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Comment from Emma:

Weightwatchers wrap pizza for supper slimmingworld synfree achoice bchoice swuk❤️ healthyfood heathychoice 💪tryingtoslimdown trying keepgoing healthybutyummy

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Comment from LoveLace:

We bought mostly healthy foods when we went shopping. I had found something on facebook so today I tried it. Cucumber sandwich - Replace the bread with cucumber. Lemme just say if you hate cucumber you're gonna hate this because there's a whole lot of it. trying tasty veggie cucumbersandwiches healthy

1 Minutes ago
Foodgram (letsgetmotivated2018) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Foodgram:

Groceries ! Just can’t live without cheese 🧀

6 Minutes ago
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Comment from Alex:

hurtin release missinmygirl trying workin gilty nyc fla orlandofl freestyle

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Lost down the Rabbit Hole. (entirelybonkers_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lost down the Rabbit Hole.


Comment from Lost down the Rabbit Hole.:

Last week was crap. I tried and I failed and I tried again and failed again. It was a whirlwind. . But. It could have been worse, a maintain isn't a gain and my head is back in it this week. For now. . Bootcamp has started and I've been well on track with eating so fingers crossed for a loss this week. . . . . . . . weightloss journey fitness slimmingworld maintain mentalillness depression trying sw healthy lowsyn

11 Minutes ago
Karli McGunigle (karlimareemodel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Karli McGunigle


Comment from Karli McGunigle:

Wow! I haven’t slept! 😅 Home from work last night from work and couldn’t sleep..I was buzzing! Was in bed at 4am and then awake at 5am! 😆 I am currently sitting in the car trying to push myself to go to gym (it’s been a while guys!) but I’m pushing myself to do it! 💪🏼 Then off to see the gorgeous @taylah.okeeffe 💗 Enjoy your day everyone! ——————— sleepynotsle beautifulday ig igdaily gym offtogym trying needit feelgood mood goldcoast model modellife instagood beautiful gorgeous sogood beach girlsdayout excited whoop modellife modelmum

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Jade ❤️ 21 (jade_crompton96) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jade ❤️ 21


Comment from Jade ❤️ 21:

Healthy eating!!😍 oranges bannna kiwi grapes lotsofvitamins trying to be healthy good for the gym 💪🏻👅

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savageadriandrawsrap.png (artofrap.png) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from savageadriandrawsrap.png:

Honestly trying . . . art sketch drawing. trying

13 Minutes ago
Valentina Quargentan (quargina) Instagram Photos and Videos

Valentina Quargentan


Comment from Valentina Quargentan:

trying aerialsilks duo circuslove circusfun 🎪

13 Minutes ago
j. rees (j.rees_) Instagram Photos and Videos

j. rees


Comment from j. rees:

Today's improv. Trying to learn how to do this shit myself. All help is appreciated. makingmusic improv help trying synths garageband vocals beat chill lover lovesong

14 Minutes ago
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Comment from CRB:

Don't watch too many times😂 you might get dizzy trying newyork marriott

15 Minutes ago
Felicia MacDowell (starblink44) Instagram Photos and Videos

Felicia MacDowell


Comment from Felicia MacDowell:

When I try to be cute... trying makeup nottoshabby couldbeworse itrysometimes purple

16 Minutes ago
Chantal Vos (sjentel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chantal Vos


Comment from Chantal Vos:

Yoga and books.. Man..this one was hard! I simply couldn't copy it..after several attempts I got some of my books to help me.. elevateyourshape day8 grasshopper alien readinggrasshopper variation funnypose yoga yogapose difficult trying practise books booklover yogalover yogamum shape

19 Minutes ago
Adelle Lisa Gale (adellelisa94) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adelle Lisa Gale


Comment from Adelle Lisa Gale:

After a 12hour day it's good to be home! Trying to lose the weight but still enjoy myself so I indulged myself in an extreme step class and power pump tonight! Absolutely loved it! Feeling so good. Eating well and exercising well. AND HAVING FUN!!! Who said getting slim was boring! Oh and love this filter . . . . . . . . losethegutkeep weightlossjourney keepatit positivevibes happy smiling fitness fitnessmotivation weightloss trying fit power powerpump step gym love classes betterme bettergym london gogetum gogetumtiger tiger filter body bodytransformation orangehair proud

23 Minutes ago
Hurting Inside And Out (alwayshurting_inside) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hurting Inside And Out


Comment from Hurting Inside And Out:

I wish I could just know for even just one day what it’s like to not be depressed, to feel confident with myself and just be happy. disappointment hurt trying trust broken suicide suidical confused bullies bullied insomnia insomniac cutting cutmyself crying confused selfharn selfhate bullied overwelmed sorry disappointed imfine depressed depression depressionquotes depressionedits depressingquotes overthinking anxiety voices eatingdisorder

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Chris "illitant" moody (_illitant_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris "illitant" moody


Comment from Chris "illitant" moody:

life itiswhatitis allgood trying hoping wishing itwillbeok trytosmile

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 (2ban2) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 2ban2:

tryinghardsupportuspleasephias phiasaumotcogaisingingourfirst

27 Minutes ago
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Comment from Alonso:

Primer intento de chandelier chandeliersong sia 123123drink singing trying voice голос candelabro partygirls cantando practicar chanson canción music musique cover музыка siacover instacover

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Fran :)


Comment from Fran :):

