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Makeovers By SakshiB (wemakeovers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Makeovers By SakshiB


Comment from Makeovers By SakshiB:

DON'T let SCARS, MARKS, PIGMENTATION, UNEVEN FEATURES take you down on the most important day of your life ! 😍🤗 . Nothing can stop you from looking your personal best on your special occasion.😘 . Keep loving and supporting us.. 💟 . Makeover by Sakshi💄 . Book your slot soon 💃 . Hit the call button to get in touch 🤙🏻 . *Bookings available all over India 💄😘 . wemakeovers womenseramakeovers wemjaipur sakshib glam instagood instavideo bride india makeup artist mua makeupartist followme beauty festival follow4follow jaipur wedding traditional love transformation boost jhumka chooda ring photography flick party wedmegood ❣️

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Claude Razafintseheno (clauderazafintseheno) Instagram Photos and Videos

Claude Razafintseheno


Comment from Claude Razafintseheno:

🇺🇸 What's better to start the day than a good squeezed orange juice 😌👌. 🇫🇷Quoi de mieux pour commencer la journée qu'un bon jus d'orange pressé 😌👌 mood instamood frenchriviera lifestyle entrepreneur motivation workout training success transformation fitness food orangejuice musculation instablog monaco london classy blogger breakfast landscape travelgram bloggers travelphotography fashionblogger trip photography ritz travel inspiration

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Manu_panapm (manu_panapm) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Pelle visibilmente migliorata,inestetismi eliminati💪🏻 Cc cell alleato di tutte le donne 😍 Info whatsapp 3450298564 o qui in direct pelle ttravels transformation

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Lynsey Young (cwp_lynseyyoung) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lynsey Young


Comment from Lynsey Young:

Oh Cammy! You've got yourself in a bit of a tangle there! Not sure if he wanted his own measurements done or if he was trying to be helpful and tidy it away ... you make your own mind up lol cambridgeweightplan cambridgediet CWP CWPfamily CWPconsultant CWPsupport CWPcrew CWPblogger weightloss weightlossjourney diet vlcd transformation vlcdiet dietjourney dietpost edinburgh westlothian livingston weightlosscentre cwpcentrelivingston dreamdaredo CWPelfontheshelf c elf christmas elfontheshelf we

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Христо Михайлов (mihailov__hristo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Христо Михайлов


Comment from Христо Михайлов:

😎😎😝 . . . . . . . . . . fitnes gym bodybuilding bodygoals shredz shreded powerlifting sbdaestetics amazing monstermotivation bigstronggainscutabslean followme like4like instagood instamood selfie lovepowerbeast transformation memes

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Manu_pann (manu_pann) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Manu_pann:

Pelle visibilmente migliorata,inestetismi eliminati💪🏻 Cc cell alleato di tutte le donne 😍 Info whatsapp 3450298564 o qui in direct pelle ttravels transformation

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J A N I E | 🖤 (janie_6) Instagram Photos and Videos

J A N I E | 🖤


Comment from J A N I E | 🖤:

That post gym feels 😌 There is nothing more satisfying 👌💕

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Eliot (revelija) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Eliot:

Have you ever looked deep into someone’s eyes? I mean, to look so deep and so long that their face begins to shift and change as if it were a dream? . . . . . 🤖Please please do not follow me if you plan on unfollowing me right away. * * variations. psychedelic. d ic. dreams. pictureoftheday. s ay. shaman. magic. photography raphy. photographs. phoneart. art. artist. artistsofinstagra tagram. portlandoregon. vancou ancouverwashington. pdxartist. portland. transformation. tra . tranceformations. luciddream dreaming. selfawareness. secre secrets. night. magic. halluci

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KP_FITNESS (kamal_punera) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from KP_FITNESS:

