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Stephanie DiRezze (steph_direzze) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stephanie DiRezze


Comment from Stephanie DiRezze:

Lovely little lotus. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . barbershop behindthechair designwork hairart hairdesigns undercutdesign undercut womensundercut hairstyles fades barbergang loveyourhair floyds99barbershop floyds99nation

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Rosanna Rocha (dropdeadrosi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rosanna Rocha


Comment from Rosanna Rocha:

This cute flower design fit so cute in this spot!! @yoana_nyanya is one of my pole instructors at @queenofheartsfitness and anyone who’s seen me lately knows how much fun I’ve been having at pole class there so it’s been fun seeing this undercut design in action! 💕 . . . barbarella tallahasseehair barber tallahasseebarber undercut undercutdesign hairtattoo hairdesign hairstyles babyliss4barbers ladybarber flowerdesign undercutgirls polefitness lotus tallahasseehair fashion modernsalon btcpics behindthechair

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Alex “Popp” Master Barber (jack.of.all.fades) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alex “Popp” Master Barber


Comment from Alex “Popp” Master Barber:

Some design work today sdfinestbarbers barbergang worldsbestbarbers barbershopconnect cutjunkies cutoftheday fadedU nicestbarbers nastybarbers cutthroatbarbers realbarber internationalbarbers hairdesign undercut undercutdesign undercutgirls thebarberpost thecutlife barber barbershop lovemyjob suavecito suavecitopomade masterbarber barberhub sharpfade oldschool classiccut barbersofinstagram freshcut

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Amanda Scissorhands (amanda.scissorhands) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amanda Scissorhands


Comment from Amanda Scissorhands:

geometric undercut pulpriot pulpriothair barbersofinstagram hairtattoo undercutdesign hairstylistsofinstagram amandascissorhands

1 Hours ago
Amanda Scissorhands (amanda.scissorhands) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amanda Scissorhands


Comment from Amanda Scissorhands:

demtoolsdoe barbertools barberporn wahltattootrimmer andistoutliner wahltattoo hairtattoo barberart undercutdesign undercut pulpriot @hair @wahlpro @andisclippers geometrichair mermaidhair

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Loja4k (loja4k) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Loja4k:

Estilo e sofisticação! barbalenhadorole oroleoparabarbabarbacabeloebig machoalfamachosmachomanmachom achomanrandysavagemachocabeloc belocurtocabelomeucabelolindoc indocabelotopcabeloscabelounde undercutbarbaro  nudredsnudredpomadamodeladora adoramodamasculinasmodamasculi sculinatophomensestilososhomen homensquesecuidamhomenscombarb

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4k For Man Style (4kformanstyle) Instagram Photos and Videos

4k For Man Style


Comment from 4k For Man Style:

barbalenhadoroleoparabarbabarb abarbacabeloebigodeminoxidilmu machoalfamachosmachomanmachom achomanrandysavagemachocabeloc belocurtocabelomeucabelolindoc indocabelotopcabeloscabelounde undercutbarbarobarbadobarbara rbarapalvinnudredspongenudreds dredsnudredpomadamodeladoramod

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Lunatic Fringe (lunaticfringehothair) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lunatic Fringe


Comment from Lunatic Fringe:

So much hairgame right here 👊🏼 Another Lunatic limited edition 😀

3 Hours ago
Leah At Charlotte Thomas Salon ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Leah At Charlotte Thomas Salon

Comment from Leah At Charlotte Thomas Salon:

Undercut • • • hair destroythehairdresser charlottethomassalon americansalon modernsalon behindthechair lorealpro RandCohair evohair phoenixville phillybesthair phillyhairstylist ilovemyjob hairstylist stylistssupportingstylists fckinghair sharethispost hairgoals allyouneedisgoodhair thecultureofhairdressing hairbrainedofficial

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E M M A (emmabearcat) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from E M M A:

Khaleesi, first of her name, Queen of the undercuts blah blah blah Dragons 🐉 _____________________ ▪️ la hattorihanzo barber picofthday hair alwayslearning Hanzonation hair barbershopconnect fade menshair mensfashion transformation straightrazorshave womensundercut undercutdesign

4 Hours ago
Erica Ray 🎨 (artsyericaray) Instagram Photos and Videos

Erica Ray 🎨


Comment from Erica Ray 🎨:

So I did a thing... you can now say you know someone who can rock an undercut. 😉💖 undercut undercutdesign undercutgirls rockit selfiecentral

5 Hours ago
Kiley B. (kileyb_faded) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kiley B.


Comment from Kiley B.:

undercutdesign floyds99barbershop

5 Hours ago
Brittany Michele (fitbrit03) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brittany Michele


Comment from Brittany Michele:

