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Zeke Cernea (zekecernea) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zeke Cernea


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Sunset. sunset nature thursday like4like be horizon vibes likeback me trees likeforlike iowa peace amazing photooftheday cool love color thinking see feelings beauty outdoors explore rural

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@annedepasquale relaxing thinking meditation getinspired silence nature farmliving menucreation newmenu comingsoon cheflife ciaogente

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selfie nacho night thinking mirror mirrorselfie puto

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Jackie Miao ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Jackie Miao

Comment from Jackie Miao:

Starting a ponderwall to inspire me throughout my work process. This one is inspired by @jeffcoga. Follow him and watch his live replay today for more nuggets of value like this. inspiration whatyouthinkyoubecome thinking meditation awesomeideas

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Car G (xcarm1n3_87) Instagram Photos and Videos

Car G


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Ci sono momenti dove inizi a pensare cosa avresti potuto fare meglio in passato,cosa avresti dovuto proprio non fare. Chi avresti dovuto lasciar perdere,chi avresti dovuto tenere stretto a te. Ciò che ho capito io é che il passato é passato e bisogna lasciarlo tale. Bisogna imparare da esso, ma non rimanerci attaccato e vivere di rimpianti perché ti porteranno solo a rovinarti il presente. . . . . . . . . me italianboylove instagoodinstamood instadaily instagram pic picoftheday thinking overthinkingkilled frankfurtammain salerno followme follow l4l c4c instagrammers cold goodevening seriousface

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Paul 😉


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tbt tb 2017 thinking tobeornottobe Sokrates bring back me to school handsome lul guy boy child etc schoolboy l4l likeforlike thinker

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Thinking about the future cat criticalmass catsofinstagram thinkingofyou thinking future futuro pensamientocrítico

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🅿️⛵️υ🛴 (f_pa_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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☁️ thinkingthinkingmanmoodmoodpho odphotoblackandwhiteinstablack blackandwhiteinstalikeinstadai tadailymoloslimassolmarinalima alimassollimassollifelemesosma

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Giovanna Carrera ✈️ (giovi.carre) Instagram Photos and Videos

Giovanna Carrera ✈️


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✨I hope you find it some day whatever it is💥 BL❣️ . . . . . . . picoftheday pictures sea beach sanremo bestmoments lovingyou dreams instaquote thinking instalike music

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I. Kasalwong (i.kasalwaong) Instagram Photos and Videos

I. Kasalwong


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Caught in between the two. 🔄 thoughts thinking poetry mind soul spirit soulsearching mindful quotes poet

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floor lying thinking anxiety goaway augsburg

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"The world is one. You are but a single cell in the body of all that is". Teal swan • • • • • • • • Follow, like & share YOGIPOST

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Vinay Tolambia (vinaytolambia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vinay Tolambia


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Wearing dark colours but containing a complete colourful mind. selfmotivation selfies fashion vktofficial amex man chocolateboy appealing goals thinking

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Thursday thoughts 🤔👌😉 forward thinking keepgoing alwaysahead thursday quotestoliveby

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MZartwork MZphotography Potrait photo potraitphoto wedding weddingbells groom groomwear groomstyle groomfashion embroidry newly fashion wear Mzartwork photography art thinking creative

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Thomas Gioan


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Hidden contrast special girl ... Memories... contrast palavas contrejour blackandwhite memories thinking face faceshape beautiful lepharedelaméditéranée phare view abovetheclouds iphonephoto nofilter

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japan japon asia lovejapan arashiyama temple quietplace memories latergram instaplace takemeback sobeautiful destination travel travelblogger dontstoptraveling fillmypassport blogueuse thinking tomynexttrip japantrip inlovewithjapan

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R E F L E C T I O N S ⚡️ || ___________________________ _____________ • • • • daylicio flowers vase reflections stillife moment capturing photo photography photographer photooftheday instapic instamoments creativity creative mind ideas inspiration thinking in colors

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words thinking . emotions craze silence truth yqbaba yqdidi Follow my writings on @yourquoteapp yourquote quote stories qotd quoteoftheday wordporn quotestagram wordswag wordsofwisdom inspirationalquotes writeaway thoughts poetry instawriters writersofinstagram writersofig writersofindia igwriters igwritersclub

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Aaron Keefe (aaronkeefeart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aaron Keefe


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figuredrawing of the week artistsofinstagram art hat artist jacket drawing graphite sketch portrait man aaronkeefeart sketchbook casual style pencil thinking freespirit

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Mateus Sampaio (matheuusampaio) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mateus Sampaio


