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Santi Martínez


Comment from Santi Martínez:

Foto un poco más de cerca 🔍

4 Minutes ago



Comment from LESS IS MORE:

So happy I got to tattoo this! Thank you Matthew!

7 Minutes ago

Italian Tattooers Stickers


Comment from Italian Tattooers Stickers:

Sticker: antikorpo ______________________ adesivi stickers traditionaltattoo tattooflash americanatattoos skinartmag tattoostagram tattooartistmagazine traditionaltattoos thebesttattooartists inkedmag tradworkers tattoooftheday bright_and_bold tattoosnob tattooworkers superb_tattoos traditionaltattooflash tattoolifegallery traditionalflash italiantattooartist topclasstattooing tattoorevuemag tattoosticker tattoostickers tradworkerssubmission tattoosandflash americantraditional boldwillhold tattooitalia

14 Minutes ago

Maldito Tattooer


Comment from Maldito Tattooer:

6-7-8 Abril. lasticontattoo Vitoria. Yeeeeje!!!. Con un carromato petao de diseños!!!. malditotattooer shop vitoriatattoo vitoriagasteiz traditionalflash traditionaltattoo tattooflash tattoo tatuaje tattooworkers spaintattooartist undergroundtattooers contemporarytattooing tattoostudio warhawkmachines

14 Minutes ago



Comment from egor_djunov:

dnepr dp dneprtattoo traditionaltattoo taditional traditionaltattooflash traditionalflash old oldschool old school tattoo oldschooltattooflash ink sketch tattooart tattoosketch tattoostyle classictattoo киев киевтату kiev kievart kievtattoo kievlife

20 Minutes ago



Comment from JESSE GELLER:

If you would like to be tattooed this week or any time after please use the contact button/DM. I'll be happy to accommodate. linedrawings flash traditionalflash tattooflash traditionaltattoo tattoos youpickitistickit outlines realtattoos Thank you 🙏🏻

20 Minutes ago

Lloyd Perkins


Comment from Lloyd Perkins:

Couple of ships, the one on the left is taken

22 Minutes ago



Comment from Kristian:

So this purple mess is what happens when you don't do a test paint with a new colour 😅. ink inkwash spitshade spitshading traditional traditionaltattoo traditionalflash tattoo tattoos tattooart tattooflash oldschool oldschoolflash oldschooltattoo drawing art artwork watercolor flashart flashsheet tattoo trflash rosetattoo traditionaltattooflash rose tattooapprentice tattoodesign

26 Minutes ago

Luca Losacco


Comment from Luca Losacco:

Namakubi japan japanesemask japanesetattoo jap namakubi namakubiflash flashtattoo traditionaltattoo traditionalflash tranditionaltattooflash traditionaljapan traditionaltattoos traditionaljapanese traditionallove japaneseart storyofjapan blood flash flashing flashtattoo flashart

30 Minutes ago

Marlon Maher


Comment from Marlon Maher:

Just lines tattooflash traditionalflash art love drawing learning

35 Minutes ago

Little Aritz Hawkins


Comment from Little Aritz Hawkins:

Tatuatzeko prest, jabe bila! Diseño disponible a buen precio!! Para info llamar o pasaros por el estudio 688 852 343⚡️ traditionalflash oldschool panthertattoo anchortattoo raijintattoo

40 Minutes ago

Lv. 13 문신학생 최문규


Comment from Lv. 13 문신학생 최문규:

Enjoy the ladies :) noble1 lookoflovebook

47 Minutes ago

Francesco JJ Capro


Comment from Francesco JJ Capro:


1 Hours ago

Richard Sedlacek

Comment from Richard Sedlacek:

Light up 💡 Volný návrh ✉️DM traditionalflash traditionaltattoo flashaddicted inked tattooflash darkartists blackwork blackink onlythedarkest blackworktraditional blackworkersubmission darkness light lantern lanterntattoo trad prague

1 Hours ago

EL Tia - Verona


Comment from EL Tia - Verona:

Available - Disponibile lacantinadellinchiostro tattoo trflash ink italiatattoo italiantattoo italiantraditional italiantraditionaltattoo oldschool oldschoolflash oldschooltattoo solidtattoo boldtattoo bright_and_bold tattoosandflash traditionalflash traditionaltattoo traditionaltattooflash verona toptattooflash best_italian_tattooers oldlines besttradtattoos traditionaltattooit tatsofitaly traditionaltilldeath

1 Hours ago

🕸 R U S T 🕸


Comment from 🕸 R U S T 🕸:

tattoo tattoos tattooed tattooing tatuaggio tattooist tattooflash tattooworkers tattooitalia italiantattoo italiantattooartist bold boldtattoos classictattoo oldschool oldschooltattoo traditional traditionalflash traditionaltattoo flash flashtattoo woman womantattoo girl snaketattoo snake hearttattoo heart available

1 Hours ago

Got Tattooer


Comment from Got Tattooer:

Merci bora... traditional traditionalflash trad_tattooflash traditionaltattoo boat ships shiptattoo rosetattoo oldschooltattoo flashtattoo flashtattoo tttism tattoowork taot best_traditional_tattoos bright_and_bold boldwillhold flowerporn rose artworks pirates blacksails

1 Hours ago

Stefano Barella


Comment from Stefano Barella:

Guarito! Ho tempo per tatuare in questi giorni! Messssaggino qua o passate in negozio!

1 Hours ago

🎀becky louise allum🎀


Comment from 🎀becky louise allum🎀:

lil lady traditionaltattoo electrictattoofamily electrictattoocompany tattooidea tattoodesign traditionalflash uktattoo ukartist tattooapprentice colourtattoo

1 Hours ago

Silvia Venturelli


Comment from Silvia Venturelli:

sketchtattoo sketchbook flashtattoo illustration drawing traditionalflash newschool newtraditional ink art tattoos tattoo tattoodo oldlines tttism seatattoo seahorse seahorsetattoo bottletattoo colorfultattoo

1 Hours ago