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tostada de tinga de pollo comidamexicana antojitos pollo frijol crema lechuga aguacate tortilla tingadepollo

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Deze Mexicaanse appetizer maakte ik gister en zou ik nu zo als ontbijt lusten. Tostada de Tinga de pollo! Een heerlijk knapperig gebakken maistortilla (van @tortilleria_taiyari) met kip in een chipotle tomatensaus, met wat sla, feta en crème fraîche. 😍👌 ------------------------------------------ This traditional Mexican appetizer would be a lovely breaky now. 😘 It's tostada de Tinga de pollo. A fried corntortilla (made by @tortilleria_taiyari) with chicken in a spicy chipotle and tomatosauce. Topped with some lettuce, sour cream and feta. 😍👌 ----------------------------------------- eattheworld foodculture tostadas echtegerechten proefmexico mexicaanseten authenticfood traditionalfood homemadefood deliciousfood healthyfood tinga tingadepollo tostadasdetinga tostadasdetingadepollo quesofresco feta chipotle chipotles mexicanfood fingerfood

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altobajo Chicken Tinga Enchiladas! 8 days till opening! hungry enchiladas tinga tingadepollo mexicanfood westcoast pdx foodie chef cheflife

1 Days ago
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Tacos again because why not.😅 . . . tingadepollo tinga chicken chickentacos guacamole salsa salsaroja food foodphotography foodstagram goodfood foodie foodoftheday foodpics picoftheday instafood mexican mexicanfood comidamexicana dinner dinnertime homecooking homemade cooking tacos tacotuesday queso delicious cookingram cookingtime

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La alumnita de cumple haciendo la tingadepollo 😍😍 isasbday talleresrisk tacos teacherforaday ❤️❤️❤️Repost @riskec ( @get_repost) ・・・ Isabella prepara la tinga de pollo junto con su profe @marialbertis isabellascookingfiesta mexicanfood eventosrisk

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lostacosbychefomar pembrokepines 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 carnitas tingadepollo cochinitapibil

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Tinga leftovers !! Gf Breakfast with sweet ripe Sandia💕.. guerrero tinga tingadepollo realchipotle tostadasdetinga tostadas guerrerotostadas homemadefood homemademexicanfood foodporn food gf gf_daily gf_mexico vegas lasvegas pollo sandia melon watermelon

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Gf Tinga de Pollo con crema cacique on Gf guerrerotostadas glutenfreelife tinga tingadepollo homemadefood glutenfreefamily madewithlove gf_daily_venezuela gfdaily gf_spain_viajeros gf_mexico mexicanfood lasvegas vegas jandj

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Yum! tingadepollo homemade puebla gorda

2 Days ago
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Tostada, Tostada' Tostada oh how l love you. tingadepollo findingawesome kaslobc

2 Days ago
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My take on burrito with: - tinga de pollo - mixed grain wild rice - crunch tomolato salsa with radishes - guacamole - spinach - soured cream & cheese thermomix Bimby mexican chicken burrito tingadepollo wildrice guacamole salsa spinach cheese homemade dinner homecooking delish nutritious fresh food yummy eat nopreservatives handsfree cooking kitchenhelper 美味しかった

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Compartimos la foto del profesor @luis.fuentealba450 en el nuevo taller de cocinamexicana en @cursosdecocina ☺️👌Repost @luis.fuentealba450 with @repostapp ・・・ Hoy nuevo taller en @cursosdecocina módulo Cocina mexicana, para los amantes de los chiles con @magretdepato y @sergiotemperoni quesadillas molepoblano tingadepollo picodegallo arrozalamexicana churros piloncillo jalapeño chipotle serrano instafood foodporn cursosdecocina

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Hoy nuevo taller en @cursosdecocina modulo Cocina Mexica, para los amates de los chiles con @magretdepato y @sergiotemperoni quesadillas molepoblano tingadepollo picodegallo arrozalamexicana churros piloncillo jalapeño chipotle serrano instafood foodporn cursosdecocina

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dinner foodporn chickentinga homemadetostadas spicy mexican comida antojos picoso tingadepollo foodpics foodie

4 Days ago
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Yo no quería, pero estas tostadas de tingadepollo con chipotle me estaban haciendo ojito... 😍😋 mmmm yummy 😊

5 Days ago
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tostadas de tinga de pollo.. tingatingadepollotostadassalsabudweisercheladaasseswillburnlater 😜😄 I always eat errthang with cucumber idc..

