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The Sheriff


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A Day In The Life


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20.02.2017. Catching a flight over the ocean. || US vice president Mike Pence assured the European Union in Brussels that the Trump administration will back the EU as a partner, only after a month President Trump alarmed Europe by supporting Brexit. adayinthelife bali kite parachute ocean pence mikepence vp eu brexit trump

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Deleted At 5k


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"He's Not My Prez"®


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"Impeach The Orange" Ringer Tee on sale now (click link in bio) hesnotmyprez orangeisthenewwack hesnotmypresident🇺🇸 trump 🍊👎🏿

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IM SERIOUS GO FOLLOW HIM! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ❎🇮🇬🇳🇴🇷🇪 🇹🇦🇬🇸❎ kimkardashian kyliejenner khloekardashian trump lol comedy losangeles newyorkcity londoneye ovo london basicbitch omfg selenagomez travisscott kardashians drake birmingham cats toronto memesdaily nochillzone lmaoo goals kanye

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Nick and Alex


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Damn right. -Nick donaldtrump republican republicanparty donald trump donaldjtrump dt maga makeamericagreatagain trumptrain presidenttrump america merica usa democraps fuckhillary hitlery shitlery hillaryforprison

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2 icy wifeys


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pbs programs are mind control

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Comment from hagleyparkroad:

Trump administration widens net for immigrant deportation Mexico Caribbean Central / South America Agitation Origination Solutions AOS Quotes

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Fairly Decent Memays


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The Archives


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The staff here at The Archives would like to apologise for the lack of content lately, and in the near future. We are having issues with our servers. -The Archives Staff - - - meme vaporwave trump lmfao dark uganda bleach autism instagram troll djtrump suicide lmao feminist cringe lol lolwut kms anime dank memes jetfuelcantmeltsteelbeams 911 feminism

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Comment from strawberry_surfrider:

😂😂 Lmaoo I'm done 😂

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Comment from Gary:

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Timothy Emmons


Comment from Timothy Emmons:

A Trump wine boycott backfires spectacularly. -The Washington Post. Yea it turns out Trump wine flew off the shelves, even after the National Organization for Women members started boycotting the Trump brand. Yes that goes for Ivanka's merchandise as well. While her clothing plummeted, her perfume shot up. Our only explanation is that all these people are hoping that the downward spiral continues and maybe all this wine and perfume may be worth a fortune, kind of like owning one of Adolf Hitler's Paintings🙃😂😒🤔😔 goodmorning news instanews instagram morningnews morning wednesday trump lol jokes funny politics cnn nbc wgn foxnews insta democracy democrats republican lmao

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Yoooooo this is the greatest thing i ever saw trump president usa lmao lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Politically Incorrect Memes


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Listening to the mainstream media is like taking relationship advise from someone who has been divorced five times. It's just not good for you. maga trump loverofamerica trump2016 fakenews cnn foxnews msnbc wethepeople

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300 by Friday?


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"He's Not My Prez"®


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"Orange Is The New Wack" Ringer Tee on sale now (click link in bio) hesnotmyprez orangeisthenewwack hesnotmypresident🇺🇸 trump 🍊👎🏿

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Ann Lind Andersen


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Not reviewing 'Lie Lie Land', but 'La La Land' tomorrow morning on Go' morgen DK, TV2, with Ellen ellenhillingsoe 😉 lalaland filmreview gomorgendanmark lielieland trump satire filmanmeldelse

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Follow my backup saving.the.aryan.race Partners jolly.ameliaidentityisrevolution.v2 grit.resilience polish.conservatism sovthern_bm allens_snackbar natsoc hitler nationalsocialist fashy fashygoy fashynatsocks fascist polotics redpill adolfhitler trump donaldtrumpnigga whitegenocide

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Se va y se corre! BUY YOURS. TRACK 4, para el bellakeo. MODEL. sinu_hey PICTURE. owaldoerreve Muah. lasedadesdealex

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