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jack_hale40 (jack_hale40) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from jack_hale40:

I miss sunny days and warmer weather.. OrvisWorthington Ugh

59 Seconds ago
TLC Pet Services Toronto (tlc_pet_services_toronto) Instagram Photos and Videos

TLC Pet Services Toronto


Comment from TLC Pet Services Toronto:

I love my dog more than anything in the world. She's such a good girl. I've been busy lately but today she was happy that I was home. She's on antibiotics and pain meds for an oral/throat problem. I need to get a dental done for her asap. She needs one every year and we're overdue at this point. Sorry girl. badmom ugh guilt 🐶❤

1 Minutes ago
Natalie Michael (natalie_michaeldonuts) Instagram Photos and Videos

Natalie Michael


Comment from Natalie Michael:

My lunch is yogurt and banana! yumm yummy scrumptious delicious mylunch mylife ugh I wish I wasn’t sick! It makes me sooooooooooooo mad when I am sick ugh! ugh sickness iamdeadinside

2 Minutes ago
Celia (not_cecelia_art) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Celia:

Sketches and notes of Dante’s Inferno, and a man feeding birds. - - - - art artist artwork sketch sketches sketching sketchbook draw drawing notes inferno school doodle procrastination ugh pen pencil graphite

3 Minutes ago
Chickie Hughes Enger (chickieenger) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chickie Hughes Enger


Comment from Chickie Hughes Enger:

I have the fluugh🤒guessI'llpaintacrylics

3 Minutes ago
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micky mack


Comment from micky mack:

Better? . . . . . . . . . . . fullbody figuredrawing figure drawing ugh ink pink senior freshman omg new stylish billcipher dipper mabel soos dude gravityfalls arthelp damn arthelp ihatebasics

6 Minutes ago
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Comment from kayla:

🤦🏼‍♀️ cantevengetmynameright fuckboy thatsnotmyname ugh

8 Minutes ago
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None ya


Comment from None ya:

christmas christmasdecorations christmasdecor sparkle bling nutcracker angel mosaic takedown January lateaf sopretty moretocome december christmastree interiordesign untilnovember putaway ugh helpme organize

9 Minutes ago
Claire A. Guevara (clairiebelle22) Instagram Photos and Videos

Claire A. Guevara


Comment from Claire A. Guevara:

Not exactly what we needed today. 😒brokenpipes flood ugh ughhhhh homeownerfun not

9 Minutes ago
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Comment from ♡Mal♡:

I hate Monday's 😒 ~ mondays hatemondays hate ugh hateeverythinginmondeys ughhhhhhh whythishappen thisface lamfo me memes emojies likemyposts like4likeback followforfollow followbunnies follow4like like4likeback likeforfollow instapost newpost needmains lovely instafollowers instagood instalikes uniquexsquad

10 Minutes ago
Maat Mons (maatmonsmpls) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maat Mons


Comment from Maat Mons:

Small run of these hip bags made from @fieldoffice designed textiles coming in Winter 2037. Kidding. Available Spring 2036. J/k. Stay tuned. . . . . . maker mpls minneapolis mn snacksack hipbag fannypack ugh

11 Minutes ago
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Audri Ramos


Comment from Audri Ramos:

And I’m shaking from being so cold. Watched Goodfellas and now Casino cuddling with babe 💗🤒 fluseason ugh ineedmoreteainmylife and blankets sicksicksick 🍵🛌

12 Minutes ago
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Comment from Erika:

Auditions man¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . . . . . chicago joffreyballet dancer auditionseason ugh

12 Minutes ago
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Comment from claudiomannarino:

Meraviglioso 😍.. everyday me confidence lifestyle rome likeforlike grind like4like fashionblogger followme photooftheday drink ugh newyork selfie sunshine 30likes outfit running goodnight california asian lovehim happiness igaddict kids cool paris iloveyou sun

13 Minutes ago
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Comment from ᎤᎫᎫ:

Can’t take a decent selfie anymore so enjoy this one from a month ago.. oldselfieughsnapchatfilter yeah

13 Minutes ago
Croissant Slimez💞 (croissant_slimez) Instagram Photos and Videos

Croissant Slimez💞


Comment from Croissant Slimez💞:

@snoopslimes it’s so funny that I forget Valentine’s Day was a holiday because for me it’s really depressing 😂 ugh slime imweirdandiknowit lol satasfying

13 Minutes ago
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Comment from Ariel✨:):

I don’t like this.....not one bit😖😰milie Jacob no strangerthings likeforlike followforfollow follow4follow like4like mileven ugh ewwwwww

14 Minutes ago
Krissy🤘🏻 (pineapple_poet) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Krissy🤘🏻:

new to the old.. some new are brighter, in this case shinier. smokes marlboro cig new old addicted blah deadinside work nonstopthinkin ugh kbye

15 Minutes ago
Mel Combs (the_combstead) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mel Combs


Comment from Mel Combs:

It's been our first year with an Ag Exemption. So now it's time for the paperwork extravaganza! 😆But it's definitely worth it!

