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Ryan Nadler


Comment from Ryan Nadler:

Making things. day o oilpainting beetlejuice oilpainting oil painting portrait horror horrorart timburton sketch michaelkeaton winonaryder

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Comment from Special_K:

Tim Burton' tree travel nature tree timburton крым природа

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Comment from JesterToys:

Beetlejuice beetlejuice timburton_ ❤❤ collection timburton

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Comment from peculiarssouls:

💙🎬// missperegrineshomeforpeculiarchildren jacobportman emmabloom ransomriggs book movie talesofthepeculiar hollowcity libraryofsouls asabutterfield ellapurnell peculiar peculiars missperegrine peculiarchildren hollow loop missperegrines timburton evagreen

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Comment from kid_a_jules:

Outfit Of The Day: Goth! I received my Jack Skellington leggings from dysfunctional_doll_clothing today and I had to wear them! The cybergoth mask is also from dysfunctional_doll_clothing can't wait to wear it with a proper look! Gothic Hourglass Armor Corset from Demonia Clash 430 boots Non selfie by the beautiful thejesslawren AltFashion AltStyle AltClothing AlternativeFashion AlternativeStyle AlternativeClothing Goth GothFashion GothStyle Gothic GothicFashion GothicStyle Cybergoth Cyberpunk DysfunctionalDoll TimBurton JackSkellington

23 Minutes ago

JD Correa Sketch Art


Comment from JD Correa Sketch Art:

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack Skellington and Sally Pencil, Ink and Marker Sketch on a 13.5in x 16.5in Disneyland Academy Sketch Paper by JD Correa. SOLD!!! Also you can follow me and/or see more art on my art page at... Facebook - Instagram - jdcorreasketchart jdcorrea waltdisney timburton giftideas jackskellingto sally commission nightmarebeforechristmas fanart art comic dannyelfman originalart chrissaradon thepumkinking halloween christmas nightmare artist artistsoninstagram sketching arting forsale giftideas disneyland magickingdom oggieboogie lockshockbarrel disneycaliforniaadventure

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Comment from Trevor:

Self portrait skills on fleek. Legit, aside from the Tim Burton eyes, it's not that far off. art drawing dicksquad timburton pen isuck

29 Minutes ago

Artist in Manhattan


Comment from Artist in Manhattan:

"Love that Joker!" NYC Brooklyn BK Batman TimBurton thejoker sculpture art statue bust figure graffiti whysoserious nicholascage

30 Minutes ago

Hot Topic And MCR Is Life🤘


Comment from Hot Topic And MCR Is Life🤘:

This Is My Sh*t😭 coraline throwback bestnight classic netflix effects good scary 2009 movie movies movienight bluehair emo emoboy alternative emogirl goth timburton

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Jeffrey Anziano


Comment from Jeffrey Anziano:

dolls horror goth gothic whimsical ethereal creativeart scary scarydolls gothdolls sculptures TimBurton unique frightening livingdead witch mannequin mim beautiful clown horror vampire harlequin morticiaaddams steampunk dolls theatrical wiccan witch witchcraft

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Comment from justsomeasshole:

truth timburton quotes quotestoliveby

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Darkmations studios


Comment from Darkmations studios:

Quick draw oggieboogieman nightmarebeforechristmas timburton drawing sketch disney halloween art artist gallery stopmotionanimation

40 Minutes ago

Daniel Castillo


Comment from Daniel Castillo:

A little something I made for my daughters baby shower. aliceinwonderland babyshower teamcastillo2017 timburton 🐇🍼🎀👶🏼

41 Minutes ago

Heather Rose-Chase


Comment from Heather Rose-Chase:

True (long-ish) story: we went to six different days of trial operations early last summer before the Grand Opening of Shanghai Disneyland. Because there is an entire attraction devoted to my girl Alice, they had a lot of Alice merchandise. But our focus was always on riding the rides in our limited time of trial operations, not shopping. I figured I'd wait until after opening to go back and stock up on all the wonderful Wonderland-related pretties. But within a month after opening, all the Shanghai-specific Alice merch was gone, replaced by Zootopia + Princess stuff. I was so sad (not that I actually *need* a single additional Alice item. I just *want* all of it. ALL OF IT). Any Alice item I've seen since then has been merchandise common to all the Parks, not unique to Shanghai. This week I finally saw something new and unique to Shanghai, this fun pin set, in the style of the characters in the Alice in Wonderland Maze! But I was heading to meet someone so I just snapped a quick pic, intending to go back another day with a focus on shopping. I may live to regret this, as I clearly did not learn the lesson of trial operations: if you see it and love it, better get it right then as you may never see it again! ShanghaiDisneyland ShanghaiDisneyland aliceinwonderland AliceinWonderlandMaze disneypintrading disneymerch WhiteRabbit MadHatter CheshireCat TimBurton wereallmadhere

42 Minutes ago

Weeze fx makeup


Comment from Weeze fx makeup:

Day 26 (Tim burton) of dupemag 31daysoffaceart my lady jack skellington 31daysoffaceartchallenge jackskellington genderbent cosplaygirl cosplaygirl cosplay mua makeupfx glamexpress facepaint bodypaint nightmarebeforechristmas photooftheday skullmakeup inkedmag inkedmagazine timburton tattoo love creepy

44 Minutes ago

Kylie Peters


Comment from Kylie Peters:

What happens when you say "Kylie" three times?

50 Minutes ago

Blackmoor Productions


Comment from Blackmoor Productions:

Finished the head for my art doll. artdoll aliceinwonderland wolf wip workinprogress clay paint oldvsnew timburton cartoon IDEA IS NOT FOR USE! IT IS MINE! CHARACTERS BELONG TO DISNEY!

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Comment from ComicsSite:

Follow ComicsSite ============================ catwoman michellepfeiffer timburton batmanreturns michaelkeaton dannydevito actresses dccomics

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Comment from aym130:

DVD集め始めた💘💭💭 ウェスアンダーソンティムバートンシルクドソレイユdvd wesandersontimburtoncirquedusoleil burlesquemoulinrougecatshairspray

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Madison Smart


Comment from Madison Smart:

Because, yes I cosplay too 😂🖤✂️✂️ Meet Edwina Scissorhands! selfie edwardscissorhands timburton cosplay cosplayer makeup costume cover editiorial fashionmagazine makeup makeup fashion beauty modeling modellife agency mua pose models photography highfashion highfashionmodel modelingagency

1 Hours ago