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Juani Mine (juanimine) Instagram Photos and Videos

Juani Mine


Comment from Juani Mine:

Diseño disponible traditionaltattoo traditionalflash brightandbold oldlines juaniminetattoo lesamistattooparlour

2 Minutes ago
Tory Maldonado (tory.maldonado) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tory Maldonado


Comment from Tory Maldonado:

En proceso :) flash de la casa ritualsannicolas ritualcrew ritual ritualteam ritualrifa conlaplayerabienpuesta flash oldschool flowers dagger watercolor chameleon chameleonmarkers fun ilovemyjob traditional traditionalflash citas al19316655 o directo en el studio buen lunes banda ☕

7 Minutes ago
✨  ANOUK  ✨ (anouktattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ✨ ANOUK ✨:

Traditional one!! Disponible! 🌠 traditionaltattoo traditionalflash flashtraditional traditional oldschool neotraditional girl tattoogirl girltattoo traditionalgirl oldschoolgirl tattooflash flashtattoo tattoodesign tattooidea spaintattoo tatuajes tatus

13 Minutes ago
Matt Trinca (stronghold_designs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matt Trinca


Comment from Matt Trinca:

Progress on the cobra painting, trying to get used to the new paint I got is making a slow go of it. traditional traditionalflash tattooflash flash tattoodesign watercolor spitshade allspit besttraditional besttrad cobra arrow

14 Minutes ago
Matt Trinca (grassy_ass_senior) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matt Trinca


Comment from Matt Trinca:

Progress on the cobra painting, trying to get used to the new paint I got is making a slow go of it. traditional traditionalflash tattooflash flash tattoodesign watercolor spitshade allspit besttraditional besttrad cobra arrow

15 Minutes ago
alyss (alyssartes) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from alyss:

lucky 🍀 obrigada rosa pela confiança 💕(preto cicatrizado) - - - - - - - - -------------- ------------- luckyluckyyouluc ouluckytattooluckhorseshoetatt etattoohorseshoeoldschoololdsc

26 Minutes ago
Jailer Jerry (jailerjerry) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jailer Jerry


Comment from Jailer Jerry:

🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕 art artist lowbrow lowbrowart tattoo tattooflash flashsheet traditionalflash traditional draw drawing sketchbook artistsoninstagram aspiringartist skull bones halloween spooky magic mystic

28 Minutes ago
German Shible (germanshible) Instagram Photos and Videos

German Shible


Comment from German Shible:

Free the nipple. Healed as all heck, thanks Neil. DM or email hello @germanshible to book-in - - - traditionaltatto traditionaltattoos tattooflash tattoo tattoos oldschooltattoo traditionaltattooflash traditionalflashspitshade torontotattoo ontariotattoos tattooer tattooist allspit trad_tattooflash neotraditional realtattoos oldlines btattooing tradworkers tradworkerssubmission bright_and_bold the6ix @germanshible

36 Minutes ago
Phil Bowen (el_serpentine) Instagram Photos and Videos

Phil Bowen


Comment from Phil Bowen:

Did this today thanks Addy!

43 Minutes ago
⚡ TWO GUN SALUTE ⚡ (twogunsalute) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ⚡ TWO GUN SALUTE ⚡:

⚡️ Night Folks, that’s Monday done // Here’s to another great week of motolife ahead⚡️ . . ⚡️ // tees / truckers / stickers / patches / pins ⚡️ . . twogunsalute traditionaltattoo traditionalflash hotrod rockandroll rockabilly custommotorcycle tshirt tshirtdesign tee dagger swallow pinup pinupgirl kustomkulture motolife bikelife motorcycle nostalgia vintagestyle vintageinspired 30s 40s apparel supportsmallbusiness kawasaki amsterdam gopro goprophotography roadtrip

49 Minutes ago
Benjamín Encina Escobar (ppansy_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Benjamín Encina Escobar


Comment from Benjamín Encina Escobar:

😡 traditionaltattoo traditionalflash boldanbright chiletattoo

52 Minutes ago
Creature Thirteen (creature13official) Instagram Photos and Videos

Creature Thirteen


Comment from Creature Thirteen:

@irishjoe_95 out there cruisin in his "Family Matters" Tshirt. Grab your at creaturethirteen creature13 ftw fuckpedophiles staycreepy creatures creepy traditionalflash metalhead trickortreat goth 666 creepitreal monster fxr harleydavidson michaelmyers halloween pennywise halloween frankenstein fridaythe13th noragrets dracula it freddykruger jasonvoorhees horror

