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Our meal today! Excited. Hope it tastes great. foodporn lovetocook gevuldepaprika stuffedpeppers bloemkoolrijst cauliflowerrice spinazie spinach hüttenkäse

11 Minutes ago
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Wow! Talk about inflation. How much are you paying for lunch? Menu, Horn and Hardart, 69C Big Value Lunch, July 10, 1963, Philadelphia History Museum Collection ​TBT Throwback Love Coffee HornAndHardart . . . . . ​Phot Cute InstaGood FishCakes StuffedPeppers Menu Yummy Delicious Foodies PhillyFoodie Yum Scallops FishCakes CornedBeef BeefStew SalisburySteak History Foodie Lunch Food​

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Study snack ! . . . . . . . . . . food fresh garlicbread stuffedpeppers stuffedgarlicbread cheese cheesey garlic oregano herbs freshbread foodporn foodgram foodgasm foodlover italian italian italianostudy

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stuffedpeppers broccolini 🍔🍟🍳🍨🍢🍡🍢

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I love when something is delish for breakfast lunch or dinner! Total prep time for these were 40 mins. I threw brown rice on to cook first, then put eggs to boil. Preheat oven to 400* and cut the tops off of the peppers, scooped out the guts and cut the bottom a bit so they don't fall over sitting in the pan. Once pre heated, I put just the peppers in the oven without the stuffing for about 15 mins. By 15 mins the rice and eggs will be done. I roughly chopped the eggs and threw in with the rice and some tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, salt, pep and garlic & herb seasoning. Take the peps out to stuff them and then throw them back in the oven for about 15 mins or until your desired doneness haha I don't measure anything usually because I like to experiment, but there are plenty of stuffed pepper recipes on the web! lolisaidweb cleaneating prep cleaneats stuffedpeppers

25 Minutes ago
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Eating healthy is easy when your meals look and smell this good 😛 hot sausage and ground turkey peppers with quinoa stuffedpepperscleaneating

1 Hours ago
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Trying to be more lowcarb once again... Without such a heavy school load this semester, I think I can do it! Last night's dinner stuffedpeppers with bacon keto delicious

1 Hours ago
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Baked Stuffed Sweet Bell Peppers 💛 Bell peppers can be grilled, stuffed, added to salads or simply eaten raw as a fresh crunchy snack. When baking stuffed peppers, cook the stuffing first. You can use a variety of vegetables, beans, lentils, rice, quinoa or meat protein if desired. Spoon the mixture into the hollowed out pepper and add a little tomato sauce. Top with some cheese if desired and bake at 350F for 30-40 mins depending on how well done you want the peppers. Enjoy! stuffedpeppers

2 Hours ago
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Romanian Stuffed Peppers. You can do it the traditional way (you barely have a 150 g if rice in 2 peppers if you add enough meat&chopped peppers) or with quinoa instead of rice and chicken as meat. You can use 10% fat yogurt instead of sour cream romanian dishes stuffedpeppers dieteticiansigina nutrition healthyeating

2 Hours ago
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Poivron farci à la grecque avec boulettes de viande, tomates et fromage feta 🇬🇷 💙 stuffedpeppers fetacheese greekfood

2 Hours ago
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Man becoming a fast favorite. Tweaked the recipe a lil today make the potato's taste less bland. Roasted sweet and normal potato tossed in Dijon mustard, olive oil and salt n pepper. Stuffed capsicum. Stuffing is chicken, cauliflower, carrot, onion, garlic, taco seasoning and salsa. Stuffing is premade so it's a fast meal to make, just stuff and bake. - - - - food foodie dinner cleaneating carbs mealprep diet portioncontrol clean roast stuffedpeppers chicken chopstickgangsta

2 Hours ago
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🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 peperonciniripieni peperoncini stuffedpeppers foods foodaddicted foodlover foodblogger italianfoodbloggers eat eataly italy🇮🇹 italiaatavola cucinaitaliana topoffood bestoftheday cookingpassion foods foodporn foodies 🌶 italiandoitbetter instagood follow4like instapics mangiare piccante foodandwine

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Lunch! No suprises here 😍 stuffedpeppers 90daysss 90dayssscycle1 90daysssplan sss90dayplan sss90dayscycle1 sss90dayplancycle1 Leanin15 lowcarb TheBodyCoach thebodycoachsss thebodycoachsssplan bodycoach CycleOne healthyeating eatclean cleaneating healthylife

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GREEK inspired dinner last night: chicken, zucchini, onion & feta stuffedpeppers (mini). The peppers were fresh from local longisland farms! Quinoa & spinach salad side dishes. Whole dish: Ground chicken (1sp/ounce) Presidential fat free feta (2sp for 5 ounces) Peppers Onions Zucchini weightwatchers farmfresh homemade smartpoints dinner whaticooked weightlossjourney realisticjourney

4 Hours ago
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Texas-style, my first love! Poblano and anaheim peppers stuffed with @tynerpondfarm chorizo from @marketwagon and rice. Smoked with Texas pecan and western oak from the QueBQ in the BGE. texas texmex texmexfood stuffedpeppers poblano poblanos anaheimpeppers chorizo pecan pecansmoked oak oaksmoked cilantro chihuahuacheese homegrown homegrowntomatoes

