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day done agustico fitnesslifestyle newgoals nutrition leangains staynatural muskeln goforit shoulders power machdichwahr excersise bodyengineers fitnessphysique derwilleindir ripped feeltheburn fotodestages support leidenschaft sympatisch studio inspiration gibniemalsauf pumped yoga trying workout

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Hurting Inside And Out (alwayshurting_inside) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hurting Inside And Out


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I always have to end up alright or at least fake it. To many people rely on me not to be. But I honestly am unsure how much longer I can go on feeling like this.disappointment hurt trying trust broken suicide suidical confused bullies bullied insomnia insomniac cutting cutmyself crying confused selfharn selfhate bullied overwelmed sorry disappointed disappointment imfine depressed depression depressionquotes depressionedits depressingquotes overthinking anxiety voices eatingdisorder

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Selene Machado


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There is a light... 🎵 me soleil bright trying light shorthair sunshine raiodesol brilhando naturelight sunkiss

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- A.


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Can't stress this enough. relationshipquotes selfworth better youareloved stronger trying

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Lena Kovacevic


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Chelsea Paige


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Itty Bitty Chels. Don't let silly boys tell you you're fat, pudgy, or overweight. Then this happens... look at me now. weightloss myjourney sickness sicknesssucks eatingdisorder lessthan120 dontask trying active eathealthy cleaneating stilllookgood like4like followme follow instagram insta lookatme jeansdontfit smallistoobig help life poweringthrough gotthis

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ISO400 F2.8 1/10 architecture trying architecturephotography firsttime bw bnw abstract lights ceiling houses mirroring horizontally night nightphotography canoneos70d canonlens efs1755

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Nur Muhammad Aziz


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eaaa eaaa... nightmare a7x guitarrig guitarrig5 trying imnotgood indomusic instaindo aizarts

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Alvin Cruz


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Hoy estuvimos en Arecibo, tremenda experiencia ayudando a personas q lo necesitan. Hay más gente buena q mala. seguimos capitanes trying arecibopuertorico misegundacasa esperanza

10 Minutes ago
. . N I C O L E . . (heroox_3) Instagram Photos and Videos

. . N I C O L E . .


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Sometimes you just gotta check yourself out in the mirror to get that confidence boost every now and then, until you see your face 😂 . . . body selfie mirror me tan outfit style workout gym toning trying fitness health goals motivation

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me trying man relationship

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fruit fresh strawberries red Stevia ontheside snack food healthy goodness trying sweetness

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Trying to do what lovers do

23 Minutes ago
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Jolanka Bellerive-Milot


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•Don't worry be selfie• Well, I'm not a selfie girl... I always feel the need to add 1-2 filters... (preferably 7!!!) So, enjoy this heavily filtered selfie, because there will not be a lot more!!! • ootd selfie filter tshirt casual sunglasses tongue trying dontworry me myself 2017 2k17

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Courtney Buckingham


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My precious little girl. .. the last of my Little family. Im going to make her proud trying baby babygirl playgym beautiful girl mother and daughter time

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Frankie Diplock


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Was waiting for my pilates class after bodypump today. Afterwards I got 20 minutes to liedown and almost fall asleep. It was super relaxed and so nice to greet people as they arrived rather than rush in last minute. But I missed putting myboys to bed. Trying to do mybest in all areas of life. balance worklife family job trying.

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Looking for a nice toddlers kitchen, anyone have one & would recommend it? ♡ toddlerkitchen christmasshopping organised trying ivysnewroom

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Trying😅🙌 @pajorenikenn@jurschik_gina ❤henna flowers hennaart madebyme forfriends longboardergirl hungariangirl nightparty trying harrypotter harrypotterfans star heart sign

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Navdeepsinh parmar...


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Trying...transition musicallyidmusicamusicallyhowt yhowtoindiashearandwinvoteandw

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At it again dinner trying wellbalanced chicken gbs ftw

42 Minutes ago
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Osen 秋


Comment from Osen 秋:

😊😊😊😀😁😁 Title: Dusk. Here's my second attempt on actually learn how to touch a brush. My mother told me I had to keep up with some flowers again, so I decided to make a tree instead. Materials used : 2B pencil, brushes, paint, water and cloth. tree dusk secondtime painting practice drawing practicesketch novice trying mybest wontstop

42 Minutes ago
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De tweede helft lukt beter dan de eerste 😂😂 trying goodlife love ❤️

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Robert Rivera (the_robert_report) Instagram Photos and Videos

Robert Rivera


Comment from Robert Rivera:

My LittleLove. Being a parent is terrifying, frustrating, exhausting, and trying all at the same time. But everyday there is one brief moment, a smile, a giggle, a new expression, or just a hug that fills me with so much love that I have no idea how I ever existed without her. Being a parent is hard, but once you are one, not being one is impossible. My daughter will one day be a strong, independent, ForwardThinking, SelfReliant woman, and I'll still look at her as my little baby. The one I'm here to protect, my new reason for being. ILoveYou baby girl. ScoutMaleia

50 Minutes ago
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Mike Kontomanolis


Comment from Mike Kontomanolis:

Monday fitness 💪🏼 motivate gym workout weighttraining trying fitness

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Marianne Barreda


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And someday your rainbow will come smiling thru, no matter how your heart is grieving 🌸🌿🌈💛hope life trying struggle picoftheday

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Learning to do a back hand spring thing gymnastics training fitness gym handspringthing trying

53 Minutes ago
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Well, today was stressful, but at least my lipstick is still on lipstick red smashbox unilife stress nosepiercing new selfie love makeup photooftheday moodygrams trying toohard fashion vibes

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Anna 🌸 (creative_freetime) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anna 🌸


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Yet the hardest day of the 7daysofcolorwheel challenge... Pink is just not my color and florals are just an additional challenge... 🌸 ~ Bis jetzt der härteste Tag der 7daysofcolorwheel Challenge, weil rosa einfach nicht meine Farbe ist und Blumen nur eine weitere Herausforderung sind. 🌸 watercolor watercolorpainting juststarting trying pink florals floralpainting nature natureisinspiration rose artchallenge aquarell beginner

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Sabrina Gagné (_sab.ga_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sabrina Gagné


Comment from Sabrina Gagné:

You've been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn't worked, try accepting yourself and see what happens... trying love insta girlspleaseloveyourselves

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Marcelina Soto


Comment from Marcelina Soto:

Seamos felices'🕯❤🌹😍 likeforlike likeforfollow l4l instalife instagood dreams die trying real pics juegos tdt good coffee since after so tdt songs m frio like pic photographer body photography travel travelph travelgram m goodday

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Ugh today notimpressed overyet bw selfie monday behappy trying

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✋️ Was Syd life. Was happy. Was exciting Was holly Was was was You know what The Verb “” is past tense of the verb “be”. I really wanna be back time, if I could be back 20 years old. But I can’t. I have to prepare for the future. But, now, I don’t wanna do anything. Why I think that, I don’t know. Hahahaha englishdiary trying willingtolearnmore Hahahahahaha Actually I can’t drink alcohol very well. I was drinking with my friends and I’ve been drunk 😵 It sucks!!!!! But I feel so gooooood 🤣🤣

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💛 When a baby swan stands up .... 🌥

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