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Jens Wik (owikj) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jens Wik


Comment from Jens Wik:

jin the goldenretriever either thinks I tastegood or that I need a bath so she's trying to clean me with her tounge 👅💦🐶😜😁 adorable sweetie cuddling tailor 's dog

31 Seconds ago
Steve (isntitreal) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Steve:

rottweiler dog sunglusses tounge 2coolforphotoshop soulgoals onelove detomasofirenze haters doggystyle ❤❤❤

7 Minutes ago
dande (egonigma) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from dande:

I am sooooo hungry. knetmasse playdoh plasticman tounge fathertounge funnyface dandeart dande modelingclay clay

13 Minutes ago
DaisyDoodle (doodledaisybop) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from DaisyDoodle:

Sun days puppydays labradoodle labsofinstagram tounge puppy dog dogsofinstgram

26 Minutes ago
Thumper (thumperthechiweenie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Thumper:

Mom and Dad went on a vacation to Niagara Falls so they left me with my Grandubba! I love playing with him. He buys me toys, gives me snacks and best of all we play outside in the garden together. dogsofinstagram chiweenie puppylove dachshundpuppy chihuahualife tounge

31 Minutes ago
anna kalenikova🌼 (neighboann) Instagram Photos and Videos

anna kalenikova🌼


Comment from anna kalenikova🌼:

😛 summer hollydays selfie white cream tounge summertime

34 Minutes ago
Meme DADDY (sir.memeingtin) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Meme DADDY:

Who wants some head from him 🍆 . . . ・・・ ^ . dankmemez dankmeme dankmemes memes meme bestmemes funny ylyl meirl whitepeople même spicymemes darkhumor lol hilarious dank maymays maymay memer wtf ironicmemes offensivememes originalmeme originalmemes goodmeme freshmemes animals doge chinchilla tounge

35 Minutes ago
Speckwal (speck_wal) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Speckwal:

bwahahaaaa! the tounge😸 cat cats instacat instacats catstagram catsofinstagram catlove catlover catloversofinstagram catoftheday norwegianforrestcat europeanshorthair mix pet pets instapet instapets petstagram petloversofinstagram petlove petlover petloversofinstagram fur furbaby furry furbomb tinybutmighty catvideo tounge toungeoutthursday

36 Minutes ago
JulliaUCHIHAWinther⚡️UCHIHA❄️🌪 (jullia_11_uchiha_winther) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from JulliaUCHIHAWinther⚡️UCHIHA❄️🌪:

Its all about personality tounge emo goth asian naruto anime itachi uchiha makeup redlips rock grunge nirvana

39 Minutes ago
Piercinglove (mania_piercing) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Piercinglove:

piercingseptumnosringtounge babebeautiful @__mirm__

41 Minutes ago
AnNnAxDD (annnaxdd) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from AnNnAxDD:

cat kitten cute tounge red sogs ma wenn i jmd vergesse hob 😂😍😍

57 Minutes ago
D.O.G (dog.the.chihuahua) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from D.O.G:

good morning! ☀️ . dogsofinstagram Chihuahua dog crookedjaw crookedface tounge cute dogs doglover doglife dogsofig dog🐶

1 Hours ago
Django Dog 🐺 (django_dog_huskyx) Instagram Photos and Videos

Django Dog 🐺


Comment from Django Dog 🐺:

Apparently my hooman has a surprise for me tomorrow, I wonder what it could be 🤔😄 . . . 💦🛁🚿💨🌟💙 . sibe husky huskies huskycross huskydalmatian huskyboy huskydog surprise tounge amiexcitedornot hmmm dogsofinstagram huskyofig huskylife huskylove husky_feature petsofinatagram huskyrater_feature rescuedog adoptdontshop

1 Hours ago
Zoltán Csida (csidaz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zoltán Csida


Comment from Zoltán Csida:

Gömbi mopsz pug cute green tounge dog little fitpug eyes feelings duna hungary summer hot river stand rock littledude bff adventuretime myfriend girl puppy walk

1 Hours ago
Dale (sheppington_smythe) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Dale:

This mad head though! doggo tounge

1 Hours ago
✨ Jasmin • 20 yrs • Germany (jasminsophiemerle) Instagram Photos and Videos

✨ Jasmin • 20 yrs • Germany


Comment from ✨ Jasmin • 20 yrs • Germany:

