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Kosei Homma (Japan) (nouvelle_mission07) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kosei Homma (Japan)


Comment from Kosei Homma (Japan):

I graduated from University of Toronto ELP!!! 😄It was very very very good experience for me cuz I could learn English with my wise classmates.My class was so high that I was struggling just to keep up with everyone else. I got motivation from them.Therefore, when I finished the class, I become a little confident.In addition, I really appreciate it cuz my classroom teacher was very kind and good at teaching.He taught not only English but also background knowledge.In other words, It was awesome.haha When I come to Japan, I gonna work hard towards my new goal goal !!!!! See you Toronto!!!!! ✋I am thankful for all the people I have ever met in Toronto. I’ll come back some time🇨🇦👍 トロント大学 ELPプログラム卒業しました。とても賢くて頭が良いクラスメー クラスメートの人たちと一緒に英語を勉強することが出来たので、 来たので、私にとって、とてもとても良い経験になりました。私の した。私のクラスはとてもレベルが高く、みんなについていくので ていくので必死でした。その刺激が自分にとっての勉強のモチベー のモチベーションに繋がりました。それ故に授業を終えたあとは少 たあとは少し自分に自信がつきました。また、加えて、私の担任教 私の担任教員はとてもフレンドリーで授業がとても上手だったので だったので本当に彼には感謝しています。彼はただ英語を教えるだ を教えるだけでなく、そのほかの背景知識等などもわかりやすく教 りやすく教えてくれました。要するに、最高だったということです toronto universityoftoronto UofT studyabroad thankyou 感謝 トロント カナダ 一生の思い出

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Comment from leaf_elif:

Sit down, stay humble chair wood light dark angle uoft sun ışık black blue sandalye kitapdukkani downtown toronto ontario canada bookstore nofilter

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Sarah Memme ॐ (sarahmemme) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Memme ॐ


Comment from Sarah Memme ॐ:

Smiley faces and sparkles are all I need for a good name tag 🙃 -- training for Represent, CCSL, Leading Together & Leadership Exchange teams -- ✅ . . . Now... time for the weekend 🙌🙏 . . . happyweekend training studentlife leaduoft leadership uoft uoftlife nametags makingithappen @uoftstudentlife @ccslcanada

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Liwei Zhou (lzhou.59) Instagram Photos and Videos

Liwei Zhou


Comment from Liwei Zhou:

uoft in the morning.

38 Minutes ago
The Haunted Walk (hauntedwalk) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Haunted Walk


Comment from The Haunted Walk:

🎃🎃🎃 This Halloween season we return to the campus of the University of Toronto, famous for its stately buildings and treelined pathways. 🍁🌲🌳🍂 . Is Canada’s largest university also its most haunted? 👻 Join us this October as we reveal secrets of the U of T, @romtoronto, and more, all hidden in plain sight! 👀

49 Minutes ago
Michael Kohn (michaelkohnphoto) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michael Kohn


Comment from Michael Kohn:

how the light gets in window acrackineverything crack uoft

1 Hours ago
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George Hong


Comment from George Hong:

bookmark from uoft student group East Essence Society midautumnfestival

1 Hours ago
boyd loblaw (acannabinerd) Instagram Photos and Videos

boyd loblaw


Comment from boyd loblaw:

Hmmm. This think was alot heavier than I thought. I should have thought that lifting 600 lb of equipment up two flights of stairs is probably not the best idea at 1030pm .. ... 🤔🤨⏳⌚🙄😬 .... At least trimming should be a breeze with this trimmer

2 Hours ago
Emily Zh🌸 (yuhannn_zh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emily Zh🌸


Comment from Emily Zh🌸:

back to school📚 backtoschooluoft

4 Hours ago
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Love her more than I wear this skirt . . . . . . . erinislifeuoftto ofttorontodowntowngirlsnightou ghtoutbowlingnightlifefridayni

6 Hours ago
Pushpa R. Acharya (pushpa_r_acharya) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pushpa R. Acharya


Comment from Pushpa R. Acharya:

University College, University of Toronto uoft universitycollege toronto nights

6 Hours ago
Riley 🌹 (rileyelizabeth01) Instagram Photos and Videos

Riley 🌹


Comment from Riley 🌹:

Love this girl 💕

6 Hours ago
휴키 (Hyuky) (hyuky_journey) Instagram Photos and Videos

휴키 (Hyuky)