¿Sin gafas o con gafas? . . . picoftheday change photo winter madrid spain trying boy guy

31 Minutes ago
Brooke Kelly Moore (specializedbkm) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brooke Kelly Moore


Comment from Brooke Kelly Moore:

Trying to be healthy AF 😂 trying keto chickenenchiladas

32 Minutes ago
Danni Maughan (danni_149) Instagram Photos and Videos

Danni Maughan


Comment from Danni Maughan:

Having one of those days where I'm in a really crappy mood and just want to eat everything bad for you :( had a breakfast bun this morning - countered out by only having carrot sticks and hummus for lunch i guess. Tried to be healthy for tea with an omelette but all I wanted was cheese. Hot bubble bath and now lying in bed eating yoghurt - guess it's better than a tub of Ben and Jerry's :( diet badday trying justwanttoeat sadmood food

32 Minutes ago
Ava Henriette (avahenriette) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ava Henriette


Comment from Ava Henriette:

Die Welt der verschiedenen Gedanken - The world of different thoughts

33 Minutes ago
Becky Jayne Blair (beeeckyblaaair) Instagram Photos and Videos

Becky Jayne Blair


Comment from Becky Jayne Blair:

Good time to start loosing for summer! Bring it on 💪💨 fitness exercise summer body needed determind trying hard start tummy goals thin perfection bringiton notgivingup diet workouts caption strong weight loss please prayforme

36 Minutes ago
Reed Newbourn (reed.dogtag68) Instagram Photos and Videos

Reed Newbourn


Comment from Reed Newbourn:

beamotivation trust truth beyourself donthate dontgiveup darkness givehope givelife showloveCounting showlove beaninspriation inspireothers motivationalquotes sad happy darkquotes deepmeaningfulquote deepmeaning bedifferent dontfollow bebrave beyourownleader fightforwhatsright heartbroken trying

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Dreams comes true for you. ❤️ (dctforyou) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dreams comes true for you. ❤️


Comment from Dreams comes true for you. ❤️:

strong work hard success motivation quotes motivated trying tomorrow dream Startup HardWork Ambition Inspire ThinkBig WontStop Mindset Success nevergiveup beyourbestself alwaysfindawasy walkyourtruepath loveinlife instagood stronger feelinggood goals positive dctforyou

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Rulanzen Martin (instaruls) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rulanzen Martin


Comment from Rulanzen Martin:

When life gets blurry adjust your focus.🔭🔎 . . trying

40 Minutes ago
Kate (getfitkate_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kate:

We met my “soon-to-be” hubby and his coworker for lunch today @sagebrushcantina and when I ordered the taco salad, I never imagined this would be it 😂😂. They even helped me resist eating the shell when I discovered it was covered with beans. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️ lol so thanks to them for saving me carbs lol! I’m not gonna lie. I did stop by Sweet Variations in Fenton to pick up a treat 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ but just a little one lol tacosalad sagebrush chicken peppers lettuce onions avocadoontheside avocado ontheside formychildren healthyfood noms justsayin FabFitFunPartner delicious vshred colorful food foodporn fitmom getfitkate getfit trying doingmybest lunch leftovers salad

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❤Paige Smiley❤ (countrybabe2.0) Instagram Photos and Videos

❤Paige Smiley❤


Comment from ❤Paige Smiley❤:

True! relationshipendpersonstoptryin tryingtrue2018januarytryingcou ngcouplesneverstoptryingforeve oreverneveradullmomentcommitme

41 Minutes ago
Omar (o.m.lopez) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Omar:

Concern yourself more with accepting responsibility than with assigning blame. Let the possibilities inspire you more than the obstacles discourage you.~ Ralph Marston thankful waheguru emotions trying fake mixedemotion livelife timeflies healing fuckedup growing sadness deepquotes breathin breathout boomerang water reflection silohuette sunsettoday daily liveinthemoment now bepresent today present gift doit motivationalquotes

41 Minutes ago
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Comment from ClaudetteArenas:

NO IHOP NEEDED 🤭 👇🏻 🥞106g power cakes 🍳 1 whole egg 🍌 100g banana MACROS 539 calories Protein 35g Carbs 83 g Fat 9g Note: every person has different needs , you can always change portions or number to fit in yours ! Is a different way to eat what your body needs without be on a strict Diet , Im not a person who likes to diet , I love food and Junk food too , but I also love my body and im not gonna lie I want a have a better body , its hard cause Im always fighting between food and great body , lets see which one wins! Who’s trying too?? 🙋🏼‍♀️. . . . . . . . . . pro healthychoice pancakes fitfitmomgymgymratmotivationph ionphotoofthedaytransformation fitnessjustdoitdoit fitnessjourney followme mommylife strongmommy trying

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Lexi Slater (lexilou_slater) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lexi Slater


Comment from Lexi Slater:

stirfry chicken soysauce carrot springonion babycorn broccoli cauliflower noodles garlic ginger mushrooms yum supper tomorrowslunch slimmingworlduk slimmingworld sw backonplan trying targetmember gettingthere makingachange healthierme swsupporters swmafiauk

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Comment from ManiukkaYOGA✨:

trying new yogacommunity fireflyposebeginner fireflypose armbalance yogisofinstagram strenght practice newthings firefly yogalove yogalover yogagirl aloyoga yogaswitzerland yogafun yogajourney yogapose firsttime sohard trying

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