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Tom Brydon ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Tom Brydon

Comment from Tom Brydon:

Chucky from the other night tattoo tattoos tattooflash tattooart traditional traditionaltattoo traditionaltattoos traditionalflash tattoosandflash trad_tattooflash real_traditional real_traditional_flash besttraditional boldtattoos best_traditional_flash best_traditional_tattoos oldlines flashpainting boldwillhold bright_and_bold classictattooing top_class_tattooing trad_tattooflash neo neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo neotraditionaltattoos

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Penny Lind (penny_lind_tattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Penny Lind


Comment from Penny Lind:

Fun flash Day at @wickedworkshop moth mothtattoo blackwork traditionaltattoo traditionalflash

1 Minutes ago
Андрей Воробей (spatzjugend) Instagram Photos and Videos

Андрей Воробей


Comment from Андрей Воробей:

⚔ Оскал ⚔ Картинка моя trad_tattooflash tattoorussia tattoo tattoosketch tattooed traditional tradtattoo oldschooltattoo traditionalflash oldschoolflash oldschool painting tattooflash traditionalworkers drawing watercolor darkartists tattooart oldlines classictattoo blacktattooart bestblacktraditional traditionaltattoo toptattooflash blackworkers greyspit whipshading

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Elena_Riot_Tattoo (elena_riot_tattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Elena_Riot_Tattoo:

peakyblinders peakyblinderstattoo nickcave redrighthand traditional traditionaltattoo tradtattoo oldschooltattoo oldschool traditionalflash tattooflash tattoodesign fanart netflix nerdtattoo geekink geektattoo

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Luca Aloisi (luca_aloisi_okt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luca Aloisi


Comment from Luca Aloisi:

classictattoo besttradtattoos traditionaltattoo tattooflash iltatuaggio americanatattoos skinartmag tattoostagram tattooartistmagazine thebesttattooartists inkedmag tradworkers tattoooftheday bright_and_bold tattoosnob tattooworkers superb_tattoos traditionaltattooflash tattoolifegallery traditionalflash italiantattooartist topclasstattooing tattoorevuemag tattoodo oldlines tradworkerssubmission tattoosandflash americantraditional boldwillhold

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Kinky_tattooer (kinky_tattooer) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kinky_tattooer:


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Elena_Riot_Tattoo (elena_riot_tattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Elena_Riot_Tattoo:

Di nuovo al lavoro! 💪💪✍✍soggetti disponibili, per info e appuntamenti per settembre scrivetemi in privato peakyblinders peakyblinderstattoo netflix nerdtattoo nerdytattoo geektattoo fanart traditional traditionaltattoo traditionalflash tattoo tattooflash tattoodesign oldschooltattoo oldschool tattooart blackandwhite ecoline @traditional_flash

27 Minutes ago
Patrick Boeufgras (patrick.boeufgras) Instagram Photos and Videos

Patrick Boeufgras


Comment from Patrick Boeufgras:

blackartist blackart blackink blacktattoo art artwork boldline bold flashtattoo traditionaltattoo traditionalflash blackwork onlyblackart darkartists blacktraditional tatouage montpellier chapin homemade flashtattoo ink flashworkers oldschooltattoo oldschool ignorantstyletattoo ignorantstyle boldtattoos minimal minimalism

33 Minutes ago
THE COVEN TATTOO PARLOUR (thecoventattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos




Trabalho feito pela nossa tatuadora Orçamentos e Informações pelo Whatsapp: Carol Serrano: 15-996220025 ou via DM. Obrigada a todos que acompanham nossos trabalhos! STAY INKED! tatuagem tattoo tatuaje tatuaggio tätowierung tatouage traditionalflash boldwillhold blackworksubmission darkartistssubmission real_traditional_tattoos oldlines bright_and_bold traditionaltattooing kustomtattoo traditionatattoo sorocabatattoo tattoosorocaba blackworkers sorocaba blackink thecoventattoo tattooedpridecrew ink

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Thaís Blanc 🌹 (thaisblanc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thaís Blanc 🌹


Comment from Thaís Blanc 🌹:

telescope lunettes traditional traditionaltattoo traditionalflash oldschooltattoo oldschool ladytattooers ink inkedgirls inklife tattoo tatuaz tatuaje tattuaggio tattooed tattooedmen tattooedwoman tattooedgirls tattooedguy tattooshop