Comment from 휴키 (Hyuky):

just knox college uoft hidden spot but everyone knows taken for granted theology

7 Hours ago
留学服务中心! 解决各类毕业难题、父母压力、回国就业等。。。 (diploma.arvin) Instagram Photos and Videos

留学服务中心! 解决各类毕业难题、父母压力、回国就业等。。。


Comment from 留学服务中心! 解决各类毕业难题、父母压力、回国就业等。。。:

8.学业有问题,挂科了,不想读了,成绩不理想,无法毕业怎么办 毕业怎么办?微信:909865536 本机构多年来一直致力 来一直致力于海外留学教育事业,积累了丰富的经验,有专业、资深 专业、资深的教育指导团队提供多元化的指导服务! 权威办理国 权威办理国外各大学【毕业证】【学历学位认证】★100%官方可 0%官方可查!坚持以诚相识、以信相待、互惠互利的合作基础,为 咨询微信:909865536 CaptainExotic KawasakiNinja Ferrari458 EntrepreneurMotivation millionaire Carporn YegVanCity YegDT EdmontonOilers UofC UofACalifornia Thailand thanksgiving UniversityofBritishColumbiaUB biaUBC 多伦多大学UniversityofToront

7 Hours ago
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Comment from 樂水无傷:

~🦊 2017.9.22 中秋快樂 chinesegirl chineseculture chinesecostume 汉服 uoft show

8 Hours ago
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Comment from FTG:

architecture architecturelovers architecturephotography architektur arquitectura arquitetura architettura معماری 建筑 建築 건축물 архитектура architectural toronto the6ix blackandwhitephotography blackandwhite blackandwhitephoto streetphotography bw bnw bwphotography bwphoto monochrome monochromephotography light shadow gothic uoft

8 Hours ago
FTG (fruit.tree.grape) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from FTG:

architecture architecturelovers architecturephotography architektur arquitectura arquitetura architettura معماری 建筑 建築 건축물 архитектура architectural toronto the6ix blackandwhitephotography blackandwhite blackandwhitephoto streetphotography bw bnw bwphotography bwphoto monochrome monochromephotography light shadow gothic uoft

8 Hours ago
Chamus Yuan (chamusssss) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chamus Yuan


Comment from Chamus Yuan:

六门🍐🍐🍐山大 schooldays uoft kpop dancing keepcalm and love luhan work hard on investment club plz

8 Hours ago
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Comment from merveakyurekk:

My Toronto story is over😔 My best city Toronto when i stayed here you made me always happy and time to say goodbye, nope i am just joking because i believe that i am gonna come back soon, so i want to say see you soon my lovely country my special city, my cheerful teachers and my dear friends i had a great experience in my life, i had met wonderful friends in here. I am gonna really so much miss it. My best memories are kept in here so i am gonna never forget it. I had learned different cultures. The best important point, Canada taught me to live alone. We will meet again later my lovely friends and my best city. You know time is fast and the world is small Merve is sad so why not? 🇨🇦🎒💋 How could i forget, i love Canadian people. Every morning every afternoon every evening whatever every time so polite, friendly and always smiling me said hi when we dont know each other. This is their lifestyle, also i am gonna telling is bad thing right now nope i change my mind i am gonna really miss even subway breakdown every weekends. Tim Hortons yeap i will miss it! See you in the future my best city🔮canada toronto bestmemories timetoleave cllc cllctoronto friendship universityoftoronto keepondreaming uoft takeamoment torontolife canada2017 memories neverforget timeisfast goodbyecanada ttc timhortons ☕️

9 Hours ago
FR👦 & BR 👧 (fbr_to) Instagram Photos and Videos

FR👦 & BR 👧


Comment from FR👦 & BR 👧:

Hidden details ... university of Toronto universityoftoronto uoft stone statue architecturedetails architecture architecturelovers lookupclub history universitylife universityarchitecture mytoronto yyz thesix torontolife torontophoto torontoinsta torontoigers wethenorth torontobubble ontario instatoronto igerstoronto torontoclx tdot torontoigers torontodotac dailyhiveto 6ixwalk

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Comment from blndtger:

UNLEASH FRIDAYS @blndtger Toronto's Social Dining Experience Eat by the Games...Drink at the Bar...Dance on the Floor...mature casual and fun torontodining torontonightlife torontodining yyzeats yyzdining latenightdining latenight collegestreet videogames arcade arcadegames pinball pooltable music hiphop trap reggae soca calypso rnbmusic mature casual fun ladiesnighttoronto casualnightout eat drink dance uoft ryerson yorku @_macamill @serious_inc @mccrazychris @dreamteam.tdot @djbwaremusic @therealdjbigc @dramafreedreams