1 Hours ago
_Traditional_Tattoos (_traditional_tattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from _Traditional_Tattoos:

tattoo by @lucadiana 💈🛠 ... ... ... _traditional_ flash flashtattoos sketch traditionalflash classictattoo traditionaltattoo traditionaltattooflash traditionaltattoos oldschool oldschooltattoo bright_and_bold flashworkers darkartists brightandbold tradworkers undergroundtattooers tattoo tattoos boldwillhold ink tattooed tattoist sleevetattoo handtattoo chesttattoo

1 Hours ago
⚡ TWO GUN SALUTE ⚡ (twogunsalute) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ⚡ TWO GUN SALUTE ⚡:

⚡️ Metal Flake Monday // winner of Best Paint in the bike show @kustom_kulture_forever back in May ⚡️ . . . . metalflake metalflakemonday triumph bobber chopper custompaint kustomkultureforever kkf bikeshow custommotorcycle moto motolife bikelife hotrod britishbike classicmotorcycle classicbike fishscale vintagestyle kustomkulture nostalgia oldschool traditionaltattoo traditionalflash motorcycle details superclean

1 Hours ago
planet slimeball (planet_slimeball) Instagram Photos and Videos

planet slimeball


Comment from planet slimeball:

24 little tattoo ideas 💡 Got another 24 on the way. Also me usual painting desk has been commandeered by @tasha_island so I’m working on an ironing board This is Thatchers Britain. 💩 art design drawing painting paint painting inking ink inktober illustration tattoo tattoos tattoodesign tattooart tattooflash flash flashsheet traditionaltattoo traditionalflash anviltattoo anchortattoo blackandgrey blackandgreytattoo neotraditionaltattoo butterflytattoo dicetattoo spidertattoo moontattoo toothtattoo classictattoo oldschooltattoo

1 Hours ago
joão chanal (joao.sltd.chanal) Instagram Photos and Videos

joão chanal


Comment from joão chanal:

@flashruleseverythingaroundme interviewed me a while ago and it came out today , its basicly about flashpainting and some tattoo related stuff! (link in his bio) I really appreciate what hes doing right now , make sure you follow his page for some sick flash work , check out the other interviews and give this guy some love for the effort that he makes and passion that he has for this! thanks again buddy for the opportunity! @flashruleseverythingaroundme @flashruleseverythingaroundme @flashruleseverythingaroundme @flashruleseverythingaroundme tattooflash boldtattoo oldlines oldschooltattoo flashworkers tattooworkers traditionaltattooflash bright_and_bold TraditionalFlash tattoos realtattoos boldtattoo traditionaltattoo traditionaltattoos boldwillhold classictattoo joaosltd portugaltattoo lisbontattoo flashrules

1 Hours ago
Joaking Gazquez (joaking413tattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joaking Gazquez


Comment from Joaking Gazquez:

Disponible para tatuar!! illustration illustrator draw drawing art artwork blackwork blacktattoo blxckink design designer graphicdesign graphicart digitalart style ignorantstyletattoo oldschooltattoo tattoo traditionaltattoo traditionalflash ink weed ignorantstyle acab amsterdam linework oldschool blackink inked tattoos

1 Hours ago
PantherRose (xpantherrosex) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from PantherRose:

Panther rose nation! Slapped In NYC! nyc pantherrose xpantherrosex bigapple clothingline streets rose TraditionalTattoo traditionalflash city

1 Hours ago
Odiseo Mesias (odiseomesias) Instagram Photos and Videos

Odiseo Mesias


Comment from Odiseo Mesias:

Corazoncitos en el paraíso, acuarela sobre fabriano traditional flash flashtattoo traditionalflash watercolor ecoline tradi surfer surf hell satanicsurfer weed 420 marihuana pito tuca cola palmera beach playa toyplaya pintura paint pating puentealto

1 Hours ago
Tatuajes Perros (_sanr1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tatuajes Perros


Comment from Tatuajes Perros:

8°- Expo Tatuajes Guanajuato 2017. Hace unas semanas estuve en Gto. junto con mis compañeros del estudio, estos fueron los flashes disponibles en la expo. SkinRebel skinrebelcontry traditionalflash

1 Hours ago
Luca Pasian (lieparo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luca Pasian


Comment from Luca Pasian:

Sketching apprentice apprenticetattoo tattoo traditional traditionaltattoo oldschooltattoo oldschoolflash traditionalflash tradworkers classictattoo vintagetattoo oldlines tatuaggiotradizionale tatuaggio italiantraditionaltattoo tatuatoriveneto tatuatoriitaliani sketchbook sketch

1 Hours ago
Keegan (Kee-Li) Koga (trapinktattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Keegan (Kee-Li) Koga


Comment from Keegan (Kee-Li) Koga:

Another incredible piece by @blvck_thorn Some floors today. tattooflash tattoo stencilstuff kingpintattoosupply eternalink steadfastbrand traditionaltattoo spitshade traditionalflash neotraditionaltattoos neotradsub redemptiontattoocare tattoosnob swallowsanddaggers besttradtattoos traditionaltattooflash oldlines superbtattoos btattooing tattooisartmag tattooartistmagazine bright_and_bold tattoonation tatsoul tattooartist neotradeu

1 Hours ago
Flying Tiger Tattoo (flyingtigertattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Flying Tiger Tattoo


Comment from Flying Tiger Tattoo:

1 Hours ago
 (bogdan_chik) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from bogdan_chik:

New available designs. Write in dm, price is low 🔥 traditionalflash oldschoolflash polandtattoos lublintattoo blacktraditional tattoos skulltattoo snaketattoo oldlines oldschooltattoo traditionaltattoos blackworkers radtattoos

1 Hours ago
 (badseedpaintz) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from badseedpaintz:

Lil quick one based off of Jensen flash that i saw in a cool book. traditionaltattooflash tattooflash flash traditionalflash traditionaltattoo vintagetattoo vintageflash oldlines flashsheet flashtattoos tattooart tattooartwork

1 Hours ago
jp (slo.jim) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from jp:

thanks @ryan.body for letting me make this, something a bit different!

1 Hours ago
Lino Raimondi (linoraimondi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lino Raimondi


Comment from Lino Raimondi:

Small Small Small Rose....

1 Hours ago
Still Without Doubt Clothing (swdclothingco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Still Without Doubt Clothing


Comment from Still Without Doubt Clothing:

Thank you so much for the support so far with the recent pre orders! Due to such high demand, they will be finishing tomorrow! Don't forget these are currently at a reduced price so if you want to save yourself some Cash, be sure to grab something before tomorrow! All orders that include an item from the pre orders will be shipped the first week of November! 🤘 W shipping 🌎 stillwithoutdoubt streetwear streetfashion hardcore tcbhworldtour guyswithtattoos altstyle alternativefashion girlswithtattoos altguy traditionaltattoo apparel skating skateclothing dropdead traditionaltattoo traditionalflash oldschool urbanoutfitters tattooflash staysick staysickthreads skateclothing

2 Hours ago
Martina (marthyluck_who) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Martina:

Pin-ups 💋upforgrabs wannado tattooflash pinup drawing tattoo tattoodesign marthyluck girl art volnynavrh tetovani flashart pinuptattoo inked tattoosmart czechgirl oldschooltattoo traditionaltattoo classictattoo traditionalflash tattooink tattooer tattooidea tattoosketch alternativegirl praguetattoo czechtattoo punkrockgirl

2 Hours ago
Geovane Cristian (geovanecristianp) Instagram Photos and Videos

Geovane Cristian


Comment from Geovane Cristian:

mãozinha customizada para a @yaravieira que me encheu o saco com o desenho (: essa semana tem maiss. blackwork btattooing blackworkers boldwillhold bright_and_bold blackworkerssubmission traditionalflash traditionaltattoo stabmegod electricink overdriveskinart darkart darkartists oldlines top_class_tattooing topclasstattooing blackworkersbrasil whipshaded stabmegod tattrx inspirationtatto onlyblackart onlythedarkest besttraditionaltattoos txttoo

2 Hours ago
The Daggers Press (thedaggerspress) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Daggers Press


Comment from The Daggers Press:

Awesome tattoo by @tonybluearms⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Follow - @ciandgrs @swallowsndaggers⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tag your work TDPSUBMISSIONS to get featured. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ tattoos sailorjerry edhardy swallowsndaggers tattooed inked traditionaltattoo americantraditionaltattoo ink traditional art artist tattooartist tattooed instatattoo tattooart traditionaltattooing oldschool oldschooltattoo traditionalflash flash tattoosofinstagram traditionaltattoos

2 Hours ago
Maxx Lemieux Beaulieu (maxxlemieux) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maxx Lemieux Beaulieu


Comment from Maxx Lemieux Beaulieu:

Super fun walk in! More like this pleaseeee.

2 Hours ago
Kevin Garcia (kevingarciatattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kevin Garcia


Comment from Kevin Garcia:

“What u saying. tattooapprenticetattooartistta isttattooarttattootattoostatto tattooedtatsinkinkedinkeduptra uptraditionaltattootraditional ionaltradtatflashflashtattoota tootattooflashflashsheettattoo attoodesignartartisttraditiona tionalartistdesignartworkneotr

2 Hours ago