It doesn't matter whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, what matters is right diet, positive mindset and lot of motivation. So here's ma another post for vegetarians am going to list out few high rich protein source. 1⃣ if you can digest milk , consume around 1 to 2 litre in 2 to 3 shifts a day, either in morning or evening. Mix with some protein supplements like Protinex or Nestle Resource High Protein. Both are great sources, and palatable. ( 25 gm protein ). 2⃣ Eat pulses, rajma, chickpeas with chapati, these are easily available in market at cheaper rates. 3⃣ You can have milk with black Chickpeas soaked in water. Chickpeas are high in protein contains 20gm protein in 100gm of chickpeas. 4⃣ Drink Soya milk once a day , natural flavor ( 200ml pack has 7 gm protein , low calorie ). 5⃣ You can have raw paneer or paneer curries  as paneer is high in protein contains 20gm protein in 100gm. 6⃣ Chapati has protein,salads have protein,oatmeal has protein, muesli has protein. Generate combinations as per your taste. 7⃣ Include a whey protein shake ( 2 scoops a day, one scoop contain 25 gm of protein ). But start whey protein shake after 2 -3 months of workout. 8⃣ Peanut butter : High protein content and a great source of good fats. So don't think you are a Vegetarian , work hard , stay motivated , changes will be visible... Your online coach - @Kamal_punera For your Transformation Follow @kamal_punera for best fitness tips & motivation on instagram! TEAM_KP_FITNESS For Those who demand the best KP_FITNESS Ask Any question fitness gym fitnessmodel body bodybuilding muscle gains bestmode gymlife fitfam fitnessmotivation workout supplement nutrition shredded athlete bodybuilder eatclean goals change malemodel transformation motivation health life look lean strength proteins

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Pilar 🙈 (hyunmarie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pilar 🙈


Comment from Pilar 🙈:

FELIZ JUEVES throwbackthursday 🙀. . Hace tiempo que no subía fotos del verano... y lo echo de menos cada segundo! Especialmente momento como este - APRÉCIESE EL MORENO CARIBEÑO DE LA CHICA 🤟🏼💃🏿. . . Y más aún recordar lo bien que lo pasas cuando no tienes preocupaciones, solo respirar y tomar el sol al lado de la mejor compañía 💗. . . DONDE HAN SIDO VUESTRAS MEJORES VACACIONES?? SOIS MÁS DE COSTA O INTERIOR? 🙈 BUSCO IDEAS PARA EL 2018 🙏🏻. . . . . fitnessgoals transformation bodytransformation bodygoals noabs bulking volumen fitness bikinifitness booty ifbb gym workhard fitnesslifestyle bikiniprep traininggoals legday motivation motivacion vidasana like4like natural lifestyle tbt fitfam culete holidays vacaciones paradise

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Willis Lang (willislang) Instagram Photos and Videos

Willis Lang


Comment from Willis Lang:

An awesome day of training today started at 5.30am with a pt with @jenni_athena, 2nd week done. Day 4 of the CCC. Getting back in the groove. 2nd session of the day done and dusted and first cardio session with the Misso 😂 @langjodie. It’s cool having you at Emf now. trainingday foodsonpoint day4ccc transformation mygirl enjoythejourney healthylifestyle

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Hanker Visionary (hankervisionary) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hanker Visionary


Comment from Hanker Visionary:

Vision Success Hanker Visionary HardWorkPaysOff Passion Ambition HardWork Entrepreneur Business Transformation BelieveInYourself Motivation MakeItHappen InspireDaily StartUp QuoteOfTheDay HankerVisionary

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🍦CHEYENNE 🍦🐻 (supermeego) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🍦CHEYENNE 🍦🐻:

💪🏽🍑 slowly but more to come transformation fitness bootygain gym motivation loveyourbody

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Skiman (Dave) (skiman.insta.mygrind) Instagram Photos and Videos

Skiman (Dave)


Comment from Skiman (Dave):

physique determination bodybuilding powerlifting motivation health fitnesslifestyle fitness fitnessmotivation nutrition healthylifestyle healthnuts fitfamily fitfam fitnessaddict fitnesslife gym gymlife gymrat workout instafit instafitness aesthetics 40fit guyswholift gains muscles transformation gymshark aestheticrevolution

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Penny, 22 👸🏼💘 (penny_healthyliving) Instagram Photos and Videos

Penny, 22 👸🏼💘


Comment from Penny, 22 👸🏼💘:

Hi 👋🏼 sorry I haven’t been posting much! It’s so busy this time of year!🤶🏼 as you can probably imagine I’m not 100% on plan at the moment 🤨 there’s so many lunches, dinners, events going on it is seemingly impossible! ❌ been away with work overnight (last night involved chicken tacos & biscoff cheesecake 👅) and this was breakfast this morning 😍 so nice!! 😛 poached eggs with chilli on avocado 🥑 on toast with some baked beans ✅ ready for the 2nd gym session of the week tonight.. I’m trying my best and that’s all I can really do! stayingpositive

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gym_legenda (gym_legenda) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Gym_legenda Please follow and like @gym_legenda💪💪💯 __________________________ fitness gymgymlife bbgfitfamiliar fitness shredded bodybuilder eatclean suppliment nutrition protein look lean transformation motiviton health abs eatclean protein fitnessmotvaction workout strong crazyripped gymlife bodybuilder 1lifing bodyfit exercise athlete protein💪💪

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Mike Harrison (miketeambox) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mike Harrison


Comment from Mike Harrison:

THROWBACK THURSDAY . As prep looms. . This is about a week out from my last show, critically speaking now: . Condition was there at 4% (on DXA). . However. . Lost a lot of size due to the severity of the deficit needed to get there. . This year I’m sat currently 8kg less than I did in my last off season. . So less to lose and hopefully then will maintain more muscle come show day in June.