15 Minutes ago
Millie Gilmour (countrygal_mil89) Instagram Photos and Videos

Millie Gilmour


Comment from Millie Gilmour:

Blowing snow out here 😯🌬❄️🌨 snowing weatherchannel farmlife ranchlife countrylife coldoutside damn easternoregon stayingindoors oregon nofilter omg ohboy timetochill ugh wow whattodo

17 Minutes ago
Michelle (shelldsmith517) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Michelle:

today was beautiful so hey here's me running on the treadmill 🙄😩💀 kidsruleeverythingaroundme run on the treadmill ugh god why

17 Minutes ago
Duckie   | 🇲🇨 (peachmochiiii) Instagram Photos and Videos

Duckie | 🇲🇨


Comment from Duckie | 🇲🇨:

Who isn't afraid for one thing isn't human.

18 Minutes ago
🍃 Dany Berrospi🍃 (danyberrospi) Instagram Photos and Videos

🍃 Dany Berrospi🍃


Comment from 🍃 Dany Berrospi🍃:

✨✨✨ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ sketch horse ugh pencil drawing

18 Minutes ago
Dead soul in a living body (lost_girl_wants_to_go_home) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dead soul in a living body


Comment from Dead soul in a living body:

When you promised never to be like the others, you already had me questioning. It coulnd't be that you wouldn't turn out to be exactly that what you told me you despised. And my skepticisms were proved right when you couldn't handle me anymore. What I was feeling and what I was going through was all too hard for you. - selfharm selfdestruction broken brokenteens depressed suicide fucksociety societykillstheteenager depression depressedteen helpmebeforeitstoolate sad suicidal heartless anxiety atychiphobia fml imnotsohappy karma suicidalthoughts suicidalteen end letitend givingup nevermind ugh mentalhealthissues

19 Minutes ago
Chrisi Stockdale (fitandfabss) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chrisi Stockdale


Comment from Chrisi Stockdale:

Holy shit, I have a lot of gym shirts!!!! Plus what's still in my hamper. No more shopping until I wear every last one of them. Buster agrees 🐶 Anyone else a gymshopaholic? firstworldprob fitfashion fitfam gymshirts toomuchstuffnotenoughspace laundry laundryday ugh spaghettiarms dogmom

19 Minutes ago
vicky 🌜 (vicky.xcx) Instagram Photos and Videos

vicky 🌜


Comment from vicky 🌜:

I actually hate myself. | Me Girl Curls Comic MakeUp lips evening ugh

20 Minutes ago
Amanda💜🐼 (xxmandaabearrxx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Amanda💜🐼:

selfie moi random blah imcute bbw plussize snapchat filter dowhatyoulove effyourbeautystandards like4like likeforlike like4likes likeforlikes noh8 naturalbeauty dyedhair nomakeup investinyourself selflove loveyourself toomanyhashtags sorrynotsorry ugh notgoodenough notprettyenough

20 Minutes ago
Skyler/Sky/空 ♡ (pearly_the_nerd) Instagram Photos and Videos

Skyler/Sky/空 ♡


Comment from Skyler/Sky/空 ♡:

✨Here’s a sad person XD✨ ugh me hellno ugly horrible galaxy spacebuns 🙃

21 Minutes ago
 (blackpicsevryday) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from blackpicsevryday:

I just got fucked over by a girl lol yay me ((:

22 Minutes ago
Carter/Jamie🍔/Erik👽 (natehiggers.ig) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Carter/Jamie🍔/Erik👽:

Tragic ~👽 - - - - memes meme memesdaily dankmeme dankmemes dank lol haha keke follow followme followforfollow f4f prank lmao doge trump poop like doubletap dead lmfao vape edgy LGBTQ ugh ------------------------------ ------------------------------ scrolling nibba! 😤🔫 ------------------------- ------------------------------

23 Minutes ago
Cindy Bultema (cindybultema) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cindy Bultema


Comment from Cindy Bultema:

Love = homemade chicken soup from my sweet mom. 😊💕🥣 . sickday2 ugh choosingjoy

23 Minutes ago
Duckie   | 🇲🇨 (peachmochiiii) Instagram Photos and Videos

Duckie | 🇲🇨


Comment from Duckie | 🇲🇨:

I tryna hold back, you oughta know that, you're the one that's on my mind. Falling to fast deeply in love, finding the magic and the colours on you. 🌻

5 Hours ago
Duckie   | 🇲🇨 (peachmochiiii) Instagram Photos and Videos

Duckie | 🇲🇨


Comment from Duckie | 🇲🇨:

Atm i'm feeling so sad,empty&lonely but i didn't know someone who i could text rn so yeh ByE

5 Hours ago