So I decided to do the undercut for change, since my hair grows so fast I can change the design every two Thank You @whitney711226 undercutdesign hairstyles fitnessgirl inspire motivate staystrong iam1stphorm 1stphorm legionofboom neversettle girlswholift haircuts hairdesign

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4k For Man Style (4kformanstyle) Instagram Photos and Videos

4k For Man Style


Comment from 4k For Man Style:

Somente nas melhores barbearia. barbalenhadoroleopa leoparabarbabarbacabeloebigode machoalfamachosmachomanmachom achomanrandysavagemachocabeloc belocurtocabelomeucabelolindoc indocabelotopcabeloscabelounde undercutbarbarobarbadobarbara rbarapalvinnudredspongenudreds dredsnudredpomadamodeladoramod

5 Hours ago
autumn mccumber (audthebarber) Instagram Photos and Videos

autumn mccumber


Comment from autumn mccumber:

3Ddesign hairdesign 3d faded design featherdesign leafdesign nape undercut undercutdesign I did not do original nape cut out.. I do not recommend napes to be cut out much higher then mid ear

6 Hours ago
Wolf Cutz (wolfcutz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wolf Cutz


Comment from Wolf Cutz:

Love ❤️ barbershopconnect barber barbershop undercut undercutdesign undercutgirls undercuthair undercutnation femalebarber femalebarbers femalebarbergang barbershopflow freestylecuts culture blackpanther blackhistorymonth followforfollow followtrain followbarber barberstudent barberstudents

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Christina DiBello (christina.dibello) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christina DiBello


Comment from Christina DiBello:

Just a little cute undercut design. . . . . . . . . underc undercut geometeicdesign geometric linework haircut hanzonation hattorihanzo creative brookerockwellhairdesign brookerockwell pittsburghhairstylist pittsburgh hairstylist novaplace northside

6 Hours ago
Brittany Sky (pigmentofyrimagination) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brittany Sky


Comment from Brittany Sky:

Big thanks to @xnegligencex for always letting me have fun with your hair, even when it’s just a clean up! This design was pretty hard to fully capture in a photo, so make sure to give him a 👀 360 if you see him IRL 🐡🐠🦂 . . . supersayian yellowhair brighthair undercut undercutdesign hairgoals tidalwave bigswoop funhair behindthechair modernsalon hairbrained grandrapids barber grandrapidshair unicornhair mermanhair necktattoo tattoo crystals exposuretherapy

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MikelSessions (mikelsessions) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MikelSessions:

8 Hours ago
• iDENTiTY SALON • (identitysalonmobile) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from • iDENTiTY SALON •:

Color melt + Undercut oligopro calura blacklightlightener colorproof balayage undercut undercutdesign moroccanoil identitysalonmobile

9 Hours ago
Shelby Forrester (hairbyshelbyo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shelby Forrester


Comment from Shelby Forrester:

Practicing my clipper skills on my sisters undercut. I love doing undercuts but boy are they more challenging than they look. 😖. instahair hairstyle hairsalon hairartist aveda avedapro aveda425 avedahair avedalife avedasalon avedaconcept avedaconceptsalon avedastylist avedalove undercut undercutdesign undercuts issaquah issaquahhair issaquahsalon issaquahstylist issaquahhairsalon issaquahhairstylist issaquahsmallbusiness mintsalonissaquah hair hairstylist wahlmagicclip wahl

10 Hours ago
Jessica Putman (jessi_thebarber) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jessica Putman


Comment from Jessica Putman:

Hey Pharrell, I think you’re amazing... let me know if you’re ever in town! I would love to cut your hair for you! Let’s get creative! @pharrell licensedbarber licensedfemalebarber undercutqueen barber barbers fade lining fade chicagobarber chicagobarbers ladybarber femalebarbers haircut boys men women undercut parts graphics wahl andis taper behindthechair cutjunkies barbershopconnect undercutgraphics elegancegel undercutdesign @elegancegel @cutjunkies @barbersinctv @barbershopconnect @cutjunkies @wahlpro @babyliss4barbers @andisclippers @national_barbers_association Thanks @piecesofme_bev

10 Hours ago
Wichita 🌻 Hair Artist 🎨 (seagreenehair) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wichita 🌻 Hair Artist 🎨


Comment from Wichita 🌻 Hair Artist 🎨:

“The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.” 🌌💫 She wanted a tardis so she got one! And she’s got that tattoo to match 😍 One of the most complicated things about doing these undercuts Is that your guest doesn’t always have the right amount of space to do the design in full, so you have to Alter it a bit 🤗 *for those who don’t know this is from Doctor Who*

10 Hours ago
4k For Man Style (4kformanstyle) Instagram Photos and Videos

4k For Man Style


Comment from 4k For Man Style:

Qual seu público alvo? Uma grande dificuldade de muitos empreendedores da área é não conhecer seus clientes e seu público alvo. Pesquise, vá ao concorrente, analise o que ele tem de bom, converse com seu público, pergunte, saiba o que eles querem. Assim, você consegue otimizar recursos e investir onde, realmente, importa. barbalenhadoroleopar eoparabarbabarbacabeloebigodem machoalfamachosmachomanmachom achomanrandysavagemachocabeloc belocurtocabelomeucabelolindoc indocabelotopcabeloscabelounde undercutbarbarobarbadobarbara

14 Hours ago
Marie (marienia_hair) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Marie:

15 Hours ago
Paula Haworth (paulahaworth) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paula Haworth


Comment from Paula Haworth:

mamakooka hairandbeautysalon blackpoolsalon blackpool blackpoolbraids salonlife salongeek hair hairvolume braids braidstylist braidstyle professional hairtransformation weave hairweaves hairweaving hair undercut undercutdesign hairextensionspecialist hairextensions salon hairstylist blackpoolhairextensions thickhair fullhair pattern barbering barber This client has a scalp problem. She finds it helps the irritation by shaving the underneath . So we made it pretty with a tulip design and weaved 2 rows of hair extensions for more volume 😍 xx

17 Hours ago
Ashley Rowack (hairbyashleymelissa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashley Rowack


Comment from Ashley Rowack:

| under CUT BABY | . . . . . aveda avedaartist avedacut avedacolor styledbyaveda avedaartistcontest hair undercut undercutdesign haircut beauty hairstyles hairtrends modernsalon hairbrained americansalon avedacolorado colorado coloradosalons lonetreesalons englewoodcolorado lonetreecolorado lonetreecolorado altitudesalon

18 Hours ago
Sonya Ouellet (hairbysonyaeve) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sonya Ouellet


Comment from Sonya Ouellet:

shavedtriangle undercutdesign myhclook

20 Hours ago
Anthony (anthony_goei) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Anthony:

Ekspresi Wajah yang berbeda-beda. Sesuai dengan suasana hati. undercutdesign goeibigfamilyinreunion goeibigfamily latepost

21 Hours ago
SIN O’HAIR Mobile Salon (sinohair) Instagram Photos and Videos

SIN O’HAIR Mobile Salon


Comment from SIN O’HAIR Mobile Salon:

We are coming to Delhi.. Delhi Dhamaka! Undercut Sidecut.. UCFeed BuzzCutFeed Undercut Undercuts NapeBuzz UndercutNation NapeCut UndercutDesign BarberArt BarberShopConnect BarberLife hair haircut HairTattoo HairArt SideCut haircolor Tattoo hairstyle ShortHairDontCare hairstyles instahair BarberShop NapeUndercut hairoftheday hairstylist hairgoals

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Cody Walker (codywalker3) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cody Walker


Comment from Cody Walker:

Undercut design I got to do on @joclehman at @pmtsspokane make sure you follow my professional page @thedisneybarber to see all my work and it will give you all the info to get in touch with me to make an appointment because I know you want to! barber barberlife pmtsspokane paulmitchell northwestbarber barberlove barbergang undercut undercutdesign straightrazor design barberstudent futurepro iwillbegreat

21 Hours ago
Monique Lazard Wright (mo_the_wright1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Monique Lazard Wright


Comment from Monique Lazard Wright:

Happy locanniversary to me🤣. Most days i have no idea what to do to my hair which is why i decided loc my hair 2 years ago🤷🏽‍♀️. I recently went from 86 locs to 70 locs✂️. It’s been a long locjourney however I’m still hanging in there. 2yearslocd loclivin womenwithlocs istillwearwigs🤗 undercutdesign naturalhair

21 Hours ago
Details_mhd (barbersonice) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Details_mhd:

Artistic impression. Book your appointment for the week. ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ Located Inside L’Mage Salon Studios 4747 E Elliot Rd, 15-A, Ste 109, Phoenix, AZ, 85044 ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️Quality service is always expected at The Lions Den Shave Parlor. Our services include: *Shaves *Custom Haircuts *Mini Facials *Beard Sculpting *Hot towel finish *Premium Hair washes *Razor Fades *Hairline enhancements *Eyebrows *Hot Steam Facial Your full service personal Barber Book today Barber barberlife barbersinctv nastybarbers barbersince98 barbershop fresh thecutlife beardgang beard phoenix arizonabarber tempe undercutdesign cut hair hairstyles istangood fashiorismo instadaily fashion scottsdale arizona style lifestyle barbershopconnect thebarberpost ahwatukee @elegancegel @i_cutpro @pacinos @xotics @thecutlife @barbershopconnect @barbersinctv @barbersince98 @barbers_soul @thebarberpost @barber.clips @barberlessons_ @twists_sponge @black_solutions

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