40 Minutes ago
METRO 🕸🌷🗡 (freshfluid) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from METRO 🕸🌷🗡:

DISPONIBLES!!! . . . tradition tattoo traditionalflash traditionalflashtattoo blackwork blacktraditional fullblack black blackworkers flashtattoo spaintattoo darkartist dark jerez

41 Minutes ago
Funandclassic Tattoo Barcelona (fun_and_classic) Instagram Photos and Videos

Funandclassic Tattoo Barcelona


Comment from Funandclassic Tattoo Barcelona:

.Trabajando en nuevos proyectos!. . . . . . . .illus draw instagood drawing tattoo tattoogirl oldschool instaart hawaiiantattoo tattoolove barcelonatattoo barcelona bcn funandclassic born fineart creative oldschooltattoo artbook pencilcolour drawingoftheday sketch colourtattoo tattoobarcelona traditionalflash girlswhittattoos tatuaje ink classictattoo andresjalle

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M.R. (mrtatts) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from M.R.:

My page for the @32tattoo_bern flash day BBQ party on the 26 this and more for a special price of 150chf come get a cool tattoo and e joy the party with us, tattoos food drinks good music and good vibes!! tattoo tattoos 32tattoo 32tattoobern berntattoo berncity bern swissmade swisstattoo swisstattooers flash traditional traditionalflash tattooflash flashpainting flashpainters

1 Hours ago
Samuel Green (sammyg11.11) Instagram Photos and Videos

Samuel Green


Comment from Samuel Green:

One day old jammer I made for the Mrs! Had a lot of fun with this one! tattootraditionaltattoocolorta lortattootattooflashtraditiona tionalflashfamilyboldwillholdt

1 Hours ago
ambarish 'ambo' hendon (hendonart) Instagram Photos and Videos

ambarish 'ambo' hendon


Comment from ambarish 'ambo' hendon:

Some traditional daggers I painted and still want to tattoo. Hit me up @odditytattoo if ya want one. ✌🏼 . . . . . . sarasota sarasotatattoos daggers traditional tattoo flash painting spitshade traditionalflash available classic florida art illustration liquidacrylic fw pma wutang

1 Hours ago
Daniel Richards (danxrichards) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daniel Richards


Comment from Daniel Richards:

🥀👀 posting close ups of this sheet because the current sheet I'm working on is a surprise ₆⁶₆

1 Hours ago
 (sevenwolvesdesign) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from sevenwolvesdesign:

FUCK TRENDS T- in shop now. Be Well. • • • 7wdesign fucktrends coffee black deathbeforedecaf coffeeporn coffeeordie traditionaltattoos traditionalflash inkedgirls tattoos inked skulls alternative rockandroll motorcycles liveauthentic go travel adventure liveauthentic fashion creative art design

1 Hours ago
 (vnvopam) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from vnvopam:

draw drawing design tattoodesign traditionaltattoo blacktattoo oldschooltattoo ink flashtattoo traditionalflash

1 Hours ago
Jonathan Fernandes (oldskullcwb) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jonathan Fernandes


Comment from Jonathan Fernandes:

F l o a t i n g 🎈 | orçamentos (41) 99583-0037 traditionalflash traditionaltattoo tradicionaltattoo tattoo tattoos tattoo2me tattooist draw drawing draw2me drawings paint painting digitalart digitaldrawing digitalpainting

1 Hours ago
waly (simon_tattooer) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from waly:

Diseño disponible para ser tatuado a un precio super accesible, si te gusta no dudes en contactarme por mensaje privado! Flash momflash tattoo traditionaltattoo traditionalflash simontattoo

1 Hours ago
Ellis Anderton (ellisanderton) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ellis Anderton


Comment from Ellis Anderton:

would love to do one of these ochre roses 🌹 traditionaltattoo tattooflash tattooart tattoo oldlines lincoln flashworkers traditionalflash sketchytattoos rustictraditionaltattoo trflash traditional_flash trad_tattooflash jaysinks tattooapprentice

