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Con paciencia y un palito... . . . pachasdrawings ferruzkilla ferruztattoo illustration watercolorpainting watercolor traditionalflash tattoodesign

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀  NELSON MORAIS (nelson_trtw) Instagram Photos and Videos

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ NELSON MORAIS


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ NELSON MORAIS:

TRTW TATTOO - Scs quadra 01 ed.Márcia sala 908. Interessados em tatuar entrar em contato pelo whtsp 999048939.

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lani holland


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thanks for coming in traditionaltattoo traditionalflash

18 Minutes ago
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Making very slow progress on this due to the fact I'm currently finishing up school. Trust me, as soon as I'm done I'll have plenty of new stuff out. oldschooltattoo pinup pinuptattoo panthertattoo traditionalflash traditionaltattoo flashpainting flashart flash tattooflash tattooart tattoo oldschooltattoo

21 Minutes ago
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elio garcia


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Lamina en proceso!!! Classic shit!!! tattoos traditionalflash traditionaltattoo traditionaltattooing cdmxtattoos cdmx tradtatts tradilatino lybres laparrokia laeradekali laeradekaliyuga purasalsacriminal purosaborcaribeño selemaneja

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Eric Cameron


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Available to be made into a tattoo. @evolvedbodyart columbus ohio traditionalflash tattoo neotraditional traditional watercolor spitshade

23 Minutes ago
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Marcos Spicoli


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sketch tatuagem tattoo desenho design kunst skateordie skateboard sk8 asphaltinstrument titusskateshop titusskateboards schlachthof schonschön redcatmainz dotworkers dorettbarmainz mainz traditionaladdict traditionalflash traditionalflashtattoo blackwork blacktattoo blackworknow addflash_ inspiration instafineliner finelinetattoo recife

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19 Crimes Wine


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InfamousInk: @austinmaples of @idlehandsf illustrates his take on Crime 7 of 19 (Setting Fire to Underwood). Keep an eye out for more Crimes and behind-the-scenes infamy. 19Crimes LiveInfamously

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Franklyn Designs


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Sleek as a panther tattoodesign watercolor tattoo painting art traditionaltattoo flash traditionalflash southpaw panther blackpanther

32 Minutes ago
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Véro Lagacé


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🍩☕🍒 It is happening again. TWIN PEAKS YO 👏twinpeaks traditionalclub twinpeaksrevival blackworkers twinpeaksart flashaddicted flashworkers flashworkerssubmission topclasstattooflash oldschoolflash oldlines thetradstop traditional boldlines traditionaltilldeath traditionaltattooflash handpainted donut traditionalflash radtrad flashart flashsheet

35 Minutes ago
Cody Taylor (youre_nothing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cody Taylor


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Sick anarchy symbol I just did over a rose I started! Still doing apprentice tattoos come down and let me tattoo you!! . . . . . . . tattoo aztattoo tattooapprentice traditionaltattootraditionalflash trflash tattooflash tattooer brightandbold arizona scottsdale tattooartist tattooartistmagazine inked inkedmag inkedmagazine art artist tempe anarchy traditionalrose

35 Minutes ago
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Jose Osorio


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Its done! traditionalstarwarstattoo starwarsforlife starwarstattoos starwars tattoo traditionalflash traditionaltattoo tattoos tattooapprentice tattooflash oldschooltattoo oldschooltattooflash

43 Minutes ago
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Done at @babayaga_tattoo ,for appointment send email to babayagabali . . . . traditionaltattoo trad oldschooltattoo tattooflash traditionalflash oldschool tattoo inked classictattoo boldandbright balibible blacktraditionals blacktraditional blacktrad blacktoptattooing canggu babayaga rawhousecollective SDG

52 Minutes ago
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Kevin Regan


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Still wishing I was on vacation so I painted this today. permanentvacation watercolor traditionaltattoo vacationtattoo traditionalflash flash panting handmade immortalinknj

54 Minutes ago
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Sweet Josh


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evermoretattoo brightcolors boldlines boldtattoos rosetattoo roses pink traditionalflash traditionaltattoos tattooflash flowertattoo vegan vegantattooer venicebeach losangelestattooartist painting

55 Minutes ago
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Turned a @btweets 30 second sketch into a traditional rose.