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Aconteça o que acontecer hoje, lembre-se Deus está no controle de todas as coisas. . . tumblr tumblrboy smiles sorrisoni bomdia goodvibes loveu tbt️blackandwhitethinking tumblrgirlwannabe nikeairmax deusnocomando selfies sweet me love handsomeinstagoodselfietime throwbackthursday fashionlook tumblr tumblrboy smilee

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||Anime = Lifuuu|| (otaku_power0_o) Instagram Photos and Videos

||Anime = Lifuuu||


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anime neko girl beautiful ears alone smile love thinking art otaku picoftheday instagood wgs follow4follow

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THE TRAINING GROUP (markus_rudolf) Instagram Photos and Videos




Es liegt in Deiner Hand! innovativanders salesrep salesleader salesagent motivation development thinking learning leadership leadershipcoach kommunikation 2018

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∴  W I L D E R ∴ (wilderpoetry) Instagram Photos and Videos

∴ W I L D E R ∴


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hello. goodbye. hello. ▽ ♪ Currently listening to @theheadandtheheart Rivers & Roads ________________________ book, wild is she, is available via Amazon, B&N and the book depository △ ebook available on ________________ • text textposts poem wordstextgram saying thoughts quotes originalquotewritten philosophy poetry feelings thinking mind mindsmeaning meaningful wise advicechoices learn value poems readpoetry change reality poet

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Ashley Cook (a.c.perennial) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashley Cook


Comment from Ashley Cook:

You know, I’m no tightly wrapped bow. On any given day I’m going to change my mind and then I might change it back. I am a gift and you might never know what you’re gonna get. My mind never stops thinking even if I’m staring off into space and it looks like I’m not listening. It’s like a personality quirk God have to the 4% INFP population of this earth. Some days, I hate it... Most days, I learn to accept it. I am messy, I am also human. I won’t believe things until I physically see them displayed through grand gestures, but still, over time, it’s the littlest things that matter - because over time the little things are what string together a little mundane story of life lived. I am Ashley Cook, and I am no bow anyone can predict the likelihood of staying wrapped up, but I do believe that I am a gift worth unwrapping... Because even on the worst days when it doesn’t display through my words or actions, my heart still remains kind, remains extremely sensitive, only means well despite the scars, and only wants the best for the people I love and care about. Human Messy Bow INFP Thinking MeyersBriggs Photography Truth Writing KnowYourself Vulnerable HeartStuff

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Miss Diana (lukashovadi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Miss Diana


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Hello weekend🍍 ⠀ Иногда кажется, что 3 дня выходных- это настоящая роскошь. Думаешь, что выспишься, успеешь переделать все домашние дела, до которых никак не доходили руки, встретишься в друзьями, встречи с которыми уже неудобно переносить, а потом раз и снова понедельник, раз и опять ничего не успел. Проблема в тайм-менеджменте или в моих наполеоновских планах?!🤷🏼‍♀️ ⠀ me girl style instyle weekend life mylife mood goodmood february time follow followme likeit thinking spb spbgram sweet sweetdreams dreamer sweetmuseum

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Mahima Mehra (noor_beauty_of_writing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mahima Mehra


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writer writingprompts writingcommunity writersblog blog thoughts poemlove poems poetry positivevibes positive positivequotes instaposts insta instagram instaday thinking wordswag words wordporn word wordpressblogger poetrycommunity poetrygram

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Otavio Rios (otavio.rios) Instagram Photos and Videos

Otavio Rios


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Ilustração feita em 2009 e que infelizmente está mais atual do que nunca. Agência: Quê Dir. Arte: Ivan Loos illustrator illustration draw drawing art pencil pen sketch sketching paint painting creation ink artist artwork sketchbook ilustrador ilustracao desenho arte pintura criacao ideia ativismo reflexao artista direcaodearte publicidade sdv follow

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Pat (papadeltafoxtrott) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Drake - God's Plan 🤙💯🎧🎶🇺🇸 drake godsplan rap music hot track weekend wochenende feierei kopffreibekommen thinking grandpa missyou frankfurt offenbach darmstadt kassel ffm home

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Layla L. Herzak (herzak_coaching) Instagram Photos and Videos

Layla L. Herzak


Comment from Layla L. Herzak:

Live your life one day at a time. Every day is a new beginning. If you made mistake yesterday, today you have an opportunity to make different decisions that will bring you different results. 🌺

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The Diary of Her (the_diary_of_her_) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Diary of Her


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Mark 🍂 ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Mark 🍂

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☘ thinking

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Nathaniel 🏋🏿👔🚘✈🌍 (mr_fenderr) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nathaniel 🏋🏿👔🚘✈🌍


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Pose.. . . . firstpicture oldpicture pose forthegram start whatamilookingat thinking slightlygay travelmore travel travels traveller travellers worldtravel worldtraveller

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