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Comment from Christine Kyung:

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Comment from Melody Grace:

Yesterday, I pulled the Seven of Pentacles card and this is how it has been interpreted to me. I feel like this is the perfect card I could have received because a lot of my focus right now is about creating a BIG VISION and figuring out the steps to achieve said vision. I must be right on track with what the universe has in store for me. Learning to reap what I sow. 🌱 “You know that it’s all about the long-term vision. You also know that it’s KEY for you to focus your time and energy in the right places so that what you’re working on is in alignment with your long-term goals. It’s a GREAT time of year to set aside some time and think about what you really want, how you’re spending your time and what inspired action you need to take to get you there." 🔮

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Comment from Sp-Vfx:

_"The right person won’t love you only for your body. the right person won’t beg you for sex every time you’re within five feet of them. the right person won’t cheat on you. the right person won’t ever intentionally hurt you, physically or emotionally. they won’t tell your secrets or lie about your relationship to others or be embarrassed by you.

the right person will love you for the way your hair looks in the morning. they will love you for the face you make right before you sneeze. they will love you for the way you look at your idols, and for the wonder in your eyes when you look up at the stars. they’ll love you for the way you tilt your head when you write, or for the way you lick your lips before speaking. they will love you for putting your left shoe on before your right.

they will ask you before making a move they have never made before. they will ask you if you are comfortable with them touching you. they will be gentle unless you tell them you desire otherwise.

they will order you water without ice, because they know that ice water gives you headaches. they’ll understand your mood swings. they will hold your hand and tell their friends about you. they will take pictures of you sleeping, eating, talking, just because they think you’re beautiful. they will help you do your hair and hold your bags while you go shopping. they will sit through movies they have no desire to see because it doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as they’re with you. #travel #poems #instamoment #instagram #igtravel #travelgirl #india #pune #artistoninstagram #photographer #photography #archidaily #architectureporn #archilovers #igcapture #minimal #globetrotter #travellingtheworld #ilovetravel #travellover #worldtraveller #doyoutravel #love #igworldclub #ignature #ig_captures #ig_daily #iphonegraphy #ig_photooftheday #ig_mood

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