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Nikki G


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Being sick totally sucks donkey balls!!!! I hope I can taste my coffee this morning!! coffeecoffeecoffee espresso ilovecoffee latte tripleshotofespresso CafeDuMonde Vietnamesecoffee coffeehouse coffeelover coffeeaddict bigcupsandicannotlie deathbeforedecaf

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May Ree


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Floating markets in the Mekong Delta. vietnam travel adventure coffeetogo vietnamesecoffee

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Explore Your Life Now


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I love these beeautiful small houses, souvenir shops, and cute vietnamese coffee houses in old town of Hoi An Free travel tips: wanderlust traveler globetrotter coffee vietnamesecoffee coffeehouse view rooftop street streetphotography explore adventure life oldtown ancienttown hoianoldtown hoian vietnam southeastasia asia trip travel travelgram instagood instamood instatravel beautiful photography picoftheday pic

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CASUAL CHIC! 🍀 Новинка! Объемная, теплая, красивая! Универсального цвета с серыми, кофейными и синими переливами. Подходит подо все! 1 500руб. Доставка по Москве - 200р. Самовывоз - бесплатно. Возможна отправка в регионы. шапкавязаныевещиназаказ вязаниеподарки giftshop gifts кофе вьтнамскийкофе coffee vietnamesecoffee fashion мода

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Vietnamese coffee ☕ without sianida 👻😝😂 chill satnite vietnamesecoffee coffee instagood instafood instadaily like4like likeforlike likeforfollow

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Vic Park Local


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Weighing the sugarcane at vicparkexpress407 to go with the coffee. amazing vicparklocal lifeinthepark vietnamesecoffee sugarcane coffee coldonahotday relaunch sotasty vicpark vicparknoms happiness

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A glimpse into my life 🖤


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Straight Vietnamese coffee with grass jelly and sea salt cream. LOVE! Surprisingly strong and so cute. 💭🥛☕️🥛 Coffee CaPheSuaDa OCEats POTD opiinfiniteshine

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Leticia Sampedro


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Por fin me llegó mi filtro vietnamita: Desayunando el mejor café del mundo ☕️ melomerezco weaselcoffee coffee caphe cafe vietnamesecoffee delicia pleasure yummy coffeelover ❤️

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If a weasel says it's the shit then why not? Let's try that weaselpoop coffee. cafesuada vietnamesecoffee

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vietnamesecoffee 베트남커피

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Elizabeth Sandra


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My daily dose coffeetime blackcoffee nosugar arabica robusta vietnamesecoffee caferunam

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[English caption below] Khi đến với Hà Nội, bạn đừng quên dành chút thời gian để thưởng thức thứ quà đặc sản này- Cafe Trứng. Cafe trứng mang trong mình vị ngon béo ngậy của trứng , hoà quyện với vị đắng chát , thơm lừng của cafe đen nóng hổi. Mùi vị tinh tế ấy thực sự dễ khiến con người ta lay động , bồi hồi mà nhớ về Một Hà Nội yên bình chứ không chen chúc ,xô bồ. Địa điểm bạn có thể thưởng thức : Giảng Cafe: 39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân , Lí Thái Tổ , Hoàn Kiếm Hà Nội Đinh Cafe : tầng 2, 13 Đinh Tiên Hoàng Giá: 20.000~35.000 VNĐ Don't forget to spend a little bit of your time(1~2 hours maybe enough) to experience this special drink whenever you come to Hanoi- The Egg coffee. The egg coffee has the combination of the rich form egg yolks and the strong bitten but so tasty with specific smell. All together, it creates an elegant taste which easily makes people fall in love with it at the first sight. Address for best cup of coffee you can have in Hanoi: Giảng Cafe: 39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân street , Hoàn Kiếm district ,Hanoi Đinh Cafe : 2nd floor, 13 Đinh Tiên Hoàng street, Hanoi Price: 20.000~35.000 VNĐ coffee vietnamese vietnamesecoffee eggcoffee giangcafe dinhcafe vietnamesecuisine hanoi hanoian hanoidrink hanoicoffee vietnamtravel vietnamtraveling hanoilife hanoielegance coffeetime coffeeart coffeeaddict

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Pyae Sone Htun


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Nga Nguyen


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NJ COFFEE contact for sample

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Comment from ✨TWENTY-NINE&⬆️✨:

Relax and unwind in this sweet find: Reaching Out Tea House. Support something great while you enjoy the delights on offer. The Ying-Yang coffee was my fave, but if you're undecided the tasting menu is a wise choice. The ginger biscuits have a sharp yet tasty tang- yum! 😋 hoian hoianfood hoiancity hoiantrip hoianancienttown hoiancoffee hoiantea vietnamesecoffee vietnam reachingout reachingoutteahouse twentynineandup travel coffee coffeelover explore expat travelphotography travelingram instatravel instatraveling

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