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CONGRATS PAM AND DAVE ON GETTIN HITCHED! THX FOR INVITIN ME TO TURN UP THE JUICE AS MC!!! ... (hey yo Davey listen you really know how to pick em lemme ask you is the marriage REALLY solid do i have a shot at her at all? hmu hermano!) 🕷🕷🕷 need a ghost host with the most for YOUR party??? PM me for the Deetz! 😈😈😈

9 Minutes ago
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Diablito Gomez


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"El niño de ojos de clavo termino de montar su árbol de estaño en un solo dia, pero se veía muy raro pues el mismo mo veía.." TimBurton ChristmasEve NiñoDeOjosDeClavo Navidad ArbolDeNavidad Best TimBurtonArt

9 Minutes ago
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Andie Meinen


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LINK IN BIO 📹🎬📽📼 . . FLORESTA NEGRA (Black Forest/ Selva Negra). . 🇧🇷 Direção, Roteiro e Animação por Andie Meinen 🇬🇧 Written, Directed and Animated by Andie Meinen 🇪🇸 Dirección, guión y animación por Andie Meinen . . 📷: Joe Nicolay . . . . charlieandthec roalddahl timburton brothersgrimm hanselandgretel filmmaking filmmaker filmproduction filming setlife onset filmset productiondesign newartist truffle cajuzinho beijinho dulce dessert candies colors fairytale artdepartment setdecoration props movieprop filmprop creative coffeeshop sweetshop

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Diane Aragon


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Christmas ornament commission ⛄🎄 . . . christmasdecor christmasdecorations thenightmarebeforechristmas disney timburton disneychristmas artdaily art creative commission jackskellington ornamentdesign tistheseason latenightpost jackskellingtonornament sparkly ornaments

19 Minutes ago
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Sai Powers


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breathe everythingisgonnabealright timburton tragictoys brieboy staringgirl pincushionqueen nordenincense norden incense breathinandbreathout

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Retro Junkie


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When your favorite holiday movie comes on and you realize it’s not really a movie 🍿 but either way it’s almost Xmas ⛄️edwardscissorhands scissoring letitsnow ❄️ johnnydepp winonaryder timburton ❤️🎅🏿🎄

24 Minutes ago
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Juan Ubaldo Gutierrez Tron


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Expo Tim burton timburton museofranzmayer makingchristmas stainboy bonitaexpo

34 Minutes ago
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Kawaii Bubble Tea Art


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$10 + shipping ( slightly flawed product ) nbc nightmarebeforechristmas timburton jackskellington jack jackandsally goals relationshipgoals simplymeanttobe halloween christmas etsy etsyseller etsystore etsyshop etsysellersofinstagram

36 Minutes ago
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Jason Dort


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Tonight's Holiday Classic... TheNightmareBeforeC JackSkellington TimBurton IAmThePumpkinKing ChristmasMovieMadness My39 JSD39 162 myfavoritetimeoftheyear🎄 MeryChristmas MakingChristmas

37 Minutes ago
Lacey Rose (Tankgirl) (laceyrose_tattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lacey Rose (Tankgirl)


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Elvira in a little different style than I'm used to doing but had a lot of fun with 💘 thanks @maddisonducote for always trusting me and letting me have fun 💕 tattoo elvira elviratattoo halloweentattoo battattoo blackandgreytattoo creepytattoo tattooapprentice tumburtontattoo Timburton tattooartist nola neworleans batonrouge houmala louisianatattooartist ladytattooer

42 Minutes ago
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Allison McCullough (Sellers)


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She loves it. edwardscissorhands edwardscissorhandsisachristmas timburton @_official

42 Minutes ago
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Vheto Gutierrez V.


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"I FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED" Almost done with kyloren starwars thelastjedi timburton illustrator anime manga art goth sketchart draw fineart devil sith thelastjedi creative design lukeskywalker fashion fanart sketch ink horror paint occult makeup jedi pencil starwars illustration hansolo

42 Minutes ago
Museum Quality Art Services (museumqualitycamarillo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Museum Quality Art Services


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Good evening @bear_black_cat can you please let your mom know “The Stray” is ready to go home? The piece turned out awesome, beautiful suede matting with gold beaded details, black rustic deep fried frame. Finished with the best of best Museum Glass. Your mom went all out on this piece and it rocks. As for the artist... Such an interesting life she lived. - Margaret D. H. Keane (born Peggy Doris Hawkins, September 15, 1927). is an American artist. Creator of the "big-eyed waifs", Keane is famous for drawing paintings with big eyes, and mainly paints women, children and animals in oil or mixed media. While the work achieved commercial success through inexpensive reproductions on prints, plates and cups, it has been critically dismissed as kitsch. One reviewer pointed to its ubiquity in discount stores: "They hung in Woolworth's, next to the velvet Elvis, or maybe it was Walgreen's, by the clowns." The work was originally attributed to Keane's husband, Walter Keane. After their divorce in the 1960s, Margaret soon claimed credit, which was established after an in-court "paint-off" in Hawaii. A resurgence of interest in Margaret Keane's work followed the release of Tim Burton's 2014 biopic Big Eyes. She maintains a gallery in San Francisco which boasts "the largest collection of Margaret Keane's art in the entire world." In light of the great gulf between her work's popularity and its critical lampooning, she has been called the "Wayne Newton of the art world." margaretkeane customframing 60palmdr camarillo brickgallery reddoors thousandoaks venturacounty blackcat museumglass timburton blackcat yellowdress artshow lithography thestray cats catslover catsofinstagram cometocamarilloforthebestinfra customframing oldtowncamarillo

