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Nushay's Adventure 🐾 (nushay_writes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nushay's Adventure 🐾


Comment from Nushay's Adventure 🐾:

10/195 Trying to capture long exposure photography by iPhone, and this is the end result. longexposure photography ammaturephotography trying 195dayschallengee

1 Minutes ago
Dawn Merchant (idawn421) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dawn Merchant


Comment from Dawn Merchant:

AirDuct 2 Yep the Owners Left without doing anything. Good old Wealthy Landlords Trying 2 force people to live as they say. Sickening as the LANDLORDS use their power to put DISABLED in these homes. O yeah, its worth a fortune how low can it b that American landlords force Tenants Pay pay pay 4 AIR amazing how those people believe this is fine. Breaking news their is no laws protecting Disabled from Being put down

2 Minutes ago
Vegan (livin_vegan) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Vegan:

Curry potatoes 😋learningtolivevegan currypotatoes myveganjourney trying

2 Minutes ago
Zach Lear (zleartsu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zach Lear


Comment from Zach Lear:

Repost @gzfluidstrength ( @get_repost) ・・・ GRETCHEN CAN'T DO PULL-UPS: WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR YOU TO HAVE/DO WHAT YOU DESIRE? (Now go do that.) 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 This is everything I need to hear today!!! Anyone else?! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼In order to teach my muscles how to pull UP, we are starting by going DOWN slowly. This might look pretty pathetic but the first few times I couldn't even hold for one second. @zleartsu told me to breathe, relax, and go slow--so yogic pull-ups it is. @yogafruchey - - - 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 �💪🏼💪🏼 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 momswholift momswithmuscle trying motivation motivationalquotes fitnessmotivation fitspo fitness fitlife yoga yogini yogalove yogalife balance fluidstrength getstrong gains happiness tuesday transformationtuesday yogagirl goodvibes youcandoit

3 Minutes ago
juli (is_missing_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from juli:

unsurprisingly, i ran straight into a staggering wall of irony just as i was picking up speed. 🌥🌤 yesterday sky clouds trying mindfulness june ihatesummer positivity

5 Minutes ago
Emma (emma_jarvis_84) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Emma:

Was too hungry after boxing, remembered after almost finishing to take a pic! food foodporn diet dietplan dedication trying cardio boxing uwcb weightloss weightlossjourney training fitfam fitness instafit instapic instafood picoftheday

8 Minutes ago
Resse Bookie (iamressebookielongfacebitch) Instagram Photos and Videos

Resse Bookie


Comment from Resse Bookie:

Why these goofyOpps bitches trying ressebookie hoeassbitch hoesbelike oh I get this n that vut a yll so cll Entertiner relly is nothing but irrelevnt displyed non mking ctivtion jil perm creme wx bum ss bitches..

9 Minutes ago
cheryl (mummyof5miracles) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cheryl:

Today I tried clubbercise for the first time and I was lucky enough to be able to vlog it! Nip over to my youtube (link in profile where you can find my videos) If you haven't tried it yet I would highly recommend it. I genuinely feel I've had more of a workout tonight than I have on any of my big walks. My legs are aching! exercise clubbercise 90s 90smusic neon glowsticks dancing fitness healthyliving healthyeating weightlossjourney trying fattytofitty telford shropshire

11 Minutes ago
afroditi zigou (afro_zi) Instagram Photos and Videos

afroditi zigou


Comment from afroditi zigou:

En casa me gusta el té y en el campo me gusta el tek obviouslytryingtosaysomethings hingsarantavathmoiliwneitokorm

12 Minutes ago
Karo (karo.romy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Karo:

nomakeup mittelscheitel berlin berlinvibes berlinstagram berlincity berlinickliebedir hometown home fhain xberg prenzlberg wilmersdorf charlottenburg zehlendorf mitte schöneberg blondhair blond blondi selflove smile smiling summer hair trying

12 Minutes ago
Jacques Van Rensburg (thewritingsofme) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jacques Van Rensburg


Comment from Jacques Van Rensburg:

Trying ✖️ vintage me mepoetry mequotes trying

15 Minutes ago
Marco Bellone (markinkwave) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marco Bellone


Comment from Marco Bellone:

book bookstagram illustagram illustrator kidsfashion kidsart kidslookbook charity proudmoment proud littlestart littleprince fantasy handmade mixart painting drawing trying thankyou

15 Minutes ago
catharina casteleyn (_cath.casteleyn_) Instagram Photos and Videos

catharina casteleyn


Comment from catharina casteleyn:

nwip mermaid naturegirl elements sketch sketchbook drawingoftheday drawing pencildrawing colorpencil colored trying new things pencil dotd wip pictureoftheday potd

18 Minutes ago
Lauren (sorta_ok_artist) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lauren:

The thing about drawings is they always look better irl ~ ~ doodle sketch drawing art anime character trying

19 Minutes ago
Corinne Durand (cdtlse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Corinne Durand


Comment from Corinne Durand:

When the rain is gone... 🌨 Le clocher de l'église de Bessières à travers le verre à bougie... bessieres myhome rainyday nofilter instarain instaphoto omd omdem5mark2 trying testshoot windowsview clocher

20 Minutes ago
Marcelina (marcelynthewizard) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Marcelina:

One of my artworks. draw drawing color painttoolsai trying

23 Minutes ago
KUU (kuujapanesecafe) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from KUU:

Trying to make a good morning😋 funny face kuucafe trying goodmorning coffee southmelbourne メルボルン カフェ グラノーラ系男子

