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Comment from 🐣wesT🐾besT👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🤓📸:

trying to avoid a kase Clifford this his federal shit fuck his deal no bitch boy

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Comment from Dana:

Come to mama! itsanocarblife nocarbs trying

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Comment from Love🌟Life:

We all mad here ||painting , well an attempt, it has been a while, but I even though I feel I failed, I like the colours || art artofinstagram oil oilpaint creative create paintinggirl girlsthatpaint painting paintingsofinstagram cheshirecat smiles viridianhue oiloncanvas trying forgotten wet wetpaint watchingpaintdry

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Comment from Sophie:

I've always worked hard and I've always tried my best but things just never seem to go my way. It's easy for people to tell you to keep trying but it's hard when you're constantly being knocked back. I'm in the same place I was two years ago, in fact I'm actually worse off than I was two years ago. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for people who are striving for great things and achieving their dreams. I just wish that I could do that too.

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Comment from nastja:

Ellis - Looking up - Practice - Day 22😥 practice angle scetch scetchbook drawing drawings art fineliner colorpencil trying to get better

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Comment from miss_andrews26:


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LB Lifestyle Business Coach


Comment from LB Lifestyle Business Coach:

As Thomas A. Edison once said... "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." Moral of the story is to try, and keep trying until you find a way to get to where you want to get to. Never give up! 💪 quotestoliveby quotes quote everythinghappensforareason everythingispossible try trying nevergivein nevergivinup nevergiveup💪 thomasaedison thomasedison entreprenuermindset youhavetotryit tryhard

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Jackie Furness


Comment from Jackie Furness:

trying to be positive new outlook on life change future decisions life friends

14 Minutes ago

Darrell M. Smith


Comment from Darrell M. Smith:

Celebrating black history month . I loved watching Michael Jordan at ball games . But what I admired most was his leadership skills and his willingness to win . winners history chicago bulls nba love red hornets michaeljordan millions media greatest trying businessman europe nyc wealth love action leadership beauty

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Yute Wid Di Dream 🎸🎤🎵💿


Comment from Yute Wid Di Dream 🎸🎤🎵💿:

Me biggest fan Inna the world seh har yah raspberry seh keep trying keep moving there's gonna be a better day in jamaica All she a vote fimi on MKQ voting 4447704 freshrymes ajusdivybzmusic gahlexii mercy_aka_clawboss melio_sounds Magnum kings queens dancehall reggae music watchyahnownow yutewiddidream ep keep trying keep moving team ajusdivybzmusic stayreal

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Dzenana Hadzic


Comment from Dzenana Hadzic:

trying to moonwalk 😂

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Comment from 🌕Why🌕:

Attempt 1. Lets try drawing everything and practice until I'm sick of drawing! This looks bad, I know but whatever, practice. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ instaart trying pencil practicemakesperfect boy whynot art drawing sketch

19 Minutes ago

𖤹 Courtney 𖤹


Comment from 𖤹 Courtney 𖤹:

This adultin' gig is tough stuff 😂 adultgamestrong trying silly getyourshittogether

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Katie Nakhuda


Comment from Katie Nakhuda:

aphgan jalebi bollywood dance practice makes perfection trying a thing lovingit dancing actorslife happy katienakhuda livingitup

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Comment from H E B A:

makeuptutorial makeup makeupartist makeuplook makeupoftheday makeuppassion conturing eyeshadow makeuplover fashionstyle hijab hijabtutorial turbina trying artist styles

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Dominykas Grigaliūnas


Comment from Dominykas Grigaliūnas:

When the woody woodpecker goes wild woodywoodpecker themes shortclips saxophone saxplayer jazzy buffetcrampon jodyjazz jodyjazzmouthpieces trying tryingtoimitate

27 Minutes ago

Chandra Pal


Comment from Chandra Pal:

Miss the days at schoolthe fun with frnds not classes😆😆trying to create a differenceMAD visitREC school NIT Campus...

28 Minutes ago

Federico Bressani


Comment from Federico Bressani:

On air at the Cotton club! sketchone pencil work artofdrawingg dance club cottonclub trying comicstrips comic instart

30 Minutes ago

Mr. Seroi


Comment from Mr. Seroi:

Cerita semalam, seronok belajar benda baru ni sampai bertempek² kena bahan. Haha. Model "teratak warisan" - inspired by fragments of memory. Hanya sekadar berkongsi excitement dunia belajar. Saya budak baru belajar. First maya model. Korang ada idea tak untuk model 3d yang rare? Looking for something significant, local dan nostalgic. Please drop a suggestion at the comment section. I am still a designer at akeemstudio trying first maya autodesk 3dmodeling 3d modelling malaysia tradisional rumahkayu papan buluh industrialdesign designer graphic graphicdesigner

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Comment from NetwrkArtSoulUnitingCreativity:

Little children, Little ears are listening, Little minds run wild, Trying to be like Mom or DAD, COMES natural for a child. They want to do the things you do, And say the you say; They're watching and they're listening, Even while they play! So Mom and Dad, be very sure, You're always watching too; To say and do the things that you would have your children do. Llama Owens latepost LP Poem Poems Poetry Proverbs WordOfTheDay TrainUpAChild

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