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Zaira Aguirre (zaira_aguirreb) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zaira Aguirre


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Mi madre: Cada quien debe poner su propia esfera en el árbol... Así que Zaira, faltas tú. Yo: ¡NO SÉ DIGA MÁS! — 15 minutos más tarde— jackskellington timburton NigthmareBeforeChristmas

50 Minutes ago
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Tim Burton


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❤❤❤ . . . . . . . . timburton timburtonmovies JackSkellington thenightmarebeforechrimas

51 Minutes ago
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My little dude got fixed up 😍💀🐶. scraps scrapstattoo corpsebride corpsebridetattoo timburton timburtontattoo skeletondog tattoosofinstagram divinetorturetattoo

53 Minutes ago
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Exposición de Tim Burton en la CDMX 🚺🇲🇽📸😬👍 TimBurton franzmayermuseum FranzMayer CDMX Jardin serpiente snake excentrico locura noche

58 Minutes ago
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Ivan Antonio De La Luz


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museo FranzMeyer TimBurton

1 Hours ago
Ayano Caso (caso_cosplay) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ayano Caso


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HMMMMMM cosplans cosplay casocosplay misslovett sweenytodd sweenytoddthedemonbarberofflee sweenytoddandmslovett timburton sweenytoddcosplay

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sugarmyntgallery southpasadena crowncity santajack jackskeleton thenightmarebeforechristmas timburton dannyelfman

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Jorge Gonzalez


Comment from Jorge Gonzalez:

A beautiful design of Jack and Sally sewing their hearts as one because real love ❤ mends all wounds. Original design by another artist jackskellingtontattoo jackskellington jackandsallytattoo jackandsally nightmarebeforechristmas timburton lovinglife love truelove

1 Hours ago
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Can we just point out how Marvoulous @spatshatter looks! That beautiful Hat amd Coat is simply to die for! Hopefully he will find his way to the states one day, we simply MUST do tea. Keep up the brilliant work good sir! leagueofhatters madhatterteaparty madhattercostume madhattercosplay madasahatter aliceinwonderlandcostume aliceinwonderland aliceinwonderlandcosplay alicethroughthelookingglass throughthelookingglass timburtonfilms timburton

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Johnny Depp Fan Base


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depphead johnnydepp timburton youngjohnny potc sweeneytodd hbc helenabonhamcarter winona winonaryder youngwinona corpsebride crybaby hot katemoss hollywood california

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Danny Elfman Pics (dannyelfmanpics) Instagram Photos and Videos

Danny Elfman Pics


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I forgot to share... but I got my vinyl signed by Catherine O’Hara and Ken page. No Danny this time... but maybe next time 😀 thenightmarebeforechristmas catherineohara KenPage sallyandjack OogieBoogie dannyelfman timburton disney

1 Hours ago
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Sophia Laurane


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Go Like my Facebook page; SynysterKreationsCo! For those who like it, will receive a great coupon code so head over to Facebook! I will be updating you on upcoming products & showing you more behind the scenes. Facebook nightmarebeforechristmas jackskellington freddykrueger nightmareonelmstreet jasonvoorhees etsycoupon etsycouponcode horror horrorshop etsy etsyshop etsyseller etsysellersofinstagram timburton edwardscissorhands chucky horrormovies morbid spooky like behindthescenes halloween christmas yarn custom horroretsy etsyhorror

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Celso Duarte

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La Llorona inauguración “El Mundo de Tim Burton” liladowns cdmx museofranzmayer timburton elmundodetimburton mexico celsoduarte museum timburton cultura filmmaker worldmusic mexicanmusic lila

1 Hours ago
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Letty Navarro


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Creativity to share! Derroche de creatividad! creativity share creative joyofcreativity joyoflife timburton venezuela malu&joseangel monstruoschicos

1 Hours ago
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A falta de estrella navideña un jackskellington para adornar la punta del arboldenavidad 🤣.. el toque diferente.. timburton nightmarebeforechristmas lovely enamorada de jackskellington 😍🎄☃️

1 Hours ago
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Christmas tree ala Nightmare Before Christmas? Check. And it ain’t festive without some sparkly spheres! 🎄🎃✨ christmastree nightmarebeforechristmas jackskellington timburton gay gaylife gaylatino festive christmas holiday

1 Hours ago
AMBER (#thehalloweenhouse) (scatterbirdie) Instagram Photos and Videos

AMBER (#thehalloweenhouse)


Comment from AMBER (#thehalloweenhouse):

A few customer photos of this commissioned trashmade blacklight reflective TNBC style tree topper on his fantastic nightmare tree! I also made the large Sandy Claws ornament at the bottom of the tree, but I can’t claim any of the other lovely collected ornaments and accents!! I will be making more toppers in the future! 🖤♻️☠️🎄☠️♻️🖤 blackchristmast thenightmarebeforechristmas timburton jackskellington mydisneyhome DisneyHolidayStyle gothchristmas alternativechristmas christmastree sandyclaws christmas christmasdecorations treetopper etsy ooak disney everydayishalloween recycle reuse handmade gratitude notmadeinchina

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Brian Parsons


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Una Pastillita


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Inspirado en las películas de life accion de Tim Burton draw blackandwhite homework timburton inspired

1 Years ago