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Comment from image of the day, Heckathorn-Fesen-Gull 1 & Abell 6 by Marcel Drechsler •••••••• Image details: Imaging telescope or lens: Celestron Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph Imaging camera: ZWO Optical ZWO ASI 1600MM cool Mount: Celestron CGE pro Guiding camera: LACERTA MGEN Software: firecapture, Stellarium, Photoshop CC, Deep SkyStacker 3.3.4 Filters: Baader f/2 Highspeed 2" OIII Filter, Baader f/2 Highspeed 2" H-Alpha Filter Frames: 
Baader f/2 Highspeed 2" H-Alpha Filter: 472x100" (gain: 139.00) -25C bin 1x1
Baader f/2 Highspeed 2" OIII Filter: 403x100" (gain: 139.00) -25C bin 1x1 Integration: 24.3 hours •••••••• astrophotograph nightsky universe nebula space galaxy astrobin pixinsight astro telescope photoshop astrodon phd nebulosity ngc celestron baader

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House of Beauty Rijeka


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Do the universe a favor, don't hide your magic. ✨❤️😉💅🌟 uniquenails universe magic glitter stars galaxynails nails2inspire nailartlove nailsoftheday gelish gelnails gelnailsdesign nailartist lovenails nailsarejewelsnottools nailsaddict glitternails longnails nailartclub nailswag naildesigns houseofbeautyrijeka spojunutarnjeivanjskeljepote noktirijeka gelnoktici gelnokti sljokice svemir

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Giveaway at 1500😉


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Haha ===== (credit to the owner) ===== Follow @g.aminhumor for more! ===== 🔥Partners🔥 @wesellmeme ===== ❌TAGS❌ funny feelgood memes memeoftheday dank dankmemes hoesbelike sneakerhead sneakers fashion mensshoes mensfashion shoes sneakersoftheday nothingisordinary nofucksgiven universe englishbay follow f4f funnymemes savage frfr haha comedy comedygold kardashian fallfashion easyafter lit

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Master your Resilience


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Don't be afraid, little one. You have more inner strength than you know, and don't worry too much about being different. It is a source of your power. You have everything inside you. You will be tested. Look inside to find the skills you need. Be aware, be present... and follow how you feel. Buy my book Free To Be Me and discover that your freedom and happiness will only ever exist within yourself chaostocalm calmcue

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art future tech technology robot concept space human science cyber cyberpunk inspiration universe будущее арт рисунок технологии наука искусство стремление робот киборг киберпанк космос вселенная

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if the universe is a body, iran is brio... nizami ganjavi universe body brio the_ghost iran nizami nizamiganjaviinternationalcent

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Pooja | India | 19


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@the.lit.lodge My book no 5 for prompt "someone you would like to cosplay as" is The Star Wars Picture book. I would love to cosplay as Princess Leia, for reasons obvious. 😊 Pic: R2D2 ft my star wars pajamas 😎 bookstagramindia blackandwhite bookstagram bookish bookworm starwars lightsaber jedi geek starwarsscreenplay universe challenge

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Navneet Pratap Singh


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"You are a ghost driving a meat covered skeleton made of stardust riding a rock floating through space fear nothing." . . . . spiritual spirituality love meditation spiritualgrowth mindfulness lightworker spiritualgangster spiritualawakening peace healing spiritualjourney consciousness awakening spiritualquotes inspiration spiritualguide universe wisdom energy life enlightenment spiritualart higherconsciousness positivevibes truth spiritualquote inspirationalquotes

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Soul Spirit


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When you manifest for the best possible outcome you’re directing the universe in a focussed and positive way with your thoughts. Our many thoughts can create many different outcomes so we need to be fully aware that what we wish and pray for is always for our highest good. I ask this everyday and especially when I have a medium sitting or energy healing work - so that all the energy is coming from the highest possible source of energy and will always be what the client needs to help them in the best way possible. . . . . . . . . soulspirit soul spirituality spiritual spiritualhealing spiritualguidance spiritualawakening raiseyourvibration higherconsciousness lawofattraction abundance letgo balance breathe peace energy energyhealing medium meditate meditation loveyourself selflove mindfulness mindbodysoul grateful positivevibes positivethinking motivation goodvibes universe