1 Hours ago
Pasha Rastek (pasha_rastek) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pasha Rastek


Comment from Pasha Rastek:

tattooflash traditionalflash traditionaltattoo classictattoo oldlines realtraditional fullmoonrivne pasharastek

1 Hours ago
PEDROMALDITO👹 (maldito_tattooer) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from PEDROMALDITO👹:

2. malditotattooer tattooflash traditionalflash tattooflashart flashworkers tattoo tattoostyle weirdtattoo skull contemporarytattooing contemporaryart instagood instaart blackbook tattoodesign

2 Hours ago
Joni Deep (jonimoek) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joni Deep


Comment from Joni Deep:

Disponibles para pinchar... Este Viernes y Sábado en @sanmartingraff !!!! darkartist onlythedarkest real_traditional topclasstattoing tattoo tattooworkers tattooargentina dragonball dragonfalls dotworkgraffiti tradworkers realtattoos tattoo tatt tattoos tattooargentina traditionaltattoo tattooart tattooartist traditionalflash traditionaltattoos blacktattoo tttism blackwork blackworkers blackworkerssubmission tattoo argentina flashworkers sanmartin jonimoek

2 Hours ago
PSYK! (psyk_tlv) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from PSYK!:


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Marley Ford (marleycessford) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marley Ford


Comment from Marley Ford:

When someone asks for doves and an infinity symbol, this is instantly what I want to tattoo. In saying that, I have one or two spaces for "doves and infinity symbols" next week. tattoo tattooer tattooflash tattoosnob tattoosandflash traditionalflash traditionaltattoo classicflash eagle snake snaketattoo bright_and_bold boldwillhold tattooflashcollective oldlines uktta painting drphmartins spitshade allspit threedaggerstattoo edinburgh edinburghtattoo scottishtattoo

2 Hours ago
Ivan De Francesco (ivan_defrancesco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ivan De Francesco


Comment from Ivan De Francesco:

Flash dispondibili per tattoo. Per info contattare su direct⚡⚡⚡tattoo oldschool traditionalflash tatuaggio traditionaltattoo love tagsforlikes art illustration drawing disegno artist sketch sketchbook instaart beautiful instagood gallery creative photooftheday graphic artoftheday amazing

2 Hours ago
Traditional Tattoo (traditionalartist) Instagram Photos and Videos

Traditional Tattoo


Comment from Traditional Tattoo:

flash by @joeltattooer ... ... ... traditional traditionalflash flashtattoo traditionalartist oldschoolflash tattooartist tattooflash tattoo art illustration drawing tattooart ink inked classictattoo traditionaltattooflash

2 Hours ago
Suri (jinsouljaboy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Suri:

🙏🏿 tattoo tattoos traditionaltattoo americantraditionaltattoo radtrad ink inked traditional art artist tattooartist tattooed instatattoo tattooart traditionaltattooing oldschool oldschooltattoo traditionalflash flash tattoosofinstagram traditionaltattoos

2 Hours ago
Dust 'N' Bones Tattoo (dustnbonestattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dust 'N' Bones Tattoo


Comment from Dust 'N' Bones Tattoo:

2 Hours ago
Suri (jinsouljaboy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Suri:

🙏🏿 tattoo tattoos traditionaltattoo americantraditionaltattoo radtrad ink inked traditional art artist tattooartist tattooed instatattoo tattooart traditionaltattooing oldschool oldschooltattoo traditionalflash flash tattoosofinstagram traditionaltattoos

2 Hours ago
Giacomo Gibellato (poverogiacomo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Giacomo Gibellato


Comment from Giacomo Gibellato:

traditional flash classic oldschool traditionalflash classicflash oldschoolflash picoftheday sketchoftheday traditionaltattooflash classictattooflash traditionaltattoo warren classictattoo tattoo apprentice tattooapprentice tattooflash lady girl traditionalgirl summer loneliness Fast Warren's lady study

2 Hours ago
Michael dewing (mike_ftw_dewing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michael dewing


Comment from Michael dewing:

Back in action after the death flu.. painting paintingfun paintislekker traditional traditionalflash traditionaltattoo tattooart tattooflash tattooartist capetown capetowntattoo capetowntattooartist tomb tombtattoo tombtattoocapetown comegettatted

2 Hours ago