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Comment from Flinni:

TWIN-DAY heute ❤👭❤🎉🥀😊😍💋 twins frechemädels bestetrainerin bestefreundin spaßamleben spaß freundschaft schwestern familie family sport fitness fitsein liebe glücklich training trainingday love

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Comment from Jack:

Forgive me for not being active but please don’t hate me! I’ll still post things it’s just that that my new semester started some time ago and I also have exams week for now and another fan page to take care of so... hope you understand billkaulitz tomkaulitz kaulitz kaulitztwins concert konzert germanband tokiohotek twins zwillinge kaulitzzwillinge биллкаулитц томкаулитц токиоотель scream zimmer483 483 vierachtdrei alien aliens aliensfamily alienfamily alienfürimmer

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William Hobby, as time passes (2cvbike) Instagram Photos and Videos

William Hobby, as time passes


Comment from William Hobby, as time passes:

A little sister has just arrived 😘 2cv citroen cars yountimers restauration twins flattwin

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Lisa or Lena ? 👙❤️ lisaorlena lisaundlena leli lelinator lelifamily lisaandlena twins @lisaandlena @j1mo71

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F'chen design


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Partnerlook Königin und Prinzessin ❤️👧🏼🖤👩🏻 partnerlook mommydaughter handmade handgemacht kinderaccessoires sport turnbeutel nürnberg kidsfashion babyfashion twins fashionblogger mommy mommyfashion

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Just waiting on our lattes. dallaslife boygirltwins twins twinsofinstagram spreadingjoy

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Bracken Carroll ⚯͛ (honeybiscot) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bracken Carroll ⚯͛


Comment from Bracken Carroll ⚯͛:

Twinty two!! Thank you to our friends and family who made this birthday so great😊💗birthday twins twentytwo

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Comment from Twinkletwins:

I think we can safely say the @nubyuk nibbler has been a total success. The best bit about it is they can feed themselves and it entertains them for a little bit while I attempt to do some much needed housework. I’m just not sure how I’m going to get the banana out of the net! twinlife twins twinhacks twinning fraternaltwins boygirltwins twinningandwinning mytwinks twinkle_twink_twins

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Comment from Danielle♐️:

I get told I look like Angelina Jolie and Emmy Rossum almost everyday... What do you think?? EmmyRossum AngelinaJolie Twins

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Comment from JaydenxJayce:

4 days old! Can you tell who’s who?? 🤔

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❤SEX WITH MARCUS❤ (russiamarcusandmartinus) Instagram Photos and Videos



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The last day when they are 15 years old😢 I'm so sad because of this😩💙 @marcusandmartinus @filtrkids marcusandmartinus mmer twins momentstour moments marcusogmartinus

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Sharon Hunter


Comment from Sharon Hunter:

Got home to this! mysistersbetterthanyours busy appreciated Ithinkshecares shescute twins 😂❤️

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Manuela Blessano


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twins eat pizzathat foooodieee pizza socheesy stacked stuffed nodiettoday dietstartstomorrow bae heaven tagsforlikes tagsforlikesapp instagood instalike

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Por Shimeny Lima ®


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Muito amor numa só foto 😍❤️ @ivetesangalo . familia portaldedicas twins gemeos irmaos kids photooftheday amor love cute mae maedegemeos maedetres family gratidao

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nap time - - - - - love twins openrp kimkhardashian kendalljenner khloekardashian kyliejenner rihannanavy fenty queen rihanna iloveher robynfenty badgalriri vouge teamrihanna EMPIREFOX beautiful likeforlikes firstlove followback dreamfainingtrain likeforfollow hotchocolate gainpost follow4follow openrp like4followers serayah

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Dolan Twins


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 (standollz) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from standollz:

Going to miss these iconic kweens😭👸🏾

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 (dalmatian_milow_and_pablo) Instagram Photos and Videos



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dalmatian dalmatians dalmata dalmatiansofinstagram dalmatiner dalmatian_feature dog_features dalmatianspotlight dogoftheday dog doggie picoftheday doglife happydog doglover igdogs dogsofpetsagram dogsofinstagram dogsandpals dogs myfriend mydog dogphotography beautyanimals bestphotogram_dogs bestfriends beauty dogphoto petlover twins

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ℓєℓι ¢αи∂ιєѕ🍬♡♡❀ Slovakia (lelicandies) Instagram Photos and Videos

ℓєℓι ¢αи∂ιєѕ🍬♡♡❀ Slovakia


Comment from ℓєℓι ¢αи∂ιєѕ🍬♡♡❀ Slovakia:

Fact about LENAAA💛💛Do you like It?👆🏻💛☺️ [leli dm please] Please tag LeLi ❤ and @j1mo71 @lisaandlena @lisaandlena lisa lena twins lelinatorsk 🌸 lelinator❤ leli weloveleli germany germanytwins lelinators @lisaandlena Lisa🌸 Lena🌸 love queens fanpageleli love lelinators girls LeLi dreamitdoit models germany girls ourqueens ❤ topgirls goals twinsgoals musers @lisaandlena @lisaandlena @lisaandlena LELINATORSFOREVER 4ever loves musersperfect twinnies

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May do a giveaway soon. . . (mvrtineztwins) Instagram Photos and Videos

May do a giveaway soon. . .


