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Comment from Meomeoooo 👼:

Vất vả và mệt lắm nhưng lúc nào cũng vui vẻ khi gặp e 😘 luôn nỗ lực cố gắng cho cả a và e. Bym của e giỏi lắm siêu nhân lắm nhỉ nhỉ 💋😍 thương a nhiềuu thật nhiều 🤗 em yêu Bym nhất quả đất này yoyo 🤘🏻❤️ #bbb #weakpoint #love #u #somuch #hanoi #vietnam

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Comment from Saul Jesse Beas:

Throw back to one epic boat ride through the bay of a thousand islands.

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Wanna go back

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Comment from Carry On Magazine:

‪Breakfast, lunch, dinner...whenever. Pho is usually consumed at any time of day in Vietnam. ‬ ‪I can definitely get on board with this. what other kinds of food would you eat at any time?!

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Comment from David-Minh Tra:

Ça vous dirait de vous retrouver dans un tel endroit pour boire un thé ou un café traditionnel en haut des montagnes après une bonne marche ? #vietnam #calme #espritaurepos #voyage

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Comment from Steve Lytle:

HI all Gary Perkins was a 23 year old Recon Platoon Sergeant and a father of a 3 year old son, and my Uncle. Read this story, about my Moms Brother, my hero, and what he did in service to the country without complaint, for his " brothers". When people lash out at each other over differing ideology tomorrow, remember who we are , Americans. My uncle fought and lost brothers, his best friends in country were a white guy, a hispanic and an African American. Not Once has he or does he describe them by color , but as brothers; Never has, never will. Hopefully the liberals will quit talking about color and learn who and what we are, Americans. Never Forget!! Gary never will or can forget April 5 1968 where he was a point man of 110 men, the officers led them into an ambush with 600 NVA soldiers. At midnight roll call,27 survived. Gary lost 83 brothers that day in the A Shau Valley - 27 left to fight another day. Gary never complains about our country or his service. He is a humble man who was proud to serve and bleed with his brothers Sorry to go deep, but this man is a hero and tired of all the liberal negative crap . A Proud American Nephew of a Vietnam Veteran Vietnamveterans #vietnam #america #americans

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Comment from Elena Ivanova:

#vietnam #muine #вьетнам #муйне Я на пальмочке сижу, Прямо в камеру смотрю, Всё сижу и смотрю, Всем привет передаю🤗🌴

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