjulians yummy vegetarianfood foodstagram instafood foodblogger baked foodlover tasty peppers

3 Hours ago
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Pretty much the only veggie option on the menu, but yummy anyway. vegetarian vegan stuffedpeppers salad fitfood instadaily food foodie feta nomnom dinner herbs eat

4 Hours ago
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Dinner stuffedpeppers rice cleaneating healthyeating beachbody 5aday veggies instadaily clearskin goals fitness womanonamission

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