Comment from May do a giveaway soon. . .:

Congrats on 5Mil @ivanmartinez ❤ - martineztwins twins congratulations 5 million martinators babe hot like4like

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Comment from kerriloulee:

pout💋 twins mygirl

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Laura Parkinson (laura_elizabeth_parkinson_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura Parkinson


Comment from Laura Parkinson:

My gorgeous twins birthday 🎂 6 today🎈 twinstwinbirthday boygirltwins

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PhotoJodler Aachen (aachenroamers) Instagram Photos and Videos

PhotoJodler Aachen


Comment from PhotoJodler Aachen:

Two trees, much contrast. @rpaschalidis treesarefriendsyettheygetchopped treelovin throughmyeyes baum aachen aixlachapelle challenge contrasts upthere oben leafsleaving fallenleaves leaves winter autmn twins aachenroamers

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Milady Victoria (miamiblondebeachbum92) Instagram Photos and Videos

Milady Victoria


Comment from Milady Victoria:

Like mother like daughter 😁 blonde mommyandme loveyou twins replica gotitfrommymomma picoftheday instagood endlesssummer goodvibes pictureoftheday cuban longhairdontcare curls mermaid cowboyboots

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Maike, 28 (ma_le_le29.02) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maike, 28


Comment from Maike, 28:

Wuhuuuu noch 9 Tage bis zum zweiten Geburtstag 😨 das is ja gleich😅😅 Unfassbar wie schnell das ging...hab ich letztes Jahr auch schon gesagt😂😂😂 . . . . . . . twi twins twinstagram twinsofinstagram instatwins zwillinge leonundlenny love instamom momlife momoftwo momoftwins geburtstag 290216 💙 💚

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R O B E R T O (robertcannata) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from R O B E R T O:

Does anyone else have this issue with a sibling? Snapchat created these guys using our selfies... ' ' ' ' ' ' ' broth twins beard wtf why snapchat bitmoji

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Comment from Shawnee:

Good friends are hard to come by, that’s why I’m lucky to call you one of my best! @the.ducanator diabadasses twins

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Comment from R.:

My sister is better than yours 😻 lovemysister sisterhood twins

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Nemi Basri (finding.nemi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nemi Basri


Comment from Nemi Basri:

Little P. The eldest twin but my smallest son... I make sure feeding him every couple of hours is a priority. This means waking him for a feed when he’s sleeping to make sure he gets enough milk in to ensure weight gain. Because Pasha was so small at birth he’s a lot more sleepy and his suck reflex was slightly underdeveloped when he left hospital meaning I went through about 5 different brands of bottles to find one that he didn’t choke on or let ALL the milk dribble out the side of his mouth. Thankfully I found Munchkin Latch which has a super slow flow teat and one that is designed like a boob and nipple. 6 week check for the boys of Friday to see how they’re doing!

3 Minutes ago
Ксюша (mrs_beermaker) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ксюша:

Три простых действия листай ➡️➡️➡️лайк ❤️ и читай 😆. Ой не могу, сегодня вспоминали наши первые купания и прям до слез можно смеяться. Почему то у нас с Андреем не было такой опаски, что дети маленькие и их страшно трогать, а уж делать что-то с ними вообще...наверное были молодые, горячие 🤣🤣🤣море по колено. Вытворяли с детьми такие вещи, что прям сейчас страшно смотреть😆. Пересматривала видео первого заплыва с кругами на шее. Чуть сердце в пятки не упало. Круг убогий был, ни как на фотке. Только Папа руки убрал от круга, Катя тут же вывалилась. Я чуть с ума не сошла от этого видео 😩😱. А тогда мы спокойненькие такие были 😂. А на фотке реально забавный момент. Очередное купание полуспящая на ходу мать, раздела дочку, посадили с папой в ванну и сон как рукой сняло, ржали до слёз. Ребёнок в носках 🤣🤣🤣. А вообще весело было. Памперсы в машинках стирали? 😂 Для нас это было как два пальца...🤭😆ну есть ведь, что вспомнить теперь. У нас на каждый месяц свой прикол. Даже не на месяц а на день. А за месяц можно тридцатку лучших собирать. И по сей день. Весело живём 😉

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oof s’ || noticed ||


Comment from oof s’ || noticed ||:

congratulations to ivan!! you did it , 5M followers and still way more to go 💗. I love you so much !! You deserve this and so much more (: I will always be here to support you ‘ (: @ivanmartinez ac/ yt dt/ ivan 💓 follow @softymartinez for more

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Y llegó el día! Por mis amores llego hasta el fin del mundo @dylanalviarez20 @brianalviarez Te veremos pronto mi Venezuela cuando seas libre 😢 ... . Seremos 4 nuevamente por finnnn @arnelalviarez . . caracas venezuela instalike instagram instagood instamoment follow4follow like4like vivirlavida intensamente gemelos undiaalavez mamafeliz twins aiport international

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Mys med äldsta dottern som e på besök ❤️ picturehappyawesomesmilemus lemusiclivelovebeautifulpicoft icofthedaytoptagsphotographyam phyamazingqueenlifelovelygirls girlsmilesprettyinstagoodtatto tattoocutephotoofthedaygamertw

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