56 Minutes ago
chronically antisocial (t0nyage) Instagram Photos and Videos

chronically antisocial


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daily grind. traditionalflash traditionaltattoo

58 Minutes ago
Mohacir Lara (mohacirlara) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mohacir Lara


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Angélica Spadari (aspadari) Instagram Photos and Videos

Angélica Spadari


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Rosinha para a Wanessa 🥀 Muitíssimo obrigada pela oportunidade, foi um prazer ✨ ________________________________________ tradilatino trad_tattooflash traditional_flash oldschool oldlines oldschooltattoo traditionaltattoo rose boldlines traditionalflash bold_will_hold boldsolidtattooflash darkartists art love tattoo2me tattooworkers tattoo tatuagem ladytattooers sailortattoo old rose rosetattoo traditionalworkers ink arte love

59 Minutes ago
Santi Mansilla (svnti128482) Instagram Photos and Videos

Santi Mansilla


Comment from Santi Mansilla:

Uno aguilucho curado de hace unas fechas atrás traditionaltattoo blackwork blackworkers traditionalflash tattooapprentice healed

1 Hours ago
AStrokeOfGeniusTattooDeerfield (sogtattoosdb) Instagram Photos and Videos



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traditionaltattoo traditionalflash traditionaltattoos truetraditional truetraditionaltattoos classictattoos tattooworkers bold topclasstattooing oldlines americanatattoos oldschooltattoo brasil frombrasil arte whipshade Tattoo envyneedles tatsoul tradicional tattooartist toptattooartist tatuadorbrasileiro tatuagem followme miamitattoo fortlauderdaletattoo palmbeachtattoo SogTattoos SogTattoosDb

1 Hours ago
Megan Clifton (themeganclifton) Instagram Photos and Videos

Megan Clifton


Comment from Megan Clifton:

More doodles for some upcoming projects 💀

1 Hours ago
Francis Kane (fktattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Francis Kane


Comment from Francis Kane:

Tough ass eagle for the always loyal @jakelizotte thanks for comin out dude!

1 Hours ago
Inner Chamber (theinnerchamber) Instagram Photos and Videos

Inner Chamber


Comment from Inner Chamber:

Flash by @ayden_thomas | Inner Chamber - - - Daily Traditional Tattoos

1 Hours ago
Rafael Rodríguez (edrodriguezg) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rafael Rodríguez


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Disponibles traditional traditionaltattoo traditionalflash tradworkers tattooflash classic classictattoo oldlines bogota bogotatattoo

1 Hours ago
Rob Sures (robsures) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rob Sures


Comment from Rob Sures:

Done by @apollotattooer at @SogTattoos . --------------------------------- traditionaltattoo traditionalflash traditionaltattoos truetraditional truetraditionaltattoos classictattoos tattooworkers bold topclasstattooing oldlines americanatattoos oldschooltattoo brasil frombrasil arte whipshade envyneedles tatsoul tradicional tattooartist toptattooartist tatuadorbrasileiro tatuagem followme miamitattoo fortlauderdaletattoo palmbeachtattoo Db

1 Hours ago
Gustavo Galbiati (gustattoosp13) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gustavo Galbiati


Comment from Gustavo Galbiati:

Flash de hoje. Agende seu horario. Whas (13)99640 6060 facebook Estúdio Gustattoo Lupiercing Endereço (GALERIA DO ROCK) Av São João, 439/rua 24 de maio, loja 64 Subsolo traditional traditionaltattoo traditionalflash flashtraditional tattootraditional tattoo blackworktattoo tattooblackwork traditionalblackwork traditionalblack traditionalblacktattoo oldschooltattoo oldschoolblack oldschoolflash tattoosaopaulo tattoosp chegaai demontattoo dagger daggertattoo traditionaldagger daggertraditional oldschooldagger daggeroldschool oldschonkife knifetraditional traditionalknife tattoodagger tattooknife daghertattoo

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Morgan Russell (morganpaulrussell) Instagram Photos and Videos

Morgan Russell


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Recent works . . . . . . . tattootattoosrealtattoosblackandgreytattoosblackandgreytattooblackandgreytattoosfinelineblackandgreygreywashblackandgreygallerybnginksocietyskinart_magtattoorevuemagtattooartistmagazinebngtattootraditionaltattootraditionaltattoostimelessatlantaatlantatattooweloveatltradworkerstradworkersubmissiontraditionaltattootraditionaltattoosrealtattoosamericantattootattootattoosreal_traditionaloldlinesbright_and_boldtopclasstattooingclassictattooatlantatattooatlantaweloveatltrflashtraditionalflash

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Mohacir Lara


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Rad Trad Tattoo (rad_trad_tattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rad Trad Tattoo


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Rad work done by @julianbast ________________________________ tattoo tattoos traditionaltattoo americantraditionaltattoo radtrad ink inked traditional art artist tattooartist tattooed instatattoo tattooart traditionaltattooing oldschool oldschooltattoo traditionalflash flash tattoosofinstagram traditionaltattoos

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Urban ink


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