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Comment from Gerald:

Arrival got me contemplating philosophy, physics, mathematics, linguistics, sociology, psychology, and literature on a Saturday night. arrival philosophy saturday night thinking

1 Minutes ago

Avvy Aulakh


Comment from Avvy Aulakh:

Thinking different.... Coming not so soon, but coming...

2 Minutes ago

Ron Pham


Comment from Ron Pham:

Chúng ta đi sau những nước như Đài Loan, Nhật rất nhiều năm về mọi mặt.. Tại sao? Chúng ta dở hơn họ? Chúng ta kém hơn họ? Chúng ta học thua họ? Hay rất nhiều lý do khác??? Xin thưa các bạn về học vấn hay bất cứ điều gì chúng ta cũng không thua họ. Chúng ta chỉ thua họ vì chúng ta ganh tỵ lẫn nhau, chúng ta thua họ vì cơ bản chúng ta đang phức tạp trong mọi thứ suy nghĩ, chúng ta thua họ vì chúng ta méo biết lắng nghe những người giỏi hơn mình. Làm ơn đi...! Suy nghĩ và làm mọi thứ đơn giản chút..... thực tế chút! coffeeteller coffeehouse coffeeshop coffeetime coffee espresso cafe thinking

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Comment from TurnOff:

Again with life fuck depression thinking oveethinking sad

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Comment from Anonymous:

True...thinking emotion thoughts emotions feelings cry hurt sadness hate sad problems lonley hurt unhappy hate worried confused scared annoyed unsure drained headache frustrated quotes lies hurts broken depressed anxiety

4 Minutes ago



Comment from TurnOff:

Hmm sad thinking deep depression anxiety quotes true.

4 Minutes ago



Comment from aovery:

relaxing thinkinghard readyforbed readyforchange readyforit dreaming thinking lifestyle goals career pushyourself happy calilife caliliving hillcrest sandiego

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Comment from Peppe:

Sure.....Good morning 😊 goodmorning forest wifi connection freedom freespirit picoftheday thinking promise nostress life lifestyle newvision like sure nothingelsematters

4 Minutes ago

Jeongmin Sun


Comment from Jeongmin Sun:

👯손이 멈춰지지 않아.... 씹는 소리와 식감이 왕좋다..사셔삭 사셔샥 🍚 . . . 카라멜 팝콘 집에서 아무생각없이 셔샤삭 흡입중 먹스타그램 맛스타그램 냠 나이스 러블리 챱챱 eating caramel popcorn without any thinking yum yummy addictive 🍿

4 Minutes ago

Stacy Semiklit


Comment from Stacy Semiklit:

"Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different.." - C.S.Lewis. thinking selfie weekend

5 Minutes ago



Comment from JD:

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نادین نصیری نائینی ❤


Comment from نادین نصیری نائینی ❤:

نادین در ۱۴ روزی ... نگاهی متفکرانه ... دو هفتگی نادین ... ۹۶/۰۱/۰۶ baybe nadin thinking

6 Minutes ago

Eve Noir


Comment from Eve Noir:

I have this problem where I feel like I overthink many things while other times I don't think things through at all. Hard to win sometimes. thinking analyzing goodgrief instamood

6 Minutes ago

Angela' Penney


Comment from Angela' Penney:

latenightearlymorning thinking anothernewday tryinghardtokeepmyheadup

9 Minutes ago



Comment from 🖕🏾:

morning vibes ❤️ 💋 😘 thinking about something 💪🏾 🙏🏾 🙌🏾

10 Minutes ago



Comment from Nate🇪🇨:

There is nothing special about this picture. I know it's another stupid selfie but there is more to the eye than what is seen, there are words that have been unsaid, there are thoughts that are unread. thinking smile beyou nofilter natural menshair nike lifestyle lifeisgood selfie unique picoftheday

10 Minutes ago

love art //


Comment from love art //:

디자인 예술 그림그리기 느낌 소통 생각 캔버스 캔버스그림 네임펜 감정 나무 뿌리 예술을사랑합니다 아티스트 추상화 속마음 가치관 에코백 패션 painting art design drawing feeling thinking happy artist loveart painting emotion tree 생각이 많으면 정리가 어렵다. 정리가 잘되면 결단이 쉽다. 생각은 하기 나름이다.

10 Minutes ago

Samy 三味


Comment from Samy 三味:

Found this graffiti piece under a bridge on kamogawa river near sanjo.. One of very very few ILLEGAL graffitis in Kyoto.. Cuz usually people get permission for this sorta thing in Japan.. And may be they did! 😏 😷🎨🛂🚫🏃🏃 .. graffiti kamogawa river bridge running long rain lonewolf thinking time ⌚ art photography cool explore travel photooftheday igers travelawesome exercise healthylifestyle instacool instapic instagood photo wanderlust outdoors kyoto japan 走り 京都

11 Minutes ago



Comment from Hana:

Hans Christian Andersen Wrote A Story Called 'The Snow Queen'. At The Beginning Of The Story, The Devil Makes A Mirror. No One Who Looks In The Mirror Sees A Reflection Of His Or Her True Self, But Rather A Distorted Image, Twisted And Ugly. If You Have Low Self-Esteem, You See Yourself In This Distorted Way Without The Benefit Of The Devil's Mirror. What Jumps Out At You Is What You Dislike About Yourself - The Weaknesses And Faults That Are Part Of Being Human. Your Qualities, Assets, Resources, Strengths And Skills Are Much Harder To Accept... Quoted From The Book OVERCOMING LOW SELF ESTEEM BY MELANIE FENNELL

13 Minutes ago



Comment from Natha♡:

23㎝ charmingベア♡ natha♡handmade charming rose floral flowercrownthinking germanmohair lovely bear

14 Minutes ago