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 (zamboni262) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from zamboni262:

Are you working hard enough? gym focus transformation curls train hard biceps underarmour getstrong push workoutmotivation

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Akanksha🧝🏽‍♀️ (iiakankshakoli) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Akanksha🧝🏽‍♀️:

2011 vs 2017 i used to be such a sad person back then ! Will always keep working hard so that I never go back to my past ! transformation fitfam gymlife delhi india

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fitness.andme.ig (fitness.andme.ig) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from fitness.andme.ig:

+) Follow me & Tag your Friends 💥DONT LET THE WEEKEND BECOME YOUR WEAK END💥 . 😫 Is there anything more frustrating than nailing your diet Monday through Friday, only to go off the rails on the weekend and have to start all over again on Monday? . 🙋🏼‍♀️ As someone who did this myself for YEARS, I know how disheartening this cycle can be. . 🙌🏼 HOWEVER, after all of these fitful attempts, I DID eventually learn how to break free from the madness. . ⚠️ Please understand that Saturday and Sunday are just like the other days of the week. You have access to the same foods, regardless of the day. If you feel weekends are different, then that is a mental construct you’ve subscribed to; most likely influenced by the diet industry. That said, if you do better with a structured schedule, then sit down and create one for the weekend, too. . 🏅Here’s what has worked for me and several of my clients, but ultimately you will have to figure out a path that works best for YOU. . 1️⃣ No pressure on myself to have a “perfect” weekend; just aim to do the best I can and if I screw up? I get back on track at my next meal. 2️⃣ Do something active. This immediately puts me in a positive frame of mind and makes it easier to stick to my goal. 3️⃣ Grocery shopping AFTER my workout since I’m already feeling motivated to make better decisions. 4️⃣ Plan meals ahead of time and stick to the list. 5️⃣ Do something I enjoy (read, write, listen to music/podcast, watch a movie, etc) or hang with a loved one. 6️⃣ If I’m craving a cookie, I’ll eat the damn cookie and get on with my life. Once we give ourselves permission to eat the foods we try so hard to resist, their novelty goes away and we no longer obsess over them. . ❓What about you? What has helped you stick to your diet on the weekend? 🙃 Credit- @fitness.andme.ig . . . Follow us @fitness.andme.ig for more!💪🏼❤️ . . progress change fat fatloss diet dietfood composition bodytransformation transformation

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Hair Extensions London • Toni (hb3_hair) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hair Extensions London • Toni


Comment from Hair Extensions London • Toni:

Half head u-tip extensions to give this gorgeous bride to be full volume ✨😍 __________________________ Hair Extensions: Award winning hair extension specialist mobile across London | Call: 07709120936 Email: toni ✨🙋🏽 0% Financing Available ____________________ __________________ hairextensi londonhairextensions hairextensions hairextensionslondon hairgoals hairenvy londonhairstylist hairselfie longhairdontcare lfw transformation gorgeoushairisachoice celebrityhair awardwinninghair trymhair behindthechair ketatin keratinbonds glueextensions utips brixton hernehill

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Mia (miatuls) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mia:

There will not be so much form me for the nemt couple of days 😥 I was in a car accident this sunday and i’m in bed with whiplash for the next 14 days at least 😥 nopainnogain fitfam caligirl progress barbrothers barstarzz lifestyle workout fitnessgirl getfit body me noexcuses hardworkpaysoff strength hardcore calisthenics strong traning transformation muscles instafit fitgirl fitness gym trainhard workhard getback lovelife

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Sport et Alimentation (sport_et_alimentation) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sport et Alimentation


Comment from Sport et Alimentation:

Acidité dans votre corps peut avoir de nombreuses conséquences !!! Faites le test 🍎💪🏼 nutrition alimentation dietetique diet manger conseils objectif challenge healthy healthyfood eatclean food body newbody fit transformation sport motivation entrainement performance personaltrainer exercices musculation intasport lovesport fitness gym workout sportlife staystrong

