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♡ Manda ♡


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Finest fast food in town. @thesteelroom mealprep stuffedpeppers fitfam fitness fastfood

1 Minutes ago
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Esme Montoya


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Stuffedpeppers 🍽😉

2 Minutes ago
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Comment from Minela:

Making stuffed peppers my way, for dinner tonight! The video got cut off but I will post a picture of the end result when it’s done baking. At around 35 minutes of baking you can add some half & half or heavy whipping cream to add some flavor, and let it bake for another 10-15 minutes. This is my first video with a recipe so it’s not the best! 😀 stuffedpeppers foodofinstagram baking cookofinstagram

9 Minutes ago
Mindful Meals (mindful_meals_llc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mindful Meals


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▪️Fire roasted red bell peppers stuffed with lean ground turkey, roasted green Chile’s and organic tomatoes over a power grain and protein blend of black beans, lentils, and brown rice served enchilada style with our homemade red sauce and shredded sharp cheddar. This is not your average take on stuffed peppers! stuffedpeppers southwesternfood mealprep mindfulmeals organic cleaneating foodie

21 Minutes ago
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Tonight's dinner chickensalad with aubergine mushrooms salad chicken stuffedpeppers pennepasta dressing instafood weightloss healtheating superfoods myjourney instafitness instadaily loveyourself

37 Minutes ago
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Shredded chicken + cauliflower rice stuffed peppers🍴the recipe is on my Instagram story so be sure to check it out before it expires📱one pepper (2) two peppers (3) top it off with some avocado and you won’t regret it 🥑 stuffedpeppers paleoish . . . weightwatchers weightloss losingweight wwsisterhood wwsisters pcosweightloss pcos fitfam wwcommunity wwfamily smartpoints hangry beyondthescale wwfreestyleeffect healthy whole30january paleo paleodiet whole30recipes sleighingwhole30 wwtexas bettertogether lunch trackingonwhole30

43 Minutes ago
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🔨Carpentry 🎶Music 💪🏼Fitness


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StuffedPeppers 👌🏻🔥

45 Minutes ago
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✨Crafty Bitch✨


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stuffedpeppers momlife

53 Minutes ago
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smokedsalmon spinach stuffedpeppers couscous delicious food foodporn foodie foodblogger liss day on 12weekschallenge sweat pwr pwrarmy pwrsquad kaylaitsines fitness gym girlswholift gymaddict

1 Hours ago
Munich bites (munich_bites) Instagram Photos and Videos

Munich bites


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Vegetarian comfort food. It can be hard to decide what to order at Deli Kitchen. Luckily the lunch deal saves the day with a soup, a main and a salad. munichbites

1 Hours ago
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Made Stuffed Peppers for the first time. Following a recipe helps get me started. The second time I make it I can tweak it to my liking. Recipe Here: ound-turkey-stuffed-peppers-re foodlover food healthy healthymeals stuffedpeppers cooking peppers

1 Hours ago
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Yessssssssss!!!! Another delicious low carb healthy home cooked meal tonight, sticky bbq pork chop with stuffed red pepper and cauliflower rice with some veg through it. Red pepper was stuffed with a mix of red onion, courgette, mushroom, tomato and cauli rice topped with light mozzarella - boss!!! simplebossscran healthy lowcarb pork bbq cauliflowerrice stuffedpeppers instafood foodstagram foodie homemade homecooking liverpool loseweightforgood goodfoodshowgiveaway

1 Hours ago
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Caprese chicken stuffed peppers @delish dinner foodporn stuffedpeppers caprese

1 Hours ago
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scrapsinthefridge melon meatballs thyme lemon sourdough stuffedpeppers

1 Hours ago
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Forgot to post this last night! tacomeat stuffedpeppers ketolifestyle eye protection was for cutting the onions!

1 Hours ago
Y O G A | WITH | L A U R A (yoga_with_la) Instagram Photos and Videos

Y O G A | WITH | L A U R A


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Halloumi Stuffed Bell Peppers🌶🌶🤤

1 Hours ago
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Stuffed peppers, spicy rice and chips (changed from sweet potato fries as I was in a chips mood!) at @harvesteruk 🌶🍚🍟. The peppers are stuffed with black bean, sweet potato and quinoa chilli an were tasty! I was surprised at harvesters many Vegan options and loved going wild at the salad bar of course! Also, almost all their sauces are vegan (check the bourbon bbq sauce on the plate)! Win win win, thanks Harvester! veCAN vegan veganfood vegandinner harvester peppers rice chips stuffedpeppers bourbon veganism veganuk whatveganseat veganeats veganlife food easyvegan

1 Hours ago
iona s (vegan_kitchen_witch) Instagram Photos and Videos

iona s


Comment from iona s:

Another delicious protein packed dinner tonight. Roast red pepper stuffed with quinoa, sauteed onion, green pepper,kidney beans, garlic, lemon juice, cajun seasoning, tinned tomatos and topped with a little homemade mature cashew cheese and grilled/broiled 😘healthyvegan fatfreevegan fatfree stuffedpeppersquinoa myveganjourneyvegancommunity vegan vegansofinstagram vegansofscotland veganfoodshare healthyvegan plantpowered vegansofukplantbaseddiet veganuk invernessvegan veganinvernessveganfooddiary 💚

1 Hours ago
Aroma Market & Catering (aroma_market_and_catering) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aroma Market & Catering


Comment from Aroma Market & Catering:

Count on us for lunch or dinner. Our prepared foods counter has dozens of delicious kosher salads, appetizers, and entrées, and the menu varies every day. Stuffed Peppers are always popular; what's your favorite dish?