4 Hours ago
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•s t u f f e d p e p p e r s , part 1 • I made these for dinner and it's so good! It is very easy to do and it doesn't take hours to make😊 I think it's definitely worth a try! This time the video is in two parts and I'm posting part two tonight😙 hope you like this video and send me a dm if you have any questions😉 And I also finally got a camera tripod so someone doesn't have to film for me all the time☺️ | recipe: ( ____ _____________________________ stuffedpeppers stuffed peppers video stuffedpeppersvideo croutons delicious tastey cameratripod camera chickenmince garden grass food dinner instavideo scallion ketchup salt pepper comment like share linneaskitchen I would love if you share this video with friends and family

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【Romanian stuffed peppers】 Popular Romanian dish consisiting of bell peppers being stuffed with a mixture of pork and beef meat and sealed with a slice of tomato. Usually served with sour cream on the top. . An overall soft texture, subtle meat taste and juicy pepper makes it a delight to the buds😋 It is not very common to find this dish in a traditional restaurant, hence the picture of my personal attempt😆 The experience of a homestay doesn't sound bad either, does it?!👌 . stuffedpeppers romanianfood homecooking homemade healthy onfoodvacation everydayfoodholiday 家庭料理 懐かしの味 ヘルシー 伝統的な ルーマニア料理 美味しく 食べて ‼︎ 自分で作った

5 Hours ago
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Late Post | This was dinner the other night. stuffedpeppers salad garlicbread CookingwithKengi teapot cup glass hand painted bowl plate walnut bowl tablecloth from @virgovintage mystyle mykitchen MyLifeThroughMyLens icooked igetsdown comfortfood mytable

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Beauty in all things💖tomethisisbeauty gastronomy stuffedpeppers beautiful food nutrition lovecooking homemade

6 Hours ago
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Throwback to this DeepFried, Cheese Stuffed Pepper with Avacado Salsa @edenbarandgrill One of the best starters I've had in the city 👏🏼 . . . stuffedpeppers goatscheese deepfried avacado avacadosalsa ontheplate platingskills

6 Hours ago
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Belle Amatt


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Recipe for tasty Croatian style lamb stuffed peppers, served up w sweet potato wedges ... a feast of colour on my blog nutrition superfood recipes stuffedpeppers eatwell

7 Hours ago
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Last nights Dinner made for me and @holzgraham Stuffed peppers with mushroom and cous cous filling topped with leek and cheddar chicken breast on a bed of salad 🥗

7 Hours ago
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Čas v barvah paradižnika in paprike stuffedtomatoes stuffedpeppers

8 Hours ago
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Allie Moser


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Made some roasted peppers stuffed w/ sautéed red onions, jalapeños, zucchini, black beans & quinoa. Absolutely delicious. More than enough protein. 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 veg summer stuffedpeppers plantbased 💪✌💗💋🌞

8 Hours ago
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yesterdayslunch tomorrowlunch butnottoday wetraveltolakebalaton veganlunch vegan stuffedpeppers smokedtofu rice nutritionalyeast tomatojuice boiledpotato amazinglandscape ilovebeinghome ilovebeingvegan

8 Hours ago
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Top Tip Thursday - USE IT UP! Like most people, I hate waste! Throwing food away really irritates me, and I kick myself for not being more resourceful sometimes! Going on holiday is the perfect time to clear out your fridge by actually EATING what’s in it, not throwing it away! While some of your meals may be random, it’s a great excuse to get creative and see what you can come up with! It’s ‘waste not, want not’ so Lauren and I decided we used up every scrap of veg in our fridge before going away by making vegetable fried rice, stuffed peppers and a stir fry. See what you can come up with and reduce waste in your house! toptipthursday hatewaste stuffedpeppers

8 Hours ago
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Perfect doodle explanation, this is how my mind works! 😂 stuffedpeppers distractions holdon pacegallery whattodo random thoughts instamorning instagood instadaily instagrammer instagamer instatag ok

10 Hours ago
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Bell peppers stuffed with Sunday gravy over broccoli rice on the patio summernights stuffedpeppers broccolirice bellpeppers sundaygravy cunning winewednesday winewithnikki bonnydoon dewn nomnompaleo jerf readyornot glutenfree eatrealfood healthy wine winetime patio redredwine

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stuffedpeppers youarewhatyoueat dinner blessings sharingiscaring friends family

11 Hours ago
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Homemade stuffed peppers and eating anything else in sight eattogrow stuffedpeppers cook groundmeat

11 Hours ago
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Fresh homegrown stuffed peppers from @stramelfarms filled with all the fixings 😋🍴🌶 summerfood 901yummy

11 Hours ago
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Who would decide to stuff peppers 🌶 on her day off? garden freshvegies stuffedpeppers cooking

16 Hours ago
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Tonight's menu of choice is octopusballs stuffedpeppers and lettucesalad

10 Days ago