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Ahmad Jamal/Tranquility ジャマルも孤高の人。 高の人。 持ち味のコードワークがミニマルに、時折ゴスペル的な スペル的な情感を伴って響く。 そしてジャマルといえば”間” えば”間”な訳ですが、当作でも唐突に間を置いたかと思えば、次 思えば、次はその間を埋めつくすように弾きまくったり。 それが 。 それがまた鈴を転がしたようなコロコロした音色で可愛らしい tranquility jazz ジャズ喫茶 vinyl downbeat 野毛

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View in the Commons light clouds cloudscapes boston castleisland photography photooftheday picoftheday sky skyporn canon canon_official skyline golden skyscape igboston igdaily igers igersboston scenery dusk skyporn cloudporn skyline rad goodmorning tranquility ig_mood cityscape citylife

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Jai - 🌎


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Breathe.... just breathe. To those who have read my book, I ask, (humbly) if you ever have the time, can you please leave a review on Amazon, good or bad review, they are a great way to guide and inform others to the book. If you can... I will be extremely grateful. Other than that... please take a few minutes today to reflect on the silence within. Take at least 3 time outs today for at least 3 minutes each and sit, close your eyes and breathe in and out. Honor the pause between breaths and release and repeat. Do this to keep your inner peace and maintain awareness and discipline. Now go have an absolutely amazing day full of blessings and laughter. - J peace tranquility meditation micromeditation meditatedaily divinepath prayer manifestation will love divinepower divinepurpose unite believe thankyou gratitude thebookofnewlight

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Ramsey Mathews


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Pool time. nigjtlife nightdreams insomnia bnwphotography bnw creative zen yoga inspiration

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goodmorning happiness alignment joy love peace tranquility assurance now

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Worcester Observer


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Great pic from @etienne_vanzyl. Beautiful Worcester worcester riversevern worcesterobserver river boat pinksky relaxing boating ontheriver morning sunset sunrise pretty sailing bridge tranquility

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tbt 1 year ago vs today ☔️ 💨 👎 peace tranquility khaosoklake travels kissmyarseuk

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The Beautist


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Feliz Martes!🌿 Cómo os prometimos en nuestra cajita de DESTACADOS encontrareis los primeros TIPS para empezar mejorar y cuidar una piel sensibilizada. Y recordad que aún estáis a tiempo de pedir cita y disfrutar de un buen tratamiento lenitivo. 🌸 [SKIN • SCIENCE • SOUL] vegan remedy remedyweek confortzonespain confortzone tranquility skin skincare

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Inggie Ho


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A morning like this 🍵🌅 sunrise 松 pine tranquility silhouette 溫泉 伊豆 北川 pacificocean onsen hotspring jp japan izu hokkawa asian travel scenery skyporn beautiful nature landscape wanderlust vacation chill travelgram explore adventure

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Spock’s Adventures


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meditation tranquility lovinglife peace camping travellingpets campingcat mountainmagic animalsanctuary (soon to be) wellness centre (soon to be) catslife catsofinstagram veganlife pinoso gratefulforlife inthevortex beautifulspain

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Santosh Palla


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An overview of the rockbeach pondicherry, caught during one of my morning walks... throwback into the memory lanes.... peace tranquility oceanbreeze soundofwaves missolddays !

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✖viva el color✖


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-Ama la naturaleza, que está rebosante de vida, de bondad, de verdad y de belleza- . . . . . (Bernabé Tierno)

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positivethinking positivity love peace meditation tranquility

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Black Panther Fly Away Bye Bye Wakanda peacetranquilityharmonyRoyalty & QueensThe New Standard of ExcellenceMagichealing

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I’m on my back, hands under my head and I look up...

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Ellen Josina Lowry


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Jumping for joy 😍💦 tidesout seaglasshunting beachcombing toddlerofig toddlerofinstagram toddler blueskies sopretty ollivershill frankston frankstonbeach frankstoncity visitfrankston visitmorningtonpeninsula morningtonpeninsula australia summer aussiesummer loveit tranquility relaxing beach ocean sea beachesofinstagram nofiterneeded nofilter ripples

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With four children our bedroom is our sanctuary. We’ve gone all the way with flowers, candles, fairy lights and ornate little lanterns. There is just something so calming about being able to relax on a bed with a pile of cushions, lights twinkling and no trace of the children’s plastic crap surrounding us ourlife TheSixOfUs family ourroom solace peace tranquility

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Travel Tuesday, file log. . . . traveltuesday underwaterphotography underwatershots underwaterpics marinelife watercreatures natureshot natureboy vacations weekendgetaways tranquility vacationmoments lifestyle goodvibes