1 Hours ago
 ( Instagram Photos and Videos

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Forgot to post my lunch today, which would be a shame not to share because it was Mediterranean heaven! Stuffed peppers (mostly ground beef, onions, canned tomatoes and spices, no rice) with chopped salad greens and ranch dressing 🍲🌶️🍖🍅🥗👌 So good! And you couldn't tell in a million years I pulled these out of the freezer from my meal prep stock! keto ketodiet ketogenic ketogenicdiet ketosis ketofam weightloss lowcarb highfat lowcarbhighfat lchf nocarbs nosugar highfatlowcarb hflc lowcarbdiet healthyfood healthyoptions stuffedpeppers beef mediterraneanfood salad homemade mealprep lunch

2 Hours ago
Rasa - Contemporary Indian (rasa_indian) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rasa - Contemporary Indian


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We're stuffed on Indian Railway Peppers.

2 Hours ago
Ashley's chEats (ashleys_cheats) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashley's chEats


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Sweet red peppers stuffed with smoked buffalo mozzarella cheese, served with spiced cauliflower, broccoli and red onion 😝 . . . healthyfood healthydinner vegetarian dinner ashleyscheats mozzarella stuffedpeppers eatwell dinnerideas fitness motivation fitnessmotivation protein leanin leanfood lowcarb vegi vegitarianfood redpepper

2 Hours ago
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Sapienza Deli & Restaurant


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sapienzahowardbeach antipasto yummy food catering mozzarella stuffedpeppers peperoni sapienza

2 Hours ago
Samantha Neumayer ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Samantha Neumayer

Comment from Samantha Neumayer:

When you need to use the peppers and have extra ground beef.... you make MORE stuffed peppers! 😀🌶 yum healthyeating eatinghealthy stuffedpeppers itsmytime lunchisserved

2 Hours ago
Charley🙋🏻‍♀️ (slimderella_sw) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Charley🙋🏻‍♀️:

D I N N E R❣️ Stuffed peppers and Slimming World chips topped with 45g feta cheese (hexA) 😋

2 Hours ago
Rachel Gibbons (rayray_foodiefitness_sw) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rachel Gibbons


Comment from Rachel Gibbons:

So after losing a womping 3.5lbs last week to offset the 3.5lbs from the week before! This week I have snuck on 1lb but I'm okay with it! . Stocked up on food diaries so I can mark down what I eaaaat! And see if I can get this ball rolling once again! . Tonight's din dins are CousCous and Feta stuffed peppers with a little bit of Harrissa and a salad! . gain food feta stuffedpeppers dinner healthy healthyeating fitnessfood weightloss weightlossfood fatloss salad fitness dieting couscous slimming slimmingworld slimmingworlduk slimming speed speedfood sp sw

2 Hours ago
Malna in cucina 🍓 (malnaincucina) Instagram Photos and Videos

Malna in cucina 🍓


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Cercare modi per esorcizzare gennaio 🌶🌞 januarydays couscous stuffedpeppers foodblover veg healtyfood instagood

2 Hours ago
Michelle Sturman (mich_34_83) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michelle Sturman


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Healthy dinner from hairybikers recipe book. Stuffed red pepper with rocket and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar 😍😍 hairybikersrecipe healthydinner stuffedpeppers mushrooms lowfat vegetarianfriendly vegetarian realfood food foodie healthyfood thegoodlife nomnomnom foodpics

3 Hours ago
Capri Italian Restaurant (capri_indy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Capri Italian Restaurant


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Sure to leave you coming back for more. 🤤 stuffedpeppers indyitalian bestfoodindianapolis eathereindy indyeats indyeater visitindy goodluckgettingthisoutofyourhe

3 Hours ago
Stephanie Whitman RN (stephaniewhitmanrn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stephanie Whitman RN


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getinmymouth stuffedpeppers delish cleanfood healthyfood cookathome

3 Hours ago
Wishful Shrinking (__wishful__shrinking__) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wishful Shrinking


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Peppers stuffed with Spanish seasoned turkey mince, asparagus and sweet potato. Good refuel after my swim this evening. dinner stuffedpeppers veg

3 Hours ago
Jessi's Kitchen (kitchenjessi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jessi's Kitchen


Comment from Jessi's Kitchen: kitchenjessi/videos/8464944288 stuffed bell peppers 🌶 stuffed peppers gefülltepaprika minipaprika minipeppers petitpoivron poivron poivronfarci pimentos pimentosrecheados pimento paprika stuffedpeppers

70 Days ago
Natasha Boddy (greenisnotyourenemy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Natasha Boddy


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Dinner :) stuffedpeppers with spinach and mushroom rice with feta on top vegatarian

1 Years ago