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Kyle Green Fitness (kylegreenfitness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kyle Green Fitness


Comment from Kyle Green Fitness:

throwbackthursday with a transformation to it. I just found the picture on the left from about 7 years ago when I thought I was a bad ass taking a picture with my top off in the kitchen 🤣 I think it’s fair to say that I have a much better shape now that I’m doing things properly. tbt bodytransformation gymmotivation gains skinnytofit back backdoublebicep posing competitionprep bulking muscular strengthtraining hypertrophy ripped fitnessmodel bodybuilding personaltrainer workhardforit athletic fousn nutrition diet teamkg kylegreenfitness

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Julia Templin 🎬ᒍᑌᒪI ᗰOᐯIE (julipulii) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julia Templin 🎬ᒍᑌᒪI ᗰOᐯIE


Comment from Julia Templin 🎬ᒍᑌᒪI ᗰOᐯIE:

💜💙💓💜💙Urlaubs ist... sich drei Mal vor dem Sport umzuziehen, um das perfekte Trainings-Outfit zu finden.💜💗💙💓💙💜motivation happyholiday holidayworkout wirzusammenansziel sweatingbeauties sizezeroarmy sixpack absdrinkmorewater waterfitnessgirl girlswholift powerlifting powerful strength bootyworkout booty🍑 poworkout transformation abnehmen diet bodyattack ironmaxx esn supplify sportnahrung protein

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Çisil Aydın  👍 (cisilaydinn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Çisil Aydın 👍


Comment from Çisil Aydın 👍:

😂😂😂 @Regranned from @1adam1diyet - Diyetteyken yanımda birisi dondurma yediğinde ben. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Sağdaki ben, (TEMSİLİ) 😂😂 Aynen böyle hissedenler yoruma çöktü bile! 🙄😳😇 . . . . beforeandafter video transformation weightlossjourney motivation motivasyon benimgozumden zayifliyorum diyetteyiz diyetkardesligi diyethesaplaritakiplesiyor foodporn istanbul aniyakala saglikliyasam spor onlinediyet diyetdeneyimleri diyet detoks healtylife diyetisyen mutfaktasaglikvar saglik bedeniniozgurbirak

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Sarah Hola (hairbysarah_bandbhair) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Hola


Comment from Sarah Hola:

Hair transformation on my gorgeous client @amber_tully 💜 Limited appointments available before Christmas , don't miss out on you on hair makeover too 💁🏻 @bandbhair hairbysarah

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Be Strong Fit (ludafitness1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Be Strong Fit


Comment from Be Strong Fit:

👊How hard you want that STRONGFIT body, is based upon effort. Be committed to getting after it. Be Strong Fit Bodybuilding morningmotivation Fit Fitness Workout Motivation Sweat Fitlifestyle BestrongFit Crossfit HIIT Strongwomen HealthyLifestyle Exercise Muscle Instafit Weightloss Kickboxing BoxingTrainhard Transformation Fitfam Gym Confidence Mindset Goals Nutrition Health Ludafitness1 Ludafit1

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Bardsley Fitness (bardsleyfitness) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bardsley Fitness


Comment from Bardsley Fitness:

You have the time.

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Pascale Nimue (pascalenimue) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pascale Nimue


Comment from Pascale Nimue:

🙏❤ awakened awake conscious consciousness awareness transformation ascension compassion growth love loveyourself inspire beinspired bekindalways detachment

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Pascale Nimue (pascalenimue) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pascale Nimue


Comment from Pascale Nimue:

🙏❤ awakened awake conscious consciousness awareness transformation ascension compassion growth love loveyourself inspire beinspired bekindalways

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Pascale Nimue (pascalenimue) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pascale Nimue


Comment from Pascale Nimue:

Don't be afraid of your shadow; it's really just a constant reminder that there's light all around you. ~~Rachel Wolchin 🙏❤ awakened awake conscious consciousness awareness transformation ascension compassion growth love loveyourself inspire beinspired bekindalways embraceyourownshadow

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Мария🐰 (mashkasergeevna) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Мария🐰:

Никогда не пользуйтесь советами людей, которые живут не так, как мечтаете жить вы...🌸💋❤️ спортфитнесмотивациятрансформа формациятренировказожппздоровь оровьеспортивныедевушкиfitness tnessfitnesslifeworkouttransfo ansformationfitnessmodelfitnes bodymotivation

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