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Martha Bee


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Choose your thoughts and your focus wisely 👌🏽perceptionisreality af powerofthoughts lawofattraction . . . . . . . . . . . . . like oprahwinfrey oprah oprahwisdom quote qotd quoteoftheday inspired motivation thesecret love obsessed life selfawareness universe theuniverse loa

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A nebula in the Galaxy "starburst" Follow @milkyway_vibes VIA @Nasa . ------------------------------ ------------------------------ astrophotos astro nightsky milkyway galaxy universe cosmos longexposure nature landscape night sky beautiful nightimages stars universetoday psychedsoldier acid lsd dmt thc salvia drugs energy highlife ayahuasca trippyart

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AndrewLaCombe (Art Feed)


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Don't live out of fear of the unknown, the door is always open, if you dare, to explore your dreams movingforward fear inktober2017 inktober blackandwhite dreamstate art artwork artist doodle illustration sketchbook sketch digitalart story draw drawing universe trippy psychedelic psychedelicart characterdesign characters artistsoninstagram livelife

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Ксения Зыкова


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Когда пара не очень увлекательная😴 mylife universe tyumencity

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Terry Masters


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goodmorning universe world london east life lived wonderful sexy raw passion freedom love day beautiful brilliant nolimits noboundries mrterrymasters TM

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Roberto De Luca


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Your best teacher is your last mistake! 🙏 finding value in everything!

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Kiera Dawn Wight


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miraculouslife fullofbeautyandwonder grateful universe ithankyou inawe

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Creator Of FootSurfers


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Sweet Melanin baaby 💛🖤 Melanin BlackRoses Universe

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The Wakeup Call


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This⬆⬆⬆☯💯💯 Change begins from within ☺☺☺ . . . . . . selflove selfawareness selfgrowth positivevibes vibration happiness universe lawofattraction mentalhealth positivity success goals lifegoals quoteoftheday believe consciousness motivation inspiration persevere fitness awakening nature quotes meditation entrepreneur business instagram startup india thewakeupcall

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Astronomy Day


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. سحابی نشری ان جی سی ۲۸۱ ده هزار سال نوری دورتر در صورت فلکی ذات الکرسی قرار دارد که خوشه باز آی سی ۱۵۹۰ در دل خود جای گرفته داده است. به دلیل شباهت ظاهری این سحابی به شخصیت بازی پکمن آن را سحابی پکمن نیز نامیده اند. 👾 . سحابی سحابی_نشری سحابی_پکمن ذات_الکرسی خوشه_باز ستاره پکمن نجوم کیهان فضا ستاره_شناسی اخترفیزیک نجوم_برای_همه nebula emissionnebula ngc281 pacmannebula opencluster ic1590 pacman stars astronomy universe space astrophysics afa astronomy_for_all Follow @astronomy_day_

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"Humans are transitional beings. They are not final. The step from human to superhuman is the next approaching achievement in the evolution of Earth. It is inevitable because it is the intention of the inner spirit and the logic of nature's process." Sri Aurobindo ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ infini possibility multidimensional energy multiple simultaneous realities multiverse metaphysics create manifest evolve transcend electric holographic universe rhythm soul vibration frequency aura synchronicity consciousness weareone noreligion spirituality saynotowar Artist 🖤 @ArtxMan

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Fatema Fuad | فاطمة فؤاد


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You are 🌍

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Spiritual Life Path No 7 🔥


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Self reflection via a selfie... Looking inwards and from an outside perspective shines a light in things we think we see yet are in our blind spot. I wonder how many blind spots I have where others see what I cannot🤔 Yet the external is what just an expression in time and the internal is timeless and real. Feelings and emotions just pure energy roaming around internally creating an external illusion called life🙃 . . me thoughts expression external internal self reality illusion spiritual poem poetry words thursday move create coffee coffeetime blog blogger express babe universe 🙏 😜 🙈 😂 🙃spiritual travel life journey