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Gray Standen 🎒 (grayshoots) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gray Standen 🎒


Comment from Gray Standen 🎒:

Zone it in California, high up, I'm with my main thing!😵 . . . . . . . . . . . . . exploretocreate agam agameoftones  architecture hy re hypetoronto thecreatorclass citylife uoft torontolife str e streetphotography torontofin tofinancialdistrict views love lovesanfransisco streetsofsan ofsanfransisco dailyhiveto str YNGKillers vsco exploretocrea ocreatethecreatorclass 1stinst tinstinctCreateExplore CreateE eateExploreTakeoverGearedNomad

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Helen Kontozopoulos (helenissocial) Instagram Photos and Videos

Helen Kontozopoulos


Comment from Helen Kontozopoulos:

entrepreneurship uoft universityoftoronto toronto onramp rbc

9 Hours ago
Jasmin Thomas (jasminjthomas) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jasmin Thomas


Comment from Jasmin Thomas:

Reunited! toronto uoft tdot

9 Hours ago
Natassia S. (natassia_music_spam) Instagram Photos and Videos

Natassia S.


Comment from Natassia S.:

Just about time to apply for university! OUF2017 toronto uoft queens western laurier mcgill musicmajor

9 Hours ago
Shafaq Zakir (shafaqz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shafaq Zakir


Comment from Shafaq Zakir:

Late night walks. . . . . night sky buildings architecture urban city cityscape canada ontario toronto torontolife thesix views nightlight archilovers nature naturegram travel traveldiaries skyline landscape lights pattern instadaily photooftheday scenery universityoftoronto uoft outdoors igers night

9 Hours ago
grayce | food | canada (moussetaco) Instagram Photos and Videos

grayce | food | canada


Comment from grayce | food | canada:

New food trend alert! Korean Cheese Ribs 🧀 have officially landed in Canada 🇨🇦 Served at @jamescheeseca, they've landed right next to @uoft 🤓 Basically these babies are spicy ribs wrapped in melted cheese - 'nuff said. INeedToMeetJames 🍖 🧀 . korean cheese ribs foodlay toronto universityfood utoronto chinatown torontofood foodblog foodblogger torontoblogger torontolife

9 Hours ago
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Comment from HyainL:

Friday. photo by @lowelllam uoft uoftlife chestnut toronto TorontoStyle torontolife

10 Hours ago
 (nedluddforever) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from nedluddforever:

From the explanatory sign: "Composed of over 100 convex acrylic mirrors, Wa-Wa is a public installation by Toronto architecture studio UUfie. It is part of the exhibition Making Models, presented by the Art Museum of the University of Toronto." I say: Simple, imaginative, beautiful, and cool. uufie_architects artmuseumuoft makingmodels2017 SirDanielWilsonQuad SirDan quad UofT art PublicArt sculpture installation TorontoArchitecture landscape

10 Hours ago
アユーシュ (ayush_loves_to_eat) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from アユーシュ:

gandhi mahatmagandhi universityoftoronto uoft prattlibrary

10 Hours ago
٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)وShi ^ meng ^ Zhao (jacinthe__z) Instagram Photos and Videos

٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)وShi ^ meng ^ Zhao


Comment from ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)وShi ^ meng ^ Zhao:

backoninstagram firstpostaftertwoyears uoft

10 Hours ago
♧ AUDREY ♧ (audreyycd) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ♧ AUDREY ♧:

Hey, you! Hey, ya? Do UC us wolves on fire? 🔥🔥 . . ~ LoveMyUC JurassicUC WolfeHouse RedandWhite UofT UC UniversityCollege

10 Hours ago
Raw Talk Podcast (rawtalkpodcast) Instagram Photos and Videos

Raw Talk Podcast


Comment from Raw Talk Podcast:

Hey listeners! With the release of our first episode of Season 2 we thought we'd share a little bit about who we are and what we do on and off the podcast...Especially because our team is always growing! Here's our first scientistselfie ! . "Hi guys, my name is Grace and I'm a second year Master's student in Dr. Aristotle Voineskos' lab at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health here in Toronto . I work on neuroimaging and genetics research in youth with psychosis spectrum symptoms, focusing on underlying neural mechanisms and development. I'm really excited to be apart of Raw Talk! It's been a great opportunity to work with faculty, learn about the diverse medical science research in the department, and get exposed to the process of producing and editing shows. I'm also a photographer for the @imsmagazine , University of Ultimate Frisbee player, and a licenced master scuba diver!"

15 Hours ago