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Isn't it fascinating that we all are writers? We all are authors of your own book? And we all are able to decide which chapter comes next! Thanks for sharing @giantsmotivation MIM🎀 . .. ... progress support achievement success socialanxiety believe happiness gratitude grateful bodymindsoul anxiety mindfulness thankful mindset believeinyourself mentalhealth inspiration mentalhealthawareness life love goals positivity positivevibes opportunity nevergiveup health inspiration motivation change selflove

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Be Opened Ministries


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spiritual faith faithful missiontrip god grace pray prayers praying amen believe religion canberra spirituality instagood trust peace calm mind soul hope destiny wisdom compassion forgiveness thankful knowledge meditation guidance love

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Desislava Vasileva Nikolova (desislawaa8) Instagram Photos and Videos

Desislava Vasileva Nikolova


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goodmorning 💎 london sunset🌅 lovelyday trains traveling lovelife beauty girls selfie thankful haveablessedday 🦋

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PSN: booskaa - XB: big booskaa (_booskaa_) Instagram Photos and Videos

PSN: booskaa - XB: big booskaa


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🎊 2000 FOLLOWERS 🎉 It hasn't been an easy run to 2000 I keep taking breaks from IG here and there so I'm very thankful to everyone who has stuck around and kept following me. A big thank you to all my new followers too I look forward to sharing my content with everyone and anyone who wants to check me out followersfollowcelebratio followerthanks hoorayps4psn cheersfollowme thankyou gamergaming game playstation4 instagaming googleimages instagamer leveledup grateful thankful 2000following xboxonexbone meme ps4sharegamersunite 2000follow

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Inna T


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happiness 😊


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be brave 💪 be strong sundaymorning sundayvibes morningmotivation wordsofwisdom wordporn instaword wordgasm realtalks realshit instago igers instagramer tflers tflerstagsforlikes like4like followforfollow f4f thankful bestrong quotes quote quotestoliveby dm tagsforlikes love bekind

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LuLaRoe Aja Cox


Comment from LuLaRoe Aja Cox:

Guys. Can we just talk about my day today. 😑 First off...I’m old and def take a loooonngggg time to recover after a night of fun. Secondly...This was me the rest of the day/night. 😒 That is my POS 📱 that I’m holding. I have to literally hold the charging cable a certain way in order for the phone to charge/sync to my computer before I switched to my new phone (thanks again to my brother @jun3r ) I would get tired and move slightly or one of the darn pins wouldn’t hit in the right place and it would stop and make me start all over. 😫 I did this a few times and FINALLY around 10pm it went through and worked. 🙌🏽 Whew. I’m glad I’m gone with that and can finally get done ish done!!!! I’m also EXTREMELY thankful for my brother. 😘 • In a culture that seeks instant results, we must learn the beauty of effort, patience and perseverance. Be strong, present and steadfast. Brother Thankful FML TheStruggle Patience Steady Perseverance Steadfast NeverGiveUp Maroon5 Apple MacProBook iPhone6 LuLaRoe LuLaRoeArtesia LuLaRoeCerritos LuLaRoeLakewood LuLaRoeAnaheim LuLaRoeSantaAna LuLaRoeTustin LuLaRoeIrvine LuLaRoeHuntingtonBeach LuLaRoeHawaii LuLaRoeGuam TeamLuLaLovelies InfertilitySucks MyIVFJourney LuLaRoeAjaCox

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Finally a day where I felt more like me pre flareup and back on track with recoverymode. It took just over a week but I learned a few new things about my body and what it needs and that's what matters. fitmom fitfam nevergiveup strongereveryday backinjury strength healthybody healthymind onedayatatime smile behappy thankful healing myjourney getoutside

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Juromi Asamaighor


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honcho thankful. 🙏🏾

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Ghizlane Kindil (ghizlane_kindil) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ghizlane Kindil


Comment from Ghizlane Kindil:

I would like to say a massive thankyou to all my family and friends for the birthday 🎉wishes and this wonderful video 🎞I am lucky to have you in my life, God has been really good to me so therefore may God bless you all 💋🙏🏻❤️happiness happybirthday happymoment thankful love sister cousin family freinds wishes mydubai❤️ dubai uae morocco moroccan_beauty gift loveyou @merykindil @ikramboukili @bedraboukili @kenzaboukilim @soukibouki @elidrissi.bouthaina @lalla_chaymae grandma ❤️LOVE YOU ALL ❤️

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Isinator 💪❤


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SJ Ant 김 (antyk_guy) Instagram Photos and Videos

SJ Ant 김


Comment from SJ Ant 김:

After a year (and one day), we continue to grow in one another and under God's care. An important weekend has come to an end with positive results. Thank you, my Honey Buns, for your love, your patience, your diligence and your humility. 사랑해~ 쏘 베리베리 스트로베리 마취~ ㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎ 🐬🐬 korea hunnyjam love life thankful blessed 대한민국 사랑 시랑해 감사 축복 고마워

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Comment from olga:

epicnight rabbitinthemoon hob orlando thankful

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PassionForBaking (neematemba.passionforbaking) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from PassionForBaking:

Merciful God🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 I thank you Lord for you have always been there watching over me and showing me that nothing ever happens to me when I find myself next to you. I ask you to enlighten my path so I can reach you, also I pray for all my friends and my family. O Lord, who lends us life, lend us a heart replete with thankfulness. DO HAVE A BLESSED DAY ALL❤ spiritual faith faithful god grace pray prayers praying amen believe religion coexist spirituality trust peace calm mind soul hope destiny wisdom compassion forgiveness thankful knowledge meditation life meditate guidance

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Hannah / SA / ✝️ (hannah__busch) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hannah / SA / ✝️


Comment from Hannah / SA / ✝️:

Be grateful and thankful for all the good in your life and you will attract more good into your life 💫✨ headshots • • • • grateful gratefulheart summerfun thankful

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Good morning my beautiful friends! ☀️ 😘 MIM🎀 . .. ... progress support achievement success socialanxiety believe happiness gratitude grateful bodymindsoul anxiety mindfulness thankful mindset believeinyourself mentalhealth inspiration mentalhealthawareness life love goals positivity positivevibes opportunity nevergiveup health inspiration motivation change selflove

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Gemma Bell (ultimatelashes_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gemma Bell


Comment from Gemma Bell:

💝Sunday Selfie!!!💝 ❤Love these two so much!!!❤ inlaws blessed grateful thankful lovemyfamily love family familytime friends Sunday selfie gladtheyreinmylife familyiseverything

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Comment from M:

can you feel the s u m m e r ? | 🌻lovelymoments summertime sunflower colorful colorfulday sunnysideoflife wonderfullday goodmorning sundaymood happysunday august sunisshining happygirl instagood instadaily photooftheday flowersforme thankful loveislove instaartist artoftheday summerfeeling sunkissed lifestyle artwork summer lavieestbelle

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Brianlisa Mckay (brambeli) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brianlisa Mckay


Comment from Brianlisa Mckay:

What a pair these two beautiful girls @amy_minichiello_ @lyceie were in their heyday😉 They still are!!! Now all grown up and both married to the most amazing men and both mothers of very precious children 💗💙💙Special friendships like these last a lifetime! What an amazing role model as a 'mummy' you are @lyceie 😘 I know Amy will be just as amazing! specialfriendsfloandnolthankfu ankfulhowtimeschangesuchspecia pecialtimesaheadforthesetwobea

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Laura. 🌸⚓️ (lauraplzn_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura. 🌸⚓️


Comment from Laura. 🌸⚓️:

[SUNNY • SUNDAY ☀️] guten Morgen ihr lieben 😙 heute wurde ich schon von der Sonne geweckt und das am Geburtstag 😍🎉 nachher geht's zu meiner Schwester und wir verbringen den Tag gemeinsam. 🌸 Danke bereits an alle lieben Glückwünsche bisher. 🎈 ich wünsche euch einen wundervollen Sonntag! 💋 _____ germanblogger bloggergirl blogger thankful love birthday birthdaygirl happy igers instalikes instagood instamood instadaily heart ootd hamburg summer sunshine sunday weekend