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Yolo Baby


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Here's a clue, the 'past' and the 'future' don't hold your salvation 🙏☯💕 salvation buddha learning awakening consciousness awareness presence mind thirdeye universe love happiness positivity connectedness strive realisation creation reality spiritualgrowth findtheway light innerself being devineenergy

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The Karmatic One


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Looking for recommendations on paint markers? Who uses them and what is your preferred brand. @molotowheadquarters @krinknyc @montanamarkers. Thank you for supporting my little corner of the Universe. Mandala Mandalas MandalaMafia MandalaArt MandalaLovers MandalaStyle MandalaDrawing MandalaPassion MandalaMagic MandalaArtist MandalaMadness MandalaoftheDay MandalaTherapy SacredGeometry SacredGeometryArt SacredGeometryArtist SacredArt SacredSymbols GeometricArtStonerArt DabStation QTipHolder QTipTrashCan DumspterDabbinStonerStatusSymb TheBakeryFGA

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You can be swept away with the tides of hard times, or you can stand firm amongst all the waves and allow them to ripple through and around you & use the energy to become more whole. The choice is yours 🌊 be washed away or be cleansed 🙏🏽

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Ventus Aerospace


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Rocketry:- A High Pressure Workshop for Kids science space nasa glaxy universe wow beautiful spacetelescope deepspace spacescience cosmos neverstopexploring spaceForTheStars OuterSpace SpacePhotography spaceart astronaut kids kidsactivity vimannagae sundayfunday kidsworkshop workshop pune puneevent spacetravel solarsystem astronomy planets astronaut

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this is not anime but looks really pretty - - art pigment beatiful glitter makeup gradient universe cool otaku weeb weeaboo g splatter instagood aesthetic pleasing home purple maroon aesthetics tumblr pinterest

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New moon in Libra tomorrow morning lovelies 🌑 new moon is the time to remember that anything is possible, meditate on your dreams and decide what you want to manifest in the lunar month ahead. Jot it down, or better yet, draw it!! Libra is about balance and is a great time to think about whar you're giving and what you're receiving, be it in relationships, work or any other area of your life 🙏🏼 . . . . 📸 @reikiroutes . . newmoon newmoonlibra newmoonmagick manifest abundance lunar lookup universe universallaws askbelievereceive moongazer

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Sometimes I forget that the bad days give experiences and lessons... it's hard to understand, But i've accepted it I don't serve the old patterns from the past anymore and be completely in a state of getting more open to myself. After all it's an evolution that's unavoidable. If you allow yourself to go there.

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For the crazy cat ladies! All available at *Falliesshop Click the link on my Bio All created by me. Note: I'm happy to be of inspiration, but it upsets me when my very own ideas are copied! Omg on etsy people copying my style on my lil pit bull socks! Now let's see what will be next.. My Ring charm bracelets.. So upsetting! No dignity ! Do not copy peoples work ! It's not nice! Rude! No integrity Geesh! I do work hard in my brain to create!😝 I had to say all this cause last year I didn't see any dog socks on etsy let alone my style and today my eyes saw so many copycats !😂. Goodness y'all Sigh I'll snuggle my pit bull now mydogisbeforeyouilovemypi pitbullsofinstagram pitbulllove pitbulldad pitbullmom bullydog art haters universe love painting girlwholifts love karma soulmate usintuition dontbullymybreed custom catsruleeverythingaroundme customsocks catsofinstagram cat catrescue catmom kitten jewelry jewelrydesigner creative

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susana xoxo


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susana xoxo (sunshine.916) Instagram Photos and Videos

susana xoxo


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🌿 G I N A 🌿


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Am I being beamed up? 😮😮😮😮 ✨ Some interesting goings on lately. Including a lot of dejavú, synchronicity, visions, predictions and compassion overload. Oh and a lot of light beams straight into the head. ✨ Is anyone else feeling the same??

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