26 Minutes ago
آناجرمی اسکاچ اسپریوم_آندوسپرم (amotaret) Instagram Photos and Videos

آناجرمی اسکاچ اسپریوم_آندوسپرم


Comment from آناجرمی اسکاچ اسپریوم_آندوسپرم:

Az talash baraye tahaghogh peida kardan e roya haye bachegiat dast nakesh 💙🍀 Trying to realize your dreams 👊

27 Minutes ago
ValeNoWay (valenoway) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ValeNoWay:

yoga igyoga asana peace peaceofmind trying freedom cobra instame instayoga yogachittavritinirodha mentelibera benessere sanity mind body

29 Minutes ago
Kelvin Traceur (army_traceur18) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kelvin Traceur


Comment from Kelvin Traceur:

You'll never know if you don't try possible trying working burn burning shred healty gym asthetic bodybuilding dedication definicion believe effort workout strength allday norest diet getfit fit fitnessmotivation stayfit effort fitfam fitness dedicated ripped sweat hard

30 Minutes ago
Christina Kristensen🙆🏽🙋🏽💁🏽🙅🏽 (christinakk97) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christina Kristensen🙆🏽🙋🏽💁🏽🙅🏽


Comment from Christina Kristensen🙆🏽🙋🏽💁🏽🙅🏽:

tb happytimes detvarengoddag transformation healthyfood trying training lifestyle fit fitfam goaldigger beyourownmotivation borkfitness diæt snartferie alanya sol sommer clothes makeup maccosmetics mac styles girly brownhair

31 Minutes ago
Rosazul (rosazul1205) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Rosazul:

Tu importas. Tu cuentas. Me importas a mi. 😚 youmatter . . . @Regrann from - 👄 courage selflove selfcare heal hurt help health happiness quotes positivity positivevibes positivequotes trying challenge love achieve dream recovery mentalhealth anorexia edfamily edrecovery breathe bravery goals future fighter survivor success

31 Minutes ago
MIMMS (mimig_allen) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MIMMS:

Back on my boxingskills trying to be handsofstone cardio boxinggirl boxingtraining trainhard stronggirl keepfit fitfam fitlifestyle limitless @g_reyesboxing thank you, keep me pivoting

32 Minutes ago
Megyn 🕉 28 🕉 UK (megynthorne) Instagram Photos and Videos

Megyn 🕉 28 🕉 UK


Comment from Megyn 🕉 28 🕉 UK:

Its official we have completed Level 2 on pole and finished our first lesson in Level 3. I dunno about @jessie_kidman but OUCHIE. My thighs!!!! The burn!!! Haha!! Also very proud of @jessie_kidman for doing her first headstand she was amazing!!! bestfriend polefitness wedidit selfie victoryselfie friends bff trying practice progress loveit fitness fit fitnessjourney

32 Minutes ago
Molly (fit.momma.inspiration) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Molly:

Well dang! Broke my roller blades!! Got to hot and melted!! 😁☀️💥whoops!! melted melting puppy dog run roller blade whoops fail trying sun summer enjoyinglife smile kinda 😁 😂 ☀️ too hot

35 Minutes ago
Dinowallace (dinowallace) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Dinowallace:

Back to basics wouldnt usually eat carbs on a none training dsy but needs must when all you got in the cupboards is the 9p emergency noodles 😂😂😂😂 emergency prep mealprep trying ✔

41 Minutes ago
French Alien in NY (nyinsolite) Instagram Photos and Videos

French Alien in NY


Comment from French Alien in NY:

Tuesday vibe... * * nyinsolite trying doinggreat feet

42 Minutes ago
Ballet mis zapatillas (ballet_mz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ballet mis zapatillas


Comment from Ballet mis zapatillas:

La amamos! 😍Rensta Repost: @iana_salenko via @renstapp ··· “ Thanks @keithlinkdancewear for this outfit 😍👍🏻 Discount Code : keithlinkxiana (offer 10 %off & free global delivery ) ballerina trying ianasalenko beauty skirt leotard ”

42 Minutes ago
Kate Sutton (grace_kennedy74) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kate Sutton


Comment from Kate Sutton:

Slowdive little bit in love with this trying to relax de stress

45 Minutes ago
M (wildifitness) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from M:

This was at the end of my chest/tricep day so I'm beat, buuuut playing around with some @katiecrewe moves. Very much a baby with these moves and they are tough tough tough but I honestly did a little better than I expected. I did, however, give myself a blister on my knee (???) from all my knee push-up variations today so I guess there's my fitspo to improve my chest strength so I can get on me toes. - - healthyliving bodybuilding blessed fit fitness fitfam pushups gym goals girlswholift trying tough veganbodybuilding vegan arms chestworkout chestday

46 Minutes ago
Charu Sakte (charusakte) Instagram Photos and Videos

Charu Sakte


Comment from Charu Sakte:

trying on big frame for the first timelooksprettygoodonme

48 Minutes ago
Has. toon. san (has.toon.san) Instagram Photos and Videos

Has. toon. san


Comment from Has. toon. san:

keepsmile it's maybe gonna be so hard you will be kinda different but always remember that the sun is coming up in the next day try and try to smile and don't stop trying

49 Minutes ago
Yena Baes (yenabaes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yena Baes


Comment from Yena Baes:

Paper art, Brienne of tarth ⚔️ artwork yenabaes trying gameofthrones cantwaitforthenextseason paperart brienneoftarth

49 Minutes ago