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 (crucitapricilio) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from crucitapricilio:

Look after yourself and behave, everything will be alright 😎 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . lookafter europe onmyway happylife begrateful blessedday blessed godisgood thankful photography photoshoot building meisje leuk Amsterdam flowers near canal happy face bike viets europe journey kets travel traveler

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Robbie Reyes Gallardo


Comment from Robbie Reyes Gallardo:

Saturdate ❤️😁❤️ saturday saturdaynight desert icybarrichmond bestfriends bestfriendgoals friends friendshipgoals happy relax chill thankful 😘❤️

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Rach  Caldwell (rach_butterfly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rach Caldwell


Comment from Rach Caldwell:

Happy SecondWeddingAnniversary @instadave_89 thankful for another year of adventures and laughs together, praying for many more years of fun! 😊 xo

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Comment from LIV SUPER CLUB:

To this woman right here, amazing is an understatement to her performance last night. When she walked in, everyone knows something good is up for the night and then she took control. There was no dull moment. Her energy stayed all throughout! Thank you so much DJ @_sheryl_lynn_ ! It's an honor to have a beauty queen in the house! You ruled everyone last night.  LIVTheLife YouKnowWhereToBe music nightlife local international song love thankful drinks djlife dj trap edm electronicdancemusic electronic peace

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Anthony Alasia


Comment from Anthony Alasia:

thankful beautifulwife idontdeserveyou

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annie lienert (annielienert) Instagram Photos and Videos

annie lienert


Comment from annie lienert:

Happy Birthday Bushman ! 50 plus one Lets have a filthy rainy day adventure and get our Boots and our Kids all grubby !! Then we eat !! We love you and think your a whole lot of awesome. birthday loveyoubabe winteradventures wildair welovetheoutdoors weloveourwolfpack howl portparham thankful grateful blessed

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Comment from Kasia:

Selfie z rana spiritual faith faithful mind soul hope destiny wisdom compassion forgiveness thankful meditate guidance

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ZIRAN ( Instagram Photos and Videos


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Thank you @tibayj 😍❤️😘 ziran ziranph organic organicskincare natural pinayskincare pinay pinaybeauty skincare skincareroutine naturalskincare naturalskincareph happycustomer thankful Greentea greenteascrub rosehipoil hairgrowth elixir charcoal activatedcharcoal charcoalpowder greentea eucamint massagebalm

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Kendine İyi Bak ॐ (gectimkendimi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kendine İyi Bak ॐ


Comment from Kendine İyi Bak ॐ:

Frenk üzümü, ahududu, üzüm, yaban mersini yemiyorum sanılmasın 😃 🙈 @hulyakonar • . . hülyakonar | blog: . kişiselgelişim hayat hayatakarken . ____ . ____ .

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Tina Harvey


Comment from Tina Harvey:

bekindalways networking grateful thankful thankyou peaceful lovelife workfromhome freedom momlifeisthebestlife moments haveaniceday helpingothersgethealthyfitands gettingthingsdone lotsoflove

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Tarot & Oráculos (holistictarot) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tarot & Oráculos


Comment from Tarot & Oráculos:

There are three types of people 😉 those who do not know When things happen, Those who see how things happen, And those who do That things happen... Happy Sunday! 🙌🌈💖

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gunawan ie (gun_max) Instagram Photos and Videos

gunawan ie


Comment from gunawan ie:

Praise God, I Fall,I Rise, I Make Mistakes,I Live,I Learn,I've been Hurt but I'm Alive, I'm Human...I'm not Perfect but I'm Thankful. mynextchapter 42 thankful

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bernadette inah mairren (inah_chinita) Instagram Photos and Videos

bernadette inah mairren


Comment from bernadette inah mairren:

When i doubt my value and can only focus on doubting beauty on a surface level, God's reassurance means the world to me. 💜🤗 godislove godisgoodalways godisgood sunday sundays sundayselfies tooblessed thankful happyheart ofdirtandgrace

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