I may not always be there with you, but i will always be there for you. 👩‍❤️‍👩✨ friendshipgoals bestfriends love kiss crazy tounge nightout harp drunk alcohol fun blackclothes fashion lifestyle makeup redlips 💋 picoftheday photooftheday instagood instadaily rawr beautiful girls smile tbt weekend blondehair brownhair

1 Hours ago
The Fat Fox Inn (watlingtonfox) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Fat Fox Inn


Comment from The Fat Fox Inn:

Roast lamb tongue , local runner beans , anchovies & capers fatfoxinn gastropub dogpub chilterns tounge roast roastlamb runnerbeans anchovies capers daretotry chilternsfoodmagazine dinner food cheflife

1 Hours ago
Vero (lo.vero) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Vero:

❤️ dog pet bully bulldog englishbulldog mydog mypet myhandsome sweety bw blackandwhite now sweety myboy bulldoglife bulldoglove bulldoglovers tounge

1 Hours ago
Green Pup (greenpupbrooklyn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Green Pup


Comment from Green Pup:

It's not tounge out Tuesday is it? tounge toungeout toungesout

2 Hours ago
Jethro Falkenberg (itsjethro) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jethro Falkenberg


Comment from Jethro Falkenberg:

Throwback Thursday to my young handsome self! dogsofig bassethound schnauzersofinstagram schnauzer mix mixdogstagram muttsofinstagram spolied tbt young puppiesofinstagram instapet tounge dog dogsofinsta handsome

2 Hours ago
Marley (marlskiandme) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Marley:

frenchie frenchbulldog marley cute love handsome fabulous lick tounge dogs_of_instagram dogslife🐶 london

2 Hours ago
Vicky (vickyfashiongirl) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Vicky:

toungepiercing tounge cheeky girl pircing

2 Hours ago
Jo (extra_ordinary_me) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jo:

My princess 😍 princess Maya sleeping beauty tounge summer poland

2 Hours ago
Smudge (smudge_a_roo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Smudge:

Double whammy tounge and tennis all lovely photos by @jcoul

2 Hours ago
Rita Iacovelli (LaRitaVonFrog) (laritavonfrog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rita Iacovelli (LaRitaVonFrog)


Comment from Rita Iacovelli (LaRitaVonFrog):

laritavonfrog tattoo tattoolife tattooart tattoofemale piercing piercings piercinglingua toungepiercing tounge lingua crazy crazypiercings ragazzepazze cosicipiace

2 Hours ago
Keysha Carabott (keysha190) Instagram Photos and Videos

Keysha Carabott


Comment from Keysha Carabott:

When your a wine lover haha drinkswinetoungecutefollowcomm wcommentboredfollowmetbhhmukik mukiksnapchatkikmesinglefilter ilterynotthrowbackthursdaylike

3 Hours ago
Christina mac-g (chrissy.mac.g) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christina mac-g


Comment from Christina mac-g:

Simple 😛 girl zungenpiercing tounge toungepiercing bored nudelook nomakeup berlin goodday deutschland

3 Hours ago
 (ahhjota) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ahhjota:

MOOD. ianmacarthur fu fuckyou peace takeflight tounge out abstractart

3 Hours ago
💯 (dennisbs123) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 💯:

braunschweig photooftheday me home techno good tounge tbt instagood memories pfsch you bistebraunkriegstenix 🤣 👅™✔️

3 Hours ago
Leonie S. (erdbeere1995) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leonie S.


Comment from Leonie S.:

Du liebst mich auch wenn ich bisschen verrückt bin ❤❤❤ ichliebedaslebenichliebedi ebedichduundichwirmeineliebezu ebezungenpiercingzungetoungepi denrestmeineslebensmitdirbrown ❤❤

3 Hours ago
Paweł (sudolek17) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Paweł:

strój hulka najlepszy 💪💪😁 wedding family siblings suitup smile polishboys polishgirls polishboy tounge crazy hulk

3 Hours ago
Bethany Evans (bethannyevanns) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bethany Evans


Comment from Bethany Evans:

out student night pout smile tounge idols night club girls

3 Hours ago
Piercinglove (mania_piercing) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Piercinglove:

piercingseptumnosringtounge babebeautiful @blvckpeach

4 Hours ago