5 Days ago
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T G I Fernando!!!! Fun Friday Fact : Fernando is a real person! Fernando created this sandwich! Fernando still works with us! 9 years strong 👨🏽‍🍳🔥❤✨ The Fernando! Sandwich has tinga de pollo, coleslaw, avocado and secret sauce on toasted ciabatta! clementinefavorite tgif

5 Days ago
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Para el trabajo mañana. tinga tingadepollo arrozconleche food comida

6 Days ago
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¿Quien dice que no puedes seguir la dieta en tus lugares favoritos? tingadepollo verdurascocidas nopalitos aguapura teamfitness

6 Days ago
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Quien dijo "DIETA"???? gorditas de tingadepollo y cafejuanvaldez desayunoyyc YesYouCanCoach yesyoucanlakeplacid yesyoucan

6 Days ago
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4 ways to eat tinga de pollo comidamexicana mexicancuisine tingadepollo avocado tomato tortilla zucchini sweetpotato bellpeppers whatchefscook whatchefseat whatchefscookathome whatchefseatathome miteszikaséf chefnacho loscarballos

7 Days ago
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Tinga de pollo 😋 tostadas señoralife yummm jalapeños tingadepollo

8 Days ago
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foodobsessed tingadepollo tinga chicken aunquenolocrean sicocino homemade hechoencasa idocook dinnerisready aguacatesdemexico mexicancuisine gastronomiamexicana nomnomnom

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Chicken tinga in tostadas w/queso fresco and crema. tingadepollo tinga chickentinga tostadas tostada mexicanfood comidamexicana instafoodie instafood quesofresco

8 Days ago
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Yay! No matter what life throws your way, there's always alternatives and silverlinings if you want to find them 😊 For health reasons I'm beginning a new journey with my food. vegan grainfree sugarfree along with temporary alcatdiet restrictions which include 52 foods, some being garlic, onion, cumin...all things I grew up as staple foods in my diet. My salsa and chips solution? No grains = plantainchips, no garlic, onion, cumin = no problem! I used other ingredients in my salsa and will continue to play around with recipes but this is Heaven to me right now! comfortfood comfortfoodredefined NOW if I can substitute jackfruit for the chicken in my tingadepollo and greenchileenchiladas 💕💕💕 lifewouldbecomplete 😜 myhealthyjourney myhealthisworthit animalproductsarekillingus

8 Days ago
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tacotuesday pescado tingadepollo rosies

8 Days ago
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Chicken Tinga is a Mexican dish made with shredded chicken and chorizo in a sauce made of red and green tomatoes, chipotle chili and onion strips served on a tortilla with shredded lettuce, queso cotija and crema. It originated in Puebla, Mexico. tacotuesday taco tinga tingadepollo bestlunchdoral doral doralzuela lunch almuerzo bubblecafe bubbletealounge

8 Days ago
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Shrimp 🍤 for honey 🍯 walnut shrimp (the boys' favorite), picadillo for tostadas, camarón a la mexicana (shrimp sautéed with tomatoes 🍅, onions & peppers 🌶), tinga (shredded chicken 🍗 in homemade tomato 🍅 & Chipotle pepper 🌶 sauce), and chicken 🍗 that's marinating in Chipotle adobo to be grilled! Salad 🥗, veggies, rice 🍚 & beans are ready in the fridge. Ready for the week! mealprep mealprepping mealplanning score sundayfunday sundaydinner sunday readyfortheweek success easymeals easymealprep noexcuses rico sabroso tinga tingadepollo picadillo honeywalnutshrimp camaronesalamexicana delicioso

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Merci à @carlottamama pour sa photo et ses gentils mots 🌮❤ ourcustomersarebetterthanyours tacos discoandtacos artsetfestinsdumonde Gardanne @tourismegardanne mexicanfood tacos🌮 taco tacosbae tacos4life mexico guacamole chipotle tingadepollo poulettinga chorizo foodporn food foodtruck taqueria

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Lunch. flautas tingadepollo tinga

10 Days ago
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Burrita de tinga de pollo comidamexicana mexicancuisine mexicanfood burrito tingadepollo chickentaco avocado tomato loscarballos whatchefscook whatchefscookathome whatchefseat whatchefseatathome miteszikaséf

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Cebolla, the not so secret ingredient to the best food. This batch is for Tinga de pollo. onions mexicanfood tingadepollo food @taqueriaelcorazon

11 Days ago
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Tinga de pollo 🐓 recetasmexicanas recetas tinga tacos tingadepollo foodporn food instafood foodphotography foodie instasweet ilovefood igfood comfortfood foodstagram foodpics ñamñam foodography foodgasm foodoftheday picoftheday comida ricorico riquisimo acomer hojasanta youtube youtubechannel youtubemexico

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