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If this isn’t an example of a perfect vacay,I don’t know what is 😍😍😍 traveldestination travelinspiration amillafushi maldives maldivesislands island romantic beach beachvibes ocean oceanblue sodreamy travelingtheworld travelersnotebook traveling ddmaxtravelinspiration relax serenity peace naturephotography naturelovers nature tranquility

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Days like these are my favourite tranquility naturewalks naturephotography

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Are u ready? scenery journey travelers tranquility travel canon campervan camping gateway awesome beautiful photographylover photography lake nz spring backpackers solotraveler trip photooftheday vanlife nz clearwater mountains campervans travelbuddy lake relax sea milkyway campers ride

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Kris Lucas


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Country roads. . . . . . . batpixs_drone fromwhereidrone mavicpro dronestagram photooftheday dronephotography island earthfocus naturephotography nature instagood theglobewanderer tourtheplanet beautifuldestinations uk artofvisuals skypixel dronesdaily water heatercentral landscape natureza justgoshoot travelling travel tranquility

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Forse ti apprezzo di più d’inverno tranquilitythoughtsbeach

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A Time For Baby


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Relaxation is the key for our busy lifestyles. As new parents a lot of our energy if not all of it, is spent worrying about our pride and joy. So where's the time for you gone? A Time for Baby Massage classes are a beautiful enriched session that allows you to truly escape and unwind. I will encourage you to relax your muscles and comfort you with some beautiful mindful products (especially useful for the those who struggle to let go). Trust me an hour with me and you will be floating out of massage 💞 New massage course begins 13th March 9.30 till 11 or 12 till 1.30 at ONLY £28 for four weeks! For further information please get in contact and I will do all I can to look after you xxx atimeforbaby peace tranquility babymassage babyspa thecraftbarn hadfield Glossop

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azfar mansor


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Never give up . . . . . . . . iium srw17 streetworkoutcompetition convest17 flare17 motivation inspiration tranquility panorama sunset parkour freerun handstand barbrothers calisthenic streetworkout photographer photography hdr vscocam fitfam instagood instago f4f l4l instagram bestshot

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Kirsten Contreras - Adelaar


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🌅 sun sunset evening eveningglow sky eveningsky skyporn noclouds grass tallgrass bicycle bicycles serenity tranquility simplicity scenery capture ig_captures minimal ig_captures_minimal minimalism ig_captures_minimalism scenic ig_captures_scenic landscape ig_captures_landscape nature ig_captures_nature holland nofilter

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beach relaxation rest tranquility sea sand place seaworld waves sun it free shadesofblue blue sky

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Day 1 of BOGO week and it’s a goodie! Buy Peace and get Balance for FREE! Both of these oils help ease the mind while GROUNDING and REASSURING. Perfect for days when you’re feeling overwhelmed or nervous. . . . PEACE-promotes feelings of contentment, composure, and reassurance when anxious feelings overwhelm your emotions. BALANCE-promotes tranquility while bribing harmony to the mind and body; and balances the emotions. ... Both oils can be diffused or applied topically. Apply to the bottom of feet, wrist or neck. Or Diffuse in your car while stuck in traffic! . . . Who’s ready to start the week off with Peace and Balance? Have questions let me know. Ready to order. I’m here to help!

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UX, IxD, IA, Educational games


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「WANDERER」 Vector Poster — View the project on: 791/WANDERER-Vector-Poster — a wanderervectorposter

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UX, IxD, IA, Educational games


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「WANDERER」 Vector Poster — View the project on: 791/WANDERER-Vector-Poster — a wanderervectorposter

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Tranquility. @apple @applemusic digitalpainting deviantart eyelessillusion digitalcollage lodge tea latina music europe womansfashion fashion winter beauty makeupartist tranquility headset brunette beauty pastel artstyle portrait portraitphotography snowfall appleairpods newyorker gay apple

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Ты знаешь, мне так тебя здесь нехватает . я снова иду по проспекту, глотаю рекламу, прохожих, машины сигналт, но не замечаю. Держусь иопять спотыкаюсь. свобода набережная прогулка небо облака россиякрасота freedom tranquility i ice russia

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Zor günde eI oIanın, iyi günde uzattığı eIi kıracaksın! huzurlu huzurluyuz huzurluyum huzur tranquility peace quietness turkey türkiye me instagram follow4follow like4like instalike picoftheday instadaily instafollow followme instagood bestoftheday instacool instago follow turkcehashtag

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