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zydan siddiq syamsuddin


Comment from zydan siddiq syamsuddin:

swimming with mami apii 🤗🏊🏼

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Primeira Etapa do Campeonato Baiano de Travessia Aquática. travessia travessiasaotome esporteaquatico maratonasaquaticas paparazzoatletassa flashphoto salvador swimming natação mar

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Raver Tonite


Comment from Raver Tonite:

Me and one of my bestfriend <3 HardstyleFamily hardstylecanada adventure oldizgold😍😊 drumandbass bestie swimming

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Kamil İnak


Comment from Kamil İnak:

Maximum keyif aldığınız bir hafta olsun😉 swimbikerun instalike instagood instamood vscocam trainingbike happyrunner run runner running trailinstagood happyrunner marathon runners instarunner tbt instarunhappy nike sports asicstr triathlon ironman swimming goodmorning triathlete happyrunner orca ironman halfironman ayvadbendi

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Karen Jeal Carillas


Comment from Karen Jeal Carillas:

Summer is fast approaching 😍💕 vsco📷 vscovintage vscofilter summer coconuttree pool swimming fun excitement

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Ashley Lake


Comment from Ashley Lake:

Rest Days how I never know how to spend you yet I always find myself in the gym inflicting other sorts of pain on myself like stretching and rolling out 😂😂😂

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Chairunnisa Mulia Abdillah


Comment from Chairunnisa Mulia Abdillah:

Pemanasan dulu sebelum renang😘 babyboy swimming swimmer

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Pauline 🐬🐠♓


Comment from Pauline 🐬🐠♓:

🐬💦 • Swimming is my meditation. • I love to feel the contact of the water on my skin. I love to swim as quickly as possible. I love to slip into the water. I love to swim under water, undulate under the water where there is only the silence and I. • 💦🐠 spiritualwarrior mermaidlife mermaidhair beachyoga mermaidinspiration movethroughtheenergy magic frenchyoga womanpoetry yogavibes oceanchild followyourflow mermaid swimming training changeyourperspective mindbodyspirit mermaidyogis spiritualawakening soultribe natation lightworker divination frenchyogini karma universe ocean yogatherapy justbreath

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Helen Webster


Comment from Helen Webster:

On a road trip.... 😎 this morning a trip here, to my old high school swimming pool. Back then it was hell. Mainly because I couldn't swim 😂 so swim lessons were mostly flailing around while silently cursing the PE teacher and wondering what was for lunch 👿 Today, 27 years later, I've been lucky enough to swim all over the world, I've had lessons from some of the best athletes in the sport and I'm back to knock out a 3,500m swim session! 😊💙💦 swimming Triathlon triathlete triathlontraining retro preston

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Putri Astari


Comment from Putri Astari:

swimming babygirl swimsuit breastfeedingbaby

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Comment from Aungyee:

ใหญ่กว่าตึก ก็หนูนี่แหละ😂 relaxing dayoff swimming gym exercise home hair hobbies freetime nsw australia

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Comment from ⓢⓐⓝⓝⓘⓔ:

🌊🌊🌊🏊🏊🌊🌊🌊🏊🏊🌊🌊🏊 哈哈覺得玩這個蠢一次就夠嚕 感謝男友陪我北七北七😌 seagirloceannaturenatureloverseasidetiredswimmingholidayleisurepinksealover

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Zekeriya Yücetürk


Comment from Zekeriya Yücetürk:

Batman Team 🤡 triathlon triatlon ultramaraton winner first alanya antalya run running team swimming ironman race trilife alanyabelediyespor aldosk akarspor

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Stockist Bakini @bellaammara


Comment from Stockist Bakini @bellaammara:

Alamat bg yg ingin ke butik harini. Kami buka samp 7pm. Esok isnin kami tutup ye. Siapa yg nak bakini by bellaammara dah ready stock kat butik kami ye. Baju renang lain semua pun ada. Datang terus atau order online dgn whatsapp 013-3192915 bakini bakini bajurenang bajurenangmuslimah swimming swimmingsuit swimwear muslimah bajurenangkl bajurenangmurah bajurenangselangor fateemaannur lakefields sungaibesi bajurenangbudak bajurenanganak bajurenanglonggar tudungrenang bajurenanglelaki bajurenangplussize plussize bakiniby

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Comment from KyoHyoPark:

mainit hot spring siblings summer swimming

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Ellis Brooks


Comment from Ellis Brooks:

After all this rain, we ambush the ocean 🐟 snorkeling freedive diving sydney manly cabbagetreebay sundayswims swimming ripcurlgirl ripcurl bluebird nsw australia adventure

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Fu Ton 🇧🇳


Comment from Fu Ton 🇧🇳:

Repost yourminiphysio with repostapp ・・・ Hi guys, do you know that our shoulder joint is one of the most complicated (or shall I say worst designed) joint in our body? It requires lots of tendons, ligament, muscles to provide stability! . Responsible in maintaining the shoulder stability, particularly the glenohumeral joint (GHJ) is the Rotator cuff (RC) also known as the SITS muscle! SITS = Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres minor, Subscapularis - all inserting themselves to the humeral head! Not only is the RC important in maintaining stabilty of the glenohumeral joint (GHJ), they also aid in shoulder movement (i.e. Rotation, Abduction of shoulder). . 💥INJURIES💥 RC disorders are one of the most common causes of shoulder pain! The Supraspinatus in particular is the most commonly injured RC muscle. Often when disorders occurs, the RC functions can be compromised. Hence, if any of us physios were to treat this condition, it's always worth to see the shoulder as a unit - rehab & train them as a whole! . 💥WEAKNESS💥 RC is so important for shoulder health that everyone can benefit from some rotator cuff work, even if it's only for maintenance. . Do your shoulders frequently roll forward & in when you do exercises like rows, push-ups? Neck & shoulder tension or pain? Tightness or soreness predominantly in the front of your shoulder after you workout? Or feel like your arm is “hanging” from the joint or feels excessively heavy? . If yes to any of the 👆🏼, you could probably lack the shoulder stability due to rotator cuff weakness. Get a physio to assess for you now if you have such issue alright! ✌️. . shoulder injury impingement workout fitness fit physio physiotherapy rehab sports exercise pain rotatorcuff injuryprevention strength athletes recovery athlete crossfit javelin swimming netball basketball posture wod muscles joints mobility baseball

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Bente Le Bruyn


Comment from Bente Le Bruyn:

Wakker op zondag swimming running ijsberen 💁🏼

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Sergio K. Morales V. 🇧🇴


Comment from Sergio K. Morales V. 🇧🇴:

Otra aventura con este hermoso deporte que es la natación ha terminado... una marcapersonal mejorada a 2:36 en 200mariposa. Ahora vamos por más TeamMedley! ❤️💙🇧🇴 Gracias yassirabdallahurtado por el apoyo de un entrenador y el cariño de un amigo que siempre nos das! Gracias jobsebastianclaure por siempre recibirme como a un hermano. AIESECfamily adventure dreams sport 200fly swimmer family swimming arena arenawaterinstinct TeamSantaCruz 22sports

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Школа плавания MEVIS


Comment from Школа плавания MEVIS:

Что может быть лучше утренней тренировки в солнечное воскресенье? 😊 Нам кажется, что ничего